How to Get More Viewers on Facebook Live Streams

7+ Ways to Increase Viewers on Facebook Live Streams

Published on: February 24, 2024
Last Updated: February 24, 2024

7+ Ways to Increase Viewers on Facebook Live Streams

Published on: February 24, 2024
Last Updated: February 24, 2024

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You now have the option to live stream with your Facebook audience, and you can do this whenever you want to.

However, just because you have the opportunity, it doesn’t mean that you are capable of producing high quality content and increasing your viewers on Facebook live streams.

The good news is that there are third party companies out there that can help you with this, and there are also alternative methods and techniques that you can adopt, so that you can optimize your Facebook live streams for success.

Let’s take a look at how to increase viewers on Facebook live streams.

Key Takeaways

  • The best way to grow your viewership on your Facebook live streams is to use Media Mister. Media Mister has all the features you need, and is going to take care of your growth in a natural way.
  • There is nothing wrong with using a third party to help you, as long as you are using the right one that cares about encryption.
  • When you combine Media Mister with alternative methods, you get an effective strategy that will sustain you long term.

How to Increase Viewers on Facebook Live Streams

1. Make the Most of Media Mister

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Media Mister makes it incredibly easy for you to buy Facebook live viewers, and they ensure that you benefit from fast delivery, and live viewers that are actually genuine and authentic.

They promise that everything about what they are offering is safe and secure, you just need to slide the toggle that you’ll see on their website, in order to decide how many viewers you want.

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Whether you want to just start out with 50 viewers, or you want to make the most of 1000, it is completely up to you.

They can help you with real and genuine high-quality viewers, and they can also help you with refills, that is going to last for 30 days, which means that if any of your viewers run out or drop off within 30 days, they will replace them for free.

They go into a lot of detail on their website about why you should be purchasing Facebook live viewers in the first place, so all in all, we think that these guys are a solid company who are going to be able to keep you safe and have a really good reputation.

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2. Promote and Schedule Your Broadcast

The more views that you can secure on your Facebook livestreams ahead of time, the better.

You know that you have got excellent content that you want to share with everybody, so you need to let them know when they can expect to interact with this content.

You need to schedule a time and date for your live stream, and you need to make sure that your audience knows about this ahead of time.

You can also send out promotional material when it comes to your website, other social media platforms that you might have, and even your e-mail.

Facebook has a lot of native scheduling features that you can make the most of, so that you can let your existing followers know that you are going live in the future.

They can even opt for a notification, so that they will be notified just before you start your live stream.

Just make sure that you include enough information within the description and title of your promotion, so that your viewers know what to expect when it comes to your live stream.

This is of course going to increase the hype around your live streams and encourage your audience to interact with them.

3. Begin as Soon as Your Broadcast is Live

Facebook live streaming

You might not realize this, but a common mistake when it comes to live streaming on Facebook is people not starting their broadcast straight after they go live.

The thing about Facebook is that based on its algorithm, it’s going to start trying to get viewers for you as soon as you go live.

This means that you can’t wait for viewers to come into the live stream before you start live streaming, and because of the nature of the content, you aren’t going to be able to edit your live video once it’s been recorded.

You’ve got to start interacting with your audience as soon as you go live, even if you don’t have too many people watching you initially.

You need to get into the good content straight away, and you need to not worry about whether somebody is going to miss your broadcast or not.

Remember, even if you only have five people interacting with your live stream to begin with, they are more likely to share a broadcast if they are enjoying what they’re viewing which means that you’re going to get more viewers on your live stream.

4. Be Engaging and Thorough with Your Description

It is really important to have an engaging and thorough description when it comes to your promotional material, so that potential viewers can know what to expect when it comes to your live stream, and people who are new to the video are going to be able to dive into your live stream, without getting confused about what to expect.

When you add a description that is thorough, viewers are going to be able to engage with your video more, and this is going to increase how long they view your live stream for.

You are also going to be able to share things like questions that you might be answering, as well as solutions that you’ll be providing, which is going to encourage even more people to interact with your live streams.

You need to be able to paint a clear picture of what you’re going to be covering in your live stream, as well as what your audience can take away from it, and what they’re going to gain from it by listening to it.

Once your live stream is over, you need to make sure that you change your description, for example you need to include questions that you have answered, tease something crazy that might have happened during your stream, and also include links to topics that you talked about.

You just need to include whatever is relevant, so that anybody who sees the description is going to want to check it out.

5. Tease Your Result at the Beginning

One of the most underrated video marketing techniques is teasing your result at the beginning.

It is actually used by some of the most successful youtubers out there, and it is advantageous, because it is really difficult these days to keep the attention of an audience member.

You got to make sure that you are clear about the value of your message, otherwise people are just going to quickly click off if they don’t think that they’re going to get anything out of your livestreams.

No longer can you just rely on the quality of your content; you’ve got to bring more to the table.

You’ve got to give your viewers a promise in the beginning, that you’ll be able to deliver on when it comes to your message, and what they can expect out of your video.

When you use this technique both in your description, and in the video dialogue, you are able to increase interest in your live stream, and keep your viewers engaged.

6. Encourage Interaction

When you are live streaming on Facebook, it is really important to make your viewers feel that they are involved in the process.

From the beginning, when they first start engaging with you, you need to acknowledge this.

You need to work hard to incorporate your audience members in your live stream, calling them out by name, giving shoutouts, and just making them feel like they are generally involved.

Of course, if you have quite a few people tuning into your live streams, there are going to be too many people to interact with, but as long as you cover the basics, your audience is going to realize that you are making a real effort, and they are going to appreciate this.

You will also need to make sure that you are asking your viewers to share your broadcast, and to also hit the like button as well.

When you are genuine about your connections with your community, it’s a lot easier to ask them to do things like this.

7. Make Your Live Streams Longer

live streaming

When it comes to creating a video that is simple, it is really important to keep it short. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to live streaming.

You do want to make sure that you aren’t boring your audience, but you also want to make sure that you are keeping them around for a long time, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to create long form video content.

The last thing that you want to do is reveal all of your valuable information within the first 10 minutes.

This is because when it comes to live streaming, your viewership increases over time, which means that the longer you stream live, the more people are likely to engage with your live stream.

The more viewers you have, the more engagement, comments, and conversations you drum up.

Not only is it important to get your audience engaged in the beginning, but it’s important to work out how to keep them watching, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to create video content that is long form.

8. Pre-Record Your Live Streams

Another way to make sure that you’ve got lots of people looking at your live streams on Facebook is to pre-record them.

This is a really good way to edit, rehearse, and then make sure that your live streams are catered to your audience, and easy for them to follow.

It’s also really convenient as well, because you can avoid having to deal with issues like time zones, and as a result, you can reach even more of your audience.


What Is Facebook Live Stream?

Live streaming on Facebook is similar to other social media platforms out there, where you have the ability to connect with your audience on a deeper level, because you produce live content that they are able to tune into, when you have it scheduled for.

Facebook recently came out with this feature, in an attempt to compete with other major social media platforms out there, including the likes of Instagram and TikTok.

How Do I Get More Viewers on My Facebook Live Streams?

We believe that balance is key when it comes to getting more viewers on your Facebook livestreams, which means incorporating a third-party company to help you with the engagement side of things but also learning how to do things your own way as well.

There’s nothing wrong with getting an expert to help you when it comes to your live stream viewers but it’s also really important to incorporate other aspects as well, including remembering to really work on the details of your description, and scheduling your live streams ahead of time, drumming up hype around your future content in general.

Is It Illegal to Use a Third Party?

You’ll be relieved to know that it absolutely is not illegal to use a third party when it comes to your live streams, as long as you’re working with one that has a really good reputation and hasn’t gotten in trouble in the past for their features.

There are too many companies out there these days that are trying to skip the line, make a quick profit, and then quickly disappear again.

Of course, you don’t want to associate with companies like these, but instead go for options like Media Mister.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to be said for Facebook live streams these days, especially if you want to encourage your audience to interact even more with your content on Facebook and interact with your brand as a whole.

No matter how you approach your live streams, remember that there are many different options when it comes to your method and strategy, so check out the options below, and discover how easy it is to do well with your live streams on Facebook.

Now that you know how to get more viewers on Facebook live streams, you are going to be able to put these suggestions into practice, and do really well with your Facebook page in general.

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