How Many Roblox Accounts Are There

How Many Roblox Accounts Are There in 2024?

Published on: April 26, 2023
Last Updated: April 26, 2023

How Many Roblox Accounts Are There in 2024?

Published on: April 26, 2023
Last Updated: April 26, 2023

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How many Roblox accounts are there in 2024?

There are 230 million accounts on Roblox.

Roblox’s user base includes mostly kids aged 9 to 12 years old.

But just how many Roblox accounts are there in 2024?

This is the topic of conversation for this article. 

We will be addressing not only how many Roblox accounts there are, but other vital statistics about the gaming platform. 

What is Roblox?

You may not know what Roblox is, so we will provide you with a brief description. 

Roblox is currently the number one gaming website for kids and teens. Every day, kids visit Roblox to “Imagine with Friends”, which is the company’s mantra. 

We are here to find out the answer to how many Roblox accounts are there in 2024.

How Many Roblox Accounts Are There in 2024?

Roblox currently has more than 230 million registered players, so there are 230 million accounts on Roblox.

Of these 230 million registered accounts, at least 30 million log on and play there every day. Most of Roblox’s users live in Canada and America. 

This means if you know any kids between 9 and 12, you probably know a little something about Roblox.

Most of its users don’t consider this a game, but an online platform where you can create games to share with your friends and other registered users. 

Roblox hasn’t released any exact figures to report its highest number of players that have logged into the site.

Where Do Roblox Users Come From?

We know that about 30% of Roblox users are from Canada and America combined, but where else does it have users? 

This data is related to the question of how many Roblox accounts are there.

Of the 30% of users in America and Canada, 20.21% are from America, and 9.79% are in Canada.

Brazil is next with 7.85% of users on the platform, and Russia with 6.09% of registered users.

Turkey accounts for 4.43% of its users, while the UK has a share of 4.42%. The rest of Roblox’s players live all over the world. 

What Are Roblox’s User Demographics?

Roblox’s audience is younger, with 67% of its players being younger than 16 years old. However, there are 14% of players who are 25 and older. 

A cool fact is that users under 16, which are mostly those between 9 and 12, there is some money to be made if they aid in developing games.

Roblox’s revenues allow them to pay their young game developers.

In 2022, the number of males and females that play on the platform are nearly equal at 51% male and 44% female, making up the total community.

Only 5% have not specified their gender. 

This is a far cry from 2016, when the platform was mostly male, with only 35% of its players identifying as female. 

When learning about how many Roblox accounts are there, knowing the user base is important.

What Devices Are Players Using?

Roblox is free, but it does have in-game purchases. It’s available across most devices.

At the time of this writing, Roblox is available on Android, Xbox One, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. 

So, essentially anyone with a tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop can play games on this platform. Roblox was originally released in 2006 for the Windows OS. 

The data shows that 79% of Roblox players use mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones to play. Another 25% use a computer, and only 3% play on consoles. 

What Are Roblox’s Most Popular Games?

How Many People Play Roblox Every Month

Roblox games receive billions of visits. In February 2022 alone, one pet simulator game, Adopt Me! made the top most popular game with more than 27.39 billion visits. 

Tower of Hell came in second with 16.9 billion visits, and Brookhaven, with 16 billion visits ranked third. 

Other of Roblox’s popular games include MeepCity (13.06B), Piggy (10.7B), Murder Mystery 2 (7.54B) Royale High (7.37B), Welcome to Blocburg (5.66B), Jailbreak (5.664B), and Blox Fruits (4.09B). 

How Many Developers Are on Roblox?

Currently, Roblox has more than 9.5 million developers who had already earned $129 million in the second quarter of 2021.

In 2020, their developers earned over $328 million.

Developers earn money from Roblox through the revenues gotten from its players. The developers keep 70% of game purchases, while Roblox keeps 30%.

Around 32 developers on the platform earned over one million dollars in 2021 from these purchases. 

How Many Players Have Left  the Roblox Platform?

In July 2021, Roblox removed the LuoBuLesi app from its Chinese market, so they lost players from that event.

However, Roblox has plans to launch it again as a rerelease after they make some necessary alterations.

The most significant loss of players on Roblox came in September 2021,  when over 11 million users left the platform.

Those numbers were revived over the following two months, but then another loss of over 550,000 occurred in January 2022. 

In February 2022, Roblox lost over 5 million users, and in March, a loss of nearly 6.5 million registered users. That leaves the platform with 230 million plus registered users.

What Kind of Revenues Does Roblox Make?

Even though the Roblox platform is free for playing games, it generates income from its in-game purchases made by its players.

Roblox makes enough revenue to pay players and developers to consistently improve the games.

In 2021, the last reported revenue for Roblox, the company generated $838.1 million.

That figure only covers its revenue for the first two quarters of 2021. The revenues for the last two quarters have yet to be reported.

Roblox did report that combined user spending for its in-game purchases could be as high as $319 million.

The company achieved that amount in Q2 of 2020. Between 2017 and 2021, Roblox generated revenues of between $45 million to $838.1 million. 


The currency used on Roblox is called Robux and is bought with whatever currency is in the country in which the players play.

Developers are paid in Robux that they can spend in the game, or cash out in whatever currency they choose.

How many Roblox accounts are there in 2024?

We know that there are at least 230 million registered users on the platform, with daily logins of between 22 and 30 million. 

Does your child play on Roblox? 


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