How to Make a Post on YouTube

How to Make a Post on YouTube in 2024?

Published on: November 22, 2022
Last Updated: November 22, 2022

How to Make a Post on YouTube in 2024?

Published on: November 22, 2022
Last Updated: November 22, 2022

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Posting on YouTube may be among the most efficient ways to increase audience engagement on the app.

Thankfully, the platform is consistently making ways to make this feature easier to do for channel owners and we will teach you exactly how to make a post on YouTube. 

Now you see posts on your YouTube timeline more than usual consisting of polls, images, GIFs, videos, and the like, you also want to create your own.

On the other hand, not all users are eligible to post on the platform. You will find out in this article if you are eligible to make one. 

How to Make a Post on YouTube

Posting on YouTube is done through the Community tab which can be in any form of media such as images, videos, and polls.

Creators often use this feature to increase their interaction with their subscribers through asking questions and preferences and sharing a piece of information about their lives.

Here Is how To Make a Post on YouTube Using a Desktop Site:

1. Head on to YouTube’s official website and enter your channel’s login credentials

2. Tap on the ‘Upload’ icon found at the upper corner of the screen, just before your profile icon

3. A dropdown menu will show a list of actions you can take next. Select ‘Create Post’ to continue.

An important reminder: only channels with 1,000 subscribers or more are eligible to access the YouTube Community tab

If you cannot find the ‘Create Post’ on the menu, this means you are not qualified to create a post yet.

Make sure to increase your fanbase count to over a thousand to unlock this feature.

The fastest way is to buy YouTube subscribers on any of these sites, you will see your fan count increase after just a few clicks, and start creating a post on YouTube at any time you like

4. For those eligible, start typing your message or question on the text box and consider adding media on your post. 

You may start a poll when soliciting an advice from your subscribers, share an image of your latest recipe, post a video about your latest travel, and ask questions on plain text—you post anything you want as long as it does not violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines

5. Click ‘Post’ and YouTube will automatically upload your new content on your timeline which will be available for commenting and viewing among your subscribers and other users alike

Here Is how To Make a Post on YouTube Using the App

1. For our avid mobile users, there is also a way for you to create a YouTube post without leaving the comforts of your handheld devices.

To start, open the YouTube app and enter your channel’s login credentials

2. Using the dedicated app, click on the video icon found on the upper side corner of your homepage for Android users just before your profile icon.

For iPhone users, tap on the ‘+’ sign found at the very center of your screen

3. Click ‘Post’ or Create a Post,’ depending on the device you are using

4. In the description box, type on the question or text you want to share with your audience.

You may incorporate different forms of media such as polls, images, videos, playlist, live stream, and GIFs to accompany the text.

Posts with media hooks readers better and therefore generate higher user engagements.

Note that you can also mention other content creators and channels on your posts by putting the ‘@’ symbol, typing their username, and selecting their page among the suggestions

5. Once done, click ‘Post.’ YouTube will automatically upload your new post on your Community tab which is available to the public.

Users can answer, comment, and interact using the comment section

Creating a Live Stream Post 

Little known to many, live streamers may also create a post or an announcement about their live stream sessions using the Community tab.

Here is how to make one:

1. Open the YouTube app and enter your login credentials

2. Tap on record or the video icon  

3. Select ‘Live’ and make sure the audience is set to ‘Public’ before clicking ‘Next’

4. Input a title for your post and click next to proceed with choosing the official thumbnail for the post

5. Select between landscape and portrait for the orientation of your stream.

Unlock screen rotation to make sure your orientation moves along with the movement of your device

6. Click on ‘Share,’ followed by ‘Create a Post.’ Add a caption to your post, encouraging users to catch your stream.

Also highlight the topic for the day to hook other interested viewers to check you out

7. After selecting post, tap ‘Go Live’ and your stream will automatically be available to the public

8. Just click ‘Finish’ to end the stream. The archive version of your stream will be posted on your channel.

The public can rewatch the video and read on comments made during the live but they are not eligible to post their live chats once the stream has ended

How to Find Community Posts

image 14


As a content creator, it is important to go through the posts you have created and posted on the Community tab often to read on comments and hear your subscribers’ suggestions. 

1. To find Community posts using a desktop site, open your browser and search YouTube Studio

2. On the left side of the screen, click on ‘Content.’ You will automatically be redirected to the Community page

3. Finish by clicking the ‘Posts’ tab. Browse through your previous posts, read comments, and reply to your followers to keep the engagement going


We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on how to create a post on YouTube. There are many ways to do it fast and easy.

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Just make sure you are eligible to create one to proceed which means you have to carry a minimum of 1,000 subscribers on your channel to create a post.

Make your engagements creative by adding images, polls, playlists, and other rich media format on your posts.



Remember to follow YouTube Community Guidelines and refrain from posting harassing or malicious content which could lead to a temporary restriction or permanent banning. Happy posting!

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