How to Fix: ”RTC Connecting” Discord Error

How to Fix: RTC Connecting Discord Error (SOLVED)

Published on: June 30, 2023
Last Updated: June 30, 2023

How to Fix: RTC Connecting Discord Error (SOLVED)

Published on: June 30, 2023
Last Updated: June 30, 2023

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Are you looking to fix the RTC connecting Discord issue?

Over the last decade, Discord has risen in popularity the world over, by effectively merging the finest aspects of Twitch, Teamspeak, and IRC into a single, user-friendly social network.

For the time being, it is the go-to tool for communication for gamers who have to connect with their partners on a more personal level.

However, it is not just gamers who are flocking to Discord’s services; companies, YouTubers, and other media personalities are all establishing Discord communities as a result of the capabilities it offers.

Yet, for all of the useful services Discord provides, it appears to have an equal amount of problems and unpleasant issues.

The “RTC connecting” issue is one of the most prevalent problems people are having on Discord right now

Fortunately, the problem is not too difficult to fix, and we will guide you through all of the options in this blog.

What Does “RTC Connecting” on Discord Mean?

Before we explain how to address the RTC connection problem, it is perhaps a good idea to define RTC. RTC is a real-time web communication technology that enables both speech and video to be sent and received.

Now, Discord is a famous VoIP software that allows you to spend quality time with the people that matter to you.

It is the best way to communicate with your close ones, gaming companions, or a school group. You can start video calls, send texts, or send voice texts.

This communication program is an all-in-one solution. You have the option of using the web-based version or downloading the desktop software on the computer.

Discord users may encounter a barrier in which they are unable to create a connection.

The platform keeps stating ‘RTC Connecting’ without doing anything, preventing you from engaging in a real-time audio chat.

‘RTC Connecting’ indicates that the service is attempting to initiate a voice call.

Discord facilitates concurrent communication by utilizing the Real-Time Chat protocol (or WebRTC). As a result, the problem of ‘RTC Connecting’ is a network-related one.

What Causes the RTC Connecting Discord Issue?

To figure out how to resolve a frozen Discord connection, let’s must first know why it occurs:

1. Slow or Unstable Internet Connectivity

If your broadband connection is unreliable, it might result in an endless number of RTC connection requests.

2. Bad WiFi Signal

The distance between your device and the WiFi router happens to be a very important aspect; if the router is placed quite far away, the WiFi signal that you receive will most certainly suffer.

3. DNS Problems

Even if you have adequate internet, you may experience delays as a result of a DNS server. As a result, having a manually selected DNS server to change to is worthwhile.

4. Discord Server Is Offline or Does Not Exist

It is likely that the server was briefly unavailable due to maintenance work.

This might also indicate that the server was shut down because of spam and other harmful activities, or perhaps because the operator just opted to deactivate the Discord server.

5. Firewall Blocks Discord

Discord, similar to every other software running on your system, communicates with the external world via ports.

It communicates via a randomized UDP port between 50,000 and 65,535. It could be that your device’s firewall is restricting these ports, as well as any inbound or outbound Discord requests. 

6. Wrong Server Region

Discord depends on a number of servers located around the world in order to provide a steady connection while using the audio chat function.

If you happen to be connecting to the incorrect server, it might be producing the RTC connection problem.

7. Discord App Is Outdated

Discord releases new features with each version, including increased stability and functionality. As a result, it is important to maintain your Discord fully updated by installing the most recent version.

How to Fix: ‘RTC Connecting’ Discord Connection Issue

If you are encountering this problem, do not worry; the solution is typically rather simple – in most situations, at least.

We will go over the most efficient techniques to get the platform back up and running. We will organize them by relevance and effectiveness, with the most effective coming first.

Fix 1: Restart Discord

The first fix on this list says that you should restart Discord completely. Reopen the Discord app and attempt to restore your connection after everything has been completed.

Fix 2: Restart your PC/laptop

Prior to trying any of the other important remedies on this page, you should also restart your system and router.

Before you turn back your router, please wait for at least two minutes, as this will give some time for the router to establish a connection. 

Doing this will reset your internet connection, and will also resolve any Discord loading issues which might have happened during Discord’s initialization.

This should resolve the Discord RTC connection and No route errors.

Fix 3: Check Network Settings

Examine your network configuration to discover if there are any network problems. Verify the setup of your router, firewall rules, and so on.

You must ensure that you do not have any internet problems. Discord will not operate properly unless you have a good connection.

You may contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance in resolving any connectivity difficulties you may be experiencing.

If you are using WiFi, consider moving nearer to the modem or router to increase the clarity of the WiFi connection.

Fix 4: Update Discord Client

Upgrading your Discord software may be required to resolve Discord connection difficulties. Locate the version code and go to the official website to obtain the most recent version.

Fix 5: Choose a Different Server Region

It is possible that Discord is experiencing trouble connecting due to your server area. Choose a new one (maybe one nearer to your current location) and attempt to start a VoIP chat again.

Take the following steps:

  • Start Discord and go to the Server settings. To do so, go to the top-left corner of the window and click on your server’s name. Broaden the drop-down menu and select Server Settings.
  • Select the Change option. It may be found under the ‘Server Region’ option.
  • Choose a server region from the drop-down menu.
  • Save your modifications and re-test your connection.

Fix 6: Use a VPN

fix RTC connecting error with a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to link to different websites via secured channels. It functions in the same way as a proxy, however without actually altering the traffic.

A VPN setting improves your overall browsing experience, but it also alters your IP address, which is incompatible with Discord.

However, Discord works well together with VPNs that support User Datagram Protocol (UDP). UDP establishes a rapid network, which reduces data exchange delays.

As a result, the transmission is much quicker than the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). If your VPN does not support UDP, you will have to switch to a VPN for Discord or disable it when using Discord.

Fix 7: Disable IPv6

IPv6 is an abbreviation for internet protocol version six.

It was established in 2001 and delivers significantly faster data transmission speeds than previous versions.

Unfortunately, most providers do not currently offer IPv6. Hence,  they ban it in order to prevent others from abusing the service.

As a result, temporarily deactivate IPv6 till you can establish a functioning connection. To disable IPv6, here’s what to do:

  • Navigate to your Connection area and deselect the box that says “Enable automatic TCP fallback over IPv4 only”.
  • Next, click the OK option. Try reconnecting to the Discord network when you have done that.

Fix 8: Disable Quality of Service (QoS) on Discord

You may be capable of resolving the RTC connection issue by removing your profile’s Quality of Service (QoS) preferences.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Open Discord and go to the bottom-left corner of the window and select Settings. The option is represented by a cog icon. It appears adjacent to your Discord name.
  • In the left pane, choose Voice and Video from the App Settings section.
  • Navigate to the ‘Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority’ choice and deactivate it by clicking the toggle.
  • Relaunch Discord. Check to see whether you have fixed the problem.

Fix 9: Change Your DNS Settings and Clean Your DNS Cache

The Domain Name System (DNS) connects the URLs to their IP addresses.

When you go to any website, you can input legible words and phrases into your browser rather than a string of numbers- this only happens thanks to the DNS.

As a result, you may compare DNS to be the Internet’s telephone book.

By converting domain names to IP addresses, your DNS server enables DNS clients to connect to the origin server.

As a result, it is easy to see how it can impair your surfing speed and efficiency.

  • After you have opened the Run dialogue box, use the Windows + R key combination.

Next, in the text box, put “Control ncpa.cpl” (without the quotes) and press the OK key.

  • After that, from the context menu, right-click on your network and select Properties.
  • Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to view the properties window.
  • Now just choose ‘Use the following DNS server addresses.’
  • Then input the values below:

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

  • Hit the OK button.

Discord will try to link to the wrong IP if the DNS cache is corrupt or has a problem, simply by deactivating voice communication.

To cope with something like this, you will need to delete your system’s DNS cache. It will very likely fix the RTC connection discord issue.

The steps are as follows:

  • In the lower right corner of your screen, press the Start button.
  • In the search field, search “Command Prompt.” Then, right-click the Command Prompt icon and select Run as Administrator.
  • After the Command Prompt (Admin) tab opens, copy and paste these commands (ensure to hit Enter on the keyboard after each entry):

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /all

ipconfig / release

ipconfig /renew

When you are finished, exit the Command Prompt and reboot your system.

Fix 10: Turn Off Firewall

Sometimes, the firewall on your device may be the cause of this issue. Hence, always verify your firewall to ensure it is not wrongly preventing Discord from accessing the servers.

The firewall on your system can even block or temporarily deactivate it.

If you happen to be using Windows, choose the “Turn On/Off Windows Features” option to disable Windows Defender Firewall.

  • From the Programs menu, choose “Programs and Features.”
  • Uncheck the boxes next to the things you wish to deactivate. Finally, click the “OK” option.

Fix 11: Try Using an Alternative Browser

It is possible that you cannot access a Discord conversation because of the browser you are using. You might have downloaded some incompatible plugins.

The browser cache could possibly be creating issues with the Discord website. 

You must first clear your browser data before proceeding to deactivate all extensions. After that, try restarting Discord.

If the problem remains, try using a different browser to check whether you can begin a conversation without being stopped at RTC Connecting.


Why am I Stuck on RTC Attempting to Connect to Discord?

The Discord RTC Connecting issue occurs whenever a Discord user is unable to access a distant server.

This most likely suggests that either your personal device’s connection is banned or the problems are related to network issues. 

Why Can’t I Join a Discord Call?

Entering a Discord chat can be difficult if the platform’s audio settings or input mode are not correctly adjusted. Modifying the input mode to voice activity can help the issue.


Resolving the RTC Connecting Discord issue will provide you with a more steady connection while communicating with your buddies using the Discord service.

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