How Many Teslas Are On The Road in 2022?

Last Updated: October 17, 2022
The following will address how many Teslas are on the road, and some interesting facts about the company. 
How Many Teslas Are On The Road
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Tesla, Inc was introduced as an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer in 2003. How many Teslas are on the road today?

We’re going to share the information we gathered from research to inform you about Tesla and how many EVs by this company are driven today.

In 2004, Elon Musk hopped on as the company’s chairman. At that time, he felt this company only had a 10% chance to succeed.

In spite of the challenges that Tesla had, it managed to manufacture its one millionth automobile in March 2020.

The following will address how many Teslas are on the road in 2022, and some interesting facts about the company. 

How Many Teslas Are on The Road in 2022?

At the end of 2021, Tesla had sold over 2,335,000 cars, which is quite the feat for a car manufacturer that’s not very old.

There’s your answer to “How many Teslas are on the road in 2022”, if every car sold is being used.

After all, even though it was started in 2003-2004, it’s hardly been a household name for more than a decade. 

To break down this data into Tesla models, here is that information. 

  • Tesla Model S and Model X: Over half a million sales
  • Tesla Model 3 and Model Y: 1.8 million sales

It’s expected that 2.5 million units will equal how many Teslas are on the road  worldwide by the end of 2022. 

That said, Musk expects that there will be over 4 million people driving Teslas by the final quarter of 2022. 

How Many Teslas Were Produced in 2021?

Teslas 1019

Directly related to how many Teslas are on the road is how many were produced in 2021. Let’s talk about that.

In the second quarter of 2021, Tesla produced and delivered more than 200,000 vehicles. This car production reveals a YoY (year-over-year) growth of 151%. 

In 2017, it took Tesla 181 days to produce 50,000 automobiles, right now, 50,000 vehicles can be manufactured in only 36 days. 

For comparison in Tesla growth and popularity, here is how manufacturing grew from 2014 to 2021’s second quarter. 

  • 2014: 35,000 units
  • 2015: 51,095 units
  • 2016: 83,922 units
  • 2017: 100,757 units
  • 2018: 254,530 units
  • 2019: 365,232 units
  • 2020: 509,737 units
  • 2021: 386,756 (Q1 and Q2)

How’s that for growth in the EV market?

How Much Revenue Has Tesla Generated?

We are going to base this information from 2008 to the first and second quarters of 2021 since that’s the most recent and available data on Tesla’s revenue.

In 2008, Tesla generated $15 million in comparison to the $22.35 billion generated in just the first and second quarters of 2021.

That’s a pretty massive jump in revenues over 13 years.

The first year that Tesla reached the billion dollar milestone was in 2013 with $2.01 billion in revenue.

Even that pales in comparison to the $22.35 billion in 2021’s first two quarters of the year. 

The most revenue generated between 2008 and 2021 (first half of the year) occurred in 2020 with $34.54 billion. 

While Tesla sales may seem down over 2020’s revenues, let’s wait and see what 2022 has to offer by the end of the year. 

How Many EV Charging Stations Are Accessible for Tesla Cars?

The question of how many Teslas are on the road begs the followup question of are there enough charging stations to accommodate all these electric vehicles?

The United States and China make up 65.54% of all Supercharger stations across the 40 countries where they are available. Most of these stations, 86.6%, are found in only 10 countries. 

The top countries with Tesla Supercharger stations include:

  • USA 37.88% – 1159 stations
  • China: 27.65% – 846 stations
  • Canada: 4.08% – 125 stations
  • Germany: 3.36% – 103 stations
  • France: 3.17% – 97 stations
  • United Kingdom: 2.84% – 87 stations
  • Norway: 2.71% – 83 stations
  • Sweden: 1.73% – 53 stations
  • South Korea: 1.73% – 53 stations
  • Italy: 1.45% – 45 stations

First you should know that in January 2013, there were only 7 active Tesla Supercharger stations.

As of October 2021, there are 3059 Tesla Supercharger stations across the globe. 

Yes. Tesla has its own brand of charging station, called the Supercharger.

Also, according to Tesla, you can charge and recharge your Tesla anywhere there is an outlet at home or on the roadways.

Let’s just mention that Tesla Supercharger stations make recharging your car battery faster and easier by design.

In 2014, 145 Supercharger stations were available. By 2018, Tesla Supercharger stations broke over 1,000 stations with 1133 Supercharging stations worldwide. 

It was between January 2021 and October 2021 when the available charging stations went from 2613 to 3059.

So, maybe there are enough charging stations, depending on where you live.

The number of Tesla Supercharging stations is likely to increase over this year and in the coming years.

How Many Tesla Manufacturing Plants Are Active?

Teslas 1020

So, know how many Teslas are on the road, how many manufacturing plants are making these electric cars?

Not all of Tesla’s plants are running.

Four are in operation, including the Fremont Factory in California (the original facility), the Gigafactory in Nevada, the Gigafactory in New York, and the Gigafactory in Shanghai.

So, there are 4 active Tesla manufacturing facilities in the world.

There are two manufacturing facilities still being constructed in Berlin and Texas, both Gigafactories. This is since mid-2021.

More important than active manufacturing plants is the amount that each can produce.

For instance, the Shanghai and Fremont factories have a capacity of 1.05 million cars.


Now you know how many Teslas are on the road, how many have been produced, how many manufacturing plants are running, how many Tesla Supercharger stations are accessible, and how Tesla’s revenue and popularity has grown in under 13 years of being known.

Whether you’re an investor, individual, or a marketer, these facts are useful to you. We hope we have given you information you didn’t already know.

We enjoy giving our readers tidbits of information they may not easily find elsewhere.

Do you own a Tesla? Are you thinking about buying a Tesla? What are your overall thoughts about Tesla in general? 


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