Ukraine War Statistics

Russia-Ukraine War Statistics: Deaths, Economics & Crypto Donations

Published on: June 8, 2023
Last Updated: June 8, 2023

Russia-Ukraine War Statistics: Deaths, Economics & Crypto Donations

Published on: June 8, 2023
Last Updated: June 8, 2023

This Russia-Ukraine war statistics guide covers the current 2022 invasion of Ukraine, which was a severe escalation following the 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia.

Towards the end of 2021, Russia placed 100,000 troops close to the Ukrainian border.

By February 2022 that number had swelled to as many as 190,000.

As of May 2022, there are 196,000 Russian armed forces, and 102,000 Russian paramilitary personnel in Ukraine.

On February 21st, 2022, President Vladimir Putin said that he recognized the independence of Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics which were part of Ukraine.

Three days later, on February 24th, 2022, he launched a military operation in Ukraine, purportedly to protect people in the Donbas region from Ukraine.

The invasion has resulted in Russia attacking major infrastructure and cities in Ukraine, loss of life on both sides, destruction to Russia’s economy via sanctions and crypto donations pouring in for Ukraine.

In this guide, we are going to look at all the top statistics related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Key Statistics

  • 86% Ukrainian people support NATO accession in Ukraine
  • 64% of Russians believe that Russians and Ukrainians are one people
  • Only 28% of Ukrainians believe that Russians and Ukrainians are one people
  • An estimated 200,000+ Russian troops have been killed
  • Russia has lost at least 2000 military vehicles in Ukraine
  • An estimated 1.3 million to 1.4 million Ukrainian Refugees have remained in Poland a year later.
  • Ukraine has received 120,000 crypto donations worth $63.8 Million
  • Most crypto donations have been in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • A Cryptopunk NFT has been donated worth $200,000
  • 15.72% of Ukrainians own cryptocurrency
  • NATO has admitted 14 new members from Eastern Europe since 1999

Detailed Russia-Ukraine War Statistics

Ukraine War

1. 86% Ukrainian People Support NATO Accession in Ukraine

A 2022 poll showed that 59.2 Ukrainians supported NATO accession in Ukraine. A new poll from January 2023, Ukrainians now support joining NATO at a record 86%. Moreover, 8% of Ukrainians said they wouldn’t vote and 3% would vote against it.

Another 87% of Ukrainians said they are in favor of joining the EU (European Union).

(The Kyiv Independent)

2. 51% of Russians Feared a War with Ukraine

The majority of Russians knew that there might be a war coming and were afraid of it.

(Free Russia, Republic World 2022)

3. 30% of Russians Are Concerned About Western Sanctions

One way that the West has responded to the war in Ukraine has been to slap heavy sanctions on Russia so that they feel the pressure.

As you can see from statistics like this, 30% of Russians are feeling worried about the sanctions put in place, as they wreak havoc on Russia’s economy.

(ING, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs)

4. 31% of Russians Have a Negative View of Ukraine

According to Russia-Ukraine war statistics like this, there are quite a few Russians that don’t see Ukraine in a good light – but it’s definitely not the majority.

5. 47% of Ukrainians Have a Negative View of Russia

Russia is more despised in Ukraine, with almost half of Ukrainians seeing Russia in a negative light.

6. 83% of People Support NATO in Poland

Based on statistics like this, there are quite a few people in Eastern Europe that agree that Poland should be part of NATO.

(Statista 4)

7. 49% of NATO Members in Eastern Europe Disapprove of Russia’s Leadership

It’s no surprise based on statistics like this that NATO members have seen Putin in a bad light for a while.


Humanitarian Statistics

8. An Estimated 1.3 Million to 1.4 Million Ukrainian Refugees Have Remained in Poland a Year Later.

As of February 2023, it’s estimated that between 1.3 million and 1.4 million Ukrainian refugees have remained in Poland.

April 2023 data shows that 1,583,563 Ukrainian refugees are registered for Temporary Protection or some other national protection protocol. Border crossings into Poland account for 10,885,691 Ukranian refugees, while there are over 8.7 million border crossing into Ukraine itself.

For reference, 3.9 million Ukrainian refugees who fled their homeland went to Poland, as of May 2022.

Although others fled to other countries, Poland took more than half of the refugees who left Ukraine to escape the war.

(Notes from Poland, UNHCR)

9. As of April 2023, an Estimated 10 Million Total Refugees Have Left Their Homes, Fleeing to Other Countries to Escape the War.

April data shows that almost 10 million total Ukranian refugees have fled their homeland to various locations across the globe. Over 280,000 are in the United States under the governmental program offered. 

As of April 2023, there are about 8.2 million recorded refugees from Ukraine spread across Europe, of which most fled to Poland, according to March 2023 data. Moreover, just over 5 million have registered for Temporary Protection or other protections.

(Res Militaris March 2023)

As of January 23, 2023, Ukraine’s displaced people (refugees) figures are at 53.4 million people both still in Ukraine and those who fled.

(Ukraine Data Explorer)

In 2022, before the Russia-Ukraine conflict was in full swing, more than 5.98 million total refugees fled their homes to other countries to escape the war.

During this same time, most of these refugees, 3.9 million, have fled to Poland, 739,000 have fled to Russia, and others fled to other countries. Others have fled to Romania, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and Belarus.

(Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven May 2022)

10. There Have Been 8,534 Ukrainian Civilians Killed in this War, of Which More than 456 are Children. 

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has now resulted in 8,534 deaths of Ukrainian civilians, including over 456 children.

According to AP News, in February 2023, 3,533 civilian men, 2,096 civilian women, 456 children, and 1921 unknown civilians have lost their lives. Statista has the total number at 8,534 according to updated numbers in April 2023.

There are also 14,370 injuries among civilians that have been reported due to the Russia-Ukraine war as of April 2023.

Seeing the side effects of war is difficult in all respects, but the families of those who lost their lives are feeling it the most. The truth about war is that neither side really wins when people are dying.

(AP News, Statista, Statista 2)

11. An Estimated 4 Million Ukrainians Registered for Temporary Protection in the EU.

It’s estimated that 4 million people from Ukraine are under the temporary protection measure across the EU, according to data from March 2023.This directive in the EU allows for immediate protection for displaced persons from Ukraine. 

Under this directive, refugees are given a residence permit and they have access to housing, the job market, education for children, and medical assistance. 

(European Council)

12. Displaced Ukrainian people have sought asylum across Russia, Europe, and North America, among some regions. 

There are nearly 3 million in Russia and over 1.5 million in Poland. Germany has taken in over 1 million, and the Czech Republic over 500,000.

The United States is the fifth highest region where Ukraine’s displaced persons account for over 220,000. 


13. Military Aid Has Come from Multiple World Governments.

The United States sent over 46.56 billion in mostly military aid to Ukraine between January 2022 and January 2023, and more is in the works. Great Britain has sent 5.13 billion and 2.55 billion from Poland. 

This financial assistance for the Ukraine war effort doesn’t include the equipment and weapons provided to the Ukrainian Military.

(Statista 5)

Crypto Donations Statistics

14. Over $212 Million in Cryptocurrency Has Been Sent to the Ukrainian Government in Support of Their War Efforts.

Since the start of the Russia-Ukranian conflict, more than $212 million in cryptocurrency has been sent to support the Ukrainian government and the war. Of that, $80 million in crypto went straight to the government.

These funds were reportedly used for drones, demining equipment, helmets, medical supplies, radios, and bulletproof vests.

Even though the blockchain and crypto market have companies with both Ukrainian and Russian members, Morpher’s has chosen to donate to support Ukrainian refugees and their families.

(We Forum)

15. The Ukrainian Government Has Received 120,000 Crypto Donations, Worth $63.8 Million

Ukrainian government

Cryptocurrency is playing a big part in the war against Ukraine, with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) donations adding up to an impressive $63.8 million.


16. A Single Crypto Donation to the Ukrainian Government Was Valued at $1.86 Million

This donation was from the sale of an NFT, and it was originally meant for raising funds for Julian Assange.


17. Polkadot Founder Gavin Wood Has Donated $5.8 Million

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, has donated $5.8 million to the Ukrainian government in support of them.


18. A Cryptopunk NFT Has Been Donated Worth $200,000

CryptoPunk #5364
CryptoPunk #5364 – donated to the Ukrainian government

Cryptopunk, one of the most valuable NFTs in the industry, has donated an NFT worth $200,000 to the Ukrainian government to help its cause.


19. A Ukrainian NGO Called Come Back Alive Has Received Several Million Dollars’ Worth of Crypto Donations

Come Back Alive

A Ukrainian NGO that supports the military has received millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency donations.

20. The Majority of Donations to the Ukrainian Government Have Been in Ethereum and Bitcoin

cryptocurrency donors

It looks like the majority of cryptocurrency donors are donating their funds through Bitcoin and Ethereum.


21. Scammers Are Attempting to Pose as A Non-Profit for Ukraine to Take Advantage

It’s not just people who want to support Ukraine right now who are receiving and donating money to the cause.

Scammers are also getting caught up in the fray and seeing it as an opportunity to dupe people into sending funds.

(Georgetown University)

22. 15.72% of Ukrainians Own Cryptocurrency

This might not seem like a lot, but 15.72% is significant when you think about how recent cryptocurrency is. It shows that cryptocurrency has been catching on since the start of the conflict. This translates to more than 6.5 million people.

In 2022, 12.7%, of Ukrainians owned cryptocurrency, which translated to 5.5 million people.


23. Ukraine is Considered a Hub for Cryptocurrencies

UKRAINE Cryptocurrency

Ukraine sent more than $8 billion worth of cryptocurrency and received $8 billion between July 2019, and June 2020.

24. Small Ukrainians Businesses Turn Around $5 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency Every Week

It seems that small businesses in Ukraine are also jumping on the bandwagon and embracing the relatively new virtual currency.

Military Statistics

25. An estimated 200,000 Russian Soldiers and 100,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Have Been Killed or Wounded So Far.

Statistics like these numbers on the death toll for Russian troops share a sobering light on the impact of war, and the devastating consequences of invading a country.

In February 2023, AP News reported that an estimated 200,000 Russian troops have been wounded or killed since the conflict started and 100,000 Ukrainian troops. 

(AP News)

This figure accounts for about 22% of the total original invasion force sent out from Russia for the war. Russia has about 900,000 active military personnel across air, land, and sea. There are about 2 million reservists, 150,000 naval troops, 165,000 air military personnel, and 280,000 soldiers.

(National World)

26. Russia Has Lost More than 10,000 Military Vehicles and other Pieces of Military Equipment

It’s common for all parties involved in a war/conflict to lose military assets/equipment in war. Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russian troops have lost an estimated 10,000 units of essential equipment.

Furthermore, 544 Russian tanks have been captured by the Ukrainian military. Other losses include 79 tanks that were damaged and 65 left behind.

Losses include trucks, aerial drones, tanks, artillery, and other military assets.

(CNN 2023, CNN 2023 2)

For perspective, in May 2022, Russia had lost over 7,200 military vehicles and other equipment assets in Ukraine.

(Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty 2022)

27. Poland Spent the Most Money on Military in CEE

This goes to show that Eastern European countries are still wary of the potential state of the world, and the potential for countries like Russia to invade at any point.

28. Croatia Spent the Most on Defense in CEE

Croatia is another Eastern European country that believes in keeping its eyes and ears open as far as war goes.

29. NATO Has Admitted 14 New Members from Eastern Europe Since 1999

NATO has expanded its membership across Europe, something that is cause for contention for Russia and Putin, who is attempting to reinstate the Soviet reign as much as possible.


What Is the War in Ukraine About?

The war between Russia and Ukraine is an ongoing conflict that involves Russia and Belarus on one side, and Ukraine on the other side.

The conflict started back in February 2014 after the Revolution of Dignity.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia. He was president of Russia between 1999 and 2008, and again since 2012.

How Is the West Responding to the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia?

The West is responding to the war in Ukraine by placing heavy sanctions on Russia, isolating them from the rest of the world.

How many aircraft has Russia lost so far in Ukraine?

As of May 5, 2022, Russia has lost 196 Russian aircraft, 155 Russian helicopters, and 312 UAV operational aircraft.

How many other Russian assets have been lost in Ukraine?

As of May 5, 2022, Russia has lost 1,092 tanks, 1,907 fuel tanks and vehicles, 499 artillery systems, 2,651 armoured personnel vehicles, 83 anti-aircraft warfare systems, 89 cruise missiles, 38 pieces of special equipment, 169 MLRs, and 10 boats.

Final Thoughts

These Russia Ukraine war statistics in 2024 shed light on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which share a border.

As you can see, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in thousands of deaths already and has also incorporated a relatively new concept as well – cryptocurrency.

Putin intends to instill his reign in Ukraine, so whether the world can expect another Cold War, or World War III remains to be seen.


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