How To Unblock Instagram at School (2021)

Last Updated: September 13, 2021



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How To Unblock Instagram at School
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Are you looking for ways to unblock Instagram at school? We have effective solutions for getting around the blocks in no time: using a VPN, data, and proxy servers.

Follow our step-by-step instructions so you can get your ‘gram fixed without having it blocked again! School WiFi offers an excellent way to access the internet.

You can do lots of academic research online — but most schools restrict certain websites. But, we will take you through all the necessary steps to continue enjoying Instagram at school.


  • If you want to access Instagram, it’s best to use your mobile data or VPNs and proxies on your own devices because school computers are often monitored.
  • Use VPNs such as Surfshark, Nord VPN and ExpressVPN to unblock instagram.
  • You can also try out proxies for Instagram though they are not as reliable and secure as a VPN.
  • Ensure the VPNs and proxies are used on your devices to evade monitoring by school authorities.

Schools have blocked some major websites such as Instagram to maintain classroom focus on learning-related activities while ensuring student safety from cyberbullying during class periods.

There are security reasons for blocks (which we’ll go into later) and legal ones—but most importantly, the school hopes that students will learn without distractions like Instagram or Snapchat–unless appropriately used so as not to be a distraction!

If Instagram appeals the most out of all these blocked sites on school networks, make sure to use VPN or proxy servers to stay anonymous.

How to Unblock Instagram At School With Mobile Data 

Mobile Data

It’s best to use mobile data rather than the school WiFi if you want your social media posts and likes from Instagram, etc., hidden from the administration.

Although there are ways to access blocked content using a VPN on their network, it won’t stop them in-person or online by blocking your device, such as punishing you with detention if they find out what is going on.

However – be mindful of how much data allowance you’re left after downloading large files like movies.

You can quickly eat up all available monthly allocations, which aren’t great when tempted by some free YouTube downloads!

Unblock Instagram At School With A VPN

Though they are sometimes slower than proxies, if you intend to get around some of the toughest blocks in place on your network or school’s WiFi and use Instagram despite its ban without worry about getting caught, it might be worth investing in an encrypted virtual private networks service.

These services encrypt all data before sending them through their servers, making hacking much more difficult for anyone reading packets as they pass by.

We will recommend some below for those struggling with finding robust mobile VPNs that can bypass restrictions like these often imposed at schools.

Unblock Instagram At School With A Proxy Server 

Proxy Server

Proxy servers are excellent for bypassing certain blocks and relatively easy to use. However, much like the Netflix m7111-5059 error, some proxy servers will not work because of how similar their IP addresses can be to that of your school’s block list on social media sites such as Facebook and even our beloved Instagram!

Luckily though (as most proxies do), there is usually an option in the settings menu which you may manually input or select from a preset location where anonymous traffic is sent through before it reaches its destination server – thus allowing access by overriding any restrictions placed upon it.

Best VPNs To Unblock Instagram At School

The three ways to unblock Instagram at school have been explicitly explained. First, however, we need to reiterate that VPNs offer a more secure option than proxy servers.

Installing a paid VPN will help you bypass restricted access to sites like Instagram. At the same time, free ones also offer some level of success.

However, you should also be wary of the free VPNs that may invade your privacy. Read more about our recommended VPNs to unblock Instagram at school. 


Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN protects your online privacy and offers a faster, more reliable connection. With over 1 million IP addresses in 59 countries around the world, you’ll always be able to find one that works for you with no trouble!

So whether it’s Netflix streaming or accessing Instagram, Surfshark has got it all covered at affordable prices. You don’t need to worry about what your teachers say when you’re on Surfshark’s Best VPN!

With all of their safeguards, as well as a no-logging policy and top encryption standards, it’ll be impossible for them or anyone else to see anything that goes through your device while surfing on this service.

So you can surf in peace, knowing there will never be any consequences from doing so.



With the help of a VPN, you can unblock Instagram at school and enjoy your favorite app as much as possible. NordVPN has incredible security features that will let you encrypt all data on your device.

Hence, no other person or company can intercept it. You’ll even be able to connect with multiple devices simultaneously because this service supports up to five simultaneous connections!

The benefits of using NordVPN goes beyond just accessing popular social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat when you’re not supposed to be doing so on a school network!

Not only will it give you access to these types of websites, but it also keeps your data safe from hackers while browsing online.


Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a superb VPN that we can recommend without hesitation. The security features are world-class, and it has unblocking capabilities with any device you may have and social media sites like Instagram while at school or work.

However, it does come in slightly pricey for the average person from not having paid for a VPN before. Still, luckily they offer 30 days to see if this service works out right for you without risk.



CyberGhost is one of the most affordable VPNs for people who don’t want to waste money. Not only does it have solid security features and an easy-to-use interface, but it’s also inexpensive compared to other providers with comparable offerings!

You can get Cyberghost for $2.75 per month on a three-year plan or just take advantage of their 45-day guarantee.

So there’s no reason not to try this service out if you’re looking at less expensive options that still provide excellent protection!



Windscribe is a free VPN that still has plenty to offer. Windscribe’s only major downside is the slightly slower speeds and lack of split-tunneling on iOS devices.

Other than that, it’s secure with tons of features like private browsing, built-in ad blocker, firewall bypasser for torrent downloads, and more!

So don’t wait another minute – download now so you’re ready when your internet gets limited in public places worldwide this year due to new regulations from countries such as China or Russia.

They have recently put strict limitations on their citizens’ access to information online without government approval.



TunnelBear is a free VPN that has some neat features and decent security. It’s not as good as Windscribe in most categories, but it does do things well enough to earn our recommendation.

TunnelBear offers an array of helpful tools for the casual user, such as “Ghost Mode,” which allows you to browse without being tracked across sites like Instagram. The 500MB per month limit on its Free plan may seem minor.

Still, there are ways around this if you only use social media and Google–just make multiple email addresses to get access again once they’re closed down after going over their monthly bandwidth allotment! is an excellent choice for a VPN service, especially if you are not using streaming services. The free plan has all the features of paid plans.

In addition, it offers 10GB per month when billed annually or 20 GB with monthly payments at $4/mo., currently close to most other providers that charge more than this price point to access these benefits – like Windscribe, which also gives users unlimited data on non-premium accounts but does have higher prices (currently twice as much).



ProtonVPN, a free VPN with unlimited data and top-notch security features often overlooked for its two significant drawbacks.

First, with only three countries available in the country list of servers on their free plan, ProtonVPN can be limited to those who need access from multiple locations or have slower internet speeds.

Second, however, it seems like they aren’t selling your data, making people feel more secure using this service as long as you don’t require faster bandwidths.

FAQs Related To How To Unblock Instagram At School

Why Do Some Schools Block Instagram?

Schools block social media sites to keep students focused on their learning. For example, your average student might think it’s weird that they can’t go on Instagram during lunchtime, but there are reasons why schools do this!

The main reason is that the teacher has to constantly stop a few students from watching funny YouTube videos or focusing on Twitter instead of listening closely and paying attention to what he/she is teaching them.

However, another reason schools might want to ban these websites is simply that they are the law! The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) grants discounts for certain services to any American school or library if a filter system and tracks usage of those filtered devices exist on their network. 

Because many schools would like this discounted service offered by the government, it must be complied with to receive said benefits.

Another motive could be due to simple safety precautions- some universities require students to use only specific secure networks internally instead of having access across all internet sources when there can still exist threats from viruses or malware found online, which poses a risk.

How Do Some Schools Block Instagram? 

Unblock Instagram

Schools use various tactics to block Instagram, but the most common methods are “blocklists” and “allowlist.” Institutions can use blocklists as they allow administrators control over what content displays.

These blocks usually put up warnings when someone tries accessing specific sites or IP addresses on these lists so that people will not inadvertently get caught in an automatic filter while browsing for something else. 

The other method is called an ‘allowlist,’ which only allows access to specific URLs or IP addresses instead of everything except those listed like traditional blocking software; this type also offers less chance of accidental censorship since it’s based on keywords than just random site-blocking algorithms.

How Do I Unblock Instagram At School?

You have probably heard of VPNs by now; they are the most popular way to unblock Instagram.

You can sign up for a free trial from Windscribe or go with ExpressVPN if you want something more reliable and established in this area.

Regardless of which one you choose, though, just make sure that it can bypass geo-restrictions successfully as not all providers offer such guarantees.

How Do I Unblock Video Games at School?

Unblock Video Games

The ultimate way to play video games at school is by using a VPN. This will keep your internet connection fast and prevent the administration from monitoring your activity on their computers.

Still, it does have one weakness: latency can slow down gameplay if you’re not careful about which service you use.

Top VPN services

SurfsharkGet the Best-Selling Deal

NordVPNGet 3 months FREE

ExpressVPNPrivate & Secure VPN


Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that social media is a massive part of our everyday life. We use it to connect with friends, share information and learn about what people are doing in their lives.

But for some reason, schools think blocking Instagram at school will keep students from using it during class time or being distracted by other classmates who are ‘gramming on their phone during lectures.

Instagram is a beautiful way to share your day with friends and family, but it’s also something that can get you in trouble.

Thankfully there are many ways for kids who want access through their school WiFi connection without worrying about prying eyes – all they need is an Android or iOS device plus the right VPN service.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer free plans or trial offers because both will do the trick; just be sure not to forget encryption when using these apps on shared devices like laptops.

This could lead to information getting read by other people. If you find yourself frustrated because your favorite app isn’t working when you need it most, don’t worry!

Just follow the steps outlined in these articles to unblock Instagram at school today.

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