How Many People Use Skrill

How Many People Use Skrill in 2024? (User Stats)

Published on: May 22, 2023
Last Updated: May 22, 2023

How Many People Use Skrill in 2024? (User Stats)

Published on: May 22, 2023
Last Updated: May 22, 2023

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How many people use Skrill in 2024?

Skrill has more than 120,000 merchant users, and more than 40 million regular users worldwide.

The topic for this article is how many people use Skrill in 2024. Therefore, everything will be all about Skrill and its users.

Whether you’re already a Skrill user or not, these facts and stats will be of interest to you.

For those who aren’t aware of Skrill, it’s an ecommerce service that lets you transfer payments and money fast with low fees.

Skrill has been rated as one of the fastest-growing services of its type in Europe. Skrill is based in London, and services over 30 countries around the world.

Paul Jardon (CEO and CFO) and Jorge Bracho (CFO and Chief HR) are the founders of Skrill. 

In 2001, Skrill became one of the very first online e-wallets for facilitating online digital payments. The main goal was to transfer funds between online Skrill users. 

Back then, it was known as Moneybookers. In 2011, Moneybookers was rebranded and renamed Skrill.

It was then bought by Paysafe Group in 2015. Skrill USA, Inc. has an office in Miami, Florida, near the beautiful Biscayne Bay.

Paysafe Limited is Skrill’s parent company and a multinational online payment provider. Paysafe also owns Neteller and paysafecard.

Now, let’s discuss how many people use Skrill in 2024, plus some bonus information.

How Many People Use Skrill in 2024?


Skrill has more than 120,000 merchant users, and more than 40 million regular users worldwide.

The platform is available in 200 countries and supports more than 40 currencies. 

Being this accessible to so many countries and across multiple currencies are reasons Skrill has climbed to popularity.

Its two-factor authentication (2FA) provides secure and safe transactions. 

Keep in mind that 2FA is as secure and safe as possible in today’s world, but it’s not perfect. Nothing is.

That said, Skrill is dedicated to its customers’ privacy.

Who Uses Skrill?

Let’s go beyond Skrill’s user numbers and talk about who uses it.

In the United States, Skrill is used on over 2,800 websites, giving it top ranking for Skrill usage by country.

Germany is second with 1,324 websites, and Russia is third with 1,064 websites. 

Others on the list include the United Kingdom, India, France, Ukraine, and Turkey.

These aren’t the only countries with websites that use Skrill for money transfers, but they are the top countries with websites using Skrill. 

Skrill is used mostly for “Others” related to category usage by users. Gambling usage is second with 14.33%.

Computers Electronics and Technology has a usage market share of 9.54%, while Finance has 6.15%.

While Skrill is well-known for its role in gaming, that category makes up only 3.25% of the market share. 

Skrill’s male audience dominates usage at 73.25%, while the female audience makes up 26.75% of users. 

The age group that most uses Skrill is between 25 and 34 years old.

The breakdown for this is 26.59% for the 18 to 24 group, and 33.99% for the 25 to 34 age group.

Audience knowledge provides insights about a company’s website visitors and users. 

The next age demographics include, 35 to 44 (18.14%), 45 to 54 (10.56%), 55 to 64 (6.66%, and 65-plus (4.06%).

Thus, people of all age groups use Skrill, but people between 18 and 34 use it the most.

Over 50% of Skrill’s social website traffic comes from YouTube, at 50.90%.

Facebook has only 11.98% of that market share. Whatsapp has 10.80%, and Twitter only has 4.24%. 

Direct marketing accounts for 47.52% and Search makes up 30.32% of Skrill’s website traffic channel distribution.

Other ways this service is distributed include referrals, social, display, and mail. 

Skrill is accessed by desktop users (45.9%) and mobile users (54.1%) almost equally.

How Much Is Skrill’s Annual Revenue?


Skrill’s annual revenue is $200.0M to $1.0B. Skrill earns revenue from transfer fees, currency exchange fees, and other fees for their services. 

In the U.S., deposits come with no fees. The difference in fees and charges for using Skrill and its products and services rely on where you live and what types of transactions you make.

Make sure to perform at least one transaction in a calendar year, or you will get charged  a $5.00 service fee.

Deposits and sending and receiving money are free in the United States. 

The fees and charges section of the website tells you all about their fees, charges, prepaid card fees, and account level discounts. 

Who Are Skrill’s Top Competitors? 

Skrill’s top six competitors include Payoneer, Alipay, Paytm, Venmo, WorldRemit, and Stripe.

It seems that Skrill is in good company with these kinds of competitors. These are not Skrill’s only competitors, but they are the top six. 

How Many People Does Skrill Employ?

The most recent data shows that Skrill has between 501 and 1,000 employees.

According to Glassdoor, the range of pay is from $87,000 to over $300,000 per year. Also, there are additional bonus pay options offered. 

A few types of jobs you may find for Skrill include Customer Care Representative, Implementation Specialist, and Product Marketing Specialist. 


If you already use Skrill, you know that there are three tiers to the service. These tiers include Skiller, True Skiller, and VIP Skiller.

Each one has its own discounts and features for users. 

Skrill is known for its dedication to their merchants’ and users’ security and privacy. You can feel as confident about using Skrill. 

Keep in mind that you need to take your own precautions when using payment processors for extra security and privacy.

After reading this article, you know more than just the basics about Skrill, the company.

You know where it’s headquartered, how many employees they have, their range of revenue, and its user demographics. 

Besides learning about its revenue, you also know how they earn revenue through fees and charges across various transactions.

Also, these fees and charges vary by country and type of transaction. 

Do you use Skrill?

Would you consider Skrill for your personal or business payments and transfers? 

Now that you know how many people use Skrill in 2024, what do you think about this payment processing provider? 


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