How Many People Use Tagged in 2022? (Statistics)

Last Updated: July 26, 2022
How many people use Tagged? To answer this question, we need to know more about Tagged. That is what we’ll do in this article. 
How Many People Use Tagged
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How many people use Tagged?

To answer this question, we need to know more about Tagged. 

Tagged is a San Francisco, California-based company that is part of the fiercely competitive dating app sector.

It’s an online dating service that is free to use where like-minded people can chat and get to know one another. 

Originally, this dating service was designed to target the under 18 crowd. For a while, it was a popular online meeting place for teenagers.

Due to scrutiny, criticism, and reports of the service having inappropriate content, the terms of service changed.

Since 2014, you must be 18 or older to register and use the site. 

Tagged tried to separate the under and over 18 year olds like Tinder for Teens has done.

That attempt was designed to prevent users 13 to 14 from being seen by users 16 and older. At this time, the site’s terms require all users to be 18 and over.

Now that you have a little more information about Tagged, we can address how many people use Tagged, and other pertinent data you need to know about the app and service. 

How Many People Use Tagged?

At this time, there are 230 million global users on Tagged. Americans using the app account for 1.2 million of the 230 million total users.

At least 400,000 members actively use the app every week, with 172,000 daily logins. 

A few years ago, there was a claim that 300 million users were on the platform, but iTunes revealed that some of those member accounts might be fake.

There are still websites reporting that it has 300 million users, but we cannot confirm or deny that data. 

While there could be 300 million global users, we are going with the 230 million reported by Dating Scout online.

So, if you prefer, we can say that there are between 230 and 300 million members on Tagged.

That gives you an idea of how many people use Tagged.

What Are the Known Tagged Demographics? 


In this section of the article, we’ll talk about the demographics of Tagged users. These statistics and facts are gathered from several sources.

After all, it’s important to know who uses the app as it is to know how many people use Tagged.


The app has a strong engagement and retention rate among the African-American community. 


It’s also mostly male with 83% male and 17% female. So, Tagged is skewed towards the male side. 


It seems that no matter which way we calculate this, the largest number of Tagged users come from America.

The percentages are between 52% at 1.2 million out of 230 million, to 40% if there are 300 million global users. 

What Makes Tagged Popular?

Members of Tagged say that this app and platform is easy to use, and is not much different from using social media platforms.

There are also games to play, teams to play with, and competitions that engage members of the app. 

The most popular game is “Pets” and it’s unique in that you can own, buy, and sell other members in the game like you would a sports team member.

They call them fantasy teams.

You can also sell Pets to new people who join the game. There are also in-app purchases in the game. 

Besides being easy to use and playing games, people are making new connections, friends, and relationships through Tagged.

Its popularity is directly related to how many people use Tagged. 

The app allows you to meet users by age, interest, location, etc. It offers chat, search, and you can “flick” through potential matches.

You will be alerted if and when a user likes you back. 

Are There Risks Associated with Using Tagged?


As with any dating app, or any app in general, there are risks involved. We have put together the risks to enlighten you.

It’s just as important to know the risks of Tagged as it is to know how many people use Tagged.

Online Predators

We will handle the worst case scenario for risk on Tagged first. No one wants their teen or adult child to become a victim of predators.

Since Tagged features are designed for people to meet and chat on the app, it’s wise to know to be safe.

Unfortunately, the website has been mentioned in some cases that involve predators and minors in Ireland and the United States, so be aware of that.

Basically, members need to be careful about who they talk to since not everyone is telling the truth about their age, name, location, etc.

Inappropriate Content

Again, this falls under making sure to take care of whom you chat and engage with on Tagged.

The potential of seeing or getting inappropriate content sent to you is there, as it is with almost every social media site.

Privacy Settings

The default privacy settings are set in public. Therefore, you may want to change your privacy settings before engaging on Tagged.

A public profile can be seen by anyone with a Tagged account.

They can contact you as well. It’s generally wise to set your privacy settings appropriately on any social network. 


We’ve kept this article about how many people use Tagged, brief to prevent overwhelming you with data.

You have the facts you need about Tagged to make the best decisions for yourself or your teenager. 

We addressed how many people use Tagged by mentioning that there are at least 230 million global users, and that there may be up to 300 million members on the platform. 

With that many people engaging, chatting, playing games, and otherwise interacting, we can only recommend that you be careful, while still having fun. 

Do you use Tagged?

Do you know people who use Tagged? What would you do if your teen was on Tagged?

Do you agree or disagree with the new terms on the site about being 18 years old to register on the site? 

No matter where you stand on Tagged, you now have all the information you need to take precautions and manage your account. 

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