How To See Someone’s Location On iPhone

How to See Someone’s Location on iPhone in 2024

Published on: March 19, 2023
Last Updated: March 19, 2023

How to See Someone’s Location on iPhone in 2024

Published on: March 19, 2023
Last Updated: March 19, 2023

In recent years it has become increasingly easy to verify someone’s location.

Advancements in technology and the billions of smartphones in the world mean you no longer need to be part of an intelligence agency. 

In fact, iPhone holders can voluntarily share data with others if they choose. 

All you have to do is go into the Find My app and then tap on the me option at the base of your device.

You’ll see an option to share your location, simply turn this on. 

You can then search for a friend and share your location with them.

It is possible to set a time limit on how long you share your location for. 

Of course, if you’re trying to verify where someone is and they refuse to share their location, this approach won’t work. 

Fortunately, there are other options when looking at how to see someone’s location on iPhone. 

How To See Someone’s Location On iPhone

There are several approaches that will work. 


eyeZy GPS Location

EyeZy is a third-party spy app. It’s recognized as one of the best in the industry and worth investing in. 

Before you check out all the features it’s important to note there is a charge for this service.

The cost decreases the longer your period of commitment.

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For example, a one-month subscription will cost you $41.99, but a twelve-month subscription will cost you just $9.99 per month. 

Accessing the app is simple. All you have to do is visit the EyeZy website and select the try now option.

You’ll need to enter an email address and choose your subscription level before paying. 

As soon as you’ve paid you’ll be given a link that installs the software on the target iPhone. 

EyeZy installs inside the operator system, rendering it invisible to the user. It offers a range of useful features.

Location Tracker

EyeZy pinpoint

EyeZy uses the GPS in the phone to tell you the location of the device, even if the location is turned off.

It can also provide a history of where the device has been.

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But, perhaps the most impressive part of this is the ability to set parameters. You set chosen locations and EyeZy will notify you if the device enters any of those locations or leaves a designated area.

Call Logs

You’ll also be able to see a complete list of the user’s contacts and all the phone calls they have made and received

This extends to SMS messages, allowing you to see all their communication, even videos and images.

Social Media Info

EyeZy blocker

You’ll be able to select social media from the EyeZy dashboard and see all the social media sites that your target is using. 

Of course, EyeZy will also allow you to read all messages sent and received on each of the social media sites.

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This includes images and videos, as well as deleted and hidden messages. 

It’s even possible to set alerts, EyeZy will notify you when certain keywords and phrases are used.  

App List

EyeZy provides you with a complete list of the apps on someone’s phone.

It will even tell you how often they are used and when new apps are added.

It can help you understand what a loved one is doing on their device. 

Images & Other Media

EyeZy keystroke

If it’s stored on the iPhone or the iCloud then EyeZy will be able to read it, even if it’s deleted.

You’ll be able to see all the pictures, videos, and even any audio files saved.

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Best of all, EyeZy doesn’t need you to jailbreak the iPhone, it is compatible with all iPhones using iOS 16 or higher and installs in minutes. 

You can also control access to the internet or block contacts via EyeZy. That can help to protect a loved one. 

Installing EyeZy & Tracking The Location

The good news is you don’t need physical possession of the phone.

However, you do need to know their iCloud username and password.

With this you can get into their iCloud and install the link.

It’s as simple as opening a browser, going to the iCloud, and inputting the username and password.

Once inside you can paste the link into another browser, (inside the iCloud) and it will feed down to the iPhone while hiding its presence. 

Once it’s installed you can exit the iCloud and, on your own device, head to the EyeZy website or into the EyeZy app. 

Enter the login details you created and you’ll be on the main EyeZy dashboard. At the top you’ll see location. 

Click on this and you can choose between current location, location history, or the settings.

Selecting location gives you details of where the phone is now. 

The history shows where the phone has been and the settings allow you to set location parameters.

This includes what area the phone should stay in.

If it leaves the designated area or goes to a designated spot, you’ll be notified by EyeZy. 

All data is provided in real-time, meaning you can catch them in the act if you wish. 

The only real downside to this approach is you need to know the target’s iCloud username and password.

If you don’t it’s possible to install it directly on the iPhone, provided you can gain access to it. 

Find My Friends

EyeZy alerts

Find My Friends is an app designed by Apple and already integrated into the iPhone, you don’t need to do anything, it’s always ready to use. 

It should be noted that your request for a location update through this app will be visible to your target.

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However, they will need to enter the Find My Friends app to see who has been checking where they are. 

To use Find My Friends you need to be included on the target’s list. Simply asking to be added to the list can work.

If it doesn’t then you may want to create a fake account which will allow you to track their location. 

Alternatively, you can borrow someone’s phone that is connected to your target and use the Find My Friends on their device. 

Using The Find My Friends App

Find My Friends is generally installed on the iPhone at the factory.

However, if it isn’t on the phone you can visit the Apple store and download the app for free. 

Open the app and at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a list of friends.

All you have to do is click on the contact image and you can share your location with the other person. 

They will get a notification that you have shared your location and a request to share theirs, hopefully they will say yes and you can be kept up to date with where they are and what they are doing. 

If possible, it’s better to get your target to send the location sharing request from their phone to yours.

This will allow you to accept and say no to sharing yours. It means you can track them without them knowing.  

The app does allow you to set alerts, telling you when the target arrives and leaves a designated area.

However, while the app is free and a genuine Apple product, you’re at the mercy of the target. They can turn off sharing at any time. 

The iMessage App

Most people don’t know that iMessage can share your location. However, you do need to give or get permission before sharing a location. 

Having to ask for it, and the fact that the phone displays a message confirming the location-sharing, means it’s impossible to track them without them knowing. Unless you can get access to the target phone. 

If you can, you’ll want to open the iMessage app on their phone and find yourself as a contact in their phone.

Tap on the contact image and then choose share my location. 

Set the duration as indefinite and then close the app.

Make sure you read and delete the notification that the target has started sharing location data with you. 

On your own phone accept the location-sharing request and choose not to share your location. 

You can then enter the iMessage app on your device at any time and ask for the location of your target. You’ll be able to see where they are.

Of course, they may realize they are sharing their location with you and remove the access at any time. 

Why You May Want To Track Someone’s Location


Tracking someone’s location can seem a little like stalking but there are several times when it’s essential and can even be a lifesaver. 

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The most common reasons to track a location are:

Concern for A Child

Children grow up faster today than ever before. It’s partly because they have to.

Having access to so much information online is a good and bad thing. 

As a parent, you’ll want your child to explore the internet and the real world as much as possible.

They should feel free to do so. But, while you want to show them you trust them, it can be difficult and worrying as you don’t know what they are doing or what they are being exposed to. 

Being able to see someone’s location means you can check your child is where they should be, whether that’s at school or meeting friends.

You’ll be alerted when they go into dubious areas or aren’t where they should be.  

Checking on A Cheating Partner

If you suspect a partner is cheating or they have already been caught cheating you’ll probably want to track their location. 

It can help you decide whether they are cheating or not, allowing you to make the right decision for you and the relationship.

Equally, if they have cheated and you are trying to rebuild the relationship, a location tracker can help to rebuild trust and confidence in the relationship.

To Locate Someone After an Injury/Accident

When someone is injured and needs help a location tracker is an excellent option.

It can take you to within 20 meters of the iPhone, helping you to locate them and get them the medical help they need. 

It’s especially useful if noone knows they have been in an accident.

You can get them help faster although it may mean them knowing that you track their location. 

Legality Of Tracking Someone’s Location


You’re probably wondering whether it’s legal to track someone’s location. The short answer is no. However, there are always loopholes. 

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In this case, tracking the location of your own child, providing they live with you, is simply a way to keep them safe. That makes it legal to do so.

Equally, it is generally permissible if you’re tracking a partner to establish whether they are cheating or not.

After all, if they are then it could end the relationship.

The most important thing when checking someone’s location is that you don’t intend them any physical or mental harm.

Providing that’s the case law enforcement tends to overlook whether it is legal or not. 

Summing Up

It can be difficult to deal with potential cheating or even the desire to keep children safe without watching over everything they do. 

Fortunately, you have now discovered how to see someone’s location on iPhone, allowing you to look after them from a distance.

Although there are several options to help you track a location.

There is little doubt that using the EyeZy third-party spy app is the best and most effective approach. 

It doesn’t just give you the target’s location.

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

It also ensures they don’t know you’re tracking them and provides you with a wide variety of other information. 

The additional information can help to give you peace of mind or allow you to protect your child from a distance. 

In short, EyeZy is a fantastic option for any concerned parent and worth trying today. 

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