Best SSL Proxies - Free and Paid

8 Best SSL Proxies in 2024 (Free & Paid SSL Proxy List)

Published on: March 17, 2023
Last Updated: March 17, 2023

8 Best SSL Proxies in 2024 (Free & Paid SSL Proxy List)

Published on: March 17, 2023
Last Updated: March 17, 2023


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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proxyempirecheap proxy solution


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The best SSL proxy in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is BeeProxy!

Based on HTTP protocols, there are primarily two types of proxies: HTTP and HTTPS proxies.

HTTPS proxies are SSL proxies.

In this article, we will focus on the HTTPS site, and you will learn about them and the difference between HTTP and HTTPS proxies. 

If you are new to SSL proxies, today’s post is just what you need, so keep reading.

What is an SSL Proxy?

These proxies are just like any other proxies and serve as intermediaries between the web servers of the internet and the clients on their computers. 

If you use these SSL or HTTPS proxies, your requests don’t go directly to those websites. Instead, they get routed via SSL proxy for a modification in the header to ride the IP address and replace it with another IP address. 

This is something that regular proxies do, but there is a difference. With SSL support, these proxies are even more secure. So essentially, you can call an HTTPS proxy, an HTTP proxy with SSL support. 

How Do SSL Proxies Work? 


During the use of an SSL proxy, only a single TCP connection is developed. But that’s not the case with HTTP proxies where double connections are generated. One link is from the client to proxy, while the other is from a webserver to proxy. 

As soon as you initiate a web request, it will send a “connect” request to the server and create a channel (TCP) where your request passes through. 

They won’t have a look at the data that comes with your request. Instead, they are more interested in your IP address, which can get lost with your request’s header. Therefore, they become even more secure than the HTTP proxies. 

One advantage of using SSL proxies here is that you can use them for both HTTPS and HTTP. You can’t do this with HTTP proxies that can be only useful for HTTP websites. Also, if you try to access an HTTPS sire with an HTTP proxy, your connection won’t be secure. 

HTTPS vs. HTTP Proxies – The Difference


The significant difference between these two proxies is the methods they use to connect you to a server to access the resources that you need.

As mentioned above, HTTP proxies can create two TCP connections, and they will have to get your request data, which is where they are not very secure. 

On the other hand, HTTPS proxies only create one TCP connection, and when you send the request through only a single connection, your request goes through to the server that initially wanted to access it. It just replaced your IP address with a different one. 

HTTPS Proxies Benefits

HTTPS proxies have distinct advantages over HTTP proxies. These proxies are more versatile and secure than their HTTP counterparts. Due to the SSL features, you will have an encrypted connection with the server. 

Your IP address will be masked with another IP address, and you’ll never get blocked. The eavesdroppers won’t look at the request that you have made as well. And this makes these proxies even more secure. 

You can get many benefits from using HTTP proxies, but these two features are only available with HTTPS proxies. 

Best Free HTTP Proxy Lists

There are several options available if you’re looking for free HTTPS proxy lists. These include the likes of HideMy, Spys, FreeProxyLIst, ProxyFish, Proxy-List, ProxyList+, and IDcloak.

These are the places where you have SSL proxies available for free, but they will be multiple user-based and slow as well. 

Additionally, you shouldn’t use these free proxies because they are not 100% reliable because are not secure.

This is the ugly side of free proxies, and you need to avoid them like the plague. There are various other more reliable, faster, and more secure options you can avail of. 

Best Paid SSL Proxies 2024

So, let’s turn our attention to the paid option available here for these SSL proxies. You can either go for datacenter proxies or residential proxies.

There are all kinds of proxy providers available out there that offer SSL support.

Datacenter Proxies 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best SSL datacenter proxies:

  1. BeeProxy – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Proxy Seller
  3. MyPrivateProxies
  4. SSL Private Proxy

1. BeeProxy


BeeProxy have their servers located all across the globe. They also offer unlimited concurrency and bandwidth. And they also have very comfortable rates per proxy.

You will only have to pay as little as two dollars per proxy a month! 

This service is best suited for internet marketers who are on a low budget. The reason behind that is this service is cheap; still, it gets the job done.

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This service is all about cost efficiency, and you can see that from their smallest package. 

If you purchase in bulk, you will get an even better rate per proxy a month. In addition, these proxies are some of the tastes on the internet when it comes to SSL protocol, so they are extremely reliable. 

And the best part is that you can use them on a variety of websites. They truly live up to their name as they deliver the proxies quickly, and you also get a money-back guarantee if you don’t like their services. 

2. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is a good option if you’re trying to find an HTTPS proxy that can provide you with data center proxies whenever you need them.

You get to choose the protocol, as well as the country that they source your data center proxies from, and you can even choose how long you rent their proxies for.

If you need to be able to swap out your proxies and use more than one proxy at the same time, then they can help you with this too.

On their website, there is a long list of proxies based on where they source them from around the world, meaning that you can get really specific when it comes to which country you would like to get your proxies from.

For example, if you would like to get your proxy from America, this is going to cost you $1.02 per proxy. The price of the proxy is going to depend on the country that you are sourcing it from.

3. MyPrivateProxies

My Private Proxy Review – Do Their Proxies Work?

MyPrivateProxies (MPP) has its servers only in the EU and the US. They allow a concurrency of up to 100 threads but allow an unlimited bandwidth as well. However, each data center proxies with SSL support come with a price tag of $1.49 a month. 

Without a doubt, MPP is the best when it comes to data center proxies with SSL support. And the best part is that you can use them on all websites that come with HTTPS or HTTP protocol.

Both private and shared proxies are available at MPP, but it is highly recommended to go for those private proxies.

You might have heard that these proxies can be expensive, but MPP does have some very reasonable rates. 

One of the best features of these data center proxies is cheap, especially if you compare them with residential brokers. So, they do offer tremendous value for money, and similar is the case with MPP. 

This is a top choice for SEO, and social media use and delivery rate are also pretty good. So, you can rely on their service as it is secure too. 

Shared proxies always cause a problem because a single proxy is being abused. Therefore, it’s better to go for the private proxy. 

4. SSL Private Proxy


This HTTP proxy provider with SSL Private Proxy support has its server located in Europe and North America. They allow unlimited concurrency with unlimited bandwidth, and their proxy will cost you only $1.76 a month. 

Their name goes to show that they deal in SSL proxies, and you will be safe in his hands. They have state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best services possible.

They have over 40 servicers located in Europe and North America. 

Most users say that they have exceptional services, but they don’t have very friendly prices. This is specifically the case when you consider their special packages for Instagram proxies and classified ad proxies.

So, if you are all about using quality stuff, this is it for you. 

But of course, quality comes to the price, and this service does have a serious bit of a price tag. However, if you are willing to pay this much, then it can be guaranteed that you will receive high security and quick service, and your IPs will be delivered to use as soon as you pay for them. 

SSL Residential Proxies 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best SSL residential proxies:

  1. Bright Data – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Private Proxy
  3. Smartproxy
  4. Storm Proxies

1. Bright Data

Bright Data

 If you are looking for the best residential proxies and your entire focus is quality, you need to choose this service. 

They have over 40 million IP addresses available in their pool, and they have their servers present all across the globe. In addition, Bright Data provides unlimited concurrency with a limit of 40GB bandwidth. 

But there is a catch! You will have to pay $500 for their smallest package. This is a massive price, so this service is better suited for firms and corporations than individuals. 

This is the largest proxy server network in the world. They might be expensive, but they also have the largest pool of residential proxies with excellent session control. These proxies are pretty fast and reliable, but they come at a pretty hefty price. 

This is the best option if you are looking for the best services and don’t want even your masked IP address to get blocked.

The only drawback that they have is that their services don’t come cheap. But they sure are worth every penny once you get to start using theorem services. 

2. Private Proxy

Private Proxy is ideal for buying SSL proxies, especially if you want to be able to have a more secure connection between the target website and your device.

This kind of proxy is going to offer an extra layer of security, because it is going to apply encryption to the traffic while it is in transit, and not just have encryption methods on either end.

Contacting them straight away is going to help them learn about what your needs are when it comes to using a proxy like this, or you can make the most of their free trial and learn the intricacies of their features.

As far as the characteristics of their proxies go, you can choose between static and rotating, and if you choose static, these are going to cost from $5 a month, depending on whether you want residential or data center.

Their proxies come with instant activation, multiple location options, and unmetered bandwidth. These guys are especially helpful if you’re trying to find a residential proxy to suit your needs.

3. Smartproxy


Smartproxy also has a pretty big pool of 10 million IP addresses, and they have over their servers in more than 19 countries across the globe. They provide unlimited concurrency, and the minimum bandwidth available here is 5GB. 

The monthly cost of their small package is $75 per month. However, as we have mentioned above, Bright Data is expensive; therefore, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you should consider Smartproxy. 

You will get great location coverage, and the prices are pretty good here too. In addition, the proxies are secure and fast, and you can use them for various purposes. 

Without a doubt, if you are looking for a budget-friendly service but don’t want to compromise on the quality of the service, then this is the service that you need to go for. 

Smartproxy is designed for individuals who are looking for reliable services for a range of different internet activities. 

If you compare it with Bright Data, they might have a pretty small pool of 10 million IP addresses, but it still is a pretty big pool, and you won’t have to worry about getting blocked over here. 

4. Storm Proxies


They have an IP pool size of 40,000, and they have located their servers throughout Europe and the US. They allow a concurrency of up to 40 threads, and for the 5 ports, you will have to pay around $50 per month. The proxies available here are both compatible with HTTPS and HTTP protocols. 

The best feature of this service is that they have unmetered proxies and fire that you will enjoy free bandwidth.

So, there won’t be any restrictions whatsoever. Moreover, they also have some highly specialized packages available that you can use for sneakers copping or even for Pokemon Go location spoofing.

You can also find some good-quality proxies for scalping tickets here. If you are looking for versatility and quality, this is a pretty good option.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a decent service that can offer a bit of everything, you don’t need it to look any further. 

Storm Proxies might not have a huge pool of IPs, but their servers are located in all US and the EU significant cities.

So, if you are looking to use a proxy for various purposes, this is the right option for you. This service is a top choice for all kinds of gaming and shopping online.  


What Is a High Anonymity Proxy? 

Such a proxy is a kind of HTTP proxy that has its privacy and security well above other proxies. They are much better than anonymous proxies that keep your IP address hidden. They identify themselves as proxies. 

This is very different for high anonymity proxies because they do not identify themselves as proxies. Instead, they present themselves as clients while still keeping your IP completely hidden. 

You might be thinking, why would you use a high anonymity proxy when you are already using an anonymous proxy? But, in reality, the website also, by default, blocks anonymous IPs. 

With high anonymity proxy, you will evade that proxy ad check, and you are directly provided with access to the resources you requested. 

Do SSL Proxies Have Any Anonymity? 

No, not all of them come with anonymity. Their levels of anonymity differ from one another, and it all depends on the providers and the package plan they are offering. But the service that we have mentioned in this guide is 100% anonymous. 

Are These SSL Proxies Reliable and Secure? 

These proxies are HTTP proxies with SSL support. HTTPS is a more secure version of HTTP thanks precisely to this SSL support. 

But this security and reliability are only for the paid services; those free or public SSL proxies are not secure at all, and your data might be at risk if you use them too frequently. 

Which Would Be a Better Option to Consider, a Residential or Data Center Proxy? 

It all depends upon why you need this proxy and which site you will use it on. For example, complex websites like Instagram, Google, YouTube, and others require residential proxies.

However, other websites like Twitter or Facebook have more relaxed spam blocking systems, and you can use data center proxies with them. 

Final Word

HTTPS or SSL proxies make your proxy world a bit more secure. With these proxies, you are guaranteed a secure connection. 

But keep in mind those free-of-cost SSL proxy lists are still something you should avoid because your security is not guaranteed with them. It is better to go for the paired proxies as some come at a pretty cheap and affordable rate. 

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