How to Make a YouTube Intro on Your Phone

How to Make a YouTube Intro on Your Phone in 2024?

Published on: July 12, 2023
Last Updated: July 12, 2023

How to Make a YouTube Intro on Your Phone in 2024?

Published on: July 12, 2023
Last Updated: July 12, 2023

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A YouTube intro is part of a channel’s branding. Getting this right the first time is a key to higher viewership and increased interest among old and new subscribers.

You do not need to use sophisticated devices and spend loads of cash to create a catchy intro.

All you need is to read this article on how to make YouTube intro on your phone and you are good to go.

Find out which among the editing sites available on both mobile devices and browsers are best to use in creating one.

Another element that will help you achieve your success is to buy YouTube subscribers on any of these trusted sites.

Doing so is fast, cheap, and instant! It does not have to break a bank to be a YouTube superstar.

How to Make a YouTube Intro on Your Phone

A YouTube introduction comes in two forms: an image or a video.

Some channels prefer to make video intros while others keep it simple using an image tailored specifically to their theme and brand.

To start, we start with teaching you how to create an intro in the form of a jpeg/png image. This is fast, easy, and mobile device friendly.

Moreover, there are many apps you can choose to edit your photo from!

Here is how to make a YouTube intro on your phone.

1. Choose an editing app that you can download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Nowadays, the most popular free-to-use platform used by many content creators is Canva.

Another option to take is the OG editing app since forever, Adobe.

2. For the sake of this guide, we will use Canva as our example, but you can use any app or site you feel most comfortable with.

Go to the Canva app or website and create a new design

3. Luckily, the site already has a present for YouTube intro which is readily available. Some designs are free to edit while some others are paid.

Paid ones have a ‘Pro’ logo on the side and are usually more elaborate, well-designed, and can house more details more your channel.

Meanwhile, free ones are simple and basic, most of the time. Choose which one you would like to go and start editing.

4. Insert your channel’s name and relevant information about you. Keep texts minimal to avoid clouding.

Too much text and design could easily dismay viewers, leading them to get a wrong impression about you and your channel.

Follow the golden rule in graphic design: make it simple!

5. Canva allows users to insert free stock photos on their designs so make good use of this feature.

Find a photo that resonates best with the message of your page. Similarly, backgrounds can be changed and added, so as an audio.

If you like to insert a stock audio on your design, simply click the ‘Audio’ tab found on the list of all other tabs on the side of your screen

6. Once done, save your design! You can save it on regular formats namely jpeg and png but you may also go the extra mile and save on mp4 or GIF format

How to Make a YouTube Intro Video on Your Phone

Nowadays, many channels are choosing to use a video on their introduction to increase recall among viewers.

Upon hearing this intro video, subscribers automatically recognize which channel or YouTuber it came from.

Luckily, creating one using a mobile phone is also just as easy as editing an intro image.

The only difference is you are using a moving content that lasts for a couple of seconds and includes audio bites.

1. To make a YouTube intro, pre-shoot some of the clips on your phone.

Content creators must think of the most creative ways to introduce themselves as this will serve as the primary branding of your channel.

Nailing this is a key to popularity and YouTube success!

Ask yourself if you want your intro to sound friendly, calm, exciting, entertaining, mysterious, or a combination of all these factors

2. After shooting the videos, you may stitch them altogether to create a whole piece using video editing apps compatible with mobile devices such as InShot which allows users to import and export content up to 1080p and 60fps in size

3. Add texts and subtitles if necessary, and do not forget to insert an audio or your original music to make your video lively

4. Once done, save your video on your mobile phone. Add it in every video you will create in the future

Reminders in Shooting Videos on Your Phone

image 7


Now that you know creating a YouTube intro can be easily done using a mobile phone, we give you some friendly reminders to remember when shooting.

Unlike a dedicated video camera with high quality resolution suitable for YouTube app, using a mobile phone could sometimes lead to lower quality content without the right tools.

These are avoidable! In no time, you can shoot high quality videos on your phone just as beautiful as ones shot through special video capturing and editing devices

1. Good Lighting Is the Key

There is nothing that could beat the power of good lighting when it comes to shooting for a high quality video.

Sensors inside a phone camera need more light compared to cameras, that is why shooting with better lighting will be good for the video.

You do not need to spend on lighting equipment either. You can make use of the natural lighting from the daylight for free to save you some cash and time.

 2. Use 4K Resolution Instead of HD

Especially on iPhone, it is easy to change resolution to 4K instead of HD.

The former is a horizontal display resolution composed of more or less 4,000 pixels.

This format is used in televisions and digital cinematography which involve more dramatic feels to videos.

3. Use a Headset to Record Audio

If a microphone for recording is not available, you may opt to use your headset which is just as clear as using any dedicated device.

But make sure to speak clearly and not too close to the headset as it could easily solicit the sound even of your slightest movement.


Have you enjoyed our article on how to make YouTube intro on your phone?

Creating one is fast, easy, and free!

You do not need to spend on expensive devices to shoot your video or edit your image introduction.

However, using the best free-of-use tools is key to your video’s success. Make it short, sweet, and captivating.

Happy shooting!

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