How to Get YouTube Rank on Hypixel

How to Get YouTube Rank on Hypixel in 2024

Published on: April 14, 2023
Last Updated: April 14, 2023

How to Get YouTube Rank on Hypixel in 2024

Published on: April 14, 2023
Last Updated: April 14, 2023

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Online gaming enjoys sustained popularity, even after lockdowns and mobility restrictions were lifted.

The industry enjoys a massive amount of following and many creators get a steady source of income out of it.

Among the most popular gaming platform today is Minecraft which is home to a wide number of minigames, including Hypixel.

Many video game channels on YouTube target to achieve a YouTube rank on the site but not everyone is welcome to join this highly selective group.

Nevertheless, it is possible! This is exactly why you are reading this—to know the easiest way to get YouTube Rank on Hypixel.

How to Get YouTube Rank on Hypixel 

To directly answer the mystery behind how to get YouTube rank on Hypixel, you need to have a high subscriber count and viewership.

The easiest way to do this is to buy YouTube views! You may do so by visiting the websites on the link and spending a small amount of money to get the work done.

The best thing about it? You will gain popularity overnight by doing nothing. Go and check it out to see how it works.

Hypixel observes strict requirements when it comes to giving out a YouTube rank.

On the other side of the fence lies many benefits and advantages that come with achieving this ranking.

Listed below are the requirements for getting a YouTube rank, according to Hypixel’s Support Page:

  • The most common characteristic shared by creators with YouTube rank is popularity. The channel needs to have a steady and huge number of subscribers before becoming eligible for the site’s Creator Program
  • You should have at least 30,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel 
  • The channel should have Minecraft-centered content. Video postings should discuss new updates on Minecraft and needs to be frequent and consistent. 

Meanwhile, an exemption is made for creators with at least 100,000 subscribers.

They can be generalized gaming channels with consistent and frequent postings of different online games, but Minecraft-focused content should still be new, although could be infrequent.

  • Videos and streams posted by the creator should get at least 1000 views within seven days after posting which does not apply to YouTube Shorts content which normally gets a higher view count 
  • The channel should be active and produce high-quality original content. There should be some Minecraft videos uploaded in the past
  • The channel should never have uploaded content that violated Hypixel’s general content guidelines in the past

The list might look too taxing to fulfill but the benefits waiting for a content creator with a YouTube rank outweighs the input.

How Streamers Can Get YouTube Rank on Hypixel 

Surprisingly, not only YouTube channels can achieve a YouTube rank, but also streamers on platforms like Twitch. 

  • To start, the streamer should have at least 30,000 unpaid followers not generated from any auto-follow bot
  • The average number of audiences in every stream should be at least 50 viewers 
  • The creator needs to have established a regular streaming schedule as Hypixel has to review your streams to assess your eligibility for the title
  • Gaming content should be the focus of the past and present streams in general. Meanwhile, it will be better if there are Minecraft-focused content included

Reminder, there are some instances when a streamer’s bid for YouTube rank will still be rejected despite meeting all the requirements listed above.

The applicators submitted to Hypixel are individually reviewed and approval still comes on a case-to-case basis.

Advantages of Securing a YouTube Rank

Content creators race to secure a YouTube rank despite the long list of eligibility requirements.

We will walk you through some of the title’s advantages and see why it is sought after by many players in the gaming field.

  • Upon qualifying, a ‘YOUTUBE’ prefix will be automatically added to your chat prefix
  • You will enjoy the same perks as those with MVP++ ranks
  • Good news, you may bypass anti-cheat blockades imposed on all other players
  • Access to the Alpha Hypixel Network, including the #mvp-lounge channel, and Hypixel Discord’s special channels
  • There will be specific perks on different Hypixel games including unlocking all heroes in Smash Heroes and all classes in Mega Walls, among others

These are just some of the advantages that come with the title. Check out Hypixel’s fandom wiki to know more.

What is Minecraft’s Hypixel?

image 4


Hypixel is a dedicated online server on Minecraft which serves as a host for minigames.

The latter is known as a ‘game within a game’ where users can join and play several games while inside another game. 

Currently, Hypixel is home to more than 20 minigames where players could engage and compete with one another without leaving Minecraft.

How to Apply for YouTuber Rank on Hypixel?

The first way to apply for YouTuber rank eligibility is by sending a personal application to Creator Program’s official email at [email protected] with the subject line ‘Creator Program Application.’

The email should contain only two pieces of relevant information: at the top is your in-game name, also known as IGN.

This is followed by your YouTube channel and/or Twitch account’s official links.

Applying for YouTube Rank on Hypixel Using the Support Site

The most recommended way to apply for YouTube rank on Hypixel is with the use of the support site. 

1. Access this link and select ‘Creator Program’ as your topic from the dropdown menu

2. Enter your email address and the kind of help you need. In this case, choose ‘Creator Program (YouTube Rank) Application’

3. Put ‘YouTube Channel Application’ on the subject line

4. Insert the link to your YouTube channel or Twitch account on the description box

5. Detail your Minecraft username on the space provided after the description

6. Optional: you may attach some files and photos to support your application

7. Click ‘Submit.’ Hypixel will review your application and will contact you via the email provided once your bid is successful


You have just learned how to get YouTube rank on Hypixel.

The process of going here may require a lot of effort but the perks that come after will help you become a better gamer in the long run.

Go check out for yourself if you are already eligible for the YouTube rank.

If you are, make sure to follow our guide on how to submit your application using Hypixel’s email or support site. Best of luck!

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