How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Twitter

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Twitter

Published on: September 26, 2022
Last Updated: September 26, 2022

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Twitter

Published on: September 26, 2022
Last Updated: September 26, 2022

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world. With over millions of users worldwide, Twitter serves as the perfect platform to catch up with what’s going on around the world.

But it’s not all butterflies because Twitter is also a platform where scammers, spammers, and bullies exploit regular users.

Hence, it becomes critical to have knowledge about methods of finding out more about someone who troubles you or innocent users.

One such bit of information is someone’s IP address. This address reveals a lot about a person. You can know their location, device information, OS and more.

This will help you get an edge over that user who’s constantly causing problems for you. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t reveal IP addresses of its users.

They use it internally and strictly restrict the public from this information. But there’s always a way. In this article, we’ll discuss how to find someone’s IP address on Twitter.

Let’s get started…

Ways to Find Someone’s IP Address on Twitter

IP Address

Twitter cares about the privacy of its users and does its best to hide the IP address- es and other sensitive information that a scammer might misuse.

Hence, if you want to find the IP address of someone, you need to do it yourself by luring them outside of Twitter to a website. This website will pull the user’s IP address and give it to you.

Now, you don’t need expert technical skills to achieve this. In fact, the two methods we’re going to discuss require little effort.

All you need is some entry-level social engineering skills.

Using an Already-made IP Logger

IP Logger

The first method by which you can get someone’s IP address is by using an al- ready-made IP logger.

So, what is an IP logger?

Think of it as an internet trap.

In simple words, it’s a website designed to collect the IP addresses of users

who you lure into visiting it.

The only tricky part of this method is that you need to convince the user (whose IP address you want) to visit the website via a link you share with them.

But there’s a website aka IP logger that makes this process super simple. Grabify URL shortener and IP Logger is the best IP grabber in the market. It’s simple to use and completely free.

Now, let’s discuss the steps you need to follow to get the IP address of your desired Twitter user.

  • First things first, you need a piece of content to use as bait. You can go with a page, social media post, YouTube link, GIF, etc. Anything works as long as the user will click on the link. Hence, if you know about their in- terest, you can use that data to select a link that’ll resonate with them.
  • Now that you’ve the link, go to the Grabify website and paste the link in the spacebar you see there. Finally, click on the “Create URL” button. This will generate a shortened link and give you a tracking code.
  • Copy the generated link and convince the Twitter user via Direct Mes- sage to click on the link.
  • Once the user clicks on the link, Grabify will grab their IP address and other browser information before redirecting them to the actual destina- tion.
  • Now, you can go to the Grabify website and paste the tracking code in the spacebar and click on it. This will take you to the result page where you’ll find the IP address of the user along with some other information like their geolocation, browser, and OS.

Create Your Own IP Logger — or Use Your Website

Now, let’s discuss the second method to get the IP address.
This method only works if you already own a website that you can use as an IP logger.

This works because all devices that send web requests to web servers need to provide their IP addresses. The server takes this information and stores it.

As the owner of the website, you have the admin privileges to access that information. Hence, you can get the IP address.

What if you don’t own a website?

Does this mean you can’t use the second method?

No, there’s a way around if you don’t have a website. You can create a specialised website for collecting the addresses.

Most people don’t welcome this idea of creating a website because they think It’s too much work. But there’s an excellent advantage you get with this.

When you use a logger like Grabify that shortens the links, your chances of get-ting the user to click on the link are less. This is because short links appear suspicious and people avoid them.

But when you create your website, then you needn’t shorten the link. You can send a normal link. So, how do you create your IP logger?

You can follow these steps:

  • You can code a website specifically to collect IP addresses from web re- quests. This requires a bit of coding. The good news is you can use any programming language you’re comfortable with. You can also use a con- tent management system that allows you to access the IP logs.
  • You need to invest in a web hosting service that’ll take your website live on the internet. Now, you needn’t spend a hefty sum on hosting because there are many services that sell cheap plans. This Is going to work out just fine because you don’t need high-powered servers.
  • Next on the list is buying a cheap dot com domain. Here, you can use the same services. For instance, Namecheap and GoDaddy offer plans at some of the lowest prices in the market.
  • Once you’re done with the website setup, you can send the link to the user and wait until they visit your site. Finally, look at your IP logs to get the address.

How to Prevent IP Tracking on Twitter

IP Tracking

Another crucial question that people often ask is: How do I stop someone from getting my IP address?

Now, this is crucial because you don’t want people to take advantage of your IP address.

Also, you need to understand that even if you’re successfully getting the IP ad- dresses of Twitter users using the above methods, those might be wrong address- es.

Hence, this works both ways.

So, how do you prevent someone from tracking your IP?

You can do this by using proxies and VPN to mask your IP address. When you use a VPN (which is an intermediary server) , it hides your IP address not only on your browser but also on applications like Twitter.

There are many VPNs available on the market. Now, most of them offer paid plans and come with a plethora of other perks, but you can easily find free VPN extensions on the internet.

If you are someone who constantly tracks IPs or visits torrent sites, it’s better to invest in a paid VPN service.

FAQs About Twitter IP Finder

Now, let’s dive into some FAQs.

Is it Illegal to Access One’s IP address Without their Consent?

This’s one of those questions that creates buzz but isn’t really worth the attention.

So, is it illegal to access one’s IP address without their consent?

No, this is because every time you visit a website, you reveal your IP address to
that site. Now, imagine how many sites must have a log of your IP.

Another critical argument is that there’s no official law that makes grabbing IP
addresses illegal. Hence, it’s not illegal.

VPN Vs. Proxy: Which is Best for Preventing IP Tracking?

Which of them is the best?

Is a VPN better than a proxy?

Again, people get confused about this.

The simple answer is neither is better than the other. They do the same job of
masking your IP address. You get a unique IP address to fool the trackers.

But, if you’re into extra features, then VPN is the choice you need to make. This Is because VPN works at system-level and provides encryption.

If you invest in a premium VPN service, you get the feature of “Kill Switch” which basically disconnects your internet if the VPN server becomes inactive, to prevent leakage of your IP.

Hence, the choice comes down to your use of the service.


There you go. Now you know how to track Someone’s IP on Twitter and how to hide your IP from getting tracked.

You don’t need to master technical skills or rock- et knowledge to track the IP addresses. Simply use an IP logger or create one to get the ball rolling.

The two methods work wonders and help you get the address- es, putting in little effort.

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