Kicksta Review & 14 Powerful Alternatives

Last Updated: October 23, 2021



In this Kicksta review, I’ll be covering how this service works and the way it’ll reflect on the progress of your business, brand or product’s Instagram account.
Kicksta Review + 6 Top Alternatives for 2020
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Kicksta Review

Kicksta seems to be the kind of company to blow its own trumpet.

It claims to be one of those companies that can do everything for your Instagram. How inclined are we to believe this, though?

Using social media, especially Instagram has become one of the best and the easiest marketing tools to promote a product, brand or business.

With a wide array of Instagram growth services available, it becomes difficult to choose the one that’ll bring the most benefit to your business.

Kickstagram, now known as Kicksta, is among these customized services that claim to help you reach your target followers organically, using a variety of methods.

However, there’s every chance that they’re just another one of those scams that you can come across these days.

There are plenty of them out there – sometimes, it seems like that’s all the industry consists of.

However, there are brands that do care about their clients, they’re just hard to find. With this Kicksta review, we’ll talk about the red flags that help you tell the bad ones apart from the good ones.

In this Kicksta review, I’ll be covering how this service works and the way it’ll reflect on the progress of your business, brand or product’s Instagram account.

This way, you can work out if they’re worth your time or not, and what we ultimately think of them.

Kicksta Features

Kicksta Review - logo

Kicksta is a personalized service that businesses and individuals might use to grow their Instagram accounts in what they claim to be an organic way through interactions with real followers that are likely to be potential customers.

If you’re a travel blogger or a brand that wants to build its reputation, using Kicksta is supposed to help you reach target accounts that share similar interests to your account and eventually increase your sales and the engagement on your account.

However, we think that it’s a bot. A bot is not going to get your page in front of the right people, and it’s most likely going to get you in trouble.

It will overdo your daily limits, and it will make your profile appear spammy. This is the last thing that anyone needs.

How Kicksta Works

Kicksta Review - How Does Kicksta Work?

Kicksta claims that they have a team that consists of social media marketing experts that already work on both personal and business accounts.

The way Kicksta operates is that it allows you to choose your target accounts and it likes a few photos from each follower, which will alert them using a notification that your account exists and it gives them a chance to visit and eventually follow your account.

The target accounts that you choose must reflect what your brand or product is all about or they should share similar interests to ensure a higher possibility of them following you back.

Again, while this is all fine and dandy, we don’t think that they assign a personal account manager to every person, and we think that they take a lot of shortcuts to get their job done.

They don’t want you to think this, though, which is why they’re inflating their services.

Beyond Follower Count?

Kicksta also claims to makes sure your account is unique and original by making it aesthetically pleasing so that as soon as followers visit your account, they’re tempted to follow it.

We’re not sure exactly how they’re supposed to do this, but we highly doubt that it’s going to be any better than what you could do yourself. You don’t really need them to help with this side of things, so in all honesty it’s pretty random.

They also claim to find the best hashtags for your account. Again, we don’t think they’re as good in this department as they claim.

Unlike other Instagram growth tools that use bots for mass following and unfollowing accounts, Kicksta claims to work on boosting interactions and engagement on your account through likes and comments.

We don’t think that they’re any better than those other companies, though.

Quality Not Quantity

Are your followers really followers if their handles are only generated numbers?

Kicksta claims to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of your numbers by promoting trust and loyalty through building real personal connections with your followers.

This will reflect on the growth of your account as it’ll be both effective and for the long term. It’s also great for the reputation of your brand as it’ll prevent spam-like actions.

This is why you need to find this type of engagement in another company. It’s nice that Kicksta is purporting to offer it, but we don’t think that they do.

We think that they err on the side of quantity over quality, as all they really want is to sell as much of their service as possible.

Detailed Reports

You can view the performance and growth of your account on the dashboard at the end of every month. You can also view your daily stats and see the program working in real-time and the interactions between your target accounts.

We don’t think that these are as reliable as Instagram’s daily stats, though.

Creative Plan and Professional Plan

Kicksta offers two payment plans for its customers to choose from based on the type of activity they’re engaging in.

Creative plan

It’s advertised for influencers and entrepreneurs who are “Instagram savvy” and it allows for moderate growth, meaning 1000 engagements per day, for $49 per month.

It targets 10 accounts per month and uses ‘smart’ filters to make sure you engage only with real people.

These filters include:

  • Ignore private accounts
  • Ignore suspicious accounts
  • Ignore inactive accounts
  • Ignore brand new accounts

Some customers found that the limitation of 10 targets a month is a small number compared to the price paid for it.

We think that in this industry, you get what you pay for. If you wanted a decent number of people following your account every week and month, then you need to find someone who is going to price you right.

Professional Plan

This plan is advertised for brands or influencers who wish to gain real followers on Instagram and allows for maximum growth, meaning 1500 engagements per day, for $99 per month.

In this plan, the number of target accounts has increased to 40 accounts per month along with email and live chat support.

The smart filters have also been widened to include:

  • Gender targeting
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Blacklist
  • Profanity
  • Business accounts
  • Foreign language

Target Account Performance

Besides the performance of your account as a whole and the daily stats that you can view on your dashboard, you can also view the performance of your target accounts.

This will allow you to remove target accounts that are underperforming, meaning they’re of low quality or not converting at a desirable rate.

This is a nice feature, but there are a lot of people out there that have left reviews talking about how Kicksta’s metrics and dashboard are a scam, and they’re not going to be able to track your account’s progress properly.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Kicksta gives you the opportunity to buy any of the 2 plans that they offer and try the service for two weeks before deciding whether you’d like to continue using it or not.

This lessens the fear of risk within you of trying a tool only for it to not give you the results that you seek. It’s a nice gesture, but it’s not guaranteed, as there are lots of reviews out there that talk about how hard it is to get in touch with them about this.

Extensive Research

Kicksta doesn’t allow you to better understand and identify your target audience and accounts that are influential in your industry. It also doesn’t give you better insight into what your competition looks like.

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta appears to have two different price points available, their Standard package, and their Premium package.

They say their Standard package has got steady growth speed, and that it comes with a steady level of growth speed, as well as video onboarding, and 10 targets. It is going to cost you $49 a month.

However, as far as we are concerned, their Standard package is pretty basic. The only other package that they have on offer is called their Premium package, and this obviously offers a lot more features, but it is twice the price at $99 a month.

They say that this package comes with maximum growth speed, as well as video onboarding, targets, VIP email support, live chat support, blacklisting, and advanced targeting.

When it comes to what we think of the pricing itself, we think that they are a little on the expensive side, and considering the social media marketing industry is the kind of industry where you pay for what you get, we think that in this case, you’re probably paying too much for basic features.

It’s not going to cost them all that much to send their clients engagement like this, especially if it is not high-quality, so they are more than likely charging way too much for both packages.

It irks us a little bit that they are charging so much for the basic feature, considering you only get to make the most of two or three features in total.

Top-Rated Instagram Growth Tools

These Instagram growth tools have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the tools.

These are by far the best services on the market today.

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The Disadvantages to Fake Engagement

When it comes to growing your Instagram profile, one of the biggest disadvantages to fake engagement is that it is simply not going to add to your credibility at all.

Imagine a scenario: you have spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to build up your reputation on Instagram, which means that you have worked really hard for it, and don’t want anything to happen to it.

However, you have managed to be roped into using a company like this, that claims to offer its clients high-quality engagement, when actually at the end of the day, they are only selling fake engagement that is going to interfere with your existing reputation.

Literally, all it takes is a bad encounter like this, and you could end up losing everything that you have worked so hard to achieve.

It definitely hardly seems worth it, but people experience this kind of loss every day because they get roped into false promises and the belief that they are working with a company that actually cares about their existing reputation on Instagram.

Why Your Reputation is at Stake

So, why is your reputation at stake when using a service like Kicksta?

Well, it is at stake because they’re going to send you fake engagement that isn’t going to actually interact with your content.

If you buy Instagram followers from these guys, then they might make your Instagram profile look good temporarily, but they are ultimately going to do nothing.

They are going to be inactive or ghost accounts that just sit on your follower count, and make it look good.

When you upload new posts to your Instagram feed, they aren’t going to respond at all to your content and so your existing followers are going to wonder why you have so many new followers but they are the only ones that are still interacting with your content.

As soon as people start to get suspicious about your Instagram profile, and how you might be trying to grow it, they are going to grow cold and not really want to interact with your content anymore.

We haven’t even started talking about Instagram itself.

When you use companies like Kicksta for your Instagram growth, there is every chance that Instagram is going to come across your profile and wonder why your engagement rate is so low.

Your engagement rate is going to be low because you’re going to have all those followers on your following list, but next to no engagement on your content.

Instagram is going to assume that you are using a third-party company that violates their terms and conditions, but the crap thing is that you will pay for it.

They are going to either suspend or ban your account completely and once you have this kind of mark on your Instagram profile, it is very hard to recover from. This is why working with companies like this comes with a risk, and in our opinion, we believe that this risk is too great.

Why Security Matters

Security is a little hazy when it comes to Kicksta.

They have definitely remembered to secure their website with HTTPS, but we don’t think that this is anything to be proud of.

This is definitely one of the more basic levels of security, which means that the vast majority of websites out there these days have covered this. What we are more interested in seeing is how they have encrypted the rest of their website.

We don’t think that there is enough evidence to suggest that they have covered every corner, so they could be putting your personal information at risk should you choose to pay for one of their features.

Naturally, when you are running an ongoing service like this, security is one of the highest priorities, so the fact that Kicksta has dropped the ball here is definitely concerning.

As a side note here, we also question the legitimacy of their advanced targeting feature.

They could, by all means, be putting enough time and effort into each client, and focusing on their specific industry or niche, but there’s also every chance that they are taking the lazy approach as well, and claiming this, yet not following through on it.

It takes a lot of time and effort for companies like this to go through and make sure that each client’s growth is specific to their industry, so considering all the other negative characteristics of Kicksta, we aren’t confident at this point that they are following through on this particular feature.

Drawbacks of Using Kicksta

Instagram has rules against using service apps to buy fake followers, likes, and comments. Any account that’s caught doing so can face consequences including a drop in follower count and removal of said likes and comments.

Since you don’t really have control over the rate at which likes or comments happen using Kicksta, you’ll just have to believe that they’re doing it at a sensible rate that can’t be affected by the rules of Instagram.

Also, since you don’t have control over the photos that are liked, except specifying the account to which the likes are given, there’s a slight chance that they’d like a photo that you wouldn’t want your brand or business to be associated with.

You’re also required to enter your credit card details first despite the 14-day free trial, which can be off-putting to some as they’ll start charging your card if you don’t remember to cancel your account.

Follower Gains are Earned, Not Given

Kicksta Instagram growth

There are so many other options available that you can choose from to grow your account and increase your follower count.

Not many of them, however, will benefit your account in a real, personalized way similar to companies that don’t look like Kicksta.

The follower gain that you’ll earn using this tool isn’t going to differ from the ones that are automatically given to you by other services. There is nothing to indicate that they will be more realistic.

People also say that Kicksta is an expensive Instagram growth tool unless your account is already generating income.

Review Summary

I believe that Kicksta is the kind of company that you need to avoid at all costs. If you really want to make a difference online, then you need to go for something else.

They have terrible client reviews and have not proven themselves as a trustworthy company.

Top Kicksta Alternatives

Sometimes, you not only need to know which companies to avoid, but which companies to use as alternatives.

Let’s check out what we think are the best Kicksta alternatives right now. 

1. Growthoid

Growthoid Review: Is It a Scam? All Revealed!

If you’re looking for an Instagram growth tool that’s going to go the extra mile for you and make sure that you don’t get in trouble for using it, then you need to take a look at Growthoid.

Growthoid can help you organically get real Instagram followers – and what’s more, they’re going to be in your niche as well, so they will be able to make a real difference to your profile’s exposure and social proof. They promise not to use bots, too, which is always a plus. 

2. Nitreo


We think that Nitreo is a fan favorite for a number of different reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that they can help you without using fake engagement or bots, which means that you can find the right people to be part of your community online.

We love that they have a special focus on organic growth, and they make the entire process really easy because they have a growth guarantee that lasts two weeks. What more could you want? 

3. Growthsilo


We love Growthsilo, mostly because they have been around for a long time now and know their clients like the back of their hand.

They also know how Instagram works both inside and out, and are committed to constantly improving and updating their features if they need to. They think that right now one of the best ways to grow your Instagram profile is through Instagram stories, so they have features related to this. 

4. Kenji


Kenji – one of the best Kicksta alternatives out there. They say that they can help you within a few seconds, and they have some of the best features in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about settling for second best.

They have a quick setup that’s only going to take you a minute, and they also have a two week guarantee so that you can make the most of them for a little bit and try them to see if you like working with their services. 

5. Upleap


Upleap – one of those Kicksta alternatives that’s so simple, they could be mistaken for being too simple, and not the kind of company you want to work with.

There are a lot of generic options out there, so you would be forgiven for passing up on Upleap because they appear to be unoriginal.

However, we think that they are the opposite, and actually offer their clients unique features that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Upleap has some excellent user reviews.

Check them out today and enjoy their free trial, too. 

6. Inflact


The last Kicksta alternative on our list is Inflact. This company can help you with their growth service and they say that they are twice as effective as anyone else out there.

The thing that we really like about Inflact, though, is that they can help you with all kinds of different aspects of your Instagram, not just your growth.

They can help you come up with the best hashtags for your content, and they can help you upload that content at a later date if you want to get it off your desk. 

7. UseViral


UseViral is a good Kicksta alternative because they understand the social media marketing industry for what it is, which is that if you aren’t well-connected, you aren’t going to do so well with your Instagram growth.

On the flip side of this, the more people that you know who you can rely on for promotion and expansion, the better off you will be.

But these guys, they do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to connections, so that all you need to do is make great content, and they will make sure that it gets promoted on the right parts of the Internet.

We love a unique approach like this and think that it has all the makings of a successful Instagram growth service.

8. Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant is a unique and creative Kicksta alternative because they know that when it comes to Instagram growth in general, they can’t cover it all.

They could, but then they would be focusing on quantity over quality, and they would rather be specialized and be able to provide their clients with one aspect really well.

The aspect of your Instagram growth that these guys do better than anyone is hashtags. They have one of the best hashtag generators in the industry, which can easily help you get more followers, generate more business around your brand, and grow audience in general.

You can search any hashtag in their search bar, and they promise 24/7 support, as well as the cancel-anytime policy. They can even help you organize your hashtags into sets, so that you aren’t using the same hashtags on every post that you upload.

9. Social Clout Club

Social Clout Club Review – Is It Legit?

Social Clout Club is an ideal Kicksta alternative because they cannot only help you grow Instagram organically and naturally, but they can help you scale your Instagram too.

A lot of the time, if you are running your brand through your Instagram profile, you at some point want to make the most of your business page and scale it so that it can accommodate a lot more of your community then when you first started.

They say that they are one of the most efficient, safest ways to increase your Instagram profile, and the best part is that they assign a dedicated account manager to each one of their clients.

Ultimately, you can receive stable monthly growth from these guys, which is more than can be said for Kicksta.

10. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Review – Is It a Scam?

SidesMedia is all about one characteristic with Instagram in particular, and that is trust. You might not have put a lot of time and effort into thinking about trust with your Instagram yet, because you are focused on your growth.

However, the level of trust that you have with the company that is helping you grow your Instagram is just as important than the best features that they could be offering you.

The fact that these guys have such a good level of accountability and trust with their clients means that they have longstanding relationships with everyone they work with, and are proven to be one of the best in the industry when it comes to helping you grow your Instagram in a way that is safe and reliable.

11. Stormlikes


Stormlikes is a great Kicksta alternative because they might look like the kind of company that is going to screw you over at some point, but trust us when we say that they couldn’t be further away from this.

In fact, one characteristic of their website that stands out to us the most is the fact that they have a really good level of security, so that you can pay through various different payment methods, and everything is encrypted.

They’ve also separated their categories, so that you can get help just with your views, or your likes and followers, depending on what aspect of your Instagram you are trying to focus on right now.

12. Review – Does it work? of course is going to have you believing that they can just assist you with your Instagram likes, but they are so much bigger than this.

Yes, your likes are covered with these guys, but they can also help you with your followers as well, and they even have automatic likes, so that you can keep everything on autopilot, and not think twice about how your Instagram profile is doing.

This kind of convenience is difficult to come by, so make the most of them today.

13. SocialViral


SocialViral almost needs no introduction, because they have been in this industry for so long that it is safe to say that they definitely know what they’re doing compared to a site like Kicksta.

They know that to stand out from the rest of the competition and attract people to their features, they need to offer something exclusive and unique.

We definitely think that they have been able to do this and so much more, which is why they also offer a really good level of customer support and can help you beyond Instagram at the same time.

14. Media Mister

Media Mister

Media Mister is another site that almost needs no introduction, because they have been in this industry for so long, that they are definitely an OG Kicksta alternative.

They have a really good grasp on what their clients’ needs are, and they keep them individualized, so that you don’t need to feel like you are just being treated like any other client.

According to reviews, one of their standout features is the fact that they can be flexible with their pricing for you, so whatever your budget looks like, at the end of the day, you get to pick the engagement that suits it.

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