The Best SMS Marketing Software in 2021

12 Best SMS Marketing Software Services in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: December 21, 2023
Last Updated: December 21, 2023

12 Best SMS Marketing Software Services in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: December 21, 2023
Last Updated: December 21, 2023

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The best SMS marketing software service in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Omnisend!

Software to send SMS messages has proven to be extremely effective, and as a result, businesses have dozens of options to choose from when it comes to service providers.

If you want to be able to market your next product to people through SMS, then you will need to have a service on your side that knows how to optimize your content and provides value for money.

Best SMS Marketing Software Services 2024

  1. Omnisend – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Textmagic
  3. EZ Texting
  4. Protexting
  5. Simple Texting
  6. Trumpia
  7. Podium
  8. Message Launch
  9. Textedly
  10. ClickSend

1. Omnisend


Omnisend is a helpful SMS marketing tool in the industry right now, and offers a number of features to its clients, including services for SMS.

Their tool can support all country codes and makes it really easy for you to connect with your clients around the world.

The best part is that it caters to brands out there of all different sizes, and you will be able to come up with optimized campaigns in a way that is effortless.

It also allows for two-way messaging, and has a list of effective tools so that you can optimize every aspect of your content for SMS.

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These guys know that you need a different approach if you want to stand out from the crowd and really make a name for yourself.

They say that they can help you with all aspects of your marketing efforts, and they also make it easy for you to include automation in a campaign, even if it is on off.

They make it their mission to help you reach people all around the world, and they offer list building tools so that you can make the most of reaching your audience through SMS.

Your clients can even reply to your texts as we mentioned above.

2. Textmagic

Textmagic Home

Textmagic is a great choice if you want to get your texts sent out across the world really quickly.

It is the best SMS marketing app that is going to help you with all of your mobile marketing needs.

You can send SMS messages to your potential clients easily, and they offer extra features, including being able to automate campaigns and develop subaccounts for collaboration so that you can manage lists and a lot more.

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They offer many different templates to choose from and they support multiple languages, as well as a two-way chat.

This marketing software is great if you want access to a text messaging service that is well-rounded and can help all kinds of different business entities.

With their bulk texting features, you can make the most of sending out hundreds of SMS messages at the same time, which is going to save you a ton of time, and the best part is that they come with SMS templates, so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Each text is going to cost you as little as $0.04.

3. EZ Texting

EZ Texting

The next software on our list can help you if you are trying to reach out to new clients, or you’re trying to connect with existing ones.

They have a broad text blast service, and they can also help you deliver reminders, alerts, and polls. You can even streamline user responses through text.

We also think that these guys are super easy to use, and they offer mobile keywords, as well as the ability to use them with both SMS, and MMS.

This is the kind of marketing software that is good if you’re someone who is trying to find a long list of features to make the most of.

We also like that they have been around for a hot minute, having got their start back in 2006 so we think that they have a good idea of what you need for your SMS marketing needs.

The best part is that their features aren’t limited to text, so you can get help with MMS and you can even save your previous text messages for future use.

4. Protexting


Protexting can help you if you’re looking for all of your features under one roof, and it can help you with insight into all kinds of different databases, so that you can connect with your clients a lot better.

They also make it easy for you to choose from a variety of different price points, and you can even customize your own one.

We think that their features are practical, and they offer their clients impressive reports and analytics. It is also going to cover most popular US carriers.

One of the features that you are going to want to make the most of with this SMS marketing tool is their group texting feature. They say that all you have to do is tell them what you want your text to include, and they can sort out the rest.

Once you have sent it through, they are going to send it on to every major US carrier number in your given group, and it doesn’t matter what service that phone number is on. Their cheapest subscription is $49 a month.

5. Simple Texting

Simple Texting

The next service that you can make the most of for your campaign is going to help you send out order alerts, promos, surveys, and everything else in between.

This is a great choice if you are a large enterprise, but it is also a great choice if you are a startup, and you are trying to be cost-effective with your SMS marketing.

We think that they are easy to use, and offer list segmentation, as well as scheduled campaigns.

We think that this is one of the simplest tools that you can take advantage of, and we really like that they can help you not only send out the right texts to the right people, but they can also help you facilitate conversations so that you can close deals and resolve any issues that a customer might have.

They can send out autoresponders if this is what you need, and they can also make it easy for you to collaborate with your team through text message.

Their plans come with a free trial for two weeks, which we think is more than generous.

6. Trumpia


Whether you are looking for one-to-one marketing or sending out bulk messages, the next SMS market on our list has everything that you need.

It offers its clients a number of different features, including automatic text campaigns, two-way chatting, emailing, and keyword tagging.

They’re always going to make sure that your messages are sent out to the right customers, and they can help you with multiple channels, which we appreciate.

One of the things that you are going to like the most about this software is that they have a mass texting feature so that you can automatically send out a huge number of texts all at once.

They say that they can also automatically add contacts for you, and like other software out there they can help you with two-way chats.

If you are trying to get help with email marketing at the same time, they can facilitate this, so all in all, we think they are a great choice.

7. Podium


Podium is available to help you get in touch with your clients quickly, and they offer their clients comprehensive and free sms marketing software, that has been proven to be effective with audience engagement.

You can respond straight away to users coming from social media, a landing page, mobile, or a website, and you can have all of your messages in one place.

They can help you bridge the gap when it comes to networking with a video chat option as well.

Podium can help you with a combined inbox, and they can also help you with interaction management as well, so that you can achieve a centralized workspace for sending and getting messages.

We love that it doesn’t matter how a customer gets in touch with you – whether it’s through Gmail, Facebook, or your website – you are able to easily respond to them.

Another thing that they think about is customer feedback, so that you can easily collect reviews that can even be featured on your website. If you want to be able to collect payments through text to, they can make this happen.

8. Message Launch

Message Launch

The next mobile marketing software on our list can help you with complete functionality, and they can also help you grow your customer base easily through campaigns, and texts.

When you sent out the right text messages, you can increase your SMS sales really quickly.

We think that this kind of text message marketing software is affordable, and can help you with drip campaigns, and the best part is that it is a toll-free number.

One of the features that we like the most when it comes to this tool is their mobile keywords.

They say that they can get your clients to respond with a certain keyword, and this can be used to get them automatically subscribed to a contact list.

They are also going to make sure that your texts are being sent out to the right people, so you’re a lot more likely to fill that list out as soon as possible. They even make it easy to conduct drip campaigns.

9. Textedly


Textedly is helpful if you are someone who is just getting started when it comes to your brand, and you are on a bit of a budget right now.

They have a lot of cost-effective features and subscription models that you can make the most of it, and they can also help you with other things like two-way chats, and mobile keywords.

They provide you with automatic replies, as well as free inbound texts. This software for SMS marketing has some big clients to its name, including GoDaddy and Chick-Fil-A.

We think that the fact that you can do everything super easily and they can take care of most of it for you is top notch, so if you’ve got a busy brand and not a lot of time to think about your text message marketing, these guys are a great choice.

They also make it simple for you to collect the right data on your target demographic. These guys are going to cost you from $34 a month, which we think is definitely affordable and reasonable.

10. ClickSend


ClickSend is a great option as an SMS marketing tool if you’re looking for the ability to use multiple channels, meaning that you can launch voice calls, email campaigns, online postcards, and fax messages, and you can do all of this under one roof.

They offer their clients unlimited contacts, as well as multiple languages, and the best part is that there are no monthly fees.

11. SlickText


SlickText is great for being able to automate your SMS marketing needs really effortlessly, and they offer their clients drip campaigns so that you can automatically send out messages or reply to clients without having to do it yourself.

They also make it easy for you to post your texts on multiple platforms, including social media. Of course, this SMS marketing service is mobile friendly, and offers multiplatform option.

12. SalesMSG


SalesMSG is an excellent choice as texting marketing software if you are hoping to increase your client loyalty, and you’re also having to send out personalized texts, so that you can get intimate with your clients, and make them feel like you are sending the message yourself.

They offer their clients a shared inbox, as well as contact segmentation, and call forwarding.

What to Look for in SMS Marketing Software

It’s important that if you want to make the most of these types of SaaS, you’ve got to work out what to look for when it comes to features and qualities.

Let’s take a look at what we believe you should be looking out for.

Ease of Use

Of course, there are a lot of companies out there that want to be able to integrate SMS marketing into their marketing strategy in general, but they don’t have the technological ability to implement the service properly.

This is why ease of use is so essential, because having the correct tools to build a functional, successful SMS service without any prior coding experience is going to make the entire process a lot easier.

If you already have experienced coders or in-house developers that are part of your team, then they’re going to be able to pick up a service and create the ideal campaign without any issues.

Once you have installed the software and the service is running smoothly, anyone should be able to access these programs without any issues.

Being Able to Integrate with Other Apps

There is a good chance at this point with all the technology out there that your company uses a myriad of other programs as well as third party apps to help with your generalized business needs.

This means that you shouldn’t make your SMS strategy mutually exclusive from these kinds of functions, so you’ll need to be able to find an SMS software service that can integrate easily with other applications.

Just having the freedom to do so is going to be really essential, especially if you plan on using the SMS software marketing service for a long time.

Two-Way Communication and Mass Texting

Another thing that is important to think about is what you actually want to use your SMS marketing software for.

If your company wants to be able to communicate with your clients in terms of the latest marketing information, then you will need to find the appropriate software to accommodate this. Another thing to think about is that texting is all about conversations.

This means that you will need to also find an SMS marketing services that lets your company communicate with your clients.

There are many situations where you will just need to send out a text, and won’t expect your client to reply, but giving them the option of being able to reply is also helpful at times.

Scalability and Pricing

Of course, integrating SMS marketing into your business as a marketing strategy in general is a big step, but what’s even more important is being able to find one that you are going to be able to scale at some point in the future.

Perhaps you are the kind of company that is just in the beginning stages of your growth, and you haven’t been able to establish a huge customer base.

This means that purchasing an SMS marketing service that primarily works with big companies is not the best approach, so instead try to find an SMS marketing service that can help you scale your company and grow with you.


Is SMS Marketing Effective?

The good news is that SMS marketing is considered to be extremely effective when it comes to reaching a broader range of your audience.

97% of people text at least once a day, which means that they are consistently checking their phones for a variety of different reasons.

The other thing to think about when it comes to SMS marketing is that messages are not screened by a spam filter, unlike email, which means that you can easily reach your intended client base without any interference.

Another thing to consider is that 90% of text messages are read within the first few minutes of receiving them.

There are a lot of big brands out there that are starting to use SMS marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy, so this should indicate to you that it’s a great option, and a good thing to be implementing into your business strategy.

What’s the Open Rate for SMS Marketing?

When we talk about the open rate, we refer to the percentage of messages that have been sent by companies that actually get opened by the person receiving them.

Typically, an SMS marketing strategy has an open rate of 98%. Compare this to an email marketing campaign, which has an open rate of just 20%.

Therefore, if you integrate SMS marketing into your business strategy, you are giving your company a much bigger chance of being able to bridge the gap between your target audience with promotions and deals.

What is the Conversion Rate for SMS Marketing?

When we talk about the conversion rate, we mean the percentage of visitors that have ended up on your site as a result of the text message that you have sent out.

When looking at traditional email marketing, you are talking about a conversion rate of just 3%.

However, when you look at SMS marketing, you’ve got a conversion rate of more than 30%.

Additionally, almost 50% of people who receive SMS marketing texts are known to make purchases based on the promotion that they received.

SMS marketing also serves to boost other marketing techniques, including encouraging the person who received the text message to open a promotional email.

This means that your SMS marketing strategy can also improve the conversion rates of other business strategies you might have.

Is SMS Marketing Legal?

Yes, the good news is that SMS marketing is completely legal.

Marketers have to comply with a set of rules, so that they don’t send out text messages that are annoying and irrelevant to their clients.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, what we believe to be the best SMS marketing platforms in the industry in 2024.

The thing is that if you are trying to do really well with your brand in general, you can’t avoid certain aspects like SMS marketing, because this could be where you manage to attract the majority of your customers.

Good luck growing your business online, and don’t forget to implement a number of different marketing campaigns, so that you can optimize the Internet, and make the most of what’s out there.

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