How to Clear YouTube Cache

How to Clear YouTube Cache in 2024?

Published on: July 6, 2022
Last Updated: July 6, 2022

How to Clear YouTube Cache in 2024?

Published on: July 6, 2022
Last Updated: July 6, 2022

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Clearing the YouTube cache can save you a lot of time and limit the possibility of security breaches.

This is why you should do it more often than you do now. But some of you might not know how to do it at all. 

Whether you are using a web browser or a mobile device to watch videos, clearing your digital crumbs is easy!

It would not take more than five minutes of your time, but its benefits last longer.

Tune in to know how to clear YouTube cache and make your experience seamless more than ever.

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How to Clear YouTube Cache

There are three simple ways how to clear YouTube cache, depending on which device you are using.

Often, browsing cookies are also deleted along with the cache. We will walk you down with each of them below.

Clearing YouTube Cache Using a Computer Browser

Clearing cache on a computer browser deletes all your data on any application you used in the past, including YouTube. 

1. On your computer, open your service provider. This can be Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other browser you use

2. On the upper right part of your screen, you will see three horizontal dots. Click this icon and a dropdown menu will automatically collapse

3. Scroll down and select ‘More tools’ from the choices 

4. Proceed by clicking ‘Clear Browsing Data’ or the shortcut keys ctrl+shift+del

5. A pop-up ‘clear browsing data’ will let you choose between basic and advanced. For this guide, select ‘Basic’

6. Choose the timeframe of the data to be cleared: the last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, and all time.

This depends on your preference. Selecting a shorter timeline will retain more data from the past but will take only seconds to a minute to complete.

Meanwhile, deleting all-time data is more efficient for lagging browsers but takes more time to do

7. Make sure to tick the box next to ‘Cached image and files’ to free up to 320 MB or less of storage.

You may also include browser history and cookies by ticking their respective boxes with a checkmark

8. Click ‘clear data’ and you have just cleared your cache! It takes less than three minutes to do so do it as often as you can.

You will observe that the YouTube website will load much slower after clearing your cache. 

Clearing YouTube App Cache for Android Users

You may also clear cache using YouTube’s dedicated website.

This is how to clear YouTube cache for Android users:

1. Using your mobile device, open ‘Settings’

2. Scroll down and look for ‘Apps.’ Once there, click the tab labeled ‘Apps’ again

3. Scroll through the list of all the applications installed on your phone and look for the YouTube app

4. Click the app and tap ‘Storage.’ Once redirected to another page, click ‘Clear cache.’ This is how to delete your YouTube app cache for Android users

Clearing YouTube App Cache for iOS Users (iPhone and iPad)

1. Using your handheld device, open the ‘Settings’ app

2. Click on ‘General’ and look for ‘iPhone Storage’

3. Browse through all your downloaded apps until you find YouTube

4. Click on the YouTube app and select ‘Offload App.’ A pop-up warning will show and click ‘Offload App’ again to confirm your decision. 

5. From here, you will need to reinstall the app. Go to the App Store and type ‘YouTube’ on the search bar

6. Click ‘Install.’ The reinstalled version will not contain your cached data but contains your documents from the past

Advantages of Clearing YouTube Cache

image 2


Clearing the YouTube cache comes with many advantages including seamless watching and streaming, elimination of security threats, and loading of new updates.

1. Smooth Running of The App

Ever noticed your YouTube app lagging more often than usual? Then you need a quick fix by clearing your cache.

This is especially helpful for user who visits new websites every so often.

Unloading some of your browsing crumbs eliminates unnecessary bugs that slow the app’s performance. 

2. Get Rid of Security Threats

Sometimes, we visit websites we do not know to house hidden security threats such as viruses and malware.

Hackers of today are already using advanced and sophisticated technologies to track user activities online.

The best way to keep hackers out of the picture is to delete your cache altogether.

3. Keep up With Updates

There are times when opening websites still load their old web pages which contain outdated information, and the same applies to YouTube.

A newly-cleared cache ensures you keep up with the latest updates on the site.

Cons of Clearing YouTube Cache

There are also disadvantages. Read these carefully before taking any action.

YouTubee Might Take a While to Load

Since the data has been cleared, it might take a while for the site to react to your action and therefore slow the loading of the app or site.

Nevertheless, it catches up after a while as YouTube gets more ideas about your browsing activity. A slow app is better than the one that lags.

There Will Be No Targeted Advertising

This one is a disadvantage, especially for marketers. When data gets deleted, so as the user’s preferences and activity history.

This makes it harder for marketers to do target advertising to potential customers

Not a Solution to Get More Space

As mentioned, clearing a cache only frees up to 320 MB of storage or less.

This is comparably small compared to one’s storage needs and therefore not a solution for devices that are running out of storage


There you have it—there are three different ways how to clear YouTube cache which users can do, depending on their needs.

Clearing your cache comes with both advantages and disadvantages so make sure to think it through before taking any action.

The next time you see your YouTube app lagging more than usual, you know what to consult.

Always learn ways to enhance your digital experience by knowing more about it every day.

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