NemoViews Review (2021) – DO NOT Recommend

NemoViews Review 2024: Is It Safe? Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 10, 2023
Last Updated: April 10, 2023

NemoViews Review 2024: Is It Safe? Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 10, 2023
Last Updated: April 10, 2023

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If you’re looking for ways to boost your YouTube channel, you’re not alone.

With so much competition on the video streaming giant, it can be difficult to get noticed and propel your channel to the necessary level for monetization. 

YouTube is the most popular global video streaming platform with over 2 billion monthly active users.

With such a huge quantity of content available, you have to set yourself apart if you want to build a reputation on the platform and monetize your content. 

Whether you’re looking to primarily make money as a content creator on YouTube or want to harness the platform for marketing and visibility for your business, you need to have a substantial amount of subscribers and video views on YouTube if you want to find success. 

For that reason, people have started to seek the help of third party services that claim to grow their YouTube account. 

NemoViews Review 2024

NemoViews is one of those companies, but can they really help you? 

It’s a common practice for these YouTube growth companies to offer their customers the world and then provide little in the way of quality packages and results.

Most of these services don’t end up helping you at all. 

In this NemoViews review we’re going to evaluate their services and help you decide if they can actually help your YouTube channel or if you should skip them altogether.

Let’s get started. 

Why Do You Need More YouTube Views and Subscribers? 

Since YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform, many users want to find their footing on the platform and either generate income via their creation efforts or create an additional social media presence for their brand or business. 

Because of the sheer popularity of YouTube, many third party YouTube growth services like NemoViews have become extremely sought after. People want help in growing their YouTube and other social networks. 

When you have more YouTube views and subscribers, the credibility of your channel is greatly increased. 

If users come across your YouTube platform and you have hardly any subscribers, you can seem like a noobie or even as a spam-looking account.

When you have YouTube subscribers, it’s clear that you have some sort of authority and that people want to see your content on a regular basis. 

The same goes for YouTube video views, but views are arguably more important.

Your YouTube videos need a high number of views so that people want to check them out— if your video has only a handful of views, or even a hundred or so, and it goes up against a video with thousands or more, users are going to be drawn to the video with more views. 

If you want your YouTube content to get natural reach, you need to have a solid view count on all of your videos.

People will make decisions based on the number of views and when they watch your video, it will then appear as a recommended video more frequently. 

NemoViews knows this and they use people’s desires to try and persuade them to buy their services. 

You also can’t begin to monetize your YouTube channel unless: 

  • You have over 1000 subscribers
  • You have over 4,000 public watch hours on your videos in the past 12 months 
  • Are based in a region where YouTube partners (monetization) is available
  • Follow all terms and conditions of YouTube monetization

People are scrambling to meet these requirements and services like NemoViews want to capitalize on that desire. 

What is NemoViews? 

NemoViews Features

NemoViews focuses specifically on YouTube growth but does provide additional services for social channels like Instagram and TikTok.

They claim to be marketing experts and that they can get you more exposure instantly. 

They have YouTube packages to buy YouTube views and subscribers only, but add optional “boosts” on the checkout page for YouTube video shares, likes, and comments. 

They claim to offer: 

  • Services with no password required
  • Drip delivery based on package size
  • Lifetime guarantee 
  • Non-drop views and subscribers
  • High quality views and subscribers

Whether or not these things are true will be evaluated in the coming sections.

NemoViews doesn’t offer an About page for company info and only has information about how the service works and “frequent answers,” which we determined is a FAQ.

They list their address as being in Barcelona. 

Getting Started with NemoViews 

NemoViews offers a fairly limited and simple service, so it’s easy to get started. 

  1. Visit NemoViews’ website 
  2. Choose the package you want and any additional boosts
  3. Pay for your order and receive it based on the specified time frame

NemoViews Review: Pricing 

NemoViews Pricing

NemoViews offers different pricing depending on quantity and type of YouTube package. Their primary packages are YouTube subscribers and YouTube views. 

YouTube Views 

  • 1,000 views — $8.49 
  • 2,000 views — $14.49 
  • 3,500 views — $22.49
  • 5,000 views — $30.49
  • 7,500+ views — $42.49+

The max number of YouTube views you can buy is 20k for $104.49.

YouTube Subscribers 

The max number of YouTube subscribers you can buy is 500 for $68.49. 

NemoViews also offers the boosts for videos ranging from $4.49 to $18.49. 

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Do We Recommend NemoViews? 

We recommend that you AVOID NemoViews. They can’t offer you sustainable YouTube growth and while their packages aren’t a huge investment, they won’t provide your account with anything of value. 

They also claim: 

“Our first step is to conduct a deep dive into your account and content to learn how to best promote you.

Our team will analyze your account, content, audience, popularity, existing followers, and engagements to build a profile around you to pass on to our strategy team.”

They simply will not do this; they offer packaged followers. They send you a set quantity and no campaigning or marketing goes into this at all.

Why do you think they can provide such quick results? Because they fortify your account using fake YouTube views and subscribers. 

Here are two other reasons why you shouldn’t use NemoViews. 

Terrible Reviews  

The majority of the reviews that NemoViews has on their Trustpilot page are negative.

Customers who have left reviews claim that NemoViews never respond to support requests and that the majority of their followers are fake or from remote locations. 

Many reviews also reference the retention rate— almost 100% of purchased followers dropped off either the next day or within a few weeks of purchase.

This negatively affected clients’ YouTube accounts and they were very unsatisfied. 

It’s clear that NemoViews falsely claim that they have non-drop views and subscribers and that they offer a retention guarantee; everything drops off, harms your YouTube performance, and you can’t get in contact with anyone from the company.

Big red flags here. 

NemoViews Trustpilot

No Free Trial or Guarantee 

While NemoViews does claim to offer a lifetime retention guarantee, it seems that they don’t provide it and are basically unresponsive when clients need help or want a refund.

This equates to having no guarantee at all. 

What’s more, there’s no free option or trial service to see exactly what your money will get you. This service doesn’t back up what they’re selling and it’s best to avoid this negative experience altogether. 

Review Verdict

While NemoViews isn’t a complete scam, we are confident in saying that we DO NOT recommend their services. 

  • Refund (full or partial) for 30 days (although its undetermined how they decide on issuing them)
  • Support contact
  • No 24/7 or phone support
  • Mainly negative Trustpilot reviews
  • No free plan / trial
  • Fake views and subscribers
  • Views and subscribers are likely to drop off
  • Retention guarantees are a hassle

They have negative Trustpilot reviews, offer no substantial information about their company or how they are “marketing experts,” and it’s clear the views and subscribers aren’t real.

They claim to be non-drip, but this cannot be guaranteed at all. 

Your NemoViews YouTube views and subscribers are bound to disappear because they’re fake— YouTube does sweeps of their platform and removes all fake video views and subscribers, which is why they disappear. 

Also consider this— why would NemoViews offer a lifetime retention guarantee if their views and subscribers didn’t drop off? Doesn’t make sense. 

It’s better to find another YouTube growth company or continue to invest your time in growing your YouTube account if you want to see authentic and valuable results.

NemoViews is a no from us.

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