How To Hack Instagram Deleted Messages

How to Hack Instagram Deleted Messages in 2024

Published on: May 1, 2023
Last Updated: May 1, 2023

How to Hack Instagram Deleted Messages in 2024

Published on: May 1, 2023
Last Updated: May 1, 2023

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If you’ve ever deleted an important Instagram message by mistake you’ll know how frustrating this can be.

After all, Instagram doesn’t offer any way to restore a deleted message. 

Fortunately, there are other ways to get back the lost message, this guide to how to hack Instagram deleted messages will show you how. 

In most cases you’ll find the process of recovering deleted messages is simple.

However, there are some more complex options which can work, but are best left to last.

You’re likely to find one of the simpler approaches work and they’re a lot less hassle. 

How to Hack Instagram Deleted Messages

Let’s get straight into hacking your deleted messages.

How to Track an Instagram Accounts Location

1. Instagram Data Option

If you decide to delete a message on Instagram it simply disappears. There is no trash folder or bin where you can locate the message before it’s permanently deleted. 

However, a message deleted from your account takes up to 30 days to be deleted from the Instagram servers.

In short, the message can be retrieved if you access the data on the Instagram servers. 

It even allows you to recapture deleted photos and videos.

To do this you’ll have to open Instagram on a web browser and sign into your account. In the top right you’ll see your profile option, tap this. 

You’ll be taken to your profile page, choose the edit profile option. On the next page you’ll see several options, one of which will be privacy and security.

Select this and click the data download option. 

Instagram will give you the option to do a data download. Select this.

You’ll need to decide on the file format, you can choose between JSON and HTML.

Once you’ve selected one you’ll be prompted to enter your account password. 

The data file will be sent to you via email, simply open the file and you’ll be able to see your deleted messages. 

You should note, it can take up to 48 hours to receive the file.  

2. Via your Facebook Account

Facebook saw Instagram’s potential in 2012 when it bought the company for $1 billion. It seemed ridiculous at the time, especially as Instagram had just 13 employees.

However, there is little doubt that it was a great business decision. 

Today it means Instagram users can connect their Instagram account with their Facebook one.

If you’ve chosen to link your accounts you can activate auto-posting. 

This allows you to post to Instagram and for the post to be automatically uploaded to Facebook. 

Provided you have linked accounts before you accidentally delete any messages, you’ll be able to see the deleted message on Facebook. 

All you have to do is open a browser and goto your Facebook page, then log in.

Then, select the Facebook inbox and choose the Instagram Direct option. 

You’ll then be shown all of your Instagram messages which have been automatically posted on Facebook, that includes the now-deleted ones. 

Of course, this only works if you have a Facebook account and you linked it with Instagram before the messages were deleted. 

3. Ask The Sender

This isn’t always an option, depending on who sent the message to you, or even who you sent a message to. 

However, even if it seems unlikely, it is worth messaging the sender or receiver to see if they would send the message back to you. 

This works because, provided you haven’t unsent a message, deleting the message on your account doesn’t automatically delete it on theirs. 

The other person can copy the original message into a new one and send it back to you.

Or, they can take a screenshot, showing the message, and send that to you. 

Naturally, this is cumbersome if you need multiple messages sent, such as when you’ve accidentally deleted an entire thread of messages. 

4. EyeZy

Eyezy Instagram

EyeZy is a third-party app that allows you to see deleted messages and does a host of other things.

There are several apps that offer similar options but this is generally considered to be the best.

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Part of this is because you don’t just get to see deleted Instagram messages. A good third-party app, like EyeZy, will allow you access to all social media accounts and so much more.

EyeZy will need to be installed before you delete any messages. 

It’s useful for users recovering deleted messages and partners that wish to hack an account to verify they are being faithful.

Using EyeZy is simple. The first step is to visit their website and create an account. All you need to do is select the try now option, enter a valid email address, and create your password.

You’ll then need to select your subscription level.

The most expensive option, around $40 a month, gives you just one month’s access. In contrast, a twelve-month subscription will cost you under $10 a month. 

As soon as you’ve decided your subscription level and paid for it, you’ll be given a link.

This has to be installed on the target device. 

Installing is simple but the trickiest part of the process. 

For Android

Eyezy Android mobile

To install EyeZy on an Android device you’ll need physical access to the device. The process is usually completed within 5 minutes, you don’t need the device for long. 

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As soon as you have the Android phone go to the Google Play store.

Once there, you can enter the settings and turn off Play Protect. Then, open a browser and paste the link into it.

The download will start straight away and will take a few minutes. As soon as it’s finished you can close the browser and the Play Store.

Because EyeZy installs inside the operating system it is virtually invisible, even to the Android owner. 


EyeZy on iOS iphone_icloud_sync

In general, installing EyeZy on an iPhone is simple. However, you will need to know the user’s iCloud name and password.

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You can then access the cloud from any computer and log into the cloud with your iCloud details, or those of your target if you’re trying to read someone else’s messages

Follow this by pasting the link into a browser and allowing EyeZy to download.

Again, it will disappear into the operating system, ensuring the target doesn’t know it’s there. 

Using EyeZy

Eyezy instagram_activity_tracker

Once you’ve managed to install EyeZy you can access everything without having to use the original phone.

EyeZy gives you a comprehensive list of features:

Social Media
EyeZy Blocks

EyeZy will give you access to all messages on Instagram, whether they have been deleted or not.

But, it will also let you see all messages on other social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. 

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In short, all social media messages, sent and received, will be visible. This includes files sent with them, whether images or videos. 

Because EyeZy tracks everything inputted into a specific device and saves the information on its own servers, the information is available long after you’ve deleted it on Instagram, or any other social media account. 

Text Messages

EyeZy also allows you to see all SMS and MMS messages sent and received.

You’ll be able to identify the sender and when the messages were sent, along with all the content. 

Contacts & Call Logs
EyeZy analyzer

This third-party app also allows you to check the call logs and contact list on a device.

It will show you who is in the contact list and who is contacted the most.

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It can even tell you the duration of a call. This can often help to identify whether the call is platonic or more. 

EyeZy keystroke

It’s possible you have media saved on your device that has been downloaded or received in some other way, rendering it invisible to the camera. 

However, it’s not invisible to EyeZy. The app sees all media files, regardless of what they are.

You can see all videos, photos, and other files stored on the device. 

It can be a real eye-opener. 

EyeZy lcoation pinpoint

The location tracker which comes with EyeZy can be very useful, especially if you’ve lost your phone. 

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It works even if your location is turned off because it uses the GPS chip in the device.

This allows it to give an exact location for the phone and display its history.

You’ll be able to track where the phone has been and when.

That’s not only useful if you’ve lost your phone, it can also help you track someone when they are in trouble or alert you to a loved one going where they shouldn’t.  

Apps Used

EyeZy will provide you with a complete list of apps on your phone, including which are used often and it will advise you when new ones are added. 

EyeZy location pinpoint

Finally, EyeZy is capable of monitoring communications and sending you a message if designated keywords or phrases are used.

This will allow you to verify what your target is up to. 

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Why Deleted Messages Need To be Hacked

The most obvious reason to hack deleted Instagram messages is that you’ve accidentally deleted them and need to see the content again. 

However, this isn’t the only reason to hack Instagram deleted messages. It’s also necessary when you are concerned about a partner or your children.

In these instances deleted Instagram messages can tell you a lot. After all, most people delete them for a reason. 

Fortunately, EyeZy allows you to see all their social media messages, including any that have been deleted. It works on most social media sites.

If you suspect a partner is cheating then being able to read deleted messages can help to either prove your theory or rebuild trust in the relationship. 

It’s also useful to monitor your children, helping to give them freedom online while keeping them safe. 


How Long Does Instagram Keep Deleted Messages For?

Instagram doesn’t disclose exactly how long data is kept.

However, it appears that deleted messages are accessible for at least 30 days after they’ve been deleted. 

Is Hacking Deleted Instagram Messages Legal?

As with most things there are gray lines. But, if you’re hacking your own messages or those of a child that remains your responsibility, it is definitely legal. 

If you’re hacking your partner’s deleted messages it’s usually okay, provided you don’t have malicious intent. 

Of course, if you’re hacking to cause physical or emotional distress, it will be considered illegal. 

Why Are Your Messages Automatically Deleted?

The most common reason for this is that Vanish mode has been activated on Instagram.

When you are in this mode the message will automatically delete as soon as you leave a chat. 

You’ll need to go into the Instagram settings and deactivate Vanish mode. This will stop them from being automatically deleted and save you a lot of hassle. 

To deactivate Vanish mode, open your Instagram account and select the message image.

Choose the chat that’s suffering from deleted messages and select the info option. You’ll see several options, one is Vanish mode. Make sure it is set to ‘off’. 

In Summary, the best spy apps in 2024 are;

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Summing Up

The key to retrieving a deleted message is to think about this scenario in advance.

All the above scenarios have the potential to work.

But, the easiest and safest option is EyeZy. It does all the hard work for you, all you have to do is login and read the messages. 

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The good news is, your reason to delete a message no longer matters, you can still get the information back if desired.

You simply need to understand how to hack Instagram deleted messages and implement the most appropriate technique.

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