How To Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing in 2024

Published on: May 11, 2023
Last Updated: May 11, 2023

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing in 2024

Published on: May 11, 2023
Last Updated: May 11, 2023

We can’t imagine our lives without the world’s largest social media platform and messaging service, Facebook Messenger. 

Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly users, making it among the most popular messaging app in the world.

However, this also means that there are people who, for various reasons of personal safety, might wish to read the Facebook messages of another person. 

Despite Facebook’s best efforts, it is possible to snoop on someone’s private messages without their knowledge.

In this article, we will explore the best methods how to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing.

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing 

1. Use EyeZy – The Most Reliable Spying App

Eyezy facebook tracker

Without having to access their device or hover over their shoulder, Eyezy makes reading Facebook messages from other users, such as family or partners, easy.

Eyezy’s installation process only needs temporary access to the target device, so it shouldn’t be a problem if both parties in the relationship are trustworthy.

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The tool provides a user-friendly Control Panel that can be accessed anytime. All your Facebook messages, both sent and received, along with their timestamps, will be displayed once you log in.

Eyezy gives you access to your Facebook Messenger chat history and displays any photos or videos that have been shared in those conversations.

Eyezy makes it really simple and easy to keep tabs on someone else’s Facebook usage.

How To Begin Reading Messages With EyeZy

Eyezy facebook tracker
  1. To view Facebook messages through EyeZy, you must first purchase a subscription. You can do it by going to the EyeZy website and choosing the appropriate subscription plan.
  2. After subscribing, you will receive an email with installation instructions for EyeZy on the specified device. Follow the instructions carefully to finish the installation; note that you must install it on the target device only once.
  3. You can access the Control Panel by logging into your account on the Eyezy website after installing Eyezy on the target device. All Facebook messages sent and received by the target device are displayed on it, complete with timestamps.

Simple as that! You can now check your messages as they arrive and later in the archive. Images and videos sent via Facebook Messenger can also be viewed in Eyezy.

Additional Features Of The App

Eyezy facebook tracker
  • Social Spotlight – EyeZy allows you to read someone’s Facebook messages and lets you view their messages on other social media chat apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, Line, and Tinder.
  • Plans Breaker – provides access to their social calendar, letting you know their planned events.
  • Web Magnifier – you can see the websites they have visited, their bookmarks, and other online activities.
  • Phone Analyzer – enables you to see who they’re talking to on their phone.
  • Files Finder: You can view the videos, pictures, and files stored on the target device.
  • Pinpoint – allows you to find their location on a map when they’re out and about.
  • Magic Alerts – notifies you when and where they’re going, and it can also alert you if they’re using specific words in their chat that you should be concerned about.

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2. Access The Target’s Computer

If they are protective of their phone and you don’t have the chance to access it, try logging into their Facebook account on a Mac or PC.

If the person hasn’t signed out since their last session, you can access their Facebook account immediately by going to the Facebook website. To read their messages, click the Messenger tab in the menu bar.

Don’t give up hope if you end up on the FB login page instead. Using any modern web browser, you can save your login details, such as your username, email,  and password. 

As a result, you can quickly log into Facebook without remembering your login information.

3. Phishing Technique

Phishing remains one of the most challenging ways to hack into someone’s Facebook messages. Typically, the attacker will craft a fake login page and send the victim a link.

This link can be distributed via email, SMS, or another way, but most hackers opt for the former due to the increased credibility it provides. 

The fake login page is made to look exactly like Facebook’s actual login page, making it easy for the victim to fall for the scam.

The target’s credentials are sent to the attacker rather than Facebook when they log in. 

This is a common practice, but it has challenges, especially if you are not tech-savvy. Making a phony login page and web hosting account can be tedious and time-consuming.

4. Try Password Reset 

Password Manager Statistics

You can quickly reset someone else’s password and access their account if you are friends with the person whose Facebook Messenger password you are attempting to hack.

Obtaining their Facebook email login, which can be found in the Contact Information section of their profile, is the first step. 

Then ask them to fill out “Forgot your password?” by entering their email address. 

If you select “This is my account,” Facebook will advise changing the password using the associated email address. 

To avoid alerting them to the attempt, select “No longer have access to these?” instead.

Your email address, which cannot be connected to a Facebook profile, must be entered in the following step. If you don’t already have one, create one. 

The answer to Facebook’s secret question might be simple if you know the person. If you can’t remember the response, you can ask a friend to assist you in regaining access.

Pick three to five people who will send you codes and passwords. You can send a friend request from a fake account if you don’t trust anyone. 

You can then decide which phony accounts to use to obtain the codes. After changing your password, it takes 24 hours before you can log back into your account.

5. Install a Keylogger

It is software that secretly monitors and records a user’s keyboard inputs. 

If you typed “apples are delicious” on your keyboard, a Keylogger would record that and save it so the data collector could read it on their device. 

A Keylogger can basically record everything the victim types on their keyboard.

A Keylogger can be installed on a target device to gain access to their Facebook Messenger account. Eyezy offers this feature in addition to a plethora of other features.

Possible Reasons for Viewing Someone Else’s Facebook Messages

Eyezy facebook tracker

There must be a good reason for you to be here. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading someone else’s Facebook messages.

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Some of the common reasons for doing so are:

Protect Your Children

Due to the widespread nature of pedophilia and child abuse, parents understandably worry about their children’s online safety. 

Facebook, in particular, has become a breeding ground for sexual predators looking to prey on impressionable youth.

Many young people, especially teenagers, fall prey to cyberbullying on social networking sites like Facebook. 

Parents can safeguard their children from these dangers by accessing and reading their child’s Facebook Messenger messages.

Suspected Infidelity

Eyezy facebook tracker

Nowadays, it’s simple to confirm infidelity suspicions thanks to modern technology. 

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Many people may try to hack into their account to spy on their partner’s Facebook Messenger conversations and see who they’ve been talking to.

Business Data Protection

Protecting sensitive company information is essential in today’s business climate, as insider information theft from employees selling trade secrets to rivals is all too common. 

If you believe your employees are engaging in this sort of Facebook-based activity, checking their Messenger is often the only way to confirm your suspicions and protect your company’s sensitive information.


Hopefully, You understand more about how to read someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing after reading this article. 

By far, the most reliable and effective method is to use the EyeZy app

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It’s a reliable spy tool that can be installed on the target device to monitor its activity and record calls, messages, and other forms of communication.

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