How Many People Use mSpy

mSpy Users: How Many People Use mSpy in 2024?

Published on: April 17, 2024
Last Updated: April 17, 2024

mSpy Users: How Many People Use mSpy in 2024?

Published on: April 17, 2024
Last Updated: April 17, 2024

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How many people use mSpy 2024?

As of 2023, mSpy has 1.50 million users worldwide.

In this modern age, mobile phones and social media are the key elements of a child’s life.

As of 2019, approximately 84% of American teens aged 13-18 own a smartphone and spend seven hours and 22 minutes using social networking sites daily.

mSpy is the most downloaded tool worldwide to get this done, allowing parents to monitor not only their kids’ smartphones but also their computers, including Windows and Mac.

Do you know how many people are using mSpy? Read on as we dive deep into its statistics and other interesting facts.

Key mSpy Statistics

  • mSpy launched in 2010 and has continuously improved since then, growing by 400% in only four years after its release
  • mSpy hit the 1 million user mark in 2014, just four years after its entrance in the market
  • As of 2023, mSpy has 1.50 million users worldwide
  • It is ranked as one of the best parental control software in 2023 by various outlets
  • The application is live in over 180 countries globally
  • mSpy faced some controversies in 2015 when it was reported that some hackers leaked the personal data of its customers and used it for blackmailing
  • mSpy offers three premium subscription plans starting at $29.99 per month for basic subscription
  • mSpy’s main features include tracking activities such as target device information tracking, setting default behavior for the target device, website monitoring and blocking, incoming and outgoing call tracking, text message tracking, and email tracking

mSpy Users: How Many People Use mSpy

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Aside from the main purpose of communication and education, social media could be a way for children to encounter hazards, such as online harassment, cyberbullying, and sextortion.

Thus, it is essential for parents to keep a close eye on their children’s mobile activities.

mSpy was initially launched in 2010 for parents to monitor their children’s mobile devices, including their location, text messages, call history, calendar, photos, and email.

Its usage continued to widen when it began to be utilized by couples to monitor each other and companies to spy on their employees.

The monitoring software’s user count immediately spiked to 1 million in only four years after its release.

As of 2023, it reported having 1.50 million users globally.

mSpy’s Hacking Incident

On the downside, mSpy faced some controversies in 2015 when it was reported that some hackers leaked the personal data of its customers and used it for blackmailing, resulting in its user count to decline. 

How Does mSpy Work?

This year, mSpy has been declared as the best parental control software by an industry survey body. Here is how the app works:

  1. It is installed on the target device, registers all data, and forwards them to the prey’s user account in the cloud.
  2. The spy could get the information by logging in to mSpy. It works in real-time by monitoring and recording the movement sequences, including access to call, text messages, chats, and locations.

How to Get mSpy


Take a look at the three simple steps to get mSpy to monitor your children’s online activities:

Step 1: Get a Plan

Choose a subscription that would fit your needs and budget. Make sure to check all the available features in your chosen package.

Pay using your debit or credit card and wait for an email confirmation.

Step 2: Download The mSpy App to Your Mobile Device

Install and set up the application on your phone and your target device.

Follow the instructions written on your confirmation email.

Step 3: Start Spying

You can start monitoring your target person’s device upon downloading the app.

Check your account on the mSpy website to see all the information from your target device.

mSpy Subscription Plan and Included Monitoring Features

mSpy’s subscription plan comes in three different packages – basic package, premium package, and mobile family kit.

Basic Subscription

Its monitoring features include obtaining the device information, text messages, keyword alerts, chat history and contact list, ongoing and incoming phone calls, website browsing history and bookmarks, GPS locations, calendar entries, media, and installed applications.

It costs $29.99 for one month, $59.99 for three months, $69.99 for six months, and $99.99 for 12 months.

Premium Subscription Plan

The premium subscription plan’s features include everything offered in the basic package plus keylogger feature, blocking unwanted applications and websites, geofencing, monitor chats via IM applications, restrict incoming calls, and track connected wifi networks.

It costs $69.99 for one month, $119.99 for three months, $149.99 for six months, and $199.99 for 12 months.

Mobile Family Kit

This package lets the user monitor three target devices using premium memberships that costs $479.97 for one year.

Main Features of mSpy Explained


The main features of mSpy includes target device information tracking, setting default behavior for the target device, website monitoring and blocking, incoming and outgoing call tracking, text message tracking, and email tracking. 

It also includes calendar and contact information access, physical location tracking, GEO fencing, instant messaging apps monitoring, installed applications monitoring, keylogging, and keyword alerting.

Tracking Device Information

Users could get the following data from their target device: mSpy software version, whether or not it is jailbroken or rooted, operating system data, last time the device was sync with the users’ mSpy dashboard, cellular service provider, memory space, remaining battery life, and phone model.

Setting Default Behavior 

mSpy users could set the default behavior of their target device using the control panel. They could also set the updates on an interval mode.

For more updates to occur, the setting must be lower.

Monitoring and Blocking Website

This feature benefits parents the most since they could monitor and block the website and pages their children visits.

Also, it could inform them about the specific keywords searched in the browsers. 

Tracking of Incoming and Outgoing Call

Users could access the incoming and outgoing calls from the target devices, including the duration, names, call times, and total number of calls.

In case the target person has cleared his or her call log, mSpy users could still retrieve the call history.

Tracking of Text Messages

mSpy also supports access to all incoming and outgoing text messages from the target device, including phone numbers, exact messages, and time sent/received.

Tracking of Email

Users could acquire the email address of the sender and receiver, email timestamp, and the content — may it be a text message, audio, document file, or video.

With mSpy, users could still view all of this data even when the target person clears all of his or her emails.

Accessing Calendar and Contact Information

Users could see the names, physical address information, phone number, and email address stored on the target devices.

Also, they could read the calendar and schedule, enabling them to view scheduled meetings, all calendar entries, and scheduled missions.

Tracking of Physical Location


One of the most powerful features of mSpy is location tracking by the use of GPS.

With this feature, users could immediately locate the target phone’s location within 20 meters.

Also, users could acquire a map of the location over a specific period.

GEO Fencing

Ever wondered what GEO fencing means? It is a feature that allows mSpy users to set up limited zones for the target devices.

The number of zones that could be set up have no limits and the phone would automatically record the time and frequency of every visited zone.

Monitoring of Instant Messaging Apps

This means that mSpy users could track the messaging apps installed on the target devices.

It includes popular applications such as Skype, Whatspp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, and Google Hangouts.

Monitoring of Installed Applications

Users’ mSpy account dashboard would also show all of the installed applications on the target device.

Besides, they could decide to block or open the access to the app, allowing parents to make sure that their kids are not using applications that could be harmful for them.


Keylogging means that the target phone’s keyboard would be replaced by a mSpy keyboard that monitors all of the strokes made by the target person.

Users could choose the “Force Keyboard button” in the control panel to let mSpy open its keyboard all the time.

This feature is helpful in tracking usernames and passwords to sites not monitored by mSpy.

Keyword Alerting

mSpy users would receive a notification on every keyword typed on the target device.

It would be helpful if parents aim to monitor if their children are engaging in sex, drug, porn, or alcohol.


In this day and age where we can basically do everything on the internet, spying applications such as mSpy are gaining traction, especially among parents. 

1.50 million – that is how many people use mSpy in 2023!

We expect the number to grow exponentially in the coming years as many countries continue to digitize. 


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