How to Delete Recordings on YouTube TV in 2022?

Last Updated: September 22, 2022
Learn how to delete recordings on YouTube TV using the easiest guide to follow. 
How to Delete Recordings on YouTube TV
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Despite its unlimited storage space, many of its members still search for ways how to delete recordings on YouTube TV.

While there is no hard-and-fast rule to do it, you will find out how to stop recordings from getting downloaded automatically on your accounts. 

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How to Delete Recordings on YouTube TV

Aside from letting users watch unlimited videos and shows, a YouTube TV subscription also lets users to its unlimited space for digital video recordings to record on any program you want to watch for later or in the future.

Despite its unlimited storage, it is still best to delete shows you have already watched to free up some space and avoid a slow loading time.

There is no direct answer to how to delete recordings on YouTube, but there are still ways to prevent new recordings from keeping coming.

Use a desktop view or the website to follow this guide.

1. Visit YouTube TV’s website via

2. Enter your account’s login credentials Note that a YouTube TV account may be different from your main YouTube account’s information

3. Once landing on the homepage, click on ‘Library’ located at the bottom corner of your screen

4. Scroll down to see the list of shows saved on your Library tab. Click on the show you want to delete until you land on its dedicated profile

5. After reaching its profile, click the ‘check’ sign. Selecting this you want to remove this particular show from your Library tab.

Although this will not delete existing videos already on your folder from the same show, this will prevent scheduled recordings from getting downloaded by default in the future

How to Delete Recordings on YouTube TV Using the App

Aside from accessing YouTube TV through its website, you may also do so using the app, and delete recordings as how you did with

1. Download the app and enter your login credentials

2. Open the ‘Library’ tab and scroll through all your past shows and recordings

3. Once on the show you want to delete, simply select the ‘+’ icon. This will stop new shows from automatically downloading to your library

YouTube TV’s Automatic Deletion

Don’t worry about the absence of the delete button for shows on YouTube TV.

This comes as downloaded videos on the platform automatically get deleted 10 months after the initial download. 

All About YouTube TV

YouTube TV entered to compete in the streaming market way back in 2017.

It is an all-in-one subscription-based service allowing users to watch live shows and series, play videos on demand, and binge on its digital video recordings based on the cloud. 

Today, the platform supports more than 80 broadcast channels and cable networks, which also include sports networks on the region.

Aside from English, a Spanish language subscription is also available for users.

Shows can be streamed in any working device including a mobile phone, a desktop computer, and a real television, among others.

For the pricing, the Base Plan costs $64.99 monthly, excluding tax dues. Moreover, the Spanish Plan comes at $34.99 monthly pre-tax.

In this amount, the plan already covers up to a maximum of six accounts that could stream simultaneously once.

Open YouTube TV Using the YouTube App

You may use the same YouTube app you use for watching regular videos and Shorts to watch on YouTube TV.

Follow our guide below on how to do it.

1. Open the original YouTube app, the same one you use for watching your favorite YouTuber and channels

2. Enter your YouTube account’s login credentials or link your Google account

3. On the navigation panel found at the side of your screen, scroll and look for ‘YouTube TV’ and click

Note: YouTube TV does not support watching content offline. You need to have a strong internet connection to keep streaming your favorite shows.

How to Sign Up for YouTube TV

For those interested to create a YouTube TV account, signing up is very easy.

Make sure to decide on your payment channel beforehand to hasten the process.

As of the moment, new members are only allowed to join via the website instead of the dedicated app.

1. Enter YouTube TV’s website on your browser

2. Once on the site, click on the ‘Free trial’ button found on the landing page

3. You may use your Google Account to sign up, the same one you use on your main YouTube channel/account

4. YouTube TV will ask about your zip code and confirm permission to access your live location.

This is to contact tailor the shows on your timeline based on what is available in your area. Make sure to enter the correct zip code

5. Select your membership plan. Go for the Base Plan if you want to access regular shows as everyone else is getting, while the Spanish Plan allows users to watch shows dubbed and translated into the Spanish language for a smoother watching experience among the Spanish-speaking population.

Decide on your payment method and enter your bank account’s credentials

Note that the length of your trial period varies, depending on the plan you selected and on your location.

Some members are also not eligible for a free trial account so make sure to check first on your ‘Membership’ tab located inside your ‘Settings’ to confirm

Platforms Compatible with YouTube TV

image 8


Take a look at the list of platforms compatible with YouTube TV without a cable box and see if your service provider is among them

  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • AirPlay for Apple TV
  • Roku Players and TV
  • Fire TV

YouTube TV also works well on almost all Smart TV devices with no problem.


That is how to delete recordings on YouTube TV! You just have to wait and see, until your videos automatically vanish after 10 months following the date of download.

You may also control new shows from getting downloaded automatically by just clicking a few ticks and tricks.

The next time you want to delete a show again, go back to this guide and follow the steps accordingly. Now, back at your favorite show!

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