How to Install a VPN on PS4 via Router, PC & Mac

How to Install a VPN on PS4 in 2024 (Router, PC & Mac)

Published on: October 22, 2022
Last Updated: October 22, 2022

How to Install a VPN on PS4 in 2024 (Router, PC & Mac)

Published on: October 22, 2022
Last Updated: October 22, 2022


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This resource will guide you on how to install a VPN on PS4.

PlayStation 4 is the ultimate favorite of people who want non-stop entertainment and an interactive gaming experience.

It’s designed with exceptional gaming power and high-end HDR technology that improves signal reception.

However, many people still struggle with internet connectivity, which is why VPN is suggested as it improves the internet speed and secures the connection.

How to Install a VPN on PS4

There are various ways of installing a VPN for PlayStation 4, but since there is no native support for VPNs, the users won’t be able to configure a VPN connection from the gaming console’s settings.

For this purpose, an optional device is needed to redirect the traffic, such as a Mac or Windows computer system or a router with particular software installed in it.

Whichever device is used, it must have correct interfaces, and you will need an Ethernet cable.

In addition, you need a few Wi-Fi adapters as they are critical for the system setup.

Secondly, you must have access to a premium or paid VPN account that works on multiple devices, such as your gaming console and the device.

Method One – Connecting PlayStation 4 To VPN Through Router

There are very limited Wi-Fi routers available that support VPN connections. For this reason, it’s essential that the router is VPN-compatible.

The VPN connection can be set up on the router by installing an alternate firmware and through manual configuration.

In addition, you can purchase the pre-flashed router model from the VPN provider.

To make sure you purchase the right router, check the list of compatible routers provided by VPN customer support.

For running the VPN on your gaming console, you need to set up a connection manually. For this purpose, open the router’s settings and go to the VPN page.

On the VPN page, you will need to enter the service name, server address, email address and account name, password, and encryption key.

Once the information is saved, you can use the router to play games on PS4, and the VPN connection will be already established.

Keep in mind that this process changes with the VPN service and the router brand, so it is suggested that you check the manual or contact customer support for more assistance.

Lastly, when you run VPN on the router, it means that every device it’s connected to will use the VPN connection, and it might limit your browsing and streaming experience.

Method Two – Connecting PlayStation 4 To VPN Through Windows PC

If you don’t have a VPN-compatible router or you don’t want every device to use a VPN connection, you can also use your Windows PC to establish this connection.

For this purpose, you must set up the virtual access point on the Windows system and connect the PlayStation 4 to it.

The Windows system will share a highly secure connection with PS4, which means the gaming console’s traffic will be protected as well.

There are various ways of configuring a VPN connection on a Windows PC.

1. Using Windows 10 & Mobile Hotspot

Windows 10

If you are a laptop user, this is the best solution for you as they support wireless internet connections as well as a gaming console.

Having said that, you can use the home network to connect the devices.

To begin with, the PC must be connected to the internet (you can use an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi connection).

Once the laptop is connected, install the Windows app for a VPN subscription.

You need to log in to the VPN app by using your login credentials and it will set up a connection.

On the Windows 10 PC, open the network and internet settings, and choose the adapter options.

You need to tap on the virtual adapter established by the VPN and select its properties.

From the properties, click on the sharing button, and allow other network users to connect with the internet connection.

Lastly, choose the Wi-Fi option from the drop-down down and press the OK button.

If you intend on using the wireless connection, you must activate the mobile hotspot from the network and internet settings.

Mobile hotspot

As a result, the laptop or computer will create a hotspot with login credentials and can be easily changed whenever you want.

For connecting the PlayStation 4 to the Wi-Fi network, open the network from the settings, and set up the internet connection.

Then, use the Wi-Fi feature and enter the password, and the internet connection will be set up.

2. Using A Wired Connection

If there is no Wi-Fi module on the desktop PC, there will be an option to connect the game console with the help of a cable.

For this purpose, you must connect the desktop PC with the Ethernet-based internet connection, and it should have a VPN app installed and logged in.

Once everything is set up, open the network and internet settings from Windows and choose virtual adapter from the adapter options.

When you choose the virtual adapter, open properties, select sharing, and choose Ethernet.

The second phase is to connect your PlayStation console to the Windows computer with the help of an Ethernet cable.

From the menu settings of PS4, choose the network and tap on “set up the internet connection.” It will take a few minutes to set up the connection.

Method Three – Connecting PlayStation 4 To VPN Through Mac OS

Connecting the VPN with PS4 with the help of Mac OS is pretty convenient, and the process is quite similar to Windows.

However, there is a minor difference as you will need to opt for a shared Mac connection and create a manual connection with the VPN server.

For this method, you will need an Ethernet cable for connecting the PS4 console to your Mac.

Moreover, you must consider the placement of devices and purchase the Ethernet adapters to establish a full connection.

To go ahead with the process, you must have a VPN subscription and it must be logged in on Mac (you can ask the VPN service provider for manual configuration steps).

From the system preferences, choose internet sharing and choose Wi-Fi from the drop-down menu of the “share the connection from” option.

In addition, choose Ethernet in the “to computers” options. Lastly, check the internet sharing box (it’s on the left side).

The last step is to connect your PS4 console through Mac to your internet connection.

Then, choose the network from the settings and use the LAN cable option from the internet connection feature.

As a result, the internet and VPN connection will be established within a few seconds.

Importance Of Using VPN With PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

When the PS4 is operated more, it will be prone to various security risks because of the internet.

For this reason, the VPN provides security while optimizing the online gaming experience.

1. Minimizes Lag & Ping

Generally, the download speeds and upload speeds are slower when the ping is high, which also leads to higher lag.

During gaming, every second is important for the internet.

For this purpose, the VPNs can be used for minimizing the ping while fixing the bandwidth throttling by the internet service provider.

However, you must remember that a bad VPN service can actually hinder the internet connection, which increases latency and lag.

This is why a premium and paid VPN is suggested, as it’s optimized for better performance during browsing and gaming.

In addition, such VPNs offer unlimited bandwidth and reliable internet connection speeds for gaming.

2. Mask The Activity & Location

Online anonymity is the particular reason gamers connect their PlayStation 4 to the VPN.

The internet service providers regularly log the internet activities of the users, and the information is sold to advertisers.

Generally, it’s not considered to be a direct threat to security, but it’s surely an invasion of privacy. 

The VPNs allow the gamers to remain anonymous and establish an internet connection from the desired location.

In simpler words, you will be able to access the PS Store from various regions to purchase games.

3. Fending Off Malicious Attacks

A high-quality and properly encrypted VPN will fend off the malicious attempts that are usually made by spammers and hackers to spam the internet with DDoS attacks.

These attacks can direct a drastic amount of traffic and data to the connection, which increases the ping to higher levels.

The VPNs also encrypt the physical address, email address, passcodes, credit card details, and other information stored on the PS4 account.

Tips To Choose The VPN For PS4


It’s evident that selecting the right VPN is essential to mask the connection and increase the internet speed while connected to PS4.

There are various points that can help you select the right VPN that complies with the security and internet needs.

1. Check The Features

As you need a VPN for online gaming, it is essential to use a VPN with a reliable connection, unlimited bandwidth, and high speed.

For this reason, whichever VPN you choose, make sure that it has a no-log policy, router support, and various server locations.

Moreover, it must have anonymous DNS servers and an integrated kill switch.

2. Compatible Devices

The majority of VPN apps support various operating systems, including Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux, but some VPNs don’t have such compatibility.

For this reason, it is important to choose the VPN that provides maximum support for various devices and operating systems.

Also, do check how many devices can be connected to the VPN at one time, particularly if you want to secure multiple gaming devices.

3. Interface

Various VPNs have complex user interfaces and setups, which can be extremely challenging for some people.

So, if you aren’t tech-savvy and cannot go through extensive configuration processes, it is important to select a VPN with a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

In addition, some VPNs are designed with virtual setups, which means everything will be automated.

The Bottom Line

Establishing a VPN connection on PlayStation 4 can be pretty challenging for people, but it’s evident that these methods can help create a seamless and secure connection for enjoying your gaming and entertainment experience. 

I hope you enjoyed my article on how to install a VPN on PS4. Good luck!

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