21 Impressive Slack Statistics You Must Know About in 2021

Slack Statistics 2024: How Many People Use Slack?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Slack Statistics 2024: How Many People Use Slack?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

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How many people use Slack in 2024?

Slack has over 10 million daily users.

Back in the day, heading to the office was a non-negotiable part of almost any job. But the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work.

Since the work-from-home became imperative, companies started to use more online applications to communicate with teams and staff. 

There are various applications and tools that many workplaces have used. But Slack has a special place because it was one of the first to offer such services. 

But just how popular is Slack really for businesses? How many companies use Slack in 2024?

We are going to find all about it by having a look at some impressive Slack statistics that you should know about in 2024.

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Key Slack Statistics 2024

  • Slack has over 10 million daily users.
  • Over 600,000 companies use Slack.
  • Slack has a market share of 22.75%.
  • Slack was valued at over $13 billion in September 2019.
  • Slack was purchased for $27.7 billion by Saleforce in 2020.
  • Average users stay signed in on Slack for 9 hours.
  • More than three million users pay to use Slack services. 
  • The total revenue of Slack was more than $600 million in 2020.

What is Slack & Why Is it So Great?


Slack is a communication tool designed for remote workplaces. It is a single place for messaging, files, and tools with your colleagues.

Therefore, it is an instant messaging application with numerous workplace tools as add-ons. But these add-ons are not mandatory to use the platforms. 

The primary purpose of this platform is to establish communication between colleagues. There are two methods that you can use to chat on this platform.

One is the group chat or Slack channels, and the other one is the direct message for a person-to-person chat. 

When Slack came to being in 2009, there was no competition in the market. The competitors were there like BaseCamp, which was Campfire back then.

However, none of the traditional bug vendors, including Apple, Microsoft, Sun, IBM, and others, had anything against Slack.

Slack was able to tap into this situation and used it to its benefit. It was small in size, so it was highly responsive to add new features.

This platform did not have a big price tag either because it was not from any traditional big vendors. Slack gained its popularity mainly due to its design simplicity and understanding of what its users wanted.

These are the two aspects that are simple to understand but difficult to execute. And it has allowed the company to grow at a significant pace, especially in recent years. 

Detailed Slack Statistics 2024

Slack entered the market back in 2009, and it has come a long way since then.

The total number of their employees is over 2000 throughout the globe. This platform is compatible with more than 2000 different apps. 

These numbers are growing rapidly.

Slack statistics show that users send more than 1.5 billion messages every month using Slack. It is pretty extraordinary. 

1. Slack was Tiny Speck back in 2009

The company was known as Tiny Speck back in the day, and it developed a new game with the title Glitch.

It has some resemblance to Slack that we see today. The gameplay was about building a community, growing resources, and discovering new ones.

2. Slack Passes 1 Billion Usage Minutes Each Working Day

In March 2020, statistics show that the company had over 110,000 paid users.

Due to the influx of new sixers, Slacks usage minutes each working day skyrocketed to 1 billion. 

Since the pandemic has started, the company has added even more users. So, the usage minutes would have increased even more. 

3. Over 4000 Apps Have Been Developed for This Platform

More than 4000 applications have been developed that can work with this platform.

Therefore, using Slack has become incredibly simple and convenient. It is the number that puts Slack in direct competition with Microsoft Teams. 

4. More than 600,000 Organizations Use Slack 

Slack is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, but it has offices located throughout the globe.

Therefore, Slack is well placed to handle any issues from different geographic locations. Apart from that, it has over 10 million users, of which over 300,000 are paid users. 

5. Slack Is Not a Word; It Is an Acronym

Slack is not a word; it is an acronym that stands for Searchable Log of All Conversation & Knowledge.

Most people find it humorous because the conversational use of the word “slack” means being inactive or lazy. 

Slack Users Statistics 2024

Slack user base statistics

The total number of users on Slack indicates the overall popularity of this platform among businesses and organizations.

How many people use Slack? Well, the number of daily active users on Slack is more than 10 million, and they spend up to 9 hours when they sign in. 

And the number of paid users is over 3 million, and over 40 percent of Fortune 100 businesses use this platform. 

6. Slack Has Over 10 Million Users

There are a couple of reasons why Slack has this number of users. 

Firstly, this platform is easier to use than email because you can search for anything within your conversation. 

Secondly, there are numerous applications that you can use with Slack. These applications include some of the leading players in the industry like Google, Salesforce, and others. 

7. Over 40 Percent of Fortune 100 Businesses Use Slack

You might not find a complete list of paid Slack users. But if you wonder how many companies use this platform, there are 65 different Fortune 100 businesses. 

Unfortunately, as Slack lacks usage statistics, we cannot talk about what companies use this service. However, the list does include the entities like General Motors, Apple, and Wal-Mart.

8. Over Three Million People Are Paid Slack Users

There are over three million users that pay for using Slack services.

Slack has three different tiers of subscriptions based on the size of the organization. The larger the organization’s size, the premium will increase, and the available services will be. 

9. 9 Hours Is the Current Time for Which Average Users Signs Into Slack

The usage statistics of this platform suggest that a majority of the users leave Slack open in the background throughout the time they work.

But, of course, these users do not spend their entire day on Slack. The active usage time of this platform is around an hour a half per day.

Slack Growth Statistics 2024

Slack growth statistics

Besides the main Slack headquarters in California, the company has offices throughout the globe.

The company has over 2000 employees throughout the globe. As a result, the platform is available virtually anywhere as long as you can access the app or open it in a browser.

10. Slack Employs Over 2000 People Across the Globe

Statistics for this year show that the company employs more than 2000 people worldwide.

However, most of its employees are based from its headquarters located in San Francisco, California. So these numbers are pretty impressive. 

11. Besides the Headquarters, It Has Offices in Other Countries Too

Most of the work team at Slack is in California based where the company has its headquarters. However, Slack has its employees spread all over the globe. Its offices are located in various major cities throughout the world. 

These include Vancouver, Dublin, New York, Denver, Toronto, Pune, Tokyo, London, Paris, Melbourne, and Istanbul. Again, it shows that the company had grown steadily since its inception back in 2009.

12. Slack Is Present in More than 150 Countries

When you go through the latest statistics, you will notice that they have not provided their users with any specific list of countries in which their services are available.

But the universal platform is available to anyone who can download and use the Slack app or open its website in a browser. 

13. New York Is the City with The Most Slack Users

New York City is leading with the most number of Slack in any city.

According to recent statistics, it has more than 400,000 Slack users alone.

It is a little bit surprising because the company has its headquarters located in San Francisco, CA. 

The second spot goes to Tokyo, with over 300,000 users. Finally, the third spot is occupied by London with under 200,000 users. 

How Much is Slack Worth in 2024?


Slack has experienced substantial growth since 2015 if you have a look at the most recent Slack statistics available.

Their annual revenue is over $600 million (2020), a frog’s leap from 2017 revenue of $105 million.

Besides that, Slack was worth more than $13 billion in 2019 and then was purchased for $27.7 billion in 2020 by Salesforce in a mega deal. 

14. In the UK, the Standard Slack Subscription Is Gbp 5.25 per Month

For larger organizations and businesses, the subscriptions will cost just under GBP 10 a month per user. With bigger subscriptions, you will get more features in your service.

Their most expensive plan is Enterprise Grid. This plan is targeted towards very large organizations, enterprises, and highly regulated industries. 

15. Slack Valued at $27.7 Billion in December 2020

The total net worth of Slack is estimated to be $27.7 billion.

This evaluation was released shortly after Salesforce purchased the company in December of 2020 for that figure.

16. The Total Revenue of Slack Was More than $600 Million in 2020

In the Fiscal Year 2020, the total revenue of Slack was more than $600 million.

This number was an increase of 57 percent year on year. Slack has seen consistent growth over the years. Its revenue was $400 million back in 2019.

17. Slack Market Share Is 22.75 Percent

The company has a market share that is much greater than its competitor, Microsoft Teams, which only has a 2.25 percent market share.

It goes to show the company has been on a very successful run right from the word go. 

18. MS Teams Is Its Biggest Competitor

As soon as Slack was launched, Microsoft released its own Teams. Since that time, both these platforms have been directly competing with each other. 

According to the data, the company has around 12 million users. Whereas, Teams has over 75 million users and is hell-bent on killing Slack, according to experts. 

Slack Chat Statistics 2024

Slack chat statistics

If you look at the stats associated with Slack Chat, you will notice that the platform fulfills its purpose to bring applications, data, and people together. 

Unlimited messaging might only be available for paid users.

However, Slack has hundreds of emojis that you can use in your messages. It is a feature that its competitor (MS Teams) does not offer.

19. You Can Create Unlimited Channels on Slack

There might be limitations on the free plans that Slack has.

For example, the free limit is 10,000 messages, which means that you cannot see the chat history or channels if you have created over 10,000 messages.

To access the unlimited features, you will have to access the pro plan. 

20. Hundreds of Emojis Are Available in Your Messages

According to a Slack Emoji Stat, there are hundreds of emojis that you can use in your Slack Chat and send to your colleagues. It might be the only stat available about Slack Emojis.

Still, you need to remember that this emoji feature is not available in MS Teams, the most significant Slack competitor. 

21. Almost 90 Percent of Slack Users Say that It Improves Communication

A good majority of Slack users like this chat feature of the platform. They are of the view that this platform improves collaboration and communication.

The mission of this platform is to bring people, data, and applications together.

If you see the results and assess what people have to say, you will come to know that Slack has done its job and achieved its mission. 

Final Thoughts

Slack statistics for 2024 show that it has grown leaps and bounds since the time of its inception in 2009.

More than 600,000 companies use this platform throughout the globe.

And the platform has more than 10 million active users.

Businesses even pay for the unlimited version of this platform. Slack has a strong presence worldwide and employs more than 2000 people in over 10 countries.

Slack has a net worth of more than $13 billion in 2020 and a market share of 2.26 percent. 

It has been so successful that the company has managed to deliver on its mission to bring data, apps, and people together.

Almost 90 percent of the users think that using Slack has improved their overall working process.


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