How Many People Use Yelp

Yelp Users: How Many People Use Yelp in 2024? (Demographics)

Published on: March 25, 2023
Last Updated: March 25, 2023

Yelp Users: How Many People Use Yelp in 2024? (Demographics)

Published on: March 25, 2023
Last Updated: March 25, 2023

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How many people use Yelp in 2024?

Yelp gets 178 million visitors every month and is the 44th most-visited site in the United States.

Word of mouth is one of the biggest factors that make or break a business.

Today, information exchange has become bigger and more powerful in the form of online reviews.

A stellar customer rating shapes a potential consumers’ first impression and determines the likelihood of buying a product or service nowadays.

In this article, we will introduce you to Yelp–a crowd-sourced business review site acting as both an information-seeking site and a social networking platform.

Read on to find out how many people use Yelp in 2024, and other relevant demographics and statistics.

Yelp Users: How Many People Use Yelp in 2024?

97% of online customers reported having consulted business reviews before using a service.

This is the reason why crowd-sourced rating platforms like Yelp are enjoying steady user growth over the years.

Yelp gets 178 million visitors every month and is the 44th most-visited site in the United States.

It is home to 206 million reviews for restaurants, bars, hotels, professional services, schools, and everything related to local businesses in 35 countries worldwide.

The majority of these views come from mobile users, accounting for 92 million of the site’s monthly user count.

Percentage of Yelp Users by Gender Worldwide

Female users use the platform more than the male population.

In percentage, women account for 53% of the total user count while men occupy the remaining 47%.

Yelp’s Influence

According to a survey, 42% of people that consulted Yelp for review made a same-day purchase of the goods or services they intended to check.

Due to this strong sales conversion, establishments experience 9% growth in their revenues with every star gained on the site.

About 45% of customers say they visit and read reviews about a business on Yelp first before visiting the site’s page.

All About Yelp

Yelp is an online review site founded in 2004 by David Stoppelman. The idea came during his time as a PayPal employee and intending to file for sick leave.

He spent time browsing the internet to find the best doctor but could not determine which one to choose since there is no comparison of data available.

Yelp started as an email circle, in which participants could exchange reviews with one another through electronic mail.

The developers originally wanted to name it Yocal but did not push through because the domain name is not available.

Yelp is close to the word “help” which speaks about its vision to help the local population find help with their needs.

Data can be gathered and scraped by businesses using a Yelp scraper, and used outside the platform.

Yelp Users by Age and Income (US Market)

Yelp’s US users are evenly distributed in terms of age categories. 30% are aged 18-34 years old, 36% are 35-54 years old, and 33% are 55 years old and up.

Citizens with $100,000+ annual income dominate Yelp’s user count and account for 55% of the total.

The other half is shared by $0-$59,000 and $60,000 to $99,000 income holders with 22% and 24% shares, respectively.

Average Time Spent and Click-through Rate

A visitor spends an average of three (3) minutes and 10 seconds on Yelp. The site has a click-through rate (CTR) of 7.10 clicks.

Business Categories and their Overall Share on Yelp

Yelp reviews cover almost all types of business services. Here is a list of the most reviewed categories and their respective share on the site:

  • Restaurants – 18%
  • Home and Local Services – 18%
  • Shopping – 16%
  • Beauty and Fitness – 11%
  • Health – 9%

Topics Commonly Discussed by Yelpers

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As mentioned, Yelp is not only an online product and service review hub but also acts as a social media network where users can discuss relevant topics.

Here are the top ideas that Yelpers discuss online and their share of the total:

  • Food and Drinks – 56%
  • Movies and TV Series – 45%
  • Travel and Vacation – 43%
  • Music – 42%
  • Politics – 15%

Yelp’s Identity Attribute Features

Yelp is advancing to bridge the large gap in the business sector. It introduced a feature that filter searches on the site based on identity attributes.

Some establishments are categorized as black-owned, Latinx-owned, Asian-owned, and women-owned. 

Businesses affected by this feature enjoyed significant growth in search count last year as listed:

  • Asian-owned – 130%
  • Women-owned – 264%
  • Black-owned – 3,085%
  • Latinx-owned – 4,077%

Star Rating Distribution

Not all stars are created the same–some have a heavier weight in a consumer’s decision-making process than others.

Below is a list of star ratings and their respective consolidation on Yelp. Five stars being the highest and one star being the lowest:

  • One star – 18%
  • Two stars – 6%
  • Three stars – 8%
  • Four stars – 17%
  • Five stars – 51%

The word “five stars” directly connotes excellent service in today’s society. Restaurants with five-star ratings enjoy higher foot traffic and greater customer loyalty.

A Negative Review’s Cost

A negative review costs businesses higher than a positive one.

Four in five customers back out from purchasing encountering negative reviews about an establishment.

Often, buyers feel comfortable with a business featuring a 3.3-star rating or higher. Only 13% out of the total said that they are willing to try businesses with one (1) or two (2) stars.

Every decrease in star rating is equivalent to a 5-9% revenue loss for businesses.

Strength of Local Searches

Consumers avail products and services not only for price and quality but also for proximity.

Today, 97% of customers search online to find information on products and services they can avail within reach. 

Local searches account for 46% of all the two trillion online searches per year.

How Many Reviews Before Making a Purchase?

It only takes four good reviews before a buyer decides to go ahead with a purchase. On the other hand, fake reviews are often encountered on platforms like Yelp.

As a consumer, it is very important to verify the credibility of the feedback giver before making any decision.


Online reviews are undeniably game-changers in people’s buying process. One negative word of mouth can potentially break a career or a business.

Meanwhile, positive reviews are key to revenue growth and customer loyalty.

We hope you enjoyed learning about this product review company, Yelp demographics and usage statistics in 2024.

Remember to make a rain check first before believing anything you see online.


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