How To Download A VPN in 2024?

How to Download A VPN in 2024

Published on: October 23, 2023
Last Updated: October 23, 2023

How to Download A VPN in 2024

Published on: October 23, 2023
Last Updated: October 23, 2023


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Many people keep on asking how to download a VPN and set it up on their devices.

Well before answering this let’s talk about what a VPN actually is and why you need it. 

A Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as VPN, is software that encrypts your Internet traffic and transmits it over a secure connection to an external server.

The data is then transferred to the Internet. During this voyage, the visible IP address varies.

It indicates that the IP address that is visible online differs from your location’s IP address. Thus, your Internet traffic is encrypted and anonymized.

Simply download the program from the supplier of your choice. It can be accomplished via the website of your favorite VPN service.

In addition to downloading a VPN for your laptop or desktop computer, you can also do so for your smartphone.

This post will provide you with steps on how to find and download the best VPN for your needs.

Download a VPN in 3 Steps

Do you wish to begin immediately? Follow the below instructions for how to download a VPN:

  • Select a reputable VPN service such as NordVPN.
  • Navigate to the website of your favorite VPN service provider. Always go to the right webpage to prevent downloading a harmful cracked VPN file.
  • Download the VPN client. After downloading the VPN, activating the software is all that is required to surf the web freely, securely, and anonymously.

Select The Best VPN

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To begin, it is important to bear in consideration that each virtual private network (VPN) is different, even though the primary features of a VPN are to conceal your authentic Internet contact information and secure the information you send and receive over the Internet.

For example, speed is a factor to consider. Some VPNs could be functionally useless if you have a sluggish Internet connection.

In such situations, it is preferable to choose a VPN provider that utilizes the Provides maximum tunneling protocol; this should eliminate the speed control.

Furthermore, you must consider why you need a VPN initially in the first location.

Do you wish to access geo-restricted streaming services or remain completely private? Constantly review the VPN’s list of advantages before signing up.

Check the VPN’s compatibility with your device before signing up.

Fortunately, most VPN services offer apps for various operating systems, so choosing the correct VPN for your device shouldn’t be difficult.

How Does One Configure A VPN Server?

Determining your organization’s computer system is the first step in installing a secure VPN server, followed by necessary procedures to ensure the connection is active and stable.

Here are detailed instructions for configuring a VPN server on the most popular operating systems.

Configuring a VPN on a Windows 10 computer:

  • Search Cortana for VPN.
  • Choose VPN settings and tap the plus symbol next to Add a VPN Connection.
  • Select a dropdown menu from the first field’s menu. Choose Windows-integrated. The VPN Type is initially set to Automatic; however, you can choose the technology (Protocol, L2TP/IPsec, FTPs, or IKEv2).
  • Complete the remaining fields with information provided by your VPN service provider. (It’s important to remember that your employer or another third party, like NordVPN, could be the VPN provider.)
  • Save the information. After that, select your Wi-Fi connection using the dropdown menu. Select the VPN connection that was just established. It is typically the first option. Once connected, the process is complete.

Set Up a VPN on a Mac:

Download a VPN app from the App Store or the Internet.

  • Select “System Preferences” followed by “Network.”
  • Select the + sign in the bottom-left corner and select your VPN from the dropdown box.
  • Enter the VPN’s information in the “VPN Type” and “Service Name” sections.
  • Establish a new VPN network and enter the “Server Address,” “Remote ID,” and “Local ID” fields.
  • Navigate to “Authentication Settings” and enter your login and password.
  • Connect your VPN by clicking “OK.”

Set up a VPN on Android:

  • Open the device’s Settings menu. Note that the below methods may change based on the device you use.
  • Utilize Wi-Fi and the Internet or Wireless networks. Essentially, you must visit the network settings menu.
  • Tap on VPN. You may need to touch More on some smartphones to enlarge the available options.
  • Tap the + symbol in the upper-right corner. You must access the advanced options menu if you do not see one.
  • Ensure all required information, such as the server address, login, and password. The network administrator will give you the information you require at that time.

Downloading A VPN Securely

Secure Network

Another common concern is how to download a VPN securely. To securely download a slightly elevated VPN, it is preferable to find one advertised by a reputable service provider.

Generally, reputable businesses have a well-known brand and authentic customer feedback.

Unreliable companies may have hundreds of positive ratings, but a closer inspection reveals that many of them appear to have been generated by automated software.

Additionally, secure VPNs will have a solid web presence.

If you find a free VPN, perform a short search on the firm before downloading the application. If you cannot identify a significant imprint, continue on to the next. 

A trustworthy virtual private network service will have an open and easy-to-navigate website and a lot of positive press in both mainstream media and online review publications.

In addition, dependable VPNs will offer their customers information on their company’s founders and board members.

Additionally, funding sources and corporate locations should be readily accessible.

Select VPN Protocols

The VPN protocol determines how data is transported between your laptop and the Virtual private network.

Some protocols increase speed, while others increase data security and privacy.


Because this is an access protocol, its source code is accessible to anyone who wants to look at it. OpenVPN is also rapidly becoming a standard in the business.


Another prominent protocol is the Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol. It provides a high level of protection against security breaches.

It frequently comes coupled with the IPSec protocol, which verifies users and encrypts data packets as they travel through a virtual private network (VPN).


The Microsoft operating system incorporates the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP).


One of the oldest Virtual Private Network protocols is called Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).

However, its use is declining as quicker and more secure protocols become available.

Considerations Before Using A VPN

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When installing a VPN on any device, it is necessary to consider several aspects to ensure optimal performance.

The purpose here is to ensure that our connection functions properly, that no issues develop, and that these issues do not impact our daily lives.

Some variables are related to safety, efficiency, and operational efficiency. There are various factors to consider.

Cost Versus Safety

It  is the adage that “you can’t have everything.” The higher the price, the more likely the service will be superior.

Not always, but generally speaking, Most VPN companies may only pay a few dollars per month, but if you’re really concerned about your safety and security, are you willing to pay a bit more for a sense of security?

Choose the optimal balance for your mindset, bearing in mind your primary reasons for registering for a VPN service.

Does It Keep Logs?

It is a crucial point. Regardless of your budget or goal, a VPN company that stores logs is a wormhole screaming to be opened.

And you are aware of what occurs when the can is opened.

Simply possessing the logs is asking for trouble since telecommunications companies have been known to yield to popular pressure on numerous occasions. Choose a service provider with a stringent no-logging policy.

Can You Trust Your VPN?

A reliable virtual private network (VPN) will never collect, disclose, or sell user data at the most fundamental level unless there is a good legal precedent.

Make sure you consider its location, technical security, and privacy policy in addition to its business model.

It is almost certainly not worth your time if it cannot provide solid answers to any of these queries.

Using good judgment can save plenty of problems. Review the provider’s credibility and avoid using a VPN with which you are uncomfortable.

In the same way that you would not allow a stranger unlimited access to your home, you should not let unknown applications access your sensitive information.

In the end, if you are truly concerned about your network’s safety and performance, you should use a virtual private network (VPN) that has been thoroughly evaluated and rated by professionals who are not affiliated with the service.

What Can A VPN Provide?

A VPN provides anonymity, security, and a sense of well-being. Using a VPN makes it difficult for thieves, your ISP, and other snoops to monitor your online activity.

It provides a level of safety that no other internet security technologies can match.

With a fresh IP and virtual location, monitoring you is far more difficult, and you can enjoy greater online privacy.

With a VPN, you may use the Internet as it was intended: openly and freely. And you can rest certain that your data remains secure while you roam.

What Exactly Does A VPN Do?

Using a VPN, you can connect to a server of your choosing. Based on the services, you can choose from numerous VPN servers worldwide.

It enables you to change your IP address to a new location.

If you select a Sydney-based Australian server, the websites you visit will show your Australian IP address instead of your actual IP address.

Now, return to the operational mechanism.

Encryption algorithms protect the connection between your device and the VPN server that you’ve chosen, making it nearly impossible for anybody else to read the data you send and receive.

Confidentiality level is one of the most important VPN characteristics to consider.

Consider it a military escort for your sensitive data. When you browse the web, you need to be protected from anyone looking over your shoulder.

Encryption accomplishes this with the assistance of many VPN servers that help to mask your location.

It prevents websites and even your ISP from reading your data or determining its destination.

The Advantages Of Downloading A VPN

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Secure Network Link For Remote Work

Today, businesses must address internet security more than ever.

With more employees than ever before working from home, the potential of theft of valuable client and company information has increased.

Suppose, for instance, an employee connects remotely to a business computer on a cellular internet without a VPN.

Theoretically, anyone on the network connection could access the organization’s internal network, as the worker did nothing to conceal their information.

Unrestricted access to a firm’s files and the personal information of its customers can be disastrous for a corporation.

By connecting to business networks over a virtual private network (VPN), one can increase the likelihood that sensitive data will be concealed behind the false information the VPN gives.

Using a VPN provides anonymity.

By utilizing a VPN, you can browse the Internet anonymously. In addition to making it more difficult for hackers to obtain your information, this prevents specific websites from targeting you.

Hate receiving a flood of tailored advertisements that know too much about you? Using a VPN will keep you secure and anonymous, so you won’t feel you’re being followed to sell additional products.

It is especially beneficial while utilizing a public Wi-Fi network because the company Wi-Fi you are accessing cannot monitor your activity.

At best, a cafe may use the information to sell certain products; at worst, it may conduct comprehensive activity monitoring.

Boosting Your Online Freedom

The ability to conceal your online location is not only advantageous for security reasons, but in certain circumstances, it is the only method to access specific information or websites.

Consider if you are living in or traveling to a country with restricted internet rules, such as Iran, Russia, or the Great Firewall of China.

A VPN is the only method for circumventing online censorship and accessing restricted websites and applications.

Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

Your internet service provider (ISP) or another entity with the ability to regulate the performance of your Wi-Fi network may engage in a practice known as “bandwidth throttling” when they reduce the speed of your internet connection. 

It is occasionally the case when you visit particular web pages or engage in specific Internet activities.

Using a digital Vpn provider allows you to encrypt the mobile traffic emanating from your device. The encryption prevents others from viewing the websites you visit.

If your Internet service provider (ISP) cannot see the data traveling to and from your computer, they will not be able to restrict the bandwidth of your connection.

This is because bandwidth throttling can be triggered by the websites or activities you visit.

To free up bandwidth for their other users, they may still limit your data during specific hours of the day.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) allows enterprises to hide their data flows and eliminate the chance of throttling employees and anyone who uses your internet connection.

Cover Your IP Address And Avoid Geoblocks

A VPN’s ability to change your IP address is one of its greatest benefits. This number is assigned automatically to your network and functions similarly to a home address.

Because websites and governments can determine your location based on your IP address, geographical restrictions may prevent you from accessing some prohibited pages (geoblocks).

With a VPN, such as NordVPN, you can circumvent these geoblocks.

Your IP address will change when you use a VPN to connect to a server in a different country. Essentially, you are replacing your IP address with another one.

With your new international identification, you can access foreign sites as if you were a local citizen. Another benefit is that your true identity will be shielded from discovery.

Therefore, your unique Internet protocol is not a blanket of anonymity. While you will be able to surf with greater privacy, you should avoid illegal websites at all costs.

Do I Need A VPN Connection At Home?

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Because your home network has built-in security measures like usernames and passwords, you won’t need a VPN at home as you would in a public place.

Many people continue to use a virtual private network (VPN) at home to protect themselves from various sorts of internet tracking or stream content.

On a public Wi-Fi network that is not secure, hackers might easily intercept any data you send or receive.

While most of your Web traffic is relatively mundane, it may contain critical information such as your bank account information, credit card numbers, and login credentials.

As a result of the large nets that attackers use, the free Internet at the library or the airport is more dangerous.

Comparatively, domestic networks are significantly safer. Much fewer people will be able to walk in and establish your network.

In addition, if you take all the necessary precautions to protect your home Wi-Fi router, such as changing the default login and password, utilizing a VPN at home for security against cybercriminals is likely not your first priority.


This article demonstrates how to download a VPN. Downloading and installing the application for your preferred virtual private network (VPN) on your device is quick and easy.

With the above-mentioned methods, you can get your favorite VPN installed and working on your new Windows device.

How to download a VPN is a simple procedure the same way you download any other software application. 

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