Instagram IP Ban? How to Get Around an IP Block

Last Updated: September 20, 2021



In this article, we address questions like what an Instagram IP ban is and how you can still use your account if you ever get banned.
Instagram IP Ban? Guide to Using Instagram Despite IP Block!
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An IP address is one of the most critical pieces of information about a person. This Is because it says a lot about you.

Using your IP address, anyone can track your physical location, websites can restrict your network from accessing certain content on their platform.

Now, your IP links to the device using which you browse the internet, and hence Instagram holds the power to use it against you if you violate their terms and conditions.

In this article, we address questions like what an Instagram IP ban is and how you can still use your account if you ever get banned. Let’s get started.

What Is an Instagram IP Ban?

When you get banned from Instagram, your device gets restricted from using their services. Hence, even if you have multiple accounts, you can’t use Instagram with them because your IP address also gets banned.

Did Instagram Ban My IP?

The first thing to do after getting banned by Instagram is to make sure whether it is an IP ban or an account ban. And you have to do it yourself because Instagram won’t tell you anything.

People also try adding new accounts to the device using which they access Instagram and get their new account also banned.

If this happens, then it’s an IP ban because when your IP gets blocked, you can’t add new accounts.

How To Detect Instagram IP Ban?

IP Bans

How can you make sure Instagram has banned your IP and not account?

You can do this by erasing all the browser cookies and accessing Instagram as an unregistered user. If you’re successful, then your IP is safe.

One of the most terrible things that can happen is you getting punished for something you didn’t commit. This happens when multiple users use a single IP address to access Instagram.

Say you live with your friends in an apartment. Now, when someone gets their IP banned, it affects the rest. That’s a bummer.

Why Instagram Blocks you?

Instagram wants to create a secure and enjoyable experience for all its customers. They offer you top of the line features to help you make the most of their service.

But when someone abuses their service by engaging in activities they consider restricted is when the trouble begins.

They don’t tolerate such behaviour and ban the IP of the device used to spam their platform.

Hence, it’s critical to understand what qualifies as spam.

What Are the Causes of Instagram IP Ban?

One of the major reasons for getting IP banned by Instagram is spamming. Many users execute actions that Instagram strongly discourages. For instance, they use bots to increase engagement on their profile and posts.

Instagram hates bots and has a zero tolerance policy against accounts that use automation to grow likes, followers, comments, shares and more.

Hence, if you’re using a bot, then eventually your IP address will get banned.

How to Avoid Blocks on Instagram?

Blocks on Instagram

What exactly happens in the background that triggers Instagram to actions against you? One common scenario is when you automate multiple accounts simultaneously.

Instagram already hates automation and when you use it to grow multiple accounts, Instagram notices the continuous requests per second the bot makes.

This degrades the value of the community that hardworking people have built over a long time.

Instagram wants to help these users grow and hence does everything to ban unfair practices.

This also happens when you keep getting a massive number of likes, followers, and comments over a short period without giving the system a break.

You can avoid this problem by reducing the pace of your bot so that Instagram doesn’t notice the automation, or you can simply stick to organic engagement.

How to Use Instagram Despite IP Ban

In this section, we will discuss the solutions you can implement if you ever get IP banned by Instagram.

Use Proxies


Now that you got IP banned by Instagram, you need a new IP to use the platform. But getting a new IP address isn’t simple unless you’re using a proxy service.

So, what do proxies do?

Proxies are great tools that help mask your current IP and provide you with a new one to access blocked sites.

When you use a proxy, you get a new IP so that Instagram doesn’t recognize you. Hence, allow you to use their platform.

But you can’t just rely on any proxy on the internet.

This Is because most proxies are susceptible to detection and end up putting you in more trouble.

For instance, data-center proxies are a terrible choice, while residential proxies and mobile proxies provide top-quality connection and speed.

You also need to make sure you’re not abusing the proxy by violating its terms of service.

Use a VPN


You can also use a VPN to circumvent an IP ban. They do the job as proxies but are more secure. The only drawback of using VPNs is that they use data-center IPs. But you can always invest in a premium service that uses residential IPs.

For instance, Hola VPN is an excellent service that offers value for money and works flawlessly.

Remember that you can use either a VPN or Instagram proxies to circumvent the IP ban. Hence, don’t get confused.

Wait for a while

This is the last thing you can do. Internet Service Providers don’t offer permanent IP addresses. For instance, you can switch off your router and then, turning it on, your IP address will change after a few hours.

If you use only phones, then your mobile operator changes the IP address after you change the data connection.


There you go. Now, you know all about Instagram’s IP ban and how you can circumvent it using proxies and VPN.

The critical thing to understand is Instagram discourages the use of automation and punishes accounts that abuse their platform.

Hence, if you want to continue using Instagram without going through the trouble of using these methods, respect the terms and conditions and use the platform reasonably.

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