Six YouTube Videos Every Channel Should Include

Six YouTube Videos Every Channel Should Include in 2024

Published on: September 6, 2022
Last Updated: September 6, 2022

Six YouTube Videos Every Channel Should Include in 2024

Published on: September 6, 2022
Last Updated: September 6, 2022

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If you are considering starting your own YouTube channel you may feel challenged for what kind of content to create and submit.

There is such a plethora of popular content like “play-with-me” gaming, recipes, makeup tutorials, weight loss videos, and other highly sought-after niches.

The following YouTube content ideas will surely appeal to your audience whether you are a newbie content creator or an experienced video creator feeling stuck as to where to go next.

Introduction Video

Yoube Intro

The very person behind your channel is you. You are the person who makes your channel unique. Introduce yourself in a YouTube video so your viewers will feel more connected to you.

When they feel a connection to you, they are more likely to subscribe to your channel and will likely visit your channel often.

You do not know what to say? Here are some basics for you.

1) Tell them your name or use your screenname if you are concerned about privacy.

2) Tell them where you live, or a general proximity if you have privacy concerns (i.e. Dallas, Texas, just Texas, or somewhere in the south).

3) Describe to your viewers what your channel is about.

4) Explain to them the type of content you intend to share.

5) Tell them why you are passionate about the content you plan to share with them.

6) Let them know how your content can be helpful to them.

7) Let them know about your education, experience, knowledge, or skills you bring to your content.

8) Tell them why you chose YouTube over other social media networks to share your content.

If you already have an introduction video that is great. However, it might be helpful to create an updated video since your introduction to tell them about any changes that have happened in your life and what plans you have for the future.

Perhaps you can tell them how you plan to expand your YouTube video creation scope to other niches. Remember to highlight how much your skills have improved since you first started.

Be as creative with this content as you please when you are engaging your audience with interesting information, you are doing it right.

These ideas will help you engage with your new and existing audience. The more they know about you and your passion for what you are doing, the more they like you and will engage with you.

Your Daily Routine

Daily Routine

Regardless of the niche you use for your YouTube channel, your audience love to know what you are up to and how you manage your time. Some of the most popular content on YouTube is related to YouTubers’ daily routines.

This content is known as evergreen content as it is not prone to change, nor does it ever expire. Viewers will remain interested in this kind of content and will usually revisit it often. Evergreen content is often viewed for years.

Are you not sure what to include in a daily routine video? Here are some thoughts.

1) Your Morning R- Features what you do in the morning.

  • The time you awake up
  • Self-care habits
  • Breakfast foods
  • Fitness habits
  • Productivity tricks and tips that get your day started.

2) Your Evening Routine – Features what you do in the evening/night

  • Dinner menus
  • Bedtime and why that is your bedtime
  • Self-care habits (i.e. shower, meditation, skincare routine)
  • The kind of evening and bedtime content you consume (i.e. music, reading, movies, streaming videos/podcasts).

3) Other Routines Viewers Find Interesting

  • Fitness
  • Productivity
  • Self-care
  • Study
  • Organization

The sky is the limit for creating the type of routines you partake in and how you use your time.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Behind the Scenes

Much like people enjoy watching the behind the scenes content about how movies or television shows are made, they are interested in how you create your content.

They want to know what you have tried, what challenges you faced, and how you make things work out for your content. You can make it a step-by-step video about how you create your content.

  • Your brainstorming processes
  • Beta testing
  • Your initial design
  • Problem-solving
  • Responding to customer feedback
  • End results

Behind the scenes content allows you to show your viewers how you do what you do and how it becomes a streaming video on YouTube for them.

It is good for them to know about the time and effort you put into creating content for them. That enhances their curiosity and engagement with you. People want to know where you find your inspiration.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

If you look on YouTube, you will find so many video tutorials on a wide array of topics. Every niche should include a tutorial of some kind. Are you a gamer with a special skill?

Teach it to your audience. Are you a crafter with a flare for a specific kind of craft? Show people how you do it. The most popular tutorials are those that are simple and easy to understand.

Some ideas for video tutorials:

  • How to cook the perfect omelet.
  • How to write beautifully handwritten thank you letters.
  • How to write a diplomatic resignation letter.

Whatever your expertise, there is a tutorial that will go with it.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Products like makeup, clothing, food, games books, movies, etc. have pros and cons. People like to know what others like and dislike about products and whether you would recommend it.

Reviews should be unbiases and include the benefits and disadvantages to be honest. People want honest reviews.

Your reviews should be based on a product you have used for a while and not something you just bought.

For instance, a tabletop grill with multiple plates and how well it makes waffles, paninis, quesadillas, and cooks a burger. You need to use that for a few weeks or months before you review it.

Q & A Videos

Q & A

One final type of YouTube video you need is a question and answer video.

Encourage your subscribers and viewers to ask you questions and then address their questions via video. They will feel like they can relate to you so you can grow your channel.

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