Best Instagram Comment Bots & How to Auto Comment on Instagram

6 Best Instagram Comment Bots to Auto Comment in 2024

Published on: February 20, 2024
Last Updated: February 20, 2024

6 Best Instagram Comment Bots to Auto Comment in 2024

Published on: February 20, 2024
Last Updated: February 20, 2024

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The best Instagram comment bot in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Phantombuster!

An old style Instagram comment bot would comment on other people’s posts for you, but they would use a fake profile to do so.

However, a modern Instagram comment bot gets more comments on your post, and they are getting them from real profiles.

We know which one we prefer.

Being able to generate engagement organically from real people is the key to success on Instagram.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the best Instagram comment bots and how to automatically comment on Instagram, so that you don’t have to think about this aspect of your Instagram social proof, and you can instead focus on other things.

Best Instagram Comment Bots in 2024

  1. Phantombuster – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Nitreo
  3. Followadder
  4. Inflact
  5. Kenji
  6. Flock Social

1. Phantombuster

Phantombuster Instagram Comment

Phantombuster is definitely the number 1 Instagram auto comment bot in the industry, because they can help you automatically comment on Instagram posts, and they can help you do this with randomized messages.

They say that commenting on an Instagram post is one of the best signals that you can give the algorithm when it comes to producing quality content and value.

As a result, automatically commenting on specific Instagram posts is going to boost their visibility and expand your reach.

These guys believe that real connection and good content with your audience is really important, and they say that when you make the most of a comment bot, you can automate your Instagram strategy, and write multiple comments that are going to be published randomly on each post.

The first thing that you’ll need to do to sign up with these guys is create your account, connect your Instagram using their browser extension, and then share the URLs of the Instagram posts that you are interested in, as well as your comments.

You will need to also specify the number of posts that you want to process, set them on repeat, and then download a spreadsheet of all the Instagram posts that you have automatically commented on.

2. Nitreo

Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

Nitreo is another tool that has been around for a little while now, and as a result, they have a lot of features they can offer their clients, as well as being Instagram compliant.

When you visit their website for the first time, you will see that all you need to do is share your email address with them, and you can get started straight away.

Nitreo can help you reply to comments automatically on your Instagram profile, and they can help you source real Instagram comments to land on your Instagram content as soon as you upload it, so that you can immediately improve your social proof.

Their main goal is to help their clients get the most out of Instagram and considering how many positive reviews they have from existing clients; we think that these guys are really committed to the cause and are right ready to help you with whatever you need.

3. Followadder


Followadder offers an Instagram comments bot, and they say that with their bot, they can help their clients get five times more engagement on their posts.

One of their best features is their comment autoresponder so that you can create your content, and then request a comment for access to an infographic, the full article, or something else.

When you implement a call-to-action with this Instagram comment like bot, they are going to get the response that you need, so that you can start to really foster that community that you are hoping for when it comes to your Instagram profile.

4. Inflact


Inflact has been around for so long at this point, that we are fully confident that they offer their clients a bot that is going to be able to take your Instagram profile to another level, and help you automatically reply to people’s comments in a way that is personable, and effective.

They say they want to help their clients build a loyal community around their content, and one thing that we really like is that they have actually divided their features into different categories so that you can choose which aspect of your Instagram profile you’re hoping to grow right now.

Their categories are audience, clients and content, so if you’re wanting to just focus on their bot right now you could, but if you’re wanting to get a bit of help with other aspects, they can help you with it all.

You also can view their pricing as well; in case you are someone who needs to know how much you’re going to pay for something before you commit to anything.

5. Kenji


Kenji is so much more than just an IG comment bot, but they of course integrate this feature into the rest of their features so that you could get help with everything right now.

They claim to be the top Instagram bot in general in the industry, and they power their bot by artificial intelligence so that you can easily get more Instagram likes, followers, and engagement in general.

You can also sign up for their account, and get started with them in just a few seconds, and the results you’re going to receive from them are completely organic and legit.

They say they currently have more than 100,000 people on their books and have a really good idea of what you’re looking for when it comes to your comments.

6. Flock Social

Flock Social

Flock Social is a really good option because they’re going to help you grow your Instagram in a holistic manner, and they don’t make the most of spam, or fake followers in order to do this.

This means that the comments that you’re going to receiving on your content, and the comments that you are going to leave as replies to comments are going to be legit, and authentic.

They ultimately want to help you increase your brand awareness, because they know how important it is to be able to provide feedback and build a solid community with their Instagram profile.

How to Auto Comment on Instagram

If you are trying to figure out how to auto comment on Instagram, then the first thing you will need to do is choose the bot that suits your needs the best, like the ones we’ve talked about on this list above.

Set up an account with them, and then connect it to Instagram. Once you’ve done this, create new content to post on Instagram.

We suggest that you create a call-to-action for your content, that you can include in the caption of your post. This is going to encourage people to comment on your post using a specific keyword.

Once you’ve done this, go to the bot that you are using, and create a comment autoresponder, that is going to be triggered by the keyword that you have chosen through your call to action.

Once you’ve done this all you will you need to do is post your content, and then you can start to see the comments coming in.

Whenever that keyword is triggered, you are going to get a comment on your post.

What to Avoid in an Instagram Comment Bot

At this point you probably have stars in your eyes when it comes to finding an Instagramcomment bot, but the reality is that there are tons out there that actually don’t want to help you, and ultimately want to hinder you.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you want to avoid when looking for a comment bot, which a lot of the time is associated with old style Instagram comment bots.

Fake comments

It would be nice if you could just use fake Instagram comments and have them improve your social proof, but this isn’t how Instagram works these days.

In fact, people started noticing and calling out people for using comment bots years ago.

So, if you want to garner a bad reputation for yourself on Instagram, then definitely make the most of an old comment bot.

Fake Instagram bot comments these days are obvious, and they are going to really hinder your Instagram profile’s growth.

The Instagram algorithm won’t like it

If all you’re doing is commenting on other people’s posts, and you’re not getting that many comments on your own post, then Instagram is going to take notice of this.

The result?

Your posts are going to lose their ability to reach more people, because Instagram is picking up that your content doesn’t hold much value.

Violating Instagram’s terms and conditions

One of the biggest issues when it comes to using an old style auto comment bot is that they violate Instagram’s terms and conditions.

As a result, if you rely on one, it is going to be really easy for your Instagram profile to be banned or blocked.


What Is an Instagram Auto Comment Bot?

The new kind of bot is a piece of software, and it is 100% approved by Instagram.

It is going to automatically reply to any user that comments on a story, or an Instagram post.

The old style bots carried a big risk to the user, but these days, you can make them work for you, and the best part is that you aren’t putting your existing social proof at risk of being eradicated.

What Is the Best Instagram Auto Comment Bot?

As you can see from above, we’ve featured a number of bots that we believe are going to be helpful for you when it comes to automating at least one aspect of your Instagram growth.

We believe that the best Instagram auto comment bot is one that is going to be able to automatically reply to anyone who comments on your story or post, which instantly offers value, and feedback to the person that is commenting.

You’ve got to make sure that the bot that you are using is able to do this and is able to do it in a timely manner so that the person receives feedback quickly.

Just make sure to choose relevant keywords, so that the Instagram comment spam bot is able to work efficiently for you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many benefits to using an auto comment Instagram bot, including being able to respond to people straight away when they comment on your Instagram post.

The thing about Instagram is that even though it has been more or less taken over by marketers, it is still a community, and it is still important to interact with the people that are interacting with your content.

In fact, the more you do, the more they are likely to hang around and interact with even more of your content because they’re going to feel like they get a lot of value out of visiting your Instagram page, and spending time on it.

Make sure to find an Instagram comment bot that knows exactly how to auto comment on Instagram correctly, knows what you want, and is going to be able to provide you with responses to your comments in a timely, and effective manner.

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