How Many People Use Parler

How Many People Use Parler in 2024? (New Statistics)

Published on: May 21, 2023
Last Updated: May 21, 2023

How Many People Use Parler in 2024? (New Statistics)

Published on: May 21, 2023
Last Updated: May 21, 2023

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How many people use Parler in 2024?

Parler has over 20 million registered users, and just 40,000 daily active users.

Parler was launched in August 2018 as a free speech social media alternative platform.

The name, “Parler” came from the word that means “to speak” in the French language.

The topic du jour is to discuss how many people use Parler, which we will cover in this article. 

This app has had quite the time trying to keep its app available as they had planned, but it’s been back on the Apple App Store for quite some time, and it’s accessible via web browser.

The Parler app is still not available to Android users from the Google Play Store, which is causing some issues with its app store’s users. 

That said, we will focus on how many people use Parler now and the future of this social media presence. 

How Many People Use Parler in 2024?

Parler was founded in 2018, but its popularity exploded in 2020 as mainstream social apps started banning controversial accounts and content.

The current stats of Parler shows that there are over 20 million registered users in 2022.

However, the active user count is much lower, with just 40,000 daily active users in 2022.

Earlier in 2022, the social media platform raised $20 million for its continuation. 

Since its return to the Apple App Store, it has experienced 32,000 new downloads.

Overall, the first ten days of January saw 870,000 new users across Apple devices.

In 2020, Parler was the most popular free social media app on Android and iOS, topping both MeWe and Gab for new social apps, but it also topped Zoom and TikTok. 

What is Parler?


As we explore how many people use the Parler social media platform or app, we should also talk about what this platform is all about.

Firstly, it’s about free speech and the ability to share one’s thoughts freely without censorship. That’s why it was developed in the first place.

Since it was taken down a while ago, but is now back online and via iOS app, it has regained its former users and obtained a few more.

It’s marketed as “the world’s premier free speech platform” and as an alternative to Twitter. Therefore, it works much like Twitter in its overall design and functionality. 

The idea behind Parler is to promote a community of the free expression of non-violent opinions and ideas. 

Parler uses solid algorithms to prevent things like spam, inappropriate adult content, and bots. 

How Do People Use Parler?

It’s challenging to discuss how many people use Parler without including how they use it.

As mentioned, Parler’s functions are mostly like Twitter, where users get recommendations for topics and people to follow. That is how your news feed is populated and curated. 

You can reshare information like a Retweet on Twitter, only it’s called an echo. So, Echo is to Parler as a Retweet is to Twitter.

A Parley is something shared by any user that isn’t reshared, like a Tweet is on Twitter. 

Parler is more functional as a Twitter and Facebook combination since the character count doesn’t apply.

You can use up to 1,000 characters on a Parley as compared to the 280 character restriction on Twitter. 

People use Parler to share news, opinions, funny memes, articles, tutorials, videos, etc.

Parler has not added a messenger feature like you see on Twitter and Facebook, but maybe there are plans in the process. Only time will tell. 

Why Was Parler’s Service Interrupted?

How many people use Parler is an important piece of information, especially if you’re a marketer.

However, since this service was interrupted, we must give that some attention.

The general consensus of why Parler got its service interrupted was because of whatever occurred during the January 6th debacle on the day of the presidential inauguration.

The platform was accused of allegedly promoting violence that may have occurred on that day.

However, the interruption in service was supposedly a suspension by Apple due to its alleged violation of the guidelines of the store. 

Therefore, Parler has been reinstated and has gained new users since 2020 and 2021.

While Parler’s user base is made up mostly of residents of the United States, it’s found that downloads are up in countries like Brazil. 

Who Is Parler Designed For?

According to the site’s onboarding information, anyone who wants to communicate on a social media platform where one can be treated equally can join and engage. 

While the platform consists of a conservative and moderate to conservative political user base, it’s still promoting diversity, openness, and inclusion. 

Whether that’s due to attitudes about new social media platforms, or just a choice between individuals is not for us to say. We can only report what we know to be true.

If you plan to use Parler, your role is to be respectful to all people using the platform regardless of opinions or political affiliations.

No person or group is given special privileges on the social platform.

How Do People Use Parler?

Parler 249

Initially, the main reason people flocked to Parler in droves was to post things that were getting flagged, removed, or banned from what we consider the mainstream social media platforms. 

Some users are still flocking to Parler for the same purpose since mainstream social media is still annoying them with fact-checking covers and blocking information they want to see. 

There is nothing to stop any person from signing up for a Parler account and to start sharing their content.

It’s a good platform for just about anyone, even those who are more inclined to share artistic, funny, or other non-political content.


Parler isn’t the only social media platform to fight back against censorship.

Rumble, Gab, Getter, MeWe, and others are accessible and have many users that enjoy sharing their content freely. 

Just like ads, we think that people with high-spirited political opinions (whether justified or not) don’t appreciate being shut down or banned for speaking their minds.

People don’t like to have their freedoms interrupted. It’s all really more about opinions and feelings in most cases. 

If you’re a marketer or a business or brand, Parler can be another avenue for promoting products and services.

With millions of registered users, can you afford to avoid the platform? 

What do you think about Parler and how it’s used? 


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