How To Torrent Safely

How to Torrent Safely in 2024 (Latest Info)

Published on: October 29, 2023
Last Updated: October 29, 2023

How to Torrent Safely in 2024 (Latest Info)

Published on: October 29, 2023
Last Updated: October 29, 2023


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Trying to find out how to torrent safely online?

We can assist you with that.

However, P2P or Peer-to-Peer torrenting can be risky as it can result in some complications for your online security. 

You might end up downloading some malware or can also accidentally download any copyrighted content. 

It can infect your system or device with viruses or trojans, or you can also end up with a throttled connection by your service provider.

Some users have also reported that authorities or service providers have fined them.

The important point for safe torrenting is security and anonymity. The good thing is a solution that includes both these aspects; using a reliable VPN. 

Using the right VPN service will allow you to keep your data safe, and you can also hide your online activity. 

There are various other features and benefits of using a quality VPN service. And this guide will explore everything about staying anonymous and protecting your data while torrenting. 

How to Torrent Safely in 2024

Downloading torrents can be pretty easy as it’s a process that only has a few clicks.

However, to be sure that you are downloading safely, you need to use VPN. And here’s what you need to do. 

  • You need to choose a reliable VPN that is ideally suitable for torrenting. And for that, we highly recommend NordVPN, but more on that in a bit. 
  • Download and install it on your device.
  • The next step is to choose a server and optimize the security settings or your VPN. 
  • Go for a reputable torrent site and begin your torrent download. 

Let’s talk about these steps to explain how to torrent safely without jeopardizing your online security. 

The following text will discuss various factors and aspects that will guarantee online safety while you are torrenting. 

1. Using a Quality VPN

The first thing you have to do is to use a quality VPN. 

There are so many services available to go for, which can make things pretty overwhelming for you to make the right choice.

But we will highly recommend that you use NordVPN for this purpose. 


We recommend this service because it is primed for torrenting, and it is pretty fast, reliable, and highly secure.

NordVPN is the ultimate choice for torrenting because it offers excellent speeds on peer-to-peer servers. 

Furthermore, it has unbreakable encryption, and you don’t have to worry about any malicious attacks on your devices.

With this premium quality VPN, you can connect with fast servers all across the globe. 

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The server that you will find here is optimized for torrenting. Hence, they will be fast and highly secure. 

As a result, your torrents will download much faster, and your information will remain secure. Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing your VPN service. 

Torrenting can be pretty risky for various reasons, and malware is one of the top reasons that make this activity dangerous.

By torrenting, you open your device to downloads that can sometimes have malware and various other digital issues that might also sneak in. 

Quality VPN services like NordVPN have various security features to keep you safe. For example, NordVPN features its special tool, that is CyberSec. 

This tool blocks malware and phishing attempts and various cyber attacks such as DDoS and those disturbing pop-up adverts. 

2. Choosing an Appropriate Torrent Site

The next step you have to take is to choose an appropriate torrent site.

You must download torrents from only reputable websites. The best sites will only have transparent systems that will show you that their torrent files are genuine.

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular and reliable torrent sites globally. It also has a huge selection of torrents that you can use to download anything.

The website also shows various handy symbols that indicate whether the torrents have been verified or not. 

Some torrent sites also require membership, and you will have to sign-up for them. One of such sites is TorrentLeech, and it’s a pretty good choice. 

They tend to verify every torrent available on their site. You can be certain that whatever you are downloading on your device is safe. 

Internet service providers across the globe have blocked many torrent sites and their verified torrents. But you can use a quality VPN service like NordVPN to unblock your access. 

3. Selecting the Right Torrent Client

Next up in the process is selecting the right torrent client.

To download your torrent, you will need a particular application, and it is called a torrent client. You can’t download torrents directly to your computer. 

Your best choice should be to go for a torrent client that is small and user-friendly. It also needs to be secure and back the entire purpose of torrenting safely.

Some other options that you have are qBittorrent, BitTorrent, and uTorrent. 

4. Choosing the Correct Torrents 


Yes, that’s correct!

You have to choose the correct torrents as well.

You have got your VPN set and downloaded your torrent client. You are also done with finding a highly reliable torrent site. 

Cybercriminals tend to trick people into downloading these torrents and try to gain access to your device. 

You are all set to download your torrents, but hang on, you still have to be wary about what type of file you are downloading. 

So, choose a legit torrent file and ensure it is free from malware. You can do so by only downloading verified torrents. Watch out for any torrents that seem suspicious. 

For instance, you are looking at a torrent for a game, program, or movie that has not been released yet. 

In such a scenario, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a fake torrent. Another red flag is that the torrent is claiming to be an HD-quality file, but the file size is very small.

So that’s another bad torrent. 

5. Going for A Quality Antivirus Program

Don’t you think your entire safe torrenting project is complete without an antivirus program?

Make sure to go for a quality antivirus program on your device.

It will allow you to keep your device safe from any hacks, malware, or even cyber-attacks. 

And if you do a lot of torrenting, then having a good antivirus program is a must. You are opening up your device to other connections over the internet.

Not all of these connections have good intentions. 

McAfee and Norton have been top service providers for many, many years. These programs can monitor and scan files on your device.

It can also isolate and remove any malware before it gets a chance to damage. 

But some viruses might tend to sneak through the protection of these antivirus programs, and this is where a quality VPN service like NordVPN comes into play. 

Why A VPN Service is Mandatory for Safe Torrenting 

As mentioned above, torrenting can be risky if you don’t do it carefully. But if you have a quality VPN like NordVPN installed and running on your device, you will be safe from risks. 

Following are some primary benefits of torrenting with a VPN installed and running on your device.

1. You Can Avoid ISP Throttling

Anything you do online will remain visible to your ISP with an unsafe internet connection.

If you are torrenting large files, and this is something that your internet service frowns upon, they will start throttling your connection. 

It means your internet speeds and your bandwidth will reduce drastically. However, when using a quality VPN service like NordVPN, your traffic, data, and activity remain entirely hidden from your service provider. 

So, they won’t throttle your internet connection even if you are downloading or torrenting large files. 

2. You Can Access Geo-Restricted Content 

Many internet service providers tend to block access to various torrenting sites. This is also the case with colleges, schools, and employers. 

If you are looking to access any torrent sites but find that your IDP has blocked them, you can use a quality VPN service like NordVPN to unblock them and lift the restrictions. 

NordVPN can alter your IP address and hide all your online activity. So, no one will ever see what you are doing online. It also connects with an entirely new server in a different country without restrictions. 

3. You Can Keep Your IP Address Masked

If you are downloading torrents on your device using a torrent client, your location, IP address, and identity will go forward to anyone connected to your torrent.

And you become vulnerable to any malicious cyber-attacks. 

You can remain anonymous while torrenting as it will hide your details and mask your IP address while encrypting your data.

You will be safe and secure online while torrenting or doing any other activity. 


How to Configure a VPN for Torrenting?

To make sure you are safe online while torrenting, you have to download a quality VPN like NordVPN, and you will have to make sure that it keeps you safe. 

You will have to install the VPN first and then go to its settings to ensure all security settings are properly activated. 

Ensure that the kill switch is turned on to keep your IP addresses fully masked.

Also, go for the highest encryption setting, 256-bit AES, as it will keep all your data secure. And go for a secure protocol such as OpenVPN, and don’t go for PPTP as it is older and not secure. 

You also need to look for a VPN service with DNS and IP protection. And should be able to utilize split tunneling.

You should keep some websites on your normal IP address, such as online banking, delivery services, and other websites.

What Are the Different Dangers Associated with Torrenting? 

There are different dangers associated with torrenting.

If you do torrent without a VPN, you can receive malware instead of the torrent if it is now from a reliable source. 

Malware can include viruses, ransomware, or spyware. Copyright problems are there as well as some torrents can mislabel.

You might end up downloading something that is stolen and breaking copyright laws. 

Is Torrenting a Legal Activity?

Yes, torrenting is a legal activity because it is simply a method of sharing files over the internet.

But if you are downloading a file with copyright protection, it falls into illegal activity. 

That is why you have to keep your IP address masked.

Is There a Chance of Getting Caught While Torrenting with A VPN?

If you are using a VPN while torrenting, it is impossible to get caught as your IP address is completely hidden.

Your personal and financial data will be encrypted, and your ISP will not know that you are torrenting. 

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;


We hope that you have enjoyed our guide on how to torrent safely in 2024.

Using a quality VPN while torrenting is critical to keep your personal and financial information safe from cybercriminals.

Your ISP also won’t be able to track your activity, and they won’t throttle your connection either. 

Your IP address and online activity will be hidden from everyone. You can also access geo-restricted websites in your country. 

We recommend choosing NordVPN because it is a high-quality VPN with various features and services at pretty affordable costs.

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