Best Phone Number Location Tracker Apps

5 Best Phone Number Location Tracker Apps in 2024 (FREE & Online)

Published on: February 2, 2024
Last Updated: February 2, 2024

5 Best Phone Number Location Tracker Apps in 2024 (FREE & Online)

Published on: February 2, 2024
Last Updated: February 2, 2024

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The best phone number location tracker in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is LocationTracker!

Employing satellite-based GPS technology, the finest phone number location tracker apps discreetly monitor device locations. 

These applications promptly notify users in scenarios such as a child straying beyond predefined boundaries. 

After thoroughly assessing more than 50 options, we’ve pinpointed the top 5 tracking apps. 

Our selection criteria prioritized easy setup, the availability of free trial periods, and the effectiveness of location monitoring features. 

Here is our curated list of the best phone number location tracker apps that operate seamlessly without necessitating explicit permission.

Best Phone Number Location Tracker Apps in 2024

  1. LocationTracker – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Geofinder
  3. Phonsee
  4. Eyezy
  5. uMobix

1. LocationTracker 1

Discover enhanced online security and uncover cheating incidents effortlessly with LocationTracker, an advanced tool for tracking Android and iPhone devices. 

Delve into the latest features of this potent online number tracker to grasp the intricacies of top-notch phone monitoring.

👉 Get LocationTracker FREE



The IP-Logger serves as a valuable tool in the realm of digital tracking by capturing and documenting IP addresses associated with internet-connected devices. 

This functionality allows users to maintain a comprehensive log of unique identifiers, offering insights into the online activities and presence of devices within a network.

Real-Time Location Tracker

A cutting-edge solution, the Real-Time Location Tracker, allows users to monitor and trace locations instantaneously. 

This feature ensures that the tracking process occurs live, allowing for timely and accurate location-based information. 

This real-time functionality enhances the overall precision and effectiveness of location tracking for various purposes.

Wi-Fi Tracker

The Wi-Fi Tracker stands out as a tool designed for the identification and monitoring of Wi-Fi networks. 

Users can leverage this functionality to track and analyze Wi-Fi signals’ availability, strength, and characteristics in a given area. 

This tool proves particularly useful for optimizing Wi-Fi connectivity and gaining insights into network patterns within a specified location.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Positive Feedback on Features
  • Effective Tracking Capabilities


  • No Free Trial Period and Limited Customer Service

2. Geofinder

GEOfinder Track a Cell Phone Number Location

Geofinder is an advanced phone tracking app that precisely shows phone numbers on a map, no matter the network. 

This versatile tool works with both Android and iOS devices, not just for finding phones but also for remote monitoring and personalized SMS features. 

👉 Get GEOfinder FREE

Its compatibility with various phone brands and models makes it a reliable option. 

Additionally, Geofinder provides a free trial for easy access.


Customizable Alert Messages

Geofinder provides users with the flexibility to tailor alert messages to their specific needs and preferences. 

Whether it’s adjusting the tone, language, or content, customization enhances the user experience by allowing them to receive alerts that suit their preferences.

Location Tracking by Phone Number

This feature in Geofinder enables users to pinpoint the location of a particular device by simply using the associated phone number. 

By leveraging this capability, users can conveniently track the whereabouts of their devices or the devices of others in their network, fostering a heightened sense of security and control.

Seamless Compatibility Across All Mobile Networks

Geofinder ensures a smooth and trouble-free experience for users by seamlessly integrating with all mobile networks. 

This universal compatibility is designed to eliminate potential connectivity issues, providing users with a reliable and consistent tracking experience across different carriers and ensuring accessibility for a broader user base.


  • Anonymous Tracking
  • No Jailbreak Required
  • Effortless Location Discovery


  • Delayed reporting of location

3. Phonsee

Phonsee Cheating Spouse

Phonsee is an advanced, cloud-based parental control software that simplifies monitoring. Unlike traditional solutions, it eliminates the need for complex installations. 

With Phonsee, tracking your child’s activities is hassle-free – no software installation is required.

👉 Get Phonsee FREE

The app seamlessly sends recorded data to your online Control Panel, accessible from any web browser, making it a user-friendly and practical choice for parental control.


GPS Tracking & Geofencing

Experience real-time tracking of the device’s location through GPS technology with the added functionality of geofencing. 

This feature allows users to actively monitor the exact whereabouts of the device, enhancing location-based tracking capabilities. 

Moreover, geofencing empowers users to establish virtual boundaries and receive alerts whenever the device enters or exits these predefined areas. 

This comprehensive approach ensures heightened control and awareness over the device’s movements.

Call Logging

Utilizing call logging, users can access a detailed record of all incoming and outgoing calls on the monitored device. 

This feature captures the call duration and provides timestamps and contact information. 

By offering a comprehensive overview of the device’s call history, users gain valuable insights into communication patterns, helping them better understand the dynamics of the device’s usage.

Text Message Monitoring

Text message monitoring provides users with the capability to track and review all incoming and outgoing text messages on the targeted device. 

This feature goes beyond simple message tracking, offering a nuanced understanding of communication content and patterns. 

By delving into the specifics of text conversations, users can glean valuable insights into the nature and frequency of interactions, promoting a comprehensive understanding of the device’s messaging activities.


  • Extremely Intuitive Dashboard
  • AI-Powered Notification System
  • Real-Time Monitoring


  • You get one subscription per tracked device

4. Eyezy

Eyezy Cell Phone Tracker App

Eyezy, an exceptional app designed for parents to monitor their children’s phone activities, provides subtle oversight of online behavior. 

It allows parents to see photos, videos, and apps on their child’s device, along with details about calendar events. 

👉 Get Eyezy FREE

Eyezy comes with a user-friendly dashboard GPS tracking and is compatible with Android, iOS, and iPads. Additionally, it ensures customer satisfaction with a 14-day refund policy.


Virtual Boundary Alerts

This feature involves setting virtual boundaries or geographical limits for a device. When the device crosses these predefined boundaries, the user receives an alert. 

It’s a valuable tool for tracking and managing the movement of devices in specific areas.

Internet Usage Control

This functionality allows users to regulate and monitor the internet usage on a device. It provides the ability to set restrictions, manage content, and track the time spent online. 

It’s a valuable tool for controlling and ensuring responsible internet use.

Text Retrieval

Text retrieval refers to the capability of extracting and accessing text-based information on a device. 

This could include retrieving messages, documents, or other textual content. It enhances the user’s ability to manage and review text-based data on the monitored device.


  • Recovers Deleted Messages
  • Non-Intrusive Monitoring
  • Sleek and contemporary dashboards


  • Financial Concerns

5. uMobix

uMobix Cell Phone Location

uMobix, a versatile monitoring tool, stands out in keeping tabs on calls, texts, GPS locations, and online activities on the targeted phones. 

Its real-time updates every five minutes boost effectiveness. 

👉 Get uMobix FREE

It works well with Android OS 4+ and iOS devices, providing features such as capturing screenshots and tracking GPS. 

A 14-day money-back guarantee further solidifies its status as a top-notch phone tracking app.


Location Logging Precision

This feature involves accurately determining the user’s current location and keeping a record of the places they have visited. 

It enhances tracking capabilities, providing detailed information about the user’s movements.

Facilitates Real-Time Call Monitoring

This functionality enables the monitoring of calls in real time. 

Users can stay updated on ongoing calls, enhancing their ability to oversee communication activities on the targeted device.

Family Outing Supervision

Explicitly designed for parental supervision during family outings, this tool ensures parents can keep a close eye on their children’s activities and whereabouts during trips or excursions. 

It adds an extra layer of security and monitoring for family-oriented situations.


  • Provides comprehensive call records complete with timestamps and contact information.
  • Gains entry to the photo gallery of the monitored device.
  • Includes a live application demonstration to enhance user comprehension.


  • The standard edition constrains functionality by offering a reduced set of features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Is Cell Phone Tracking?

Tracking through mobile phones and other electronic devices using GPS technology can achieve high accuracy, reaching up to 10 meters. 

Nevertheless, the precision of the tracking may be influenced by variables such as signal strength, satellite positioning, and atmospheric conditions.

Is It Illegal to Track a Phone?

Using a GPS device to track someone is permissible when done for lawful reasons. 

However, it is illegal for an individual to employ an electronic GPS device for tracking without the person’s consent. 

Stalking is characterized by a pattern of behavior involving the unauthorized use of a GPS tracker to monitor someone without their agreement.


In assessing phone number location tracker apps, we’ve pinpointed standout choices for discreetly monitoring device locations. 

Notably, and emerge as among the best options, providing advanced features like IP-Logger and Real-Time Location Tracker. 

Phonsee streamlines parental control with GPS tracking and text message monitoring, whereas Eyezy specializes in subtle oversight features. 

uMobix stands out with excellence in location logging precision and real-time call monitoring.

Each app caters to specific needs, offering users a well-balanced mix of pros and cons in their quest for the best phone number location tracker apps.

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