Like4Like Review: Can You Really Get Free Instagram Likes?

Like4Like Review 2024: Can You Really Get Free Instagram Likes?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Like4Like Review 2024: Can You Really Get Free Instagram Likes?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Like4Like Review 2024

If you’re thinking about ways to get more Instagram followers and engagement without spending hours on the platform, you may have been searching around online for the best third-party Instagram growth tool. 

It can be incredibly time-consuming and tedious to spend hours engaging with users in the hopes that they notice you, so that’s why many people have turned to outside services to expand their Instagram presence. 

You might have happened upon a service called Like4Like; they advertise their ability to help you get free Instagram likes. 

This is obviously something that makes people’s ears perk up: is there really a free and reliable service to help you get more Instagram likes? 

Like4Like Review

We decided to review Like4Like and see if they’re able to live up to their claims of free Instagram likes.

Here we’ll outline all of the pros and cons of the service to save you some time and figure out if Like4Like is the right company for you.

Let’s go!  

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What is Like4Like? 

Like4Like is a company that aims to help users build a stronger reputation on Instagram through an exchange of likes. You build into a bank of likes that can later be exchanged for likes on your own profile. 

This service is free to use, according to their website, and everything is basically automated so that everyone can get the likes that they’ve put into the platform. It will give you credit for the likes you provide and then send likes to your profile. 

You can turn off the automated liking in your profile, but we’ll discuss that later on in the article. There are definitely some concerns that real people aren’t actually the ones liking the photos.

How Does Like4Like Work? 


The company, as the name suggests, asks its users to like photos in return for likes on their own posts. If you give likes, you’ll get likes, and it’s as simple as that. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Like4Like finds a rough version of your “target audience,” so other people in your niche or with similar interests. These people are also customers of Like4Like. They’ll like those users’ posts for you, and you’ll get likes sent back. 
  • You’ll get likes back but it depends on how many customers Like4Like has and how many users they can match you with. 

That is basically the whole premise of the service, and it was incredibly difficult to figure out exactly how many likes that a user can expect. It doesn’t tell you anything about it on their website. 

It says they’ve had over 1 million people use their services and that it’s rated almost 5 stars. They claim that they work only with real people to provide Instagram likes. 

This means that there are no bots involved in the process according to their service descriptions. Does this really matter at all? 

Yes, it’s a big deal whether or not this service is actually perpetuated by real people— if not, you can get into big trouble with Instagram as they do not allow you to use any type of bot service to fortify your account performance. 

If you are looking to get started with Like4Like, it’s a very simple process. 

Setting Up Like4Like 

Getting started with the service is pretty straightforward. You need to log into the website; be sure you don’t go to; the official website is and on Google you may be confused by the other one. 

One you’ve opened the web page, you can decide to get the service in a few different ways. Like4Like is available via: 

  • Chrome Extension 
  • Windows App 
  • Mac App 
  • Android App 

These are the only options to access the service; you can’t use it online without the Chrome extension. In any case you’ll receive an email to confirm and then you’ll be ready to start. 

There isn’t anywhere that you have to enter any payment information because the service is free, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer paid services. Let’s talk about that in the features section. 

Like4Like Review: Features

Like4Like Features

Like4Like really offers very limited features. They only offer the likes service for Instagram— no other packages, no other services, no other social networks. They’ve essentially created an automated service that takes users’ likes and engagements and automates them. 

Automated Instagram Likes 

Like4Like Instagram Likes

When you first begin to use Like4like, the tool will consider how many likes you’ve given out and how many clients they have, and they’ll register your likes and send them back to you. This is essentially what you’d do on IG if you were trying to get more followers and likes yourself. 

The service claims to work and keep accurate track of how many likes you’re owed and how many you actually receive on your profile. Unfortunately, that’s not what reviews online say. 

There are tons of reviews claiming that the service doesn’t work at all and that it simply creates errors and all of the likes disappear or never get delivered in the first place. This is really unfortunate because the idea of Like4Like is good in theory, but they weren’t able to implement it accurately. 


Another downside is that the service offers absolutely no targeting. You can’t choose the posts you like and you can’t decide which of your posts get the likes, either. Even though the company claims to identify profiles in your niche, there’s no guarantee that they actually do this. 

The service is free, what do they gain from helping you get the right targets? It seems just illogical that a company offering a free service is going to go above and beyond to get you the Instagram engagement you need. 

Customer Service 

The company offers limited customer support through a Contact Us form on the site. They don’t offer any hours of operation and it’s likely they’re only there on a limited basis. If you need some support, they do have a variety of FAQs that can help if you need immediate support. 

Bulk Instagram Likes

Like4Like apps

Like4Like also sells Instagram likes, which seems a bit odd considering you can get them for free. If you turn off the auto-like mode, you’ll then be able to buy the likes directly. This seems counterintuitive— why would anyone buy what they can get for free? 

Like4Like Pricing 

As we’ve already discussed, Like4Like is free and they do honor that. There are no hidden expenses for using the service, but they do have their paid services that allow you to buy Instagram likes.

When you switch off auto-like mode, you’ll then see the option to buy likes from the service, which also has been negatively reviewed online. People claim that you pay for something that isn’t worth it and that the likes aren’t real nor reliable. 

You are able to make the payments via PayPal and credit card, but another downside is that you aren’t able to see any information about buying likes for Instagram unless you already signed up and are using the service. 

Is Like4Like Real and Safe? 

Like4Like is not the safest service out there and if you don’t buy anything you may not actually get results.

Even if you do buy something, you may still not get the results that you’re looking for, ultimately dinging the reliability of this service. 

Also, there’s no iPhone app, only a download for Mac computers. They do have an Android app, though, which is unpleasant. 

Like4Like User Reviews

Like4Like only has 2 reviews on TrustPilot. Here is the negative one:

Like4Like Trustpilot

Like4Like Pros and Cons 

  • May get some free likes
  • Likes frequently don’t arrive or disappear
  • Credits don’t reflect your actual number of photos liked
  • No 24/7 support
  • Requires your IG password
  • No targeting options
  • Pricing only available within the service

Review Verdict: Not Good

Is it likely that your photos will go viral with tons of likes from Like4Like?

Not as far as we’re concerned.

They’ve created a pleasing website that looks professional enough, but at the end of the day, they don’t really share how the likes get sent to you and where they’re coming from. 

It seems probable that they implement the use of a bot and for that reason, people get the wrong number of followers, and followers frequently get lost after a while.

While Like4Like isn’t the most dangerous tool out there, it’s definitely not one that is going to get you the Instagram results that you’re seeking.

You need long-term Instagram growth and this Like4Like service only provides you with simple and mediocre services. 

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