Instagram video statistics

Instagram Video Statistics 2024 + IGTV Stats (Latest Data)

Published on: October 11, 2023
Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Instagram Video Statistics 2024 + IGTV Stats (Latest Data)

Published on: October 11, 2023
Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Have you ever wondered why Instagram posts are more of a video format nowadays?

Users posted almost 5 million videos on the Instagram platform within 24 hours of launching the video option. It shows the excitement of the users towards video-related content.

Video content had risen to 82 percent of the total content on all social media platforms by the end of 2022. It is roughly 15 times higher compared to the statistics of 2017! 

Let’s take a look at some important Instagram video statistics for 2024.

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Key Instagram Video Statistics 2024

  • 77% of digital marketers have used IGTV at least once for marketing purposes
  • 30% of Instagram users say that they have bought a product after discovering it on Instagram
  • 58% of digital marketers intended to incorporate video content as part of Instagram marketing
  • About 7 out of 10 users swiped up on Instagram stories ads to access a promoted website or product
  • 65% of marketers prefer Instagram to promote their products and services
  • 60% of Instagram story videos are watched with the sound on 
  • 40% of the 1 billion Instagram users create Instagram video stories daily
  • Instagram video posts have 2 times the engagement of other types of posts 
  • Sponsored videos get 3 times as many comments as sponsored photos

The Covid-19 pandemic has also triggered social media usage. Approximately 40 percent increase in Instagram usage has been recorded after the lockdown started due to the Covid-19.

The Covid-19 has created a lot of social media influencers who enjoy millions of followers on Instagram platforms.

Such Instagram influencers regularly upload video content to engage their followers.

According to the latest Instagram statistics, Instagram now has 1.393 billion users worldwide, which is absolutely huge growth.

This article will help you understand the amazing market growth that Instagram achieved with the help of video content and related statistics.

Why Are Instagram Videos Best for Business Marketing?

A study by Facebook revealed that one in every three Instagram users is interested in a brand or business after seeing their marketing videos on the platform.

Instagram creates better traffic to brand’s websites with the help of video content. Instagram allows live videos that help businesses communicate with their target audience directly and receive their feedback to improve customer experience.

Instagram generated $24 billion in 2020, making 37 percent of Facebook’s annual revenue based on the revenue stats. And Facebook acquired Instagram for only $1 billion!

Since Instagram is a social interaction platform, 80 percent of businesses engage their target audience via various posts and activities; video contents are their favorite. 

The statistics say that more than 200 million business profiles are present on Instagram. Around 80 percent of the Instagram accounts follow at least a brand, and 81 percent of followers use Instagram as a tool to research a product or a service.

More than 70 percent of US-based businesses use Instagram for digital marketing.

Detailed Instagram Video Statistics for 2024

Now let’s get into some detailed statistics regarding Instagram video.

IGTV Statistics Show that 77% of Digital Marketers Have at Least Used Igtv Once for Marketing Purposes

IGTV episodes are recommended to be best if the contents are creative, engaging, and spontaneous. You can boost the reach of IGTV episodes by putting stories and sharing them with other pages.

The use of catchy thumbnails is also a good marketing technique.

2 Times Comments Generated by Instagram Videos Compared to The Image Posts.

According to this statistic, Instagram videos have received double the comments compared to the images posted.

Studies have proved that people on social media platforms are more interested in watching videos than reading a post.

Around 88 percent of people browsed websites with video content compared to the rest of the text-image-based content. In 2022, experts predict that an average user will spend more than 90 minutes a day watching online videos.

30% of Instagram Users Say that They Have Bought a Product After Discovering It on Instagram

Instagram was able to win people’s trust so that around 30 percent of its users have purchased something they first noted on the platform.

According to the stats, there are more than 200 million business accounts on Instagram that people visit in short intervals. 

A study showed that people feel about buying something after watching a video from the brand they like.

58% of Digital Marketers Intended to Incorporate Video Content as Part of Instagram Marketing.

Instagram offers video content using IGTV, Instagram Stories, Reels, and usual video posts. According to marketing studies, it’s been proven that video content has more viewers compared to the rest of the content on the platform.

Hence digital marketers are interested in creating more video content to promote their business on Instagram.

About 90% of business in the world has an Instagram page. A study based on the usage pattern of Instagram has revealed that about 7 out of 10 users swiped up the Instagram advertisement stories to access the website/product links.

It is a clear indication that brands can depend upon the Instagram platform to sell their products and services.

instagram video statistics

65% of Marketers Prefer Instagram to Promote Their Products and Services

Statistics show that video posts on social media get 48 percent more attention than the rest of the posts.  Around 16 percent of people who follow social media videos do research based on the video content before buying something.

About 17 percent of the businesses use live video marketing strategies to gain people’s trust. According to the Oberlo Stats, 88 percent of people prefer YouTube videos, followed by Facebook videos with 76 percent popularity.

Surprisingly, Linkedin videos have 66 percent popularity while Instagram has 65 percent.

instagram video stats

60% of Instagram Story Videos Are Watched with The Sound on 

According to Instagram video stats, around 70 percent of Instagram followers watch Instagram stories daily. Stories are available to watch with or without sound.

Around 500 million people view Instagram stories daily.

The business videos created for engaging customers should contain proper subtitles for the user’s convenience so that they can watch the videos from places where they cannot turn on the volume.

However, around 60 percent of the followers watch the Instagram story with volume up.

40% of Over 1 Billion Instagram Users Create Instagram Video Stories  Daily

More than ninety million photos and videos are added to Instagram daily. Instagram offers short videos in the form of 15 seconds Instagram stories, 60 seconds for both reels and video posts.

Many influencers utilize short videos that last 60 seconds because people watch short videos more than the longer versions. The followers also favor Instagram stories along with reels and short videos.

Instagram Video Posts Have 2x Engagement Compared to Other Types of Posts 

It is quite natural that people are more interested in video content than a blog post or a photo. Quality videos with creative content can better communicate and convey ideas more easily than blogs and images.

According to the stats, video content has the third-highest engagements on Instagram at 0.75 percent. The engagement rates are expected to increase in the upcoming years.

is video an important part of marketing strategy?

3x More Comments for Sponsored Instagram Videos than Sponsored Photos

Sponsered videos are created professionally to attract more followers to a brand’s page. Sometimes people won’t turn on the sound of the videos, and sponsored videos are designed keeping such things in mind.

Visual effects, thought-provoking creativity, and subtitles help such videos convey the content to the target audience.

Based on the marketing studies, it is clear that people have more tendency to comment and engage with sponsored videos compared to sponsored images.

About 73% of Businesses Post at Least One Video per Week on Instagram

Financial advisers and experts point out that video marketing creates 49 percent faster revenue than non-video posts on the social media platform.

Keeping the followers engaged in spending more money on products and services is important.  Hence, the brands must make sure to post content in short intervals.

The best way to engage people is to post video content.

Instagram video statistics tell us that video marketers can generate 66 percent more leads from social media video posts in a year.

You can boost the sales conversion rate to 80 percent by adding videos on the brand landing page.

instagram statistics3

About 92% of Mobile Users Share Videos with Others

Another study has revealed that videos on Social media like Instagram are shared more than 12 times compared to the shares of images and text-based articles combined.

Social media often allows people to share interesting content with friends and groups. And studies have shown that video contents are more engaging than blogs and text-based articles.

Around 59 percent of marketers said they would choose video over text if the same content is available in both formats. 

6-7 Instagram Video Stories Are Posted by Top Influencers Daily

The main agenda of Instagram influencers is to create a massive followers list to generate revenue via influencer marketing.

So it is important for them to engage their followers and reach new people every day. One of the best ways to entertain users on Instagram is to post creative Instagram stories regularly.

Based on a study on 12 influencers, it was found that they posted an average of 6 or 7 Instagram stories per day and around 5 Snapchat stories in a day.

Since the Instagram stories expire in the next 24 hours, creators don’t have to worry about changing their profile structure or style.

Since there are more than 200 million brands on Instagram, it is not a wonder that every 1 in 3 Instagram users says some brand influences them after watching Instagram stories.

20% of Organic Instagram Stories from Various Businesses Got Direct Responses

What is the most important thing a customer expects from a brand? It is the quality of the product/service offered and timely delivery. 

Even though the product delivery is slightly delayed, people won’t mind if the quality stays intact. And what is the benefit of quality product delivery?

Of course, more business from the customer. Instagram has various marketing packages for brands to reach their target audience.

But certain brands choose to advertise using organic Instagram video stories and have got 20% response from their followers. 

About 50 percent of business accounts on Instagram have invested their time and money on Instagram Stories, saying that they are getting better customer engagement.

80% Increase in Instagram Video Watching Time Since 2017

Studies show that about fifty-five percent of people view videos daily, and  78 percent of them watch videos each week. 

Approximately 54 percent of customers like to see marketing videos from their trusted brand on social media platforms, and more people are interested in watching video content as the year’s pass.

Around 54 percent of social media users showed interest in watching videos in 2021.

86.6% of Instagram Users Post Stories Daily

Most of the time, people use Instagram stories to inform their followers that they have added a new post. Sometimes it acts like a bridge between two accounts.

Stats show that the Instagram story feature earned 100 million daily users during the initial two months after its launch.

93% of Marketers Find Video Content as Their Major Marketing Strategy

According to Wyzowl, about 83 percent of digital marketers believe that video content has helped them increase the average time spent on the brand page.

About 87 percent of marketers are satisfied with the results they achieved with the ROI (Return On Investment) with the help of creating video content on Social media platforms like Instagram.

Instagram IGTV Has Over 7 Billion Downloads Around the World

It would appear from IGTV statistics like this that it is pretty popular among Instagram users, and they aren’t having any trouble adopting the new system.

Over 26% of Marketers Use Native Instagram Videos – IGTV

IGTV is very popular among businesses and companies out there when it comes to Instagram marketing, as they have seen the writing on the wall, and understand that it is a good opportunity to connect with their audience and more.

Sephora, Adidas and Nike Have Implemented IGTV Into Their Marketing

IGTV statistics like this indicate that massive corporations and businesses out there have seeing the writing on the wall when it comes to IGTV, and as a result are working hard to implement it into their social media marketing strategies as quickly as possible.

Brands that Use IGTV Have Experienced a 300% Increase in Growth

It would appear based on IGTV statistics like this that it is working really well for a lot of brands out there, as they have experienced a 300% increase in growth when it comes to their return on investment.

Sephora Got 1 Million Views Overnight on IGTV

Sephora was one of the first companies to implement IGTV strategies in their general social media marketing strategy and as you can see from IGTV statistics like this it has certainly paid off.

More than 18% of People Watch IGTV Content

Of course, IG TV statistics like this are predicted to increase exponentially over the next few years, and in 2021, it was predicted that 25% of people watched IGTV content.

The Average Number of People Post 2.3 Posts to Their Instagram Stories

IGTV and Instagram stories are prominent features on Instagram these days, where the average Instagram user posts 2.3 times a week on their Instagram stories.

More than 17% of Instagram Users Watch IGTV

Again, this definitely isn’t the majority of Instagram users but it still shows that IGTV has done pretty well after being introduced to the Instagram user base.

5 Million Videos Were Posted Within 24 Hours of Implementing Instagram Videos

It isn’t just IGTV that has done really well when it comes to Instagram’s recent features. Instagram implemented Instagram videos as well over the last couple years, and within the first 24 hours of implementing this feature, more than 5,000,000 videos were posted.

More than 30% of Business People Use IGTV

It isn’t just influencers and people in general that are using IGTV on Instagram. There are a lot of business-savvy people, and companies alike who are making the most of IGTV in order to get their products across to their clients.

Almost 200 Million Instagram Users Visit Business Pages Once a Day

IGTV statistics indicate that IGTV plays a significant role in the influence of brands on Instagram. As you can see from this figure, almost 200 million people that use Instagram visit a business page once a day.

IGTV Videos Should Be at Least One Minute Long, and A Maximum of 60 Minutes

If you are planning on implementing IGTV videos into your Instagram growth strategy, just know that your IGTV videos need to be at least a minute long, and they can’t be longer than an hour long.

78% of IGTV Traffic Comes from Mobile

According to IGTV statistics, it is clear that the vast majority of IGTV traffic comes from mobile, which indicates that the majority of people who are making the most of this Instagram feature are doing so through their mobile phone.

This is based on the fact that it is a lot easier to quickly make a video and upload it to the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

More than Half a Billion Instagram Users Use the Platform Daily

There are roughly 1 billion active users, and more than half a billion of these users are active on the platform every day.

A Single IGTV View Is Counted if The Video Is Watched for Longer than Three Seconds

In order for a IGTV view to be counted as a single view, the person has to watch at least three seconds of the video.

This means that you might have more people looking at your IGTV content, but their views aren’t being counted, because they aren’t watching a video for more than three seconds.

So, these were some of the latest Instagram video statistics of 2024 that you can use to get the most out of your Instagram marketing strategy.



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