How to Make Money on Reddit

How to Make Money on Reddit in 2024

Published on: November 21, 2022
Last Updated: November 21, 2022

How to Make Money on Reddit in 2024

Published on: November 21, 2022
Last Updated: November 21, 2022

This is a complete guide on how to make money on Reddit in 2024.

I will show you exactly how you can make money using nothing but a Reddit account and the generosity of strangers.

This popular website is one of the biggest websites in the world and has something for everyone. There are sections for people who love cats, witty memes, science, sports, fitness, gadgets – Anything at all!

Reddit is not all about sharing photos or downloading videos, but you can do it if you have them. It’s more about sharing your thoughts, ideas, etc. It is kind of like Quora, Stack Exchange & Wikipedia together.

There are subreddits everywhere on any topic, which is very useful for marketers looking at getting backlinks.

You won’t find subreddits anywhere else other than Reddit!

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Key Takeaways

  • The first step to learning how to make money on Reddit might be obvious, but it is nothing more than common sense: you’ve got to have an account to do so. When making your account, make sure that your username is simple but memorable, and you need to find a balance between having a professional yet friendly user account so that people are drawn to it.
  • Reddit is a very unique social media network because as well as having thousands of Reddit pages, it also has subreddits, which are called categories. Within these subreddits, users will submit a link, which is either to a website outside of Reddit or to another Reddit post. Then members of the community in that subreddit can vote on that content, and either vote up or down.
  • There are a number of different ways to make money from Reddit, including making money for your posts and also working alongside Reddit using your analytical skills. There are tons of social media networks out there that will pay good money for surveys from individuals so that they can learn more about user behavior, and tweak their network accordingly.

Can Beginners Work Out How to Make Money on Reddit?

Make Money

Many beginners might struggle to understand how to make money on Reddit, but there are several ways that you can do it if you know what to look for. There are several ways people use Reddit to make money, each with its pros and cons.

For some, it’s more of a hobby, while others want to turn it into a full-time income. You can do this by setting up advertising campaigns on Reddit or building an audience through content creation.

Let’s look at some of the ways how to make money on Reddit first.

Reddit is amongst the top ten most visited websites. The website serves as a platform wherein users can pose questions, give background information and post content in images or links.

In this regard, Reddit is similar to other social news websites such as Digg and Stumble Upon, but what makes Reddit unique is that it is user-driven.

How to Make Money on Reddit: A One-Stop-Shop for Practically Everything Under the Sun


Reddit’s pages serve as a hub where information seekers converge to find newsworthy articles posted by other users.

Here you get to discover trending topics from around the world while at the same time reading comments from fellow Redditors who curate intriguing posts from various sources, including entertainment, politics, business, technology, and the latest trends.

Reddit has also earned its name as a one-stop shop for practically everything under the sun–be it digital marketing tools, music downloads, or something as majestic as the solar system.

Here, you can find articles on cooking tasty dishes, learning up-to-date news about terrorism, and even reading reviews on cars.

With over 542 million monthly unique visitors, Reddit is an excellent traffic source that marketers often tap into by promoting their brand through content promotion.

Personal Experience:

I had tried to work out how to make money on Reddit before and failed. Then I realized that I needed to make my posts appealing enough for others before Karma started flowing in.

This implies that you need some traffic flow (the more, the better) and posting interesting things that will keep people checking your profile regularly.

It also plays a large part in ensuring that you have good Karma for posting a link or self-text post containing any monetization links.

One last thing about having good Karma is that it forms a “credibility factor” with other users, which can lead them to check out your links, potentially create trust between yourself and your audience, and in the end, lead to more monetization opportunities.

I started my Reddit adventure by creating a simple website that allowed people to post their links on my site. I would then go onto Reddit and promote it indirectly.

The idea is relatively simple, but I decided to change the strategy after seeing poor results due to low traffic levels.

Taking inspiration from similar subreddits and advice that various community members gave me, I changed my strategy entirely.

What ended up happening is that I slowly built up a vast Reddit following over time, which was enthralled in what they were reading when one of my links or posts.

Because of this, I was able to monetize my site pretty well and learned many other strategies discussed within the article.

Getting Started:

The primary thing you need to do is signup for Reddit (if you haven’t already) when learning how to make money on Reddit. When signing up, make sure that your username isn’t offensive or suggestive.

It’s best to use something straightforward as it will be associated with all of your posts/comments/accounts permanently (unless changed through exceptional circumstances). Your account should link back to your website URL (the one that makes money).

If it doesn’t, people won’t trust you very much because they’ll think that it’s just another regular user like them (which means they won’t be as inclined to click on your links).

If you’re unsure what username is suitable for you, then view the accounts of the top and largest subreddits and see what most of their users use.

In compliance with all things in life, it’s essential to make an excellent first impression. The same principle can be applied when making posts on Reddit because posts with low Karma will likely never become famous or well known (even if they are exciting).

Although people may check out your profile from time to time due to its novelty factor, you still want them to remember it positively; otherwise, they’ll start ignoring any future posts that you make.

Your best bet is to balance having a friendly, informative, and professional user account.

If you want your account to be even more appealing, you should make a short introduction post (you can make it private if you’d like) to introduce yourself and provide people with an overview of what type of content they can expect from you.

This is great because it allows people to get to know who you are and eventually helps them create trust between themselves and your content (they will click on your links, subscribe to your subreddits, etc.).

When introducing yourself, try to keep the introduction as brief as possible; there’s no reason someone needs to know all of your life story or Anything similar.

It would be best if you planned for something along the lines of: “Hi everyone, I’ve been a member of this site for about a month now and am interested in learning more about what subreddits are popular.

I’m going to be posting links from my website whenever I find something interesting that might be worth checking out.” You can take advantage of various tools such as Imgur and Pastebin for sharing your content on Reddit.

There’s no reason not to use them because they’re straightforward to use and help you provide links that you want others to check out without being too intrusive or offensive (you’ll understand why shortly).

When using these two resources, remember that it will never hurt anyone if you post an excessive number of pictures/ within one submission – the only downside to doing so is that your request may become too difficult to load.

If you’re not sure how many pictures you should post within one submission, then keep in mind that the average number of images per submission on Reddit seems to be around 3-5 (more or less).

Another essential part of using Reddit for marketing your website is using their upvote/downvote system.

This implies that when someone makes a post or comment that people like, it will receive numerous upvotes (Karma for the user who posted it).

In contrast, posts/comments with many downvotes will receive very little attention (they’re essentially invisible).

Although this might seem like a bad idea because lower-rated posts are almost guaranteed to be ignored, Reddit operates in a unique way that makes it possible for posts that receive several downvotes to become popular because one person decided to upvote the post.

Although this might seem strange at first, you have to remember that people are likely to find content through various subreddits rather than their front page (because if they do visit the front page, then they’ll probably look at whatever has been posted there recently).

This means that even if your link doesn’t show up on the regular Reddit website, there’s still a chance that someone could stumble across it by visiting another subreddit where your submission appears.

Even though receiving lots of downvotes can make something invisible within that subreddit, it won’t affect its visibility on Reddit as a whole.

Remember that there is just one more very effective way of exposing your link to the world, and it comes in the form of something known as “Reddit Gold.”

Every month users are given five free months for this feature (which allows others to pay for you to be able to see their submission), but if they do choose to buy it, then all of the money goes straight to you (minus however much they paid for it, of course).

There are lots of ways that you can make use of this feature, but arguably the best way is by simply including a line at the end of your post (something like: “If I receive enough upvotes, they might consider setting up an official Reddit Gold account”).

It would be best to consider that most people don’t see your submission on the front page and that most will see it by visiting a subreddit.

This means that you’re not only competing against other marketers who want their site to be seen (and considering how big Reddit is, this can amount to quite the competition), but you’re also competing against users who want to share interesting content with others.

How Reddit Works

Reddit Works

Reddit is divided into thousands of subreddits (categories). Within each subreddit, users submit links – either to external websites or to other Reddit posts.

Other members of the community then vote these submissions “up” or “down.”

The more upvotes you get, the further you’ll move up the rankings of that specific subreddit (and by proxy – all subreddits), which can lead to your post eventually reaching the front page (meaning it’s on the homepage for every person who visits Reddit, with over 300 million visitors per month).

Frontpage exposure can equate to hundreds or sometimes thousands of clicks back.

Another fundamental principle to understand is the karma system on Reddit – there’s no way for you to benefit from the votes your posts receive directly.

Still, it does affect how high up in the rankings your post appears and therefore directly influences how many people see and click your content.

The higher Karma you have, the more weight each vote carries with it, so if you want to increase organic traffic through Reddit, getting front-page exposure is best achieved by focusing on posting things that will generate massive upvotes through controversial topics content or high upvotes through generally exciting content.

You can also pay for “promoted posts,” which will make it more likely your post gets to the front page of Reddit, assuming you are willing to spend a decent sum of money on advertising.

Now that we’ve covered the basic principles of how Reddit works let’s look at how you can generate an income with Reddit. There are three options here – sponsorships, affiliate programs, and selling your products.

Getting Paid on Reddit

Getting Paid

The first way I’ll cover it is getting paid per post if you’re learning how to make money on Reddit. This means you submit content (mostly text) which other users will then upvote or downvote depending on whether they like it or not. The more upvotes you get, the more that piece of content will be worth and vice versa.

Once this cycle has been completed, the user who submitted it will be rewarded with a certain number of points (Karma).

These points can then be exchanged for Bitcoin when they reach a certain threshold – currently, 100 Karma is equal to $1 in BTC.

There are numerous sites where people share their thoughts and ideas, but only the best are rewarded. This will make your content stand out and get seen quickly so you can start making money fast.

The downside to this method of making an income on Reddit is that it takes time for the karma points to build up, but it’s straightforward once they do.

You then need to click on exchanges and follow the simple instructions over there (withdraw BTC, open up a Coinbase account and transfer them into your regular wallet). Also, be sure to set up a new bitcoin address not to mix accounts.

This method isn’t sustainable for gaining traffic unless you create something original or incredibly insightful (which gets more likely each day).

However, if you post quality content regularly, you’ll get noticed quickly, which will help your account’s growth.

This is by far the easiest way to make money on Reddit because all you need to do is submit good content that other people appreciate.

You can then exchange that for points (Karma) and then bitcoin through an exchange such as coin base. Just be aware that this may take a while before the hard work pays off.

The second way to make money on Reddit is with paid advertising campaigns. This involves running adverts on the site and getting rewarded based on how many times they were viewed or clicked.

These ads appear in several places throughout the website, so there’s plenty of opportunities to get them seen.

Advertisers then choose specific targeting options such as location, gender, interests, and behaviors, making it even more likely that their ad will be seen.

Anyone who clicks on the advert is taken to a specific site or landing page to purchase something if they wish to do so.

This skill of making money on Reddit requires you to set up an account with one of the approved companies. You can then use this company’s software to connect your Reddit account. They’ll pay you based on how many unique views, upvotes or clicks each ad has received.

You’ll get paid every time someone views your advertisement, whether they click through to the final site or not (which is unlikely). Just make sure your ads are very appealing because it’s likely many people see them.

One downside to this method is that you need to register with an approved company and install the necessary software. You’ll also need to find suitable adverts and pay for them yourself (as well as targeting). It’s one of the easiest ways to make money on Reddit but requires some work to produce good results.

Finally, If you have good analytical skills, Reddit is the perfect place for you to be. Their partner companies need accurate reports about the performance of their ad, so they’ll pay top dollar for this information.

You’ll need to create an account with them just like in method two but then install their software that tracks precisely where each ad appears and how many views it has received. The more specific statistics you can provide them with, the better your pay rate will become.

This method needs a lot of effort and time (to get results), but once you’ve built up a rapport with one company, your pay rates will increase.

If done correctly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to $1000s every month from doing this simple task.

However, you need some analytical skills (although they shouldn’t be too advanced) and the ability to track down all of the places where an ad might appear. You should also have a decent knowledge of Reddit so you can improve your results.

All things considered, though, it’s one of the best ways to make money on Reddit because it has so many potential benefits.

This is probably the trickiest method of making money on Reddit but one of the most lucrative if done correctly. You need to create a new post with specific keywords in the title, attracting people looking for something specific.

However, you also need to make sure your content is good enough for people to vote it up. With this, your post will reach more people and be seen by all interested in what you have to offer.

When someone views or votes on your post, they’ll see an ad box underneath it where they can click through to buy your product/service.

The advertiser then pays you based on how many times this link was clicked, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t get paid.

If many people buy your product, you stand to make some decent money, but you’ll need a good amount of views first to get it seen by the right people.

This method requires some time and research because millions of subreddits on Reddit appeal to different niches.

It would be best if you also created something appealing enough for people who want to click through to another site where they can buy your product or service.

However, if done successfully, this is one of the best ways to make money on Reddit because you can earn substantial amounts with relatively little effort involved.

If you know how Reddit works, too, it’s even better because you can take advantage of all their features, including upvotes and downvotes, to generate more traffic.

It would be best to take advantage of their comment section because the top comments always appear first, so you may want to write something there as well.

Once you’ve created your post, it’s just a matter of marketing it to attract other Redditors who are interested in what you have to offer.

The other options that Reddit provides include various subreddits which allow users to contribute photos and videos for cash rewards. Again, if your content is good enough, people will upvote it for all to see, but here, they can also provide feedback by commenting on your posts.

Suppose many people like or dislike certain content. In that case, the original poster (OP) will receive karma points accordingly, which determines how much exposure your content receives (the more karma points, the more views).

This method is suitable for beginners because it’s much easier to make money with photos and videos than with articles. However, you will need to market your posts effectively to attract other Redditors interested in your content.

You also need to ensure that your images are high quality to appear on different subreddits where advertising is displayed. This way, both viewers and advertisers will see it, which creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Suppose you can take great photos/videos. In that case, you have every chance of making some decent money from this method, especially if they are unique or different enough to capture people’s attention.

You’ll probably find this works the best on Instagram, though, because photos are the main focus.

By sharing this content on Reddit, other people can like or dislike them, which will reveal how much exposure you’re getting through karma points.

People often post requests in subreddits that list what they’re offering in return if someone can write relevant content for them.

You need to read the requirements carefully before applying because some may be looking for something specific while others might accept any decent blog post. The pay differs according to each offer, so you must consider all options before making a decision.

This method is excellent if you have experience with article marketing because it allows you to get practice and earn some cash at the same time. It helps you become more familiar with Reddit and increase your exposure across the site.

Sometimes, writing only one article can attract hundreds of views depending on who sees it.

Writing is often done in bulk, which means that you could earn back your time within hours or days (depending on how much work is involved).

However, you need to ensure that your articles are well written because people will leave negative comments if they’re not good enough.

Bad reviews like this might deter other Redditors from clicking through to another site where they can buy your product or service, so avoid them at all costs.

There are three different ways to make money from Reddit, but they are broken into various niches, and I will treat the proven easy ways to make money from the platform even as a complete beginner.

You don’t have to be an experienced marketer to appreciate the value of Reddit for your business.

There might not be a need for you to pay Anything to take advantage of this website’s vast resources; all you need are time and dedication in sharing and commenting on noteworthy posts that can be of value to your target market.

Ready for a list?

Here Are Simple Ways on How You Make Money from Reddit


1. Monetize Your Traffic with Google Adsense (or other ads)

Google’s ad platform, Adsense, is the easiest way to monetize your traffic and learn how to make money on Reddit as it requires little effort in terms of site optimization. Once you sign up, create a new website and paste the HTML code given by Adsense into the website.

That’s about it–you start making money from Reddit right away, and you don’t even have to lift a finger! If Anything, all you need is to post riveting stories that will drive traffic to your site, where Google can send paying advertisers.

Another way to monetize your traffic is by posting content that asks users to click on advertisements posted on your site. Just make sure the ads are relevant to your blog’s topics, so you don’t get penalized for spamming.

In addition, it helps to add a disclaimer at the beginning or end of every post asking readers to visit sponsors’ sites in consideration of receiving valuable information from their posts.

2. Sell Your Products and Services Through Reddit

If you have a valuable service or product that targets a specific niche, why not sell them and learn how to make money on Reddit?

If you offer web design services, set up a sub-Reddit called /r/SmallBusinessWebsiteDesign, where potential customers can come and read the latest web design news.

Once you start gaining subscribers, invite them to join your mailing list so you can update them about your latest offers and discounts.

You can also sell digital goods through Reddit by posting links leading to downloadable content on websites like Amazon or Gumroad.

There are other niche-specific marketplaces where you can sign up as a seller, such as Etsy, Fiverr, Moolanomy, Freelancer, and more.

Make sure that whatever items you are selling are relevant to your blog’s niche before signing up for any of these sites.

3. Answer Questions about Your Niche Through AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

AMAs are interviews you conduct with an expert in your industry to share their knowledge and expertise with Reddit users who may or may not be interested in learning something new.

You can also conduct an AMA interview if you have the relevant experience, which is excellent for branding purposes.

Before conducting AMA, it helps to do a little bit of background search on Google to find out what’s trending in your niche, so you’ll know what questions will likely come up during the AMA session.

Then write down all the questions received from fellow Redditors into a document and craft suitable responses for each one. Once the interview goes live, be active by answering all other questions you receive.

Ask Me Anything allows Reddit users to ask celebrities, influential people, and leading experts questions about their lives, professions, or general views.

For example, if your blog focuses on cooking, you can schedule an AMA with a celebrity chef who shares the same set of interests as your audience. It’s a great way to attract new readers, so be sure to take advantage of these events!

4. Break Viral Stories

You don’t necessarily need to be an expert at writing or social media marketing skills to find success in breaking viral stories. All you need is a dedicated work ethic and an eye for interesting posts.

Here’s how it works: You subscribe to as many Reddit subreddits as possible related to your blog’s niche, You read up on the latest posts and comment on those that look promising You take note of which stories receive the most upvotes and comments (i.e., lots of traffic)

Once you find a potential viral story, reach out to the user who posted it and ask if they want to do an interview or write a guest post that summarizes what happened The rest will be history–you’ll start making money sooner than later.

All that is required from you is a keen eye for spotting the next big thing on Reddit, and you can start using your Twitter account to tweet about it immediately. If done correctly, the post will go viral across other social media channels, bringing us to our next point.

5. Join Social Media Marketing Communities for Free Promotion

There are many websites where marketers gather to exchange traffic-generating tips. I suggest you join some of them, such as Inbound, GrowthHackers, and Klear, which offer plenty of resources to market your content through paid ads and social media.

Reddit also has a small marketing community that you can join for free called /r/SEO.

6. Market Research

Redditors love sharing their opinions about everything under the sun. This website can serve as a great place to conduct market research for your blog.

To do that, you only need to subscribe to subreddits related to your blog’s niche and look out for posts containing questions or interesting facts that readers may be curious about.

For example, if you’re working on a weight loss blog, then subscribe to /r/Fitness and keep an eye out for posts containing “What is the best diet for ___?” Once you find such posts, write down all their answers into a spreadsheet.

These answers will reveal what problems specific niches face so you can come up with content pieces (e.g., listicles) that answer these questions definitively. Doing this can help boost your blog’s traffic and increase revenue potential in the long run!

7. Start a Sub-Reddit

If you have successfully conducted market research and want to share your findings with fellow Redditors, then why not start a subreddit that focuses on the main topic of your blog so that you can figure out how to make money on Reddit?

For example, if you’re running a blog about hiking, create a sub-Reddit called /r/HikingTricks where users can submit tips and tricks on how they reached certain places.

In short, you’ll be providing value to Redditors so they’ll be more inclined to check out your blog as well as promote it among their social media circles. It’s free advertising at its finest!

8. Promote Your Other Sites

In addition to promoting your website on Reddit, you should also collaborate with other like-minded bloggers and websites that interest your target audience and share their content on Reddit. This is an excellent way to build relationships with like-minded people in your industry and learn how to make money on Reddit.

Still, it would be best to be careful not to spam other sites because Redditors hate marketers who only promote their stuff. So remember–only give, don’t take!

9. Create Your Subreddits

If there’s a topic related to your blog’s niche you want to discuss more, create your subreddit and make it easier for fellow Redditors to find what they’re looking for when figuring out how to make money on Reddit.

You can even create several subreddits depending on the specific topics discussed within them–be sure that these topics are relevant to your blog and will help drive traffic and sales.

10. Make Use of Networking Opportunities

Reddit offers various networking opportunities when learning how to make money on Reddit, from local meet-ups held in your city to regional conferences now and then.

One of the most popular ways to generate traffic from Reddit is through posting links on /r/EventList, which describes itself as “the place to discover upcoming events of all kinds, ranging from casual meet-ups to large conventions.”

If you don’t want to spend money on paid ads or social promotion, this is one strategy that’s sure to work like a charm.

11. Get Your Site Featured on Subreddits

If you’re lucky, another Reddit user might contact you to offer their help in featuring your blog on their desired subreddit(s) if you want to make sure you know how to make money on Reddit.

So if, by chance, you know someone high up in the food chain of any specific subreddits that target your niche, then don’t be afraid to approach them.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this strategy unless you already have a strong enough following (and it’s relevant) to make it worth your while.

12. Stay Topical and Up-to-date With Content Trends

This speaks for itself, but I’ll spell it out here for everyone–the key is finding the right balance between quantity and quality when blogging.

Content is king when generating traffic, so as long as you don’t become a spammer, your blog’s quality should increase with each post.

13.  Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

While it might be tempting to keep up with all those “get more Reddit karma !” posts, the best way to generate traffic from Reddit is by posting high-quality content consistently so that you can learn how to make money on Reddit without cheating.

If you can update your blog once a week, then that’s good enough for now–kick things into gear and slowly work yourself towards daily blogging. Remember: consistency builds trust!

Now that we’ve covered some ways to make money from Reddit, I think it’s time we head over to /r/SmallBusinessTips for even more helpful resources on growing our business.

As mentioned earlier, Reddit isThis will make it easier for potential customers to find you and even join your mailing list where they can get updates about the services or products you offer.

Sub-Directories of Additional Income


On Reddit, you can focus on a specific task to make money, or you can earn indirect income by promoting products and services on other social media sites or your website.

Let’s take a look at nine subreddit that will help you make money from today.

1. /r / BeerMoney

BeerMoney is one of the most popular sub-sections on the site. Subreddit has more than 360,000 subscribers and continues to be popular due to its incredible revenue opportunities and business growth potential. Opportunities to make money with BeerMoney include:

Write reviews for products

Completing simple tasks

Participate in online surveys

…And more.

These and many other revenue-generating opportunities will appear in different subreddit, but BeerMoney is one of the best forums for reliable advice and tips.

In this forum, you can participate in discussions on various websites and opportunities to earn users’ benefits. Many people make hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month to perform multiple tasks on this subreddit.

Click here to visit /r/beermoney


This valuable Reddit community gives resources for anyone with promotion skills. You can advertise to show your skills to other members through the forum, thereby increasing your rental opportunities.

For anyone who has received training in any field, the platform provides an excellent way to get a high-paying job and earn extra income. With more than 145,000 users, For Hire offers many opportunities such as:

Graphic Designer

Web Design

Social media marketers


…And more.

The majority of opportunities on subreddit are related to computers and online businesses. If you are a skilled candidate or have skills in any of the above fields, many options are here.

Click here to visit /r/forhire

3. /r/WorkOnline

Work Online is a group where you can find various programs online. As the name suggests, there are multiple jobs opportunities available for grab.

Subreddit has more than 180,000 users. You can share and discuss various online earning opportunities, including websites you pay to buy, online employers, job opportunities, etc.

For those who are looking for full-time remote work, this is an excellent place to start looking. There are many opportunities, including:

Independent writing

Freelance  portals (e.g., Fiverr, Freelancer, Mturk, etc.)

Online tutoring

Affiliate marketing

Click here to visit /r/workonline/

4./r/Slave labor

If you use this name, naturally, no one will get rich from this subreddit. However, this community of more than 130,000 users is a great place to earn extra income for anyone who wants to make money on Reddit.

Subreddit offers a wide range of high-paying jobs that are easy to complete. Provide quick profit opportunities for people without professional skills or experience. The tasks concerning slave labor include:

Complete short-term tasks

Resume writing

Data input and more.

Although your income on this subreddit may not be as much as many others on our list, it is still a great way to make more money to maintain a higher income. You can choose from different tasks that usually don’t take time to complete.

Therefore, if you don’t mind working at a price below the market price and have time, it’s worth seeing what you can do here to earn extra income.

Click here to visit SlaveLabour

5. /r/SignupsforPay

Paid registration is a subsection with 19,000 members. It provides a way to make money at home by paying to register in different places. This task does not require skills or experience, only your time.

This forum is very suitable for people who are looking for an easy way to survive. All you have to do is browse the dashboard and choose from various posts on the website, and you can earn points and rewards by registering for free.

The majority of the posts here are from other members participating in the referral program. They provide an invitation link, and you can follow the registration process to get a bonus.

Click here to visit /r/signupsforpay


This is a popular subreddit for people who are considering starting an online business and learning how to make money on Reddit. The Entrepreneurship Forum has more than 370,000 members and provides tips and advice on building and growing your own online business.

In this community, you can discuss various entrepreneurial problems and solutions to help new entrepreneurs lay a solid foundation for their business.

After starting a business, you can also use Reddit as a powerful tool to promote your business to your ideal audience. Remember, you must promote in the right way. Otherwise, you will face the risk of being kicked out.

For example, you can’t post ads alone without communicating with other members on the subreddit. Such behavior is considered spam and will cause your account to be restricted or blocked.

To successfully market your business, you need to be a regular user of Reddit and interact with communities related to your business.

Click here to visit /r/startups

7. /r/Freelance

If you are a Freelancer or want to consider, this is an excellent platform for finding a job online and choosing to learn how to make money on Reddit. As a freelancer, you can improve yourself by participating in these and other related subreddit, making a lot of money on Reddit.

You need to interact and sell your freelance skills to other members to find someone who hires you. Suppose you are looking for short-term tasks or freelance work to expand your budget.

In that case, this is a good community for looking for high-value opportunities, and it is worth bookmarking because it provides a variety of tasks.

This means that if you do not find a suitable task on one day, you can find an appropriate task for you on other days.

Click here to visit /r/freelance


QMEE is one of the most popular communities, with more and more subscribers and regular user group activities. This is a great subreddit for people who want to work out how to make money on Reddit by performing simple and easy tasks.

You can get paid by clicking on sponsored links on Google and other search engine results. With QMEE, you can also share your opinions, shopping, and search to earn cash rewards. You can conduct paid surveys on your mobile device or laptop to increase your income every day.

When you shop, you will receive money-saving coupons and discounts on various commodities to help you save money.

QMEE also provides specially selected discounts, and users can obtain cash rewards through other methods (such as browsing the Internet) when using the QMEE browser application.

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9. /r/WallStreetBets

Since January 2021, WallStreetBets has been the main topic of discussion in foreign media and the Internet. At that time, many users gathered to increase the stock prices of companies such as GameStop and AMC.

Although it is technically possible to make money on the stock market, you need to be very careful about the potential consequences if you see it as a way to get rich quickly. Just like the stock can rise, especially when promoted on Reddit, it can also grow quickly.

Wall Street betting is a place where (presumably) educated investors provide stock advice and consultation on companies they think will appreciate or depreciate and explain why they feel that way, a good way to figure out how to make money on Reddit.

If you follow some of the tips and trends here, it is possible to make money, but be careful because you may soon be in financial trouble if you are not a professional investor.

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It is important to note that making money directly through Reddit is extremely difficult, but you can follow free courses to learn how to make money by opening a YouTube channel and blogging.

Can You Learn How to Make Money on Reddit?

Make Money

The short answer: yes. You can learn how to make money with Reddit. Reddit will not pay you directly, but it does provide many opportunities to make money through different subreddit.

You can complete tasks and get paid, or you can make money by sending traffic to your business, where your visitors can provide related products or services.

In other words, even if the platform doesn’t pay you, you can use it to attract the attention of any profitable asset you choose, as long as it can generate valuable content on the site.

You can provide answers, hints, or information to guide people to use your product or service. This is the same strategy that many people use on other social media platforms, and it is as effective as the way to work out how to make money on Reddit.

However, as mentioned above, you need to be familiar with the sub-sections that provide the best opportunities based on your knowledge, skills, or experience.

 In addition, if you want to market and promote your business, you must comply with strict policies and spend enough time active on the platform.

Below are three examples of Reddit users who can generate revenue from the platform and have learned how to make money on Reddit.

 Reddit Success Stories

Success Stories

1. u / Goldeneye0242

This Reddit user earned more than $3,000 in a year through various BeerMoney programs. Here, the user shares his experience and earnings reports of multiple programs he has been paid for so that you can learn how to make money on Reddit.

2. u / TheModestMan

Most of your traffic comes from the detailed posts you publish in the sub. This is a simple but highly effective strategy that can indirectly monetize your posts on Reddit. You can see your story here.

This Reddit user sends traffic from the r/Entrepreneur community to his blog, The Modest Man, where he sells accessory products such as men’s watches and socks, earning more than $10,000 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions About how To Make Money on Reddit

Can You Advertise on Reddit?

You can pay to run ads on Reddit to attract people to your content, but you can’t run Adsense ads on the Reddit platform to earn additional income.

Can I Use Affiliate Links on Reddit?

No, you can’t do that either. If you sell affiliate links on Reddit, Reddit users will likely report you and bar you from accessing the platform.

Reddit does this because it tries to protect its community from a large amount of spam that may appear on affiliate links.

Is It Possible for Me to Create a Community on Reddit and Talk About My Brand?

Absolutely! In general, the best thing about Reddit is to provide a lot of value, not to sell yourself while you are there. Redditors are tech-savvy people, and they don’t like people who distract the community.

To avoid these types of problems, focus on value rather than promotion. Delicate promotion is good, but the value is always the first on Reddit.


Learning how to make money on Reddit is the first thing to open an account. It is necessary to participate in forums, posts, and comments. The next step is to choose a strategy and niche.

“Niche market” refers to “specialized market segments targeting specific categories of products or interests.” In other words, it means knowing exactly what you offer or what you want to do. This has to do with your skills and what you like to do.

For example, if you draw well, you can provide custom designs. If you are an excellent programmer, you can provide your services.

Even if you don’t plan to join a particular community and want to deliver something more general, it’s best to know ​​what you want to make or sell.

Remember, just like you and many other people are offering their services to learn how to make money on Reddit; therefore, to be competitive, you must be excellent or be part of a community with a lot of traffic.

If you choose your topic or niche, you can follow the same principles as if you want to start a blog about things you like. Use trending topics that attract people who are willing to pay.

Almost every niche market you can imagine has communities, but most of them are prohibited from buying and selling services. However, some allow you to promote your work.

For example, if you are a painter, they will not allow you to sell your paintings but post photos to get to know you. We suggest that you find the communities you are interested in and make yourself known.

After completion, you can explore the buying and selling or working community when working out how to make money on Reddit. If you have nothing to sell or display, don’t worry, you still have hope. Communities specialize in different jobs.

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