Best Minecraft Server Hosting

13 Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2024 (Cheap & Reliable)

Published on: July 11, 2023
Last Updated: July 11, 2023

13 Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2024 (Cheap & Reliable)

Published on: July 11, 2023
Last Updated: July 11, 2023

In a hurry?
The best Minecraft server hosting in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Apex Hosting!

Are you looking for the best Minecraft hosting?

It’s possible for players to host Minecraft servers with their own devices, but in some cases, that type of local hosting fails to suffice the demand.

For this reason, the players have to opt for a server hosting service.

Server hosting is provided by third-party companies with advanced server hardware to help support a high amount of traffic.

However, it can be challenging to choose the best server hosting service in 2024 that facilitates your need for a robust server.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2024

Fortunately, there are some reliable yet cheap options that can be tried in 2024.

  1. Apex Hosting – 🏆 Winner!
  2. BisectHosting
  3. Sparked Host
  4. Shockbyte
  5. ScalaCube
  6. Nodecraft
  7. GG Servers
  8. CubedHost
  9. ServerMiner

1. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting

This is modded Minecraft servers hosting for people who are looking for free transfers and 24/7 customer support.

It has been around since 2013 and offers a wide range of mini-games.

It supports the plugins and mods and there are one-click modpacks available for easier installation and playing.

Apex Hosting is the best Minecraft server hosting available with secured networks and provides protection against DDoS attacks.

👉 Try Apex Hosting Here

When you opt for this cheap Minecraft hosting, you can get a free sub-domain as well as a customized web-based panel.

In addition, it has been integrated with a powerful panel that allows the users to control the game server through smartphones.

The domain names available at Apex Hosting have an area code according to your location, which makes the website easy to identify. Also, the domain name also has at the end.

The hosting platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which promises efficient navigation and smoother feature management.

The interface is extremely adaptable that helps use multiple mods and apps.

It provides access to a database system and has a MySQL system. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get storage over 4GB.

In addition, there are various storage options available, depending on how much you can pay (the storage ranges from 1GB to 4GB).

Keep in mind that the storage option you choose can directly impact the service level, server capacity, and player count.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you choose the highest plan to achieve the best performance.

As far as security is concerned, it promises protection from large-scale as well as small-scale DDoS attacks since they have acquired SSL certificates, making it the most secure modded hosting platform.

The company has 24/7 customer support available and accessing the technical team is also possible if you have performance issues with the game.

With Apex Hosting, the installation is not only easy but instant as well; the installation is automated, which means your server will be up and running in a few seconds.

However, before you start the installation process, you must select and pay for a plan. Also, there is a multicraft tool available for customizing the server features.

Overall, this Minecraft server hosting offers pragmatic features to the users and all of them are easy to use since the interface is easy to navigate through.

In addition, its dynamic database makes it easier to host the server without worrying about security attacks. Last but not least, it has the highest up-time.

  • MySQL database
  • High uptime
  • Quick setup
  • Supports the mods and plugins
  • Free sub-domains
  • 24/7 support
  • Automated backups
  • Doesn’t support multiple languages
  • Lack of VPS-based servers

2. BisectHosting


BisectHosting was launched in 2011 by Venture Node LLC and allows the users to achieve a smooth and uninterrupted multiplayer experience on Minecraft.

In addition, the company offers other web hosting solutions, including dedicated server hosting, VPS, and shared hosting for people who intend on launching their own websites.

According to the company, they want to become the best Minecraft server hosting platform and their user-friendly features will really help them achieve it.

This modded Minecraft server hosting platform offers servers in various locations, including Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Buffalo, Hillsboro, Montreal, London, Limburg, Amsterdam, Roubaix, Sydney, Moscow, Warsaw, and Singapore.

There are over 40 plans available; twenty are premium plans while the remaining 20 are affordable plans, making it suitable for people who need cheap Minecraft server hosting without compromising on the quality.

This is because even the affordable plans of this Minecraft server hosting have premium features available, including MySQL, JAR support, a free sub-domain, FTP access, and DDoS protection.

The most affordable plan costs around $2.99 for a month, with which you get support for twelve slots.

In addition to Minecraft, BisectHosting can be used for various other games, including Left 4 Dead 2, Valheim, Terraria, Arma 3, Rust, and more. All in all, all their paid plans have a three-day money-back guarantee.

The payment can be done through PayPal, PaySafe card, and credit cards.

You can select from Java and Bedrock editions but the Java edition has more packages available.

The experts suggest that you should opt for premium plans as they offer free access to dedicated IP, automated daily backups, unlimited slots, and SSD space.

Also, the premium plans allow modpack installation and regular updates. To create an account, you need to provide personal details and the setup will be completed in a few seconds.

This modded Minecraft server hosting also has a multicraft feature in the control panel, which allows better control of the features and it also helps customize the server by installing the plugins, modpacks, and server JARs.

The SSDs are utilized to run the game, which actually results in 100% uptime.

According to the users, there have been no performance oscillation or response time issues.

BisectHosting has 24/7 customer support that can be accessed through live chat and tickets.

However, they also have a well-dedicated blog that can be used to fix the minor problems related to the server, billing, and domain management.

Overall, this is a cheap Minecraft server hosting option with diverse features and robust storage solutions.

  • Various server locations
  • Feature-packed plans, irrespective of the price
  • DDoS protection
  • Free and automatic backups
  • An array of Minecraft-based plans
  • Three-days guarantee
  • Lack of telephone support
  • Budget plans don’t have a dedicated IP

3. Sparked Host

Sparked Host

Sparked Host was launched in 2017 but was rebranded from Electrum Host back in 2018, and is a great choice for people searching for cheap Minecraft hosting.

In addition, there are other hosting solutions for websites, VPS, and Discord Bots.

It also offers special Hytale hosting for people who want a server for immersive role-playing games.

There are two shared plans available, which provide a cPanel-based control panel, promising easier customization.

With the shared plans, one can opt for four to unlimited domains for add-ons, depending on the price you pay.

In addition, the storage capacity starts from 5GB, and if you choose the premium plan, you can get unlimited SSD storage.

As far as monthly bandwidth is concerned, this server hosting offers over 20 GB of bandwidth.

The minimum number of email accounts supported by the shared plans is ten but you can add as many email accounts as you want if you opt for a premium plan.

On top of everything, this modded Minecraft server hosting offers FTP accounts and you can also access the MySQL database.

Moreover, it promises DDoS protection, which means the Minecraft players will be safe from online attacks.

Sparked Host offers free SSL encryption to every user, irrespective of the paid plan they choose.

There is an auto-installer available for easier installation of apps. All the servers available on Sparked Host are fully managed, so you can configure the server easily.

In case you run into some problem, there is 24/7 customer support available with this Minecraft server host.

There are weekly backups available in every plan and it promises 99.99% of guaranteed uptime.

As far as the server speed is concerned, the servers are connected to fast networks, promising the least latency.

  • Shared hosting plans are available
  • 99.99% of uptime
  • Free trial for one day
  • One day of the money-back guarantee
  • Robust and resourceful customer support
  • Customer support is slow

4. Shockbyte


Shockbyte has ten years of hosting experience.

The servers are supported by optional management and you get access to a free sub-domain.

There are twelve predesigned plans available and the prices start from $2.50 and go over $40 per month.

Every plan has a 100% uptime with advanced DDoS protection. The users get unlimited storage as well as unmetered bandwidth.

When you choose a plan on this modded Minecraft server hosting, you will get information about the recommended player slots for a server.

The company doesn’t have a free trial but you can get a 72-hour guarantee.

When you purchase a plan, you can pay $15 extra for accessing the full server management – it includes configuration and installation of plugins, modpacks, and custom jars.

The servers are designed with a dedicated IP address and you can also create a sub-domain.

The users can downgrade or upgrade the subscription but you are only charged for what you use.

The best thing about this cheap Minecraft hosting is that the account creation is pretty easy and the dashboard is well-designed and tidy.

The dashboard also has a menu bar on the top of the screen, which makes it easier to navigate.

From the services tab, you can find tools for configuring the account and launching a server.

Shockbyte is one of the server hosting solutions with 24/7 online ticketing and live chat support.

However, the live chat tends to be slow as you have to wait for around thirty minutes to connect to the support agent. You can also access the knowledge base for self-helping resources.

Overall the features are flexible and you have the option to upgrade or downgrade the plan, making it a cheap Minecraft server hosting.

Every plan offers DDoS attack protection as well as instant provisioning.

The prices are exceptional but you cannot get a free trial (there is no free version available either).

  • All-time uptime
  • Reliable customer support
  • The control panel is convenient to use
  • Every plan has unlimited storage
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Live chat support is a bit slow

5. ScalaCube


ScalaCube is one of the most diverse modded Minecraft server hosting solutions available in the market as it’s particularly designed for Minecraft.

However, it can be used with Ark and Rust as well.

It has dedicated and virtual servers available around the globe, including the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

The paid plans start from $2.50 only and you can get a storage capacity of over 320GB, depending on the plan you choose (there is SSD and HDD storage available).

ScalaCube is Minecraft server hosting platform for people who need reliable customer support because you can set up a ticket through the control panel or opt for live chat.

In addition, this cheap server hosting offers 24 hours of money-back guarantee to the users.

ScalaCube is offering around nine VPS plans for Minecraft, with which the RAM ranges from 768MB to over 32GB.

In addition, the storage capacity goes over 320GB, and in fact, the minimum is 10GB.

There are automated backups available but you have to pay for them separately, but fortunately, there is only a one-time fee.

The hosting plans allow the gamers to install as many slots as they want if you don’t exceed the maximum player count.

In addition, if the RAM and CPU power is enough, it will easily support a greater number of players.

Every hosting plan of this Minecraft server hosting allows access to the control panel, MySQL database, FTP, PHP, Apache, and root access.

The gamers can easily select between SSD and HDD storage, so you can support the Minecraft game without worrying about throttling and traffic.

There is a day of the money-back guarantee, but since there is no issue with cancellation, you can cancel after a month.

The support team is available 24/7 but they only respond to the tickets that are submitted through the control panel (the live chat is a bit slow).

  • Specialists of game server hosting
  • Affordable and market-competitive pricing
  • Various locations
  • Multiple currency support
  • Exceptional storage capacity
  • Allows to select between SSD and HDD storage
  • Live chat is slow

6. Nodecraft


This cheap Minecraft server hosting is one of the most dedicated hosting solutions for gaming and is quickly becoming the popular choice for gamers.

This is a cloud platform that supports online gaming and there is an array of subscription plans available for people who want to set up their game servers.

The company is based in the US and was launched in 2012 to offer a top-notch gaming experience to gamers.

The best thing about this modded Minecraft server hosting is that you can add around 29 games in addition to Minecraft, promising flexibility.

The server can be used for Minecraft as well as its Bedrock edition. In addition, it can be used for hosting Terraria, RUST, ECO, and ARK.

It promises quick and instant setup since there are special setup features and the interface is perfect for beginner gamers, so you can set up your own game server within a few minutes.

It has a one-day free trial available to help you determine the hosting platform’s performance.

Moreover, there is no downtime, making it the most responsive and Minecraft server hosting.

As far as the prices are concerned, the server charges start from $9.98 a month but there is a $39.98 plan available for advanced players.

In fact, if you purchase a subscription but aren’t satisfied with the services, you can cancel the subscription and get an instant refund.

The refunds are done pretty quickly and the money is transferred to the debit card/credit card account or PayPal account. Also, there is a seven-day money-back guarantee available.

There is DDoS security available, so you can play Minecraft without any security threats.

With the control panel, you can access the servers and make configuration changes.

The control panel also allows the users to swap between the servers, promising an uninterrupted gaming experience – you can swap between the games without deleting the settings, so you can resume playing with the previous settings.

Nodecraft has a variety of modpacks available on the control panel, making it a suitable choice for people who want modded Minecraft server hosting.

As far as the server is concerned, it has processing power higher than 3.8GHz with enterprise-level SSD and hard disk, promising easier storage.

The storage starts from 5GB, which is pretty great for beginners.

  • Supports multiple games
  • Well-designed mobile app
  • On-call and online customer support
  • Regular discount promotions
  • Beginner-friendly control panel
  • Real-time access to the servers
  • Instant setup
  • More expensive
  • Only seven days for a money-back guarantee

7. GG Servers

GG Servers

GG servers is a Canada-based hosting company that has dedicated hosting servers for Minecraft as well as other games.

The servers allow the gamers to create their own gaming ecosystem and modify them according to their personal preferences.

In addition to Minecraft, you can purchase this hosting for Hytale and the website server.

Other hosting servers can be challenging to set up and handle but this is an easy-to-use option, promising a pleasant gaming experience.

This reliable yet cheap Minecraft server hosting has been integrated with a multicraft panel, promising easier modification and you can select between premium and standard packages.

In addition, when you purchase the hosting plan, you also get a sub-domain, so you can create an identity; you can also make changes to the sub-domain.

However, if you want access to the database, you need to opt for a premium plan and the databases are provided by MySQL.

Access to the database is essential for storing the operational data, including gaming environments and player names.

On the other hand, if you already have a database, you can easily assimilate it. Moreover, the database can be managed through the multicraft panel.

Moreover, there are various modifying add-ons available, making it a reliable modded Minecraft server hosting solution.

All in all, these add-ons can be used for optimizing the characters, worlds, blocks, and textures.

Some of the most popular modpacks include Twitch, Spigot, FTB, and PaperMC, and all of them can be downloaded with a click.

In addition, the premium plans have NVMe SSD, which is 6x faster as compared to regular SSD (the regular packages have regular SSD).

It’s actually one of the Minecraft server hosting solutions as it has FTP protocol for easier file transfers without compromising on speed and security.

GG servers allow the users to load their own add-ons and utilize the installer.

The FTP protocol makes it easier to manage the tools and files of multiple servers.

Moreover, there is a multiverse plugin available for creating multiple Minecraft ecosystems with their separate cards.

This modded Minecraft server hosting also includes an SSL certification, which provides top-notch security to the exchanged files – it also provides protection from DDoS attacks and this security standard is available in every plan.

Moreover, this Minecraft host offers a prompt and well-qualified customer support team.

There are unlimited slots available on the server and you can select servers from nine different countries.

In addition, when you subscribe to this server host, you get free access to the MySQL database.

The server installation is also very convenient as you’ve to purchase the subscription, acquire the domain’s DNS, configure the settings, and launch the server, making it reliable Minecraft server hosting for beginners who cannot handle the technical installation.

  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Minecraft-centric servers
  • No lags
  • Nine different locations
  • Multiple paid plans
  • The NVMe SSD and MySQL database are only included in the paid plans

8. CubedHost


CubedHost has been around for over ten years, and in all these years, the platform’s reach has expanded and they have special hosting locations in Australia, Europe, North America, and Asia, making it a widely available modded Minecraft server hosting.

There are three pricing plans available with 1.5GB, 2.5GB, and 4GB of RAM, depending on how much you pay.

However, there are twenty more plans with their own unique features and have various promotions and discounts available.

This Minecraft server hosting service offers free setup and the customer support is extremely reliable.

The setup is completed within a few minutes and there is a MySQL database available for players, resulting in smooth gaming performance (the loading time is reduced as well).

The servers are integrated with RAID, DDoS protection, and Intel Xeon CPUs, promising better performance. In addition, every node on the server is protected from UDP floods.

This is a cheap Minecraft server hosting, which actually backs up the data three times a day and the files are saved for three days.

In addition, it supports a variety of server types, including Technic, Curse, Twitch, ATLauncher, and FTB.

The hosting solution assigns a specific IP address for the default port of the server, promising easier connectivity.

Moreover, there is a customized Prisma control panel available for adjusting the settings.

CubedHost provides FTP access, promising easier file management.

As far as customer support is concerned, they are highly responsive and the customer support team is friendly and knowledgeable to help you fix the problem.

All in all, customer support can be accessed through live chat, email, and call.

There are various payment options available, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal but the company is working on expanding the payment options.

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly interface
  • Multiple server types
  • Various customization options
  • Zero lag
  • Automated backups
  • Limited payment options

9. ServerMiner


ServerMiner is one of the top Minecraft hosting solutions for people who want cheap hosting without compromising on performance and quality.

There are different plans available for expert, novice, and beginner players and it supports the multi-user modes to optimize the gaming experience.

ServerMiner has dedicated servers available, which can be modified with your desired plugins.

In addition, there is a 100MB per second uplink, so you can manage the server without latency.

The plans start from $7.58 per month and offer a lag-free gaming experience.

The control panel and website are extremely user-friendly.

In addition, they have 24/7 customer support available, and when you subscribe to this modded Minecraft server hosting solution, you also get a free tutorial for setting up the server.

There is a phoenixNAP tier-one provider with this server, promising smooth operation and the lowest latency.

ServerMiner has automated backups and there are over 50GB of on-site storage.

In addition to this, you can access the FTP account and plugins can be installed with one click. It allows the users to use JAR files, including Tekkit, Bukkit, and Vanilla.

The hosting can be purchased anytime and you can customize the server settings through the multicraft control panel.

The best thing about this cheap Minecraft server hosting is the player tracker, so you can keep an eye on your team.

There is a SMPicnic panel for controlling the features and players. As far as the accessibility is concerned, there is full root access and you get DDoS protection to keep your server protected from online threats.

The company has acquired reliable and robust enterprise-grade hardware, leading to smooth gaming and fast speed.

In addition, they have partnered up with phoenixNAP, promising a highly responsive and knowledgeable customer team.

In case you have a problem with the server, it will be resolved within twenty minutes.

They are offering specialized hosting services to Minecraft players, but they are likely to also offer hosting for Hytale in the near future.

The game supports over 50,000 modpacks from ATLauncher, Tekkit, FTB, and Technic.

The users can also create the personalized servers, and since there is a one-click operation, setting up and modifying the server is extremely easy (you can use the control panel for this).

The mods’ installation doesn’t take more than five minutes and all of them have 100% uptime.

However, if you opt for the modded version, you must have at least 3GB of RAM.

As far as the control panel is concerned, it provides the multi-version installer for plugins, player tracker, and world manager.

This modded Minecraft server host accepts multiple payment methods, including USB, PayPal, Universal Pay, American Express, Visa, Maestro, and Discover.

In addition, there is a pay-as-you-go payment solution for customers.

  • Responsive customer support
  • Multiple payment solutions
  • Pay-as-you-go solution
  • One-click modpack installation
  • 100% uptime
  • DDoS protection
  • Only works with Minecraft



This is one of the top hosts available for Minecraft players as it’s a dedicated solution and is designed by passionate Minecraft players.

You can purchase the subscription from the homepage and every bit of information is available on the homepage.

In fact, you can easily access the server by using your Twitter or Facebook accounts and you don’t have to create a separate account.

The server can be easily controlled through the control panel.

In addition, there is a live web console available that helps users launch the commands and check the server status.

Moreover, it can be used to debug the plugins and configure the mods.

There is a one-click installation for the majority of mods and you can use the installer for setting up the server.

The features are great but they only accept payments in euros, which is weird since they have servers located in North America.

However, you can use PayPal for purchasing the subscription as it converts your local currency into euros.

The pricing plans are a bit expensive, but if you purchase a subscription for various months, you will get around a 30% discount.

On the other hand, you can also opt for a free tier that works for over ten days, and if you opt for a partnership program, the server can be purchased for free. has acquired advanced technology to power the servers, such as 24-core CPUs, NVMe SSD storage, and DDR memory, promising better performance.

With the free plan, you will get around 2GB of RAM as well as unlimited SSD but it only supports four players.

On the other hand, if you opt for premium plans, the most expensive plan will offer around 10GB of memory, resulting in a smooth gaming experience but you can connect two CPU cores as well.

As far as the features are concerned, there is a files manager for editing the configuration files.

In addition, you can create your own URL in case you want to accept donations for the server.

There are automated backups on a daily basis and you will get access to DDoS protection for a secure user experience.

Moreover, you can access the MySQL database for free and the setup is instant. Even more, you can upload as many maps and plugins as you want.

Also, this server hosting for Minecraft offers the same features to everyone, irrespective of which payment plan you choose.

There is a task scheduler available for allocating the tasks and you can choose the custom domain for the server.

There is a mobile app available for people who want to control the features and servers remotely.

As far as the location is concerned, there are only two server locations, including France and Canada.

The only downside of this hosting plan is that the customer support isn’t very reliable and the support agents take time to respond.

  • Dedicated URL
  • Free MySQL database
  • Mobile app
  • Multiple cores
  • Unlimited SSD
  • Same features on every plan
  • Slow customer support

11. PebbleHost


PebbleHost was launched in 2017 and is for people in search of widely available servers.

This is because PebbleHost has over 300 servers in over 150 countries and most of them are available in North America and Europe.

It is a VPS hosting platform that offers support to various games, particularly sandbox games.

The company has acquired specialized sub-domain creators, top-notch hardware, Java 8 support, task schedule, and on-time support to deliver the best experience to the gamers.

PebbleHost is a great choice for people who need responsive and uninterrupted performance with no downtime and lag.

They have an array of processors and SSDs available to provide sufficient storage support to the gamers.

In addition, it has a 3.7GHz CPU as well as DDR4 memory, along with a 250Mbps uplink.

Also, there are unlimited slots available and all these features attract the Minecraft players.

Since the storage and CPU are more than Minecraft’s requirements, you won’t have to worry about the lags.

There is a two-factor authentication available as well as an in-built firewall that promises top-notch security.

In addition, the company regularly updates the modpacks to deliver a seamless gaming experience.

PebbleHost is a great choice for regular gamers because it supports Minecraft as well as Hurtworld, Valheim, Rust, and Team Fortress 2.

There are three pricing plans, including extreme, premium, and budget plans.

The budget plan offers a quarter of 1GB of RAM for $3 while the premium plan offers 1GB of RAM for $2.25. On the other hand, the extreme plan has been designed with priority customer support, CPU, and better control over servers.

However, the efficiency and performance of the servers will be the same, irrespective of which plan you choose.

Overall, all of them are extremely affordable and provide value for money.

There is 24/7 customer support available which can be accessed through Discord, ticketing, and live chat, and all of them are pretty reliable.

In addition, Reddit has active community support as well.

On the official website, you can access the knowledge base center for a troubleshooting guide.

It has been integrated with an OVHcloud control panel for easier server management – you can also add or delete the servers according to the gaming requirements.

Last but not least, the control panel also allows the users to set up the server and run commands.

The control panel can be used for tracking the usage and managing the plugins.

  • Affordable prices
  • Value for money
  • Advanced hardware and technology
  • FTP access
  • Server management
  • Easy to use control plan
  • 98% uptime, so there is a chance of occasional downtime

12. is one of the simplest hosting solutions available as you can sign up with your Facebook account and you don’t need to create a new account to access the server.

When you sign up, just select the hosting plan and server location to start playing Minecraft but the configuration options are pretty limited.

There is a multi-admin control panel available for managing the server and there is a one-click installer for Bukkit and Spigot plugins. has various modpacks for automated installation but the number of modpacks and plugins are limited in the Bedrock edition.

There is a free plan available that you can use for an indefinite time but there are two paid plans available.

The paid plans are charged at $5 and $10 each. With the free plan, you get 1GB SSD storage, memory, and one dual-core CPU.

On the other hand, the paid plans have Intel i7 CPUs and NVMe SSD storage.

The best thing about this hosting solution is that you get unlimited slots, but with a free plan, you can only support ten players.

There is free FTP access and DDoS protection for every user to make sure the file access is easier and there are no compromises on security.

The free plan allows the users to install ten plugins, but if you opt for a paid plan, you can add as many plugins as you want.

All in all, the setup is instant and there are daily backups. offers a multi-admin control panel to control the settings and there are no ads either.

If you use the servers for the Bedrock version of Minecraft, you will be able to upload the PHAR and JAR files.

There is a dedicated IP address as well as MySQL for easier modification.

  • DDoS protection
  • Multiple modpacks
  • One-click installation
  • FTP access
  • Daily backup
  • Instant and easy setup
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Only email-based customer support

13. MCProHosting


MCProHosting is a well-known hosting solution for Minecraft players with servers all across the globe, including the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America, and Asia.

It is recommended to select the server location closer to the physical location to enjoy better performance.

There are backup add-ons that allow the users to schedule hourly backups and you can even download the backups within 72 hours.

Creating an account is pretty easy as you only have to select the add-ons and add the payment details.

There is a control panel for controlling Minecraft as well as other games. There is 24/7 customer support available for ticket submission.

However, the live chat is only available between 9 AM and 1 AM EST but the staff is extremely friendly.

Moreover, there are various resources available on the knowledge base and there are Discord groups with community support.

MCProHosting was launched in 2011 and all its plans are designed with DDoS protection to make sure the gaming experience is secure.

As far as gaming support is concerned, it can be used for Minecraft, Rust, Starbound, ARK, Garry’s Mod, and Factorio.

There is a one-click installation available for plugins and mods but you can also take help from customer support as they can install the mod or plugin on your control panel.

Last but not least, you can pay through PayPal, Paysafe, Visa, Discover Card, and MasterCard.

  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Valuable plans
  • User-friendly panels
  • 24/7 ticketing support
  • DDoS protection
  • Multiple payment solutions
  • Supports various games
  • Easy account creation
  • Expensive add-ons
  • No free trial or version

Benefits Of Hosting Your Own Minecraft Server

Many beginner gamers contemplate the idea of hosting their own gaming servers since setup and operation are usually very complicated.

However, using the best Minecraft server hosting is actually a great option as it helps play the game without any lags and allows the users to modify their gaming ecosystems.

Some benefits of setting up your own servers include;

1. Easier Mod Selection

If you like Minecraft but are frustrated with the unavailability of the mods, having your server hosting helps.

It’s possible that the plugins are available but aren’t within your reach.

So, when you host your server, you can easily install whichever plugins and mods you want.

2. Community

Minecraft is a competitive game and having the right team can directly influence your gaming experience.

So, when you have your own gaming server, you will be able to build a community in the form of forums.

In addition to this, you can customize the features and permissions for the game according to your personal preferences.

3. Monetization

Hosting your own server can be challenging unless you find a really good yet cheap Minecraft server hosting, particularly when you have a larger group of players.

Since Minecraft is still operating under Microsoft, they are offering some allowances.

For instance, you can monetize the server by setting up a web store and setting up in-game advertising.

How to Select The Most Suitable Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft is one of the most played games, making it a competitive one, which is why there are various infrastructural and hardware demands that you need to fulfill, especially if you want a smooth gaming experience.

Similarly, operating your own server demand sufficient bandwidth and hardware.

So, to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience, you need to select reliable Minecraft hosting and the following factors can help you make the right choice!

1. Processor

Every application needs some processing time for operating and gaming ecosystems can be highly demanding. The processing time is calculated through clock cycles.

With web hosting, the servers are integrated with various powerful processors and the processing time depends on the plan you select.

With shared hosting, the processing time is shared between multiple accounts while cloud and VPS hosting solutions offer exclusive resource utilization.

So, decide if you want to share the processing time or not, and select the hosting accordingly.

2. Memory

It doesn’t matter which modded Minecraft server hosting you choose, memory is an important consideration since RAM is responsible for supporting the in-game processes.

For instance, whenever a request is made to the server, it will load data into the memory for efficient processing.

In case you have less available memory, you will have to swap data from RAM frequently, which can lead to slow performance.

On the other hand, the shared hosting solutions have a huge memory pool that’s shared among various accounts.

Also, the cloud and VPS plans promise dedicated memory, and how much you get depends on the hosting provider and plan.

3. Storage

Minecraft is not a storage-reliant game, but if you are operating your own server, having sufficient SSD will help improve the game’s performance.

The cheapest Minecraft server hosting solutions usually don’t offer SSD storage but it’s recommended to choose the hosting that offers SSD storage, even if you have to pay a premium price as it optimizes the game performance.

Moreover, some companies offer NVMe SSD, which is even better because it’s much faster than standard SSD.

4. The Server Location

One of the most important factors is the location because if the server is located far away from the players, it leads to higher latency or lag.

Honestly, if you have players from around the globe, it will be challenging to find a global-scale server.

On the contrary, if you are hosting at a local scale, you can select the hosting solutions with servers located around your area as it helps minimize the game lag.

5. Support

If you choose the appropriate server hosting, you will get free support for Minecraft.

Usually, the support teams offer setup and installation assistance but you should confirm with the support team which support is available before subscribing to the hosting plan.


Is It Demanding to Host a Minecraft Server?

Hosting the server means that you have to use the internet connection to ensure error-free and lag-free gaming.

For this purpose, you must opt for a high-speed internet plan to support the server.

Can Anyone Host a Server?

Yes, anyone can host the Minecraft server as long as you have a computer and Minecraft account.

How Much RAM Is Essential for Hosting the Server?

You need a minimum of 1GB of RAM for hosting the server.

The Bottom Line

Minecraft is great to play and hosting a server is actually not complicated if you are aware of the required SSD and number of players.

Having your own server is pretty great as you get to control the gaming ecosystem and manage the modifications as per your personal preferences.

So, if you are a diehard Minecraft plan, selecting the best Minecraft server hosting in 2024 is a great way of upscaling your game and the team!

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