How to Market Your Clothing Brand on Instagram

How to Market Your Clothing Brand on Instagram in 2024

Published on: April 21, 2023
Last Updated: April 21, 2023

How to Market Your Clothing Brand on Instagram in 2024

Published on: April 21, 2023
Last Updated: April 21, 2023


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How to market your clothing brand on instagram in 2024?

Over the years, Instagram has slowly but surely become a natural showcase for everything fashion.

Even Chanel, one of the most reluctant fashion labels to give in and start selling their products online, now have a dedicated Instagram team located in Paris that regularly updates their feed.

Instagram, whether you like it or not, provides the ideal platform for fashion brands to show off their latest range, and allow their technology-savvy customers the chance to make a purchase from their catalogue.

The fact that Instagram is so visual in nature means that it can be used as a digital catwalk and these days it is now one of the most popular places for people on their phones to shop for clothing from their favorite brands.

When it comes to purchasing on Instagram, we are referring to story swipe ups, which will send you directly to a sales page, where you can make your purchase.

Beyond just comprising a glorified online marketplace, Instagram is also able to help clothing brands around the world build a community around their product and establish real connections with their followers.

How to Market Your Clothing Brand on Instagram in 2024

Let’s talk about some of the creative, innovative ways that Instagram is being used by clothing brands everywhere to market their products and drive sales.

1. Make the Most of User-Generated Content

You will already know at this point that if you have spent any time on social media over the last few years, and haven’t been living under a rock, we are officially in the age of the selfie.

In fact, 69% of adults say that they regularly upload selfies to the internet.

There is nothing that influencers and aspiring influencers love more than sharing a photo of themselves in a cute outfit, which means that clothing brands have access to thousands of pieces of user-generated content that they can pass on to their audience, and reward clients for tagging them.

However, user-generated content isn’t just for celebrating clients featuring your products; it also has been shown to dramatically boost conversions.

In fact, user-generated content is five times more likely to convert a consumer than content that has been generated by you.

Let’s take a look at Fashion Nova’s Instagram account for a second. Their Instagram feed includes an eclectic mix of images that have been originally uploaded by their customers, who themselves have become micro-influencers, and are encouraged to produce even more user-generated content.

The deal is mutually beneficial, and it’s proven to be extremely effective for this particular clothing brand.


2. Make the Most of Influencers

If you want to level up in the Instagram world, and go beyond user-generated content, then you need to make the most of existing influencers.

Clothing brands that know what they’re doing when it comes to their marketing are able to bring existing influencers on board who are more than happy to feature their latest product lines.

This approach gives the clothing brands access to a relevant, already established audience, which is going to boost their exposure in the fashion world and help them become even more successful.

Andrea Christina

3. Take Them Behind the Scenes

Humans are curious creatures and have become even more nosey with the Internet. We want to know what our favorite influencers and brands are doing, preferably at all times.

While you might be a little reluctant to let your audience in on what goes on behind the scenes, this is actually a great marketing tactic, and an excellent way to develop a more intimate relationship with your community.

Take advantage of your audience’s natural curiosity and let them in on what happens beyond your curated Instagram feed.

From helping them learn about what goes into your processes, to how you create new fashion lines, make your clothes, and where you source your materials from, all of this can help to deepen your connection with your audience, build trust, and nurture a community of loyal fans who will want to continue purchasing your products.


4. Bring Out Your Personality

It is all well and good to continue posting images and videos to your Instagram feed, and then calling it a day.

However, if you want to do better than your rivals, and become the clothing brand that everyone is talking about, then you need to put your storytelling hat on.

Clothing brands out there that have the most success with Instagram aren’t just uploading random pictures here and there without making a connection.

They are curating a narrative that builds trust among their audience and exposes the personality of their brand.

So, instead of just showing off your products, why not build up a story around them, and share images related to this story? If you want to be set apart from your competitors, you need to bring out your personality, and make it as unique as possible.


5. Use Instagram’s Features

The great thing about Instagram is that it’s not just a blank slate for you to upload your content on.

It actually has its own set of marketing features, that have been designed over the years to help brands and companies alike do well with their sales and connect better with their consumers.

Recently, Instagram has released a few new features, including Instagram stories, which allows you to share in-the-moment snapshots of your life, that fade away again after just 24 hours.

However, if you are a clothing brand, you can go above and beyond Instagram stories to connect with your clients.

If you currently have more than 10,000 followers, you can access the ‘swipe up’ feature, which is going to allow people who are viewing your story to swipe the screen and be taken straight to the right sales page.

This ties right in with the culture circulating right now, which is when people see something, they want it instantly.

If they don’t get access to it then and there, they are probably going to lose interest, and move on to something else.

If you give them the ability to purchase your products instantaneously, your conversion rate will go through the roof.

Instagram swipe up

6. Tag Your Products

As each new day passes, Instagram becomes more shoppable. Why? Because of how easy they make it to tag your products.

You can either create new posts and tag your products, or you can go back to older posts and include tags that weren’t there before.

With just one image, you can tag up to five products, or if you have created a multi-image post, you can tag up to 20.

This means people can learn all about your products in your Instagram feed, and if they like what they are viewing, they can easily select the tag, and be linked to a landing page where they can purchase the product.

product tag on instagram

7. Show Movement with a Video

You might be surprised to learn that Instagram has allowed video content on its platform since 2013, and it is still proving to be just as popular now as it was back then.

This means that if you are not making the most of video content, then you could be missing out on a practical way to market your products.

There are a lot of clothing brands out there that choose to just share images of their clothing, and there’s nothing wrong with this.

You can still do relatively well with this approach.

However, the thing about clothing is that people like to see how it fits, and how it moves, so selling clothes is going to benefit from showing movement.

Seeing how an item of clothing hangs and sits on someone, is the big appeal of it, which is why video can be so much better for showing off your clothing than an image.

8. Use Instagram Ads for Website Visitors

72% of Instagram users have bought something that they viewed through Instagram, and this statistic could be even higher for clothing, which is probably one of the easiest things to sell on the social media sharing app.

However, just because someone has bought something through Instagram, doesn’t mean that they are going to buy from you the first time they discover your brand.

In fact, it has been shown that it takes a fair few touchpoints for someone to actually invest money in a product from a brand new brand.

This is where you can make the most of retargeting.

If you have ever gone onto a website, and then visited your social media to find yourself viewing ads from the website that you were just on, then this means that you have been retargeted.

Ads like this are effective for clothing brands, because they serve as a reminder for users about particular products that they were feeling on the fence about.

It is a great way to take them all the way to that selling point, particularly while it is still on their mind.

Instagram Ads

9. Get Creative with Experimental Instagram Features

One of the best things about Instagram is that because it is a visual platform, this gives you the freedom to get really creative with your content.

There are lots of options and features out there that you can play around with and develop a strategy that is uniquely suited to you and your community.

At the end of the day, don’t forget to have a little fun!

In fact, there are some clothing companies out there that have done so well on Instagram, they have even developed their own Instagram story filter, which they encourage their community to use.

Instagram face filter

10. Utilize a Marketing Agency

The thing about Instagram is that if you haven’t been on it for very long, you might feel a little out of your depth.

We have talked about a lot of practical, relatable methods on how to market your clothing brand on Instagram, and all of them can be implemented straight away.

However, we also understand that if you are still a small business right now, you probably don’t have all the time in the world to be on Instagram all day and all night.

This is where Instagram growth tools like Flick come in.

Flick can help you not only with your hashtag strategy, but with your Instagram strategy in general, so that you can develop a robust, foolproof marketing method that is going to set your profile up for success and increase that conversion rate.

Conclusion: How to Market Your Clothing Brand on Instagram

At the end of the day, determining which of the strategies we have talked about above to use to figure out how to market your clothing brand on Instagram in 2024 is going to depend completely on who you are as a brand, and what your audience finds interesting.

All we know is that if you decide to use Instagram, it is one of the best places to showcase your latest lines and develop a community by engaging with your followers.

Just remember that it also can’t hurt to get creative with your marketing and as you can see there are a lot of ways that you can do this.

Whatever approach you choose, it is going to be fun, and at this point, you have definitely got nothing to lose.

Instagram is one of the best platforms to sell clothing on, so feel free to play around with the different ways on how to market your clothing brand on Instagram, and land on something that feels right.

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