Spider Proxy Review – Do They Work?

Spider Proxy Review 2024 – Do They Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Spider Proxy Review 2024 – Do They Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Spider Proxy Review 2024

Spider Proxy is one of the names that pop up when it comes to residential proxy services. According to them, their services are one of the best and are integrated with numerous features.

But are their features in reality, reliable according to their claims? We are going to find everything about it in this post. 

A lot of people have given good reviews about Spider Proxy, but a subset of people have found them more of a marketing gimmick than anything else.

So, are they reliable or not? Here’s everything you need to know about Spider Proxy.

What’s Spider All About?

Spider has been around for not many years, and instead, it is a new service that has just entered the market with a gimmick. They claim to deal only in residential IP addresses that come from real internet users. 

image 65

With this service, you can enjoy unlimited and concurrent threads. Their service supports many locations, and you can see them as avid Bright Data followers.

But they haven’t been able to prove anything. This is mainly because they have been on the market for a long time. 

It’s possible you might not have heard about the Spider Proxy too. In this case, this review is going to help you out a lot. But if you have used it before, you might get to establish your thoughts about the service and align them with the famous views. 

When you visit their web page, they are using a range of different buzzwords for marketing stunts. But they still have to go a long way to prove themselves. 

They do mention that they have a database of more than 70 million IP addresses. But if you go through their FAQs section, you will see that they only have over 5 million IPs. 

Of course, this will raise a few flags even if the latter number is still pretty impressive. Similar to this, various other marketing hypes still have to be proved. 

But there are some other things that you need to worry about Spider Proxies. One of them is that Google won’t show any reviews about their proxy services if you search for them. 

Maybe they haven’t launched on a full scale yet, or maybe they only have a couple of users as of now. Or maybe it’s all projects that are just trying their luck. 

But for sure, they are not getting much attention from the reviewers and don’t have many users either. Moreover, their customer service is not that great either, and this is a major red flag that you need to be wary about. 

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Spider Proxy Review

The Solution 

When you have a look at their website, you will notice that Spider provides residential proxies. They have also put up a list of purposes that you can achieve with their proxies.

You can use their proxies for different purposes. We are listing them below.

image 66

Crawling and Web Scraping 

Residential proxies are great for web scraping and crawling, and Spider offers it as one of its services. The proxies available here are rotating proxies. It means they will automatically change the IP addresses every five minutes. 

You can force a change before five minutes, or you can keep the same address for longer periods too. Here, web scraping comprises ad verification services, market research services, SEO monitoring, travel aggregation, and other services. 

Accessing Geofenced Content 

The Internet is becoming more and more localized each day. It means that your location now determines the content that you can access. 

The Spider proxy service can use different IP addresses from different locations across the globe and access the content you are looking for. 

Therefore, you can access any geo-fenced content from your location. Spider claims to support city-level targeting. But this claim doesn’t have any proof at the moment. 

Brand Protection

If you want to keep your original IP address away from the Internet so no one can link your activities online with your IP address, you can use the Spider Proxy service. Your IP address will remain safe from the web servers that are present on the Internet. 

How Does Spider Work?

This proxy service works very similarly to other services that are present on the Internet. They are just going to mask your original IP address and provide you with a different one so you can access any content without any restrictions. 

image 67

This is a regular description of a proxy service. But this description hides all the stuff that will matter in accessing the overall quality of a proxy service. But in simple words, residential proxies work in a much more technical way.

You need to remember that Spider doesn’t own any IP address to provide to its clients. They source them from a third party using P2P networks. 

When you send them a web request to access some content, your request doesn’t go straight to the server if your proxies are configured. It will first go to Spider’s proxy server.

Spider will then look into its pool of available IP addresses and choose an active address to route the request through. 

As per Spider, these addresses are assigned to real users by their internet service providers. When Spider chooses an available IP address, it routes that to the IP addresses device. It then uses the IP address and other resources to request that intended web server. 

The web server would not know the request’s origin and will grant access by processing the request. This response goes through the same channels to get back to your computer. 

What Do They Have to Offer? 

Spider Proxy does come with a variety of features. And we have listed them down for your convenience.

image 68
  • They offer rotating proxies that can change the IPs after five minutes. But you can force a change before that time or retain an IP for a more extended period. 
  • They also support session proxies that can conveniently maintain over 8 hours long sessions provided that the IPs don’t go offline. 
  • Spider also provides you with free trials so you can try them out before you buy from them. But one page on their websites says that the trial will be 14 days long, and another page states that it will be 7 days long. So, is it a gimmick?
  • Spider also claims to have more than 70 million IPs in their database, but another page on their website says they have over 5 million IPs.
  • You can use their services for various purposes, from web crawling to scraping and so much more. 
  • They also provide developers with an SDK to integrate the proxy into their mobile application or desktop for monetization purposes.

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For any proxy service, pricing is a critical aspect. If a service needs to be competitive, it must balance making profits and keeping its consumers happy simultaneously. 

image 69
image 70

If you look at their pricing page, you will notice that their pricing is very much similar to any other prominent proxy providers out there. Spider is catering to both smaller individuals and large corporations with plans and tariffs. 

They have pierced their packages based on consumable bandwidth for each package. And if you consume your bandwidth too fast, your services will be cut off until you pay for more. The smallest plane that they have to offer is the 5GB plan for $75. 

Therefore, the price per GB of bandwidth is $15. And as you purchase more bandwidth, the price by GB bandwidth drops. The lowest price per bandwidth available here is $2.5 based on the plan that you are going for. 

But you can go for a free trial if you want to test their service out, and this is what we highly recommend before you commit yourself to a certain plan. 

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First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

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Spider Proxy Performance and Reliability

The Spider Proxy is a paid service, and you will have to register yourself and then make a payment before you start using their services.

But they also offer a free trial that you can use to assess their service before you purchase any of those packages they offer. 

However, unlike most other proxy services available on the Internet that use email verification, Spider Proxy uses phone number verification. 

Some users might not find these aspects to be helpful. But that’s the only option that you will have to opt for here. You will have to try a few times before our account is set up. 

The speed at which their proxies work is pretty good, but you will also get frequently disconnected. So, their residential proxies are not that stable. Most of the time we spent reconnecting during our test session. 

Things tend to become more frustrating with that, and when we tried to get in touch with their customer support, we were handed over a ticket.

Their customer support is pretty weak, and they only have a message box to handle all these complaints (if there are any). 

Their website also doesn’t connect with any of their social media handles. So overall, it was a pretty lackluster experience, to be honest. 

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Review Verdict

You might have found that this is not the most exemplary service to choose. You can test their services with a free trial. And if you think that they are worth your money, only then choose a plan. 

But we don’t recommend Spider Proxy because there were too many red flags to deal with while using their services. 

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