How To Hack Instagram Password

5+ EASY Ways to Hack Instagram Passwords in 2024

Published on: February 23, 2024
Last Updated: February 23, 2024

5+ EASY Ways to Hack Instagram Passwords in 2024

Published on: February 23, 2024
Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Over 50 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram since the site was launched.

It’s little wonder that it has become one of the most popular places to find a partner or to have a fling behind a partner’s back. 

That is one of several reasons why you may want to know how to hack Instagram passwords.

How to Hack Instagram Passwords in 2024

1. EyeZy

eyeZy Instagram

A third party password hacking app is the best option for hacking Instagram passwords.

There are several options available but EyeZy is definitely one of the best on the market. 

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It’s very easy to install and use. EyeZy also allows you to see someone’s Instagram activity whenever you want, without them knowing. 

Of course, there are a few things you should know:


EyeZy is a first-class service, which means there is a cost to use it.

The exact amount will depend on how long you subscribe for. For example, subscribing for just one month will cost you around $40.

In contrast, subscribing for 12 months will cost you less than $10 per month. 

Installation Process

Choosing the length of your subscription is part of the installation process.

You’ll need to create an account on EyeZy, this takes moments as it is your email address and the opportunity to create a password. 

You then select the length of your subscription and whether you want to use EyeZy on an Android or iPhone. 

As soon as you’ve made your payment you’ll get a link, this needs to be installed on the target device.

Most people choose the target’s cell phone as this is now the most common device for accessing the internet.  

Android Installation
Eyezy Android mobile

To load EyeZy on an Android you’ll need physical access to the target device.

This is the hardest part of the process. It’s essential to get the device for five minutes and for it to be unlocked. 

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Once you have the Android device, open Google Play and, in the settings, turn off Play Protect.

You can then open a new browser and paste in the link provided by EyeZy. 

It will automatically install into the operating system by itself.

It takes a few minutes and the user won’t be able to see it’s been installed. 

Once it’s finished, simply close the browser and Google Play then return the phone to where you got it. 

EyeZy on iOS iphone_icloud_sync

Installing on an iPhone can be a lot simpler if you know the target’s username and password for the iCloud. The process is similar. 

You can open the iCloud on your own device and then log into the target’s account.

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Paste the link into an online browser and it will download, automatically installing on the iPhone when it next connects to the cloud. 

Again, it goes into the operating system, meaning the target won’t know it’s there.

Once you’ve installed the link you can go to your own device and log into your EyeZy dashboard. 

You’ll see a social media tab. Select this and then Instagram.

It won’t show you the Instagram password.

But, it will show you everything they have posted on Instagram, including comments made by others, images and videos sent and received, and even deleted messages! 

Additional Features


The reason EyeZy is so good is that it gives you full access to Instagram, allowing you to read all messages without the target knowing.

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It also offers an array of other features. 

Other Social Media Sites

EyeZy doesn’t just work with Instagram. It shows you all messages sent and received on all social media channels.

In other words, you’ll know exactly what your target is saying online. 

Contact List

You’ll also be able to see a full list- of contacts on the target phone. You can see when new ones have been added and even when some are deleted.

Phone Calls and SMS
EyeZy analyzer

As well as seeing the contacts you can look at the calls made and received.

The duration of each call will help you determine what type of call it was. 

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EyeZy gives you a breakdown of the most popular calls made from the device. 


You’ll appreciate being able to see all images and videos on the device.

That includes downloaded images. It’s surprising how much you can learn from images and videos. 

EyeZy location pinpoint

EyeZy uses the GPS chip in the phone to verify its location.

This means it can tell you where the target is and where they have been. 

There are many situations when this is useful. 


You’ll also be able to see a full list of apps being used on the phone and when apps are deleted or new ones are installed.

It’s a great way of checking for dating apps or other dubious sites.  

EyeZy Notifications Magic Alerts

Finally, EyeZy allows you to set alerts, specifically keywords and phrases.

When these are used by your target you’ll be instantly alerted.

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It can help you track their location or know when they are saying things designed for a special someone. 

2. Guess Work

If you know someone well then you may be able to guess their password.

Alongside trying the most common passwords in use, you can try things that are important to the person.

For example, their hobbies, date of birth, or partner’s name.

If you know any of their passwords from other accounts or old passwords, it’s worth trying them.

Most people don’t change passwords often and regularly reuse old passwords

Guessing a password is often difficult. You’ll only get so many attempts before Instagram temporarily restricts access to their account. 

In addition, the account holder will get messages to say their login attempt has failed.

That’s going to alert them to the fact someone else is trying to get into their account.    

3. Web-Based Password Hacker

Instagram hacker

There are plenty of free web-based hacking tools on the internet. You’ll simply need to choose one and register for an account. 

However, not all apps are created equal. The free ones often come with a hidden price.

They extract your data and create a profile of you and your interests. The app can then sell this profile, earning them money and you plenty of spam. 

That’s why you may prefer a premium Instagram hacking app.

These offer higher levels of confidentiality and are less likely to steal your data.

A web-based password hacker uses several procedures, including most common passwords, password decrypters, and algorithms.

The aim is to crack any password quickly. All you have to do is give them an Instagram username.

This approach will often work. However, it should be noted that this may give you one-time only access. 

Instagram, like many social media sites, tells the account owner when their account has been logged into from a different device or location from usual.

That alerts the account holder, they are likely to change the account password. 

In short, you’ll only get in once and you may not have long in their account.

It depends on how fast they are at changing their password.  

4. Use The Password Manager

The average person today has at least 20 different passwords they need to remember. Many people turn to password managers to help them.

These offer a place to record usernames and passwords, allowing you to access them via the internet anywhere in the world.

The best password managers also offer a password generator. It creates random passwords which are much harder to crack.  

However, the password manager is protected by one password.

If you can hack the password, ideally using a password hacking tool, you’ll gain access to their entire list of passwords, including any Instagram passwords. 

Simply click on the small eye and the password will become visible.

You can then use this and the Instagram username to get into the Instagram account.

5. Password Reset Option

 This option relies on access to the target’s device. If you know their username you can go to Instagram and, on the login page, select the ‘forgot password’ option. 

You’ll then need to enter either their username or email address. Instagram will send a link, usually via email, allowing you to reset their password. 

To access the email, use the link, and delete the email you’ll either need access to their device or already know the password to their email account. 

You can then follow the link and reset the password to anything you like. 

Once that’s done, simply log into Instagram with their username and password.

Of course, the target won’t be able to get into their own Instagram account. That means they will reset the password.

In short, this password hacking approach will probably only let you in once, you’ll have to reset the password again if you want to check their Instagram account again. 

Naturally, doing this too many times will make the target very suspicious.    

6. Phishing – The More Advanced Approach

It’s becoming easier for anyone to phish, you no longer need to know how to code.

There are plenty of phishing kits which guide you through the process and do much of the work for you. 

Phishing means sending your target an email with a link in.

The email tells them there is an issue with their Instagram account. The link is to allow them to login. 

However, in a phishing message the link is false, it takes the target to a site that looks like the Instagram login page.

When the target enters their login name and password, you get the information. 

You can then use this to log into their Instagram account. 

Why Hack Instagram Passwords?


The most common reason to hack an Instagram password and check what is on someone’s Instagram is to check up on a partner. 

If you’re concerned your partner is cheating on you or you’re suffering from a lack of trust in the relationship, then seeing their Instagram account can reassure you or give you the proof you need.

The other most common reason is to monitor your child’s activity on Instagram.

Monitoring their activity in secret means you know what they are doing and that they are safe, without damaging your relationship with them. 

There’s a fine line between trusting children online and keeping them safe, hacking their Instagram password can help you maintain the balance. 

Summing Up

There are several valid reasons to learn how to hack Instagram password.

There are also a bunch of reasons to use EyeZy as your preferred Instagram password cracker app. 

Although it doesn’t give you the Instagram password, it does give you full access to the target’s phone, including all social media sites, phone calls, messages, and so much more. 

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

It’s the perfect way to keep someone safe or give yourself peace of mind, while knowing what they are doing on Instagram. 

If you haven’t tried it before, now is definitely the time to do so. 

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