How to Fix: "Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity" Error

How to Fix: “Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity” Error in 2024

Published on: April 25, 2023
Last Updated: April 25, 2023

How to Fix: “Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity” Error in 2024

Published on: April 25, 2023
Last Updated: April 25, 2023


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How do you fix the Instagram couldn’t load activity error?

Instagram is an American social networking site that people use widely for video sharing. It was bought by Facebook in 2012 and it has turned into one of the most popular social media apps that are around.

It is a great platform that is quite addicting and helps to keep in touch with the lives of those whom you admire and also helps one to grow their online presence.

However, with even the best of the best applications, users have to deal with a few glitches and bugs sometimes and Instagram is no exception.

Many users have been facing issues with their Instagram activity feed and if you are a regular Instagram user there is a high probability that you have come across such issues.

One of the most common problems that Instagram users face is that Instagram couldn’t load activity errors. Users are unable to see their activity feed when this particular error pops up.

What Does The Instagram Activity Feed Contain?

Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity

The activity feed is the first thing that people usually see when they log in to their Instagram. It is a place where Instagram users can connect and share with people the things that they care about. 

This section basically informs users about new posts made by the pages being followed, the likes, and comments too.

It keeps the users updated and in the loop. This particular section of Instagram also provides new content to discover based on one’s own recent Instagram activity.

Possible Reasons for the Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity Error

1. Poor Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons for getting such an error is a poor internet connection.

People that have problematic internet connections can experience problems when loading their activity feed or making posts.

2. Corrupted Data Present On Your Device

Another reason for getting the Instagram couldn’t load activity error is that there is corrupted data present on your device.

The problem is caused by a bug in the cache that may stop the activity feed from loading.

3. Use Of Third-Party Apps

Many people use Third-party apps to gain more followers or likes.

Such apps on your device may be causing the failure in loading the activity feed as Instagram has restrictions on the use of such apps.

4. Account Flagged For Spam

One’s Instagram account may be flagged in case of posting spam links or being tagged in other users’ spam posts.

This may also limit the account actions such as accessing the activity feed.

How to Fix the Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity Error on Your Device

Sometimes just clicking the refresh button, again and again, does not solve the problem and additional measures are required to fix the Instagram couldn’t load activity error.

There are a few measures one can take that will usually work for both iPhone and Android users.

1. Check And Restart Your Wi-Fi

Unstable internet connection may lead to Instagram errors. In most cases, restarting the Wi-Fi should be able to fix the problem.

In case that fails to fix the Instagram couldn’t load activity error, one might benefit from connecting to a different network if available.

2. Reload Your Mobile Data

Some people use the internet on their mobile data only and when they run out of data, Instagram fails to load the activity feed.

The way to go about this is to purchase a package with more data so that one does not run out.

Contacting your service provider might help as they usually have various affordable options and plans suitable for regular Instagram users.

3. Restart And Update The Instagram App

While restarting Instagram may not always work, it is still an option to try as it does work in some cases.

Log out or close the app, remove all the recently closed tabs and then reopen the app. In case this does not work, try restarting the device.

Sometimes, what the app needs to work properly is an update. Instagram sometimes fails to load activity feed in outdated app versions.

To fix this, head to the app store to check for any pending updates and update Instagram in case there are any available.

4. Log In Using Another Device

Logging into the Instagram account using a different device can sometimes help fix the problem.

Make sure to log out of the account on your usual device first, and then log in using another one.

Once you are in and then try to access your account from your previous device again. This can sometimes help get rid of the problem.

5. Check For iOS Or Firmware Update On Your Device

A firmware is a type of software that your device is etched with – it is its operating system.

Sometimes, many apps on a device start having bugs and glitches if the firmware on your device needs to be updated.

Therefore, check for any updates that may be required on your device and update accordingly.

6. Uninstall Third-Party App Connected To Your Instagram

Check for any third-party apps that might be installed and connected to your Instagram. If there are any present then uninstalling them could possibly fix the issue.

This is because in some cases these apps are the culprits behind crashes and glitches being experienced by Instagram users.

7. Clear App Data and Cache

Android users have the option of clearing the app data and cache on their device which can sometimes fix the error.

To do this, one needs to go to their device’s settings, head to storage, and click on ‘Other Apps’. From the list, find and click on ‘Instagram’ and tap the ‘Clear Cache’ option.

Unfortunately, iOS users do not have this option and the only thing they can do is by uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

8. Switch your Instagram Account Type

Professional Account

Switching from a personal to a professional account can help one get rid of the Instagram couldn’t load activity error.

This is because Instagram prioritizes professional accounts actions. One can change their account type by accessing their settings.

This particular method can bring other benefits too as a professional account is capable of doing much more than a normal one.

9. Create A New Instagram User Account

In case your account was flagged as spam causing the Instagram couldn’t load activity error to occur, the only way to fix the problem is by creating a second account.

However, after creating a second account, it is important to log in to the previous account a few times every month so that it does get deleted.

Also creating a second account and interacting with the main one through it has helped some people get access to the feed.

10. Reset The Password And Login Again

Reset Your Instagram Password

This is another one of the hacks that can help get rid of the error. The password can be reset by accessing the setting of the Instagram app.

Once it is reset, log back in to check if the error is still occurring or not. In many cases, however, it helps to get rid of the error.

11. Delete The Instagram App And Then Reinstall

Reinstall the Instagram App

If all the above options fail then deleting the app from the device is an option one could try. This is actually the easiest way and safest too to get rid of the problem.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling can help get rid of any corrupted information on the application.

To reinstall Instagram, Android users can go to the Google Play Store and Apple Users can visit the App Store.

Type in Instagram in the search box and simply download the app to reinstall it on your device.

12. Check The Help Center

There are times when something is not working properly on Instagram because of settings that you or someone else has set up on your device.

To help locate the cause of the issue in such a scenario, one could try searching the Instagram Help Center to find an answer to your problem.

13. Contact Instagram Support

Instagram Support Team

If everything fails to get rid of the Instagram couldn’t load activity error then contacting Instagram Support is the best option.

The Instagram team can be contacted through their Twitter account or their official support help center.

There is also an in-app feature that allows one to write to them and present issues.

Final Thoughts

Refreshing the page continuously and still not being able to get access to the activity feed on Instagram is quite frustrating.

However, there might be a problem that a simple refresh cannot fix. One such problem and a common one too is a poor internet connection.

Also, if there is corrupted data on your device or if you use third-party apps for likes and followers, such errors may become frequent. 

However, there are some safe measures one can take to get rid of the Instagram couldn’t load activity error, and the safest and easiest one is to uninstall and then reinstall the Instagram app.

Other options include restarting the app or logging back in, restarting Wi-Fi, resetting the password, clearing cache, uninstalling third-party apps, creating a second account, and changing the account type to professional.

If everything fails, the final option is to contact the Instagram support team to help solve the Instagram couldn’t load activity error.

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