36 Tesla Statistics and Facts Everyone Should Know

Tesla Statistics 2024: How Many Teslas Have Been Sold?

Published on: November 27, 2023
Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Tesla Statistics 2024: How Many Teslas Have Been Sold?

Published on: November 27, 2023
Last Updated: November 27, 2023

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How many Teslas have been sold in total in 2024?

Tesla has sold 1,917,450 units since its inception.

Elon Musk co-founded the Tesla brand in 2003.

This brand of American electric cars didn’t go into production until five years later, in 2008.

Elon Musk developed and produced these electric cars intending to offer affordable options for people who wanted to drive electric cars instead of gasoline-powered cars.

The following data will address detailed Tesla statistics that show its sales growth and impact on the industry.

The Tesla Roadster was the first car introduced by the brand. It was designed based on the same model as the Lotus Elise.

Mass production of the Model S electric sedan started in 2012. This is the electric vehicle that put Tesla in the limelight.

The Model X SUV followed the Model S in 2015, and the Model 3 sedan followed in 2017.

The Model 3 has become the most successful of all Tesla electric automobiles thus far. 

These statistics and facts for 2024 will discuss the various models’ sales, popularity, how many Teslas have been sold, revenue, and other stats. 

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Key Tesla Statistics in 2024

  • Tesla has sold 1,917,450 cars since its inception.
  • Tesla sold more cars than any other electric automobile manufacturer in the world at 473,136 vehicles sold in the first 8 months of 2021.
  • Tesla employees 70,757 people globally.
  • In the first two quarters of 2021, Tesla manufactured 386,759 electric automobiles. 
  • Tesla has made 1.91 million electric cars since 2009.
  • In the first two quarters of 2021, Tesla’s revenue came to $22.35 billion.
  • Tesla’s Model 3 was the first to go over 1 million sales.
  • In 2013, the Model S was the first electric car to obtain the Car of the Year Award by Motor Trend.
  • Tesla Model X was named the safest SUV in the electric vehicle market.
  • Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk had a net worth of $27 billion in December 2019.
  • Tesla Model Y sold almost 80,000 vehicles in 2020.

Detailed Tesla Statistics Based in 2024

1. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk Had a Net Worth of $27 Billion in December 2019.

We can’t discuss Tesla without including Elon Musk in the picture.

As of December 2019, Elon Musk’s reported net worth was $27 million.

Musk was a child prodigy who taught himself to code when he was nine years old.

He sold his first product for $500 at the age of 12, a video game he named Blastar, a space-themed game. 

Before Tesla, Elon found monetary success in 2002 from his shares in eBay when eBay bought PayPal. That made him $165 million richer.

2. In The First Quarter of 2019, Teslas Were 75% of All E vs That Were Sold in The United States.

Statistics showed that the hottest vehicle came out of the top with 60% of total sales of all-electric cars in the United States. The Model S holds 8% and the Model X 7%.

These two are more expensive models of the brand. Tesla’s overall market share in the EV market increased between 2018 (Q1) and 2019 (Q1) by 8%. 

3. In December 2019, Tesla’s Total Net Worth Was an Estimated $78 Billion.

Statistics depicted that the exact net worth of a Tesla in December 2019 was $77.57 billion. Stock in this company has been publicly traded since 2010.

The total net worth is calculated using its current stock price multiplied by its number of outstanding shares. 

4. In The US, Tesla’s Market Share in The Final Four Months of 2018 Was Around 2%.

This percentage shows that every 50th new car sold in the United States was a Tesla.

This boost is enormous compared to the 0.3% from January 2018. 

5. In 2018, Tesla’s Revenue Was $21.461 Billion.

This number represents an 82.51% increase over 2017’s number. As of 2019, this car company hasn’t shown signs of slowing down just yet.

It experienced 33.23% growth between 2018 and 2019 from the first quarter of each year. 

The most recent Tesla stats and data show that in 2019, they had a profit of $143 million in 2019’s third quarter. As of 2021, revenues were at $10.4 billion. 

6. In The First Two Quarters of 2021, Tesla’s Revenue Came to $22.35 Billion.

In just the first six months of 2021, Tesla’s revenue hit the $22.35 billion mark.

In 2020, the annual income came to $31.54 billion. This accounted for a 28.31% increase over 2019.

7. Tesla Sold More Cars than Any Other Electric Automobile Manufacturer in The World at 473,136 Vehicles Sold in The First 8 Months of 2021.

As reported, by the end of August 2021, this car manufacturer had sold 473,136 units, almost passing their total automobile sales in 2020. The total sales in 2020 were 499,535 units.

Statistics showed that this number made it the most popular electric vehicle manufacturer. Tesla outsold its closest competitor,  SAIC-GM-Wuling, by 77.06%.

General Tesla Statistics and Facts


8. Tesla Employs 70,757 People Globally.

As of 2020, Tesla and its subsidiaries have employed 70,757 workers. This is a growth of 47.36% over 2019. This means they have hired 22,741 workers over one year.

Before 2017, Tesla had less than 25,000 employees to compare its growth. In 2010, the company had only 899 employees. 

9. In The First Two Quarters of 2021, Tesla Manufactured 386,759 Electric Automobiles. 

This electric car manufacturer delivered 184,877 EVs (electric vehicles) in the first quarter of 2021 and another 201,304 in the second quarter.

This difference accounts for more than 121% growth in delivery.

Statistics depicted that between 2017 and 2020, car deliveries increased by 4.85%. 

The production of EVs in 2020 by Tesla in the second quarter was over 200,000 units.

Therefore, in the first quarter, they produced and delivered more than 200,000 cars. The second quarter shows a 151% growth. 

10. Tesla Has Sold 1.91 Million Electric Cars Since 2009.

How many Teslas have been sold?

Well, according to investor reports, this car manufacturer has sold 1,917,450 units from its beginning.

Around 32% of these electric automobiles sold since 2016 were sold in 2021. 

11. Tesla’s Model 3 Was the First to Go Over 1 Million Sales.

As of June 2021, the Model 3 became the first EV to surpass the 1 million mark in sales worldwide.

This car company is currently the world’s fastest-growing brand across the globe.

12. Tesla Model X Was Named the Safest Suv in The Electric Vehicle Market.

Tesla expanded its product range in 2015 with the introduction of the Model X SUV. According to the official website, this electric SUV was the quickest, safest, and most capable SUV ever made.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave this car a 5-star rating in all categories. 

13. Tesla’s Model Y Sold Almost 80,000 Vehicles in 2020.

In 2020, the midsized SUV Model Y sold almost 80,000 units.

The precise number is 79,734. That may not be nearly the number sold of the Model 3, but it put the Model Y in the Top 5 global plug-in EVs for 2020.

Tesla Sales Statistics

14. Model 3 Is the Most Sold Model of EV in The United States.

In 2018 alone, Tesla sales stats show that 140,000 electric vehicles were shipped across the United States.

This model beat out similar fossil fuel alternative vehicles like Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. 

15. In The Q3 of 2019, Tesla’s Sales Figures Showed that The Company Delivered 97,000 EVs Across the Globe.

The Model 3 was the most popular, making up 79,600 units of the 97,000 delivered.

Since its release in 2017, the company has experienced a massive boost in worldwide sales. 

16. In China and Europe, Tesla Is Not in The Top Sales in EVs.

Domestic sales statistics in the US for Tesla are impressive, but as of 2018, the most sold electric car in China was the BAIC EC-Series, and in Europe, it was the Nissan Leaf. 

17. The Model 3 Was the Most Sold EV in The World in 2018.

Even though Tesla doesn’t hold the most sales in China or Europe in the electric car market, the Model 3 still has the most sold EV ever. Tesla’s Model S is set to surpass Nissan’s Leaf.

Tesla sales statistics showed that the Model S sales came to more than 146,000 in 2018. 

High-Tech Tesla Statistics and Facts


18. In 2013, the Model S Was the First Electric Car to Obtain the Car of The Year Award by Motor Trend.

In a unanimous decision, Motor Trend names Tesla’s Model S the 2013 Car of the Year. This is the first EV ever to get this award. It’s also the first winner that won by a unanimous decision. 

Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO, said, “Our aspiration with the Model S was to show that an electric car truly can be better than any gasoline car, which is a critical step towards the widespread adoption of sustainable transport.”

19. The Largest Touchscreen on A Production Automobile Is Found on The Model S.

Seventeen inches is the size of the touchscreen in the Model S. That’s significantly larger than most laptops. I don’t think its size makes it distracting because it’s not.

The control buttons are on the left of the steering wheel. Also, the dashboard acts as a digital screen, displaying current and relevant data. 

20. Tesla Motors Allows Other Companies to Utilize Its Patents.

Tesla has several patents, but it allows other companies to use them at no charge freely.

This idea is to help the EV market grow, potentially resulting in less air pollution. On a side note, they own 580 patents.

21. The Autopilot Function on Tesla EVs Uses Multiple Sensors.

Four sensors play their part in the Autopilot feature of Teslas. Forward-looking radar, eight cameras, ultrasonic sonar, and GPS.

The ultrasonic radar can detect objects around the vehicle (360 degrees).

The forward-looking radar can see 160 more than 5 feet ahead and isn’t bothered by sand, snow, or fog. The eight cameras can monitor the sides and rear of the vehicle and read signs. 

22. The Model X “Dances” to The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Song “Wizards in Winter”.

This is one of the unique Tesla facts. As a Christmas special release, the software in the car will engage its falcon doors and headlights to dance to the rhythm of this specific song.

Be aware that this light show could trigger seizures. That is a disclaimer on the video of the Model X light show.

23. According to The Tesla Website, There Is a Guarantee that The Battery on The Model 3 Will Retain 70% of Its Capacity Even After the First 120,000 Miles. 

The Model 3 is the only one currently with this guarantee.

According to Tesla data collected by Dutch-Belgium Tesla owners, the batteries are prone to maintaining 90% of their capacity after 160,000 miles. Models 3 and Y offer the most extended battery life.

24. The Gigafactory 1 Will Become the World’s Largest Building by Footprint when It’s Finished.

Tesla, in a joint effort with Panasonic (its leading battery supplier), this project will be large enough to hold 93 Boeing 737s and is expected to make more than 60% of the world’s supply of lithium batteries. 

This structure was supposed to be completed by the end of 2021, but the pandemic may have put a temporary wrench in the project.

25. Teslas Are so Low Maintenance that You only Need to Regularly Replace the Tires and Wiper Blades.

The Tesla brand of cars has no spark plugs, no oil to replace, no fans, and no air filters to replace. Only tires and wipers need to be replaced regularly on the Tesla. 

Also, these EVs nearly always slow down through reversing the electric engine, not using friction disc brakes. According to Tesla data, the Model S needs very little maintenance. 

26. Tesla Electric Vehicles only Have One Gear, Just Like Most EVs.

Tesla data shows that electric motors rev at a higher rate than traditional fossil fuel engines. This is an interesting fact that you can share with your friends. 

Diesel engines have a standard torque limit of 6,000 rpm. Electric cars quickly get to 20,000 rpm, making them more efficient when operating at high revs. 

27.The Motors in Tesla EVs Are Minis Compared to Traditional Combustion Engines.

All the electric car motors are much smaller than the conventional combustion engine. However, they can be mighty, generating nearly as much horsepower. 

In this case, the mini motor acts much like a dynamic generator. The smaller size provides more space for passengers and in the trunk. It’s also lighter weight than a big, heavy engine.

Tesla Safety Statistics

28. The Research and Development of Tesla’s EVs Spent Almost $1.5 Billion in 2020.

This statistic about Tesla’s cars shows that they put a lot of thought into these vehicles before rolling them out to the public.

Consider the long battery life, low maintenance, special features, and other factors that make this brand’s EVs safe, efficient, sustainable, and fun. 

29. Tesla Vehicles Are Built for Safety.

The official website states that Tesla cars are built for safety. They are considered the safest cars in the world. 

The R&D (research and development) money spent seems high because they want to ensure the safety of their drivers.

They combine passive safety, active safety, passenger safety, automatic driver’s assist, and other technology specifically designed to protect everyone in the vehicle.

The proof shows up in the Model 3, Model X, and Model S.

Each has the lowest probability of injury across any vehicle that the United States Government has ever tested via its New Car Assessment Program. 

The battery pack’s structure is one of the many safety options on these cars. It’s attached to the vehicles’ floor to improve the cars’ structural integrity.

Over-the-air updates for its software allow it to enhance and introduce more safety features even after delivery.

30. In 2021 Second Quarter, only One Crash for Every 4.41 Million Miles Driven Occurred. 

Tesla’s accident information shows only one crash out of 4.41 million miles driven in one of their vehicles where the Autopilot features were used in 2021.

For those who didn’t use Autopilot, one crash per 1.2 million miles driven. 

To make these relative terms as reported by the NHTSA, there is an automobile accident every 484,000 miles. 

31. Tesla Receives Billions of Miles of Real Data.

Due to advanced technology and making Tesla electric vehicles, they gather and analyze billions of miles of actual data to learn how accidents happen.

The fact that it’s connected helps to encourage this data exchange. 

This data goes back into the R&D section of the company to solve issues that happen from the gathered accident data. They can further assist their customers in helping them avoid accidents. 

32. Plans to Introduce the Electric Pickup Truck Are in The Works.

Tesla plans to release its first electric pickup. Most of their models are cars, sedans, and crossover SUVs. 

In 2019, the Cybertruck was shown and was initially to be released by 2021.

However, delays have pushed back the timeline for launch to 2023 or later.

When unveiled in 2019, Tesla began taking reservations that included a $100 refundable deposit.

They received 250,000 reservations within the first week. Current Tesla data shows that there are now over 1 million reservations. 

Tesla Owner Demographics 2024


33. Tesla Model S Owner’s Median Income Is $153,313 a Year.

To put this in perspective, the average yearly income in America in 2018 was $63,179.

Tesla Model X owners’ average annual income falls lower at an annual revenue of $143,177. 

34. The Average Age of Model 3 Owners Is 46.

The average age of the American citizen is 38.

The average age of Model X and Model S owners is between 52 and 54 years old. 

35. The Highest Interest in The Model 3 Comes from Californians.

It makes sense with Tesla Motors starting as a company in Silicon Valley.

According to stats, Californians make up 28% of Americans looking for a Model 3. Texans are second at 7%.

36. Tesla Car Buyers Are More Apt to Be Disney Movie Fans at 135%. 

This is probably the most interesting, fun, and weird fact about Tesla owners.

Maybe this clears up the fact that most are also parents. On the other hand, people can love Disney and its classics without having kids or a Tesla.


Was Elon Musk Officially the Founder of Tesla?

No. Musk came along later.

Were the First 100 Teslas Made in One Month in 2008?

The answer is yes to this one.

There are so many fascinating facts about Tesla.

The first Roadsters were all made between March and April 2008.

Does Elon Musk Like Thomas Edison More than Nikola Tesla?

Musk held in 2008, “Edison brought his stuff to market and made those inventions accessible to the world, while Tesla didn’t really do that,”

This appears to be his reasoning for preferring Edison to Tesla, though he also said he considers them both role models. 

Are Car Insurance Companies Planning to Offer Discounts to Tesla Owners?

It appears that insurance firms like Travelers and Farmers are offering discounts to Tesla owners.

Other insurers like AAA increased their rates for Tesla coverage.


We hope you have found this data exciting and fun. We researched and gathered these Tesla statistics and facts for your benefit.

After doing this research, it’s odd how we feel we have a more excellent knowledge of this industry and how it works.

Could fossil fuels soon become obsolete? If so, will it save the planet? 

These electric vehicles are unique and fascinating, to say the least, about these facts.

The small engine, less noise, safety,  cheap charging, and low maintenance are just a few of the things we can see as appealing.

The fact that this car brand is always connected could deter some people from buying due to privacy issues, but we cannot confirm that.

From gathering and writing this information, we can see how advanced technology, Autopilot, onboard cameras, and other high-tech gear would be appealing to people across the globe.

As this brand expands and develops more vehicles, we acknowledge the electric vehicle ideal is the next big thing.


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