How Many People Use Tor

Tor Users: How Many People Use Tor in 2024?

Published on: July 20, 2023
Last Updated: July 20, 2023

Tor Users: How Many People Use Tor in 2024?

Published on: July 20, 2023
Last Updated: July 20, 2023

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How many people use Tor in 2024?

Tor has over 2 million daily active users.

Tor is one of the most widely used networks in the world.

People use it to anonymously browse the internet. This is because the demand for user data is always high.

And as more people realize their data gets shared between organizations and businesses daily, they’re investigating options for browsing the web anonymously.

The release of Tor in 2002 brought a fresh wave of privacy people can enjoy while surfing the web without restrictions

Undoubtedly, the number of people using Tor has also increased.

In this resource, we’ll go through some interesting stats of the Tor network and answer the question: How many people use Tor in 2024?

Key Statistics

  • Tor hosts over 65,000 unique URLs with the .onion extension.
  • Tor has over 2 million daily active users.
  • The dark web accounts for only 3% of the entire Tor Traffic.
  • Bitcoin transactions on the dark web reached almost $1billion in 2019. 
  • Russia has the biggest share of daily Tor users.
  • Of 200 domains marked as illegal on Tor, over 75% are marketplaces. 
  • The FBI arrested roughly 350 suspects for child pornography using the dark net.
  • One of Tor’s creators and funders is the US government.

How Many People Use Tor in 2024?

Tor Browser web

1. Tor Hosts Over 65,000 URLs with The .Onion Extension.

What is a .onion domain?

Well, it’s a top-level web domain referring to an anonymous onion service. 

A .onion domain is completely free and gets used by anonymous websites on the Dark Web

There’s a misconception around this. People think as the .onion domains are a part of the dark web, the content on these domains is also dark. But this isn’t the case.

Tor has over 65,000 unique URLs with the .onion ending. This means 65,000 sites have hidden servers.

2. Tor Has Over 2 Million Daily Active Users.

Tor has over 2 million daily active users, and it is growing.

If you ask people about Tor, they’ll probably tell you, Tor is a private network that helps you browse the internet anonymously. 

What most people don’t know is Tor is also a browser.

The Tor browser implements many functions to ensure your browsing journey is private.

Some of them are blocking trackers, defending against surveillance, resisting fingerprinting, and multi-layer encryption.

When you use the Tor Browser, it clears your cookies and browsing history automatically and isolates third-party trackers from following you.

Anyone watching your connection won’t see the sites you visit.

Fingerprinting you based on your browser and device information gets difficult. 

All your traffic gets over three layers of encryption over the Tor network. Unique groups of people use the Tor browser for their benefits.

For instance, politicians, activists, businesses, journalists, etc.

All these advantages have attracted many users to the platform over the years. Today, over 2 million active users use the Tor network and browser daily.

3. The Dark Web Accounts for Only 3% of The Entire Tor Traffic.

Tor gets associated with the dark web. 

What is the dark web?

The dark web exists on the dark-nets. You can access content on the dark web using certain browsers, like the Tor browser.

How does it work?

The dark web has websites which one can access only through specific pieces of software. 

It uses complex systems which hide your correct IP address and hides the sites you visit from your ISP. 

You can safely access content from the dark web as you use regular browsers, and all the data gets stored on the Tor network. 

The dark web, as complicated as it appears, accounts for only 3% of the entire Tor Traffic.

4. Bitcoin Transaction on The Dark Web Reached Almost $1billion in 2019

Bitcoin is at the heart of the cryptocurrency industry. It is one of the most promising cryptos in the market, with a market cap of over 816 billion USD.

Billions of people around the world use Bitcoin as a means of payment. In 2018, total Bitcoin transactions on the Tor browser and the dark web hit $872 billion.

This means in 2019, the total transactions reached almost $1billion.

5. Russia Has the Biggest Share of Daily Tor Users.

Russia has the largest share of mean daily users of Tor. This stat indicate around 12,194 daily users from Russia.

The US bags the second place with an average of 10,792 daily users. This list goes on with Iran, Germany, Netherlands, France, India, Brazil, Belarus, China, Turkey, Ukraine, and the UK.

6. Of 200 Domains Marked as Illegal on Tor, Over 75% Are Marketplace

Tor Services

Marketplaces leverage the features of the Tor network and browser to host themselves. These marketplaces deal with products like recreational and pharmaceutical drugs.

You can even find stolen identities, credit cards and services like hacking and malware with cryptocurrencies as a common mode of payment.

These are illegal marketplaces which comprise 75% of total illegal domains on the Tor network.

7. The FBI Arrested Roughly 350 Suspects for Child Pornography Using the Dark Net

In 2015, the FBI played a master stroke when they arrested a facilitator of child pornography who got sentenced to 27 years of Federal Prison for conspiracy to advertise child pornography.

They also arrested over 350 suspects and 25 producers of child pornography.

8. One of Tor’s Creators and Funders Is the US Government.

No matter how complicated the Tor network might appear. It is one of the best methods to browse the internet anonymously.

Billions of people, including illegal marketplaces, use the Tor Network. But there’s more to it.

One interesting fact that surprises many is that the US government is one of Tor’s creators and funders.

In the early 1990s and 2000s, the US government played a critical part in creating and funding the Tor network to keep its informants safe.


There you have it. Now, you know the answer to the question: How many people use Tor in 2024?

You also know what the Tor network is and some interesting statistics about it. I hope this article helps.


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