How Many People Use eBay

eBay Users: How Many People Use eBay in 2024?

Published on: May 20, 2023
Last Updated: May 20, 2023

eBay Users: How Many People Use eBay in 2024?

Published on: May 20, 2023
Last Updated: May 20, 2023

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How many people use eBay in 2024?

eBay has 187 million users across its 190 serviceable locations worldwide.

E-commerce has become an overnight sensation since the start of the pandemic.

In 2020, global e-commerce recorded a five-year growth rate of 140% and online sales generated $26.7 trillion in revenue worldwide.

Many marketers and sellers spot promising gains in the sector but are clueless about which site to use.

In this article, we will provide everything there is to know about a business-to-consumer enterprise called eBay with a strong presence in the US and European markets.

Let’s look at some eBay statistics including just how many people use eBay in 2024.

Let’s find out.

eBay Users: How Many People Use eBay in 2024?

Amazon is undeniably a force of nature in the e-commerce space.

On the other hand, early entrants in the industry like eBay managed to keep a strong user base over the years.

eBay has 187 million users across its 190 serviceable locations worldwide.

eBay gets an average of 109 million monthly visits both on the eBay desktop site and the mobile app.

eBay User Count Over the Years

eBay’s user count has been affected by stiffer competition in the e-commerce market.

It closed the year 2010 with 92 million patrons and numbers followed an uptrend until 2018.

That year, its user base peaked at 187 million from 167 million in 2017.

However, eBay customers declined to 173 million in 2019.

Percentage of eBay Users by Age

Shoppers aged 35-64 are eBay’s biggest patrons which indicates that it appeals better to the older population.

This age group represents 61% of the site’s total customer count.

What is eBay?


eBay is one of the earliest business-to-consumer online platforms founded in 1995.

It is headquartered in San Jose, California, and is listed as a public company on the NASDAQ exchange with the ticker symbol EBAY.

It operates in 190 markets worldwide and is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the United States.

Unlike other online selling enterprises, eBay allows buyers to engage in an auction-like mechanism and set a bid price for the items they want.

Once the auction time runs out, the highest bidder takes home the product.

eBay Customer Base: Active Buyers and Sellers

The site is home to 147 million buyers and 17 million active sellers globally.

These figures downgraded 9% and 8% respectively 2020 statistics.

Despite the decline in buyer and seller count, its annual revenue climbed 42% year on year to $3.0 billion during the first quarter of 2021.

eBay Sellers by Location

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eBay has more than 1.5 billion active listings across 15,000 product categories on its global platform.

Here are the countries where seller count is dominant:

  • United States – 31%
  • United Kingdom – 29%
  • Germany – 15%
  • China – 12%
  • Australia – 4%

Top Selling Product Category on eBay

Electronics and Accessories remain the top-selling product category on the site.

More than 16% of all the items sold on eBay are from this cluster.

Items with Bluetooth capabilities such as speakers, gadgets, and wireless earbuds are some of the most bought items from eBay.

Other than this, automotive items are also in demand and captured 11% of the total sales followed by Health and Beauty at 9%. 

The First Item Sold on eBay

A broken laser pointer is the first item ever sold on AuctionWeb, the former name of eBay, back in 1995.

A Canadian online shopper named Mark Fraser purchased the item from eBay founder Pierre Omidyar for $14.83.

The Most Expensive Sold on eBay

A Giga Yacht was sold to a Russian billionaire for $168 million through the site.

The luxury unit came with a helipad and swimming pool along with eight spacious guest cabins. 

eBay’s Site Ranking Based on Number of Visits

eBay is among the top five (5) most visited e-commerce sites in the world.

It ranks next to Amazon in terms of site visits and recorded 1.7 billion visits per month in 2021.

  • – 14.12%
  • eBay – 3.46%
  • Amazon Japan – 2.87%
  • Amazon Germany – 2.22%
  • Rakuten – 1.48%

eBay App’s Mobile Downloads

eBay’s mobile downloads totaled 599 million last year. It is the third most popular shopping app in the United States next to Amazon and Walmart.

An estimate, about three in ten Americans installed eBay on their mobile phones.

eBay’s US Market Share

Despite the boom in the e-commerce industry in the last two years, eBay’s total sales only grew 2.8% YoY in 2021.

It currently holds 4.6% of the overall market in the United States compared to Amazon’s 41.4%.

World’s Biggest e-Commerce Markets


Around 51% of eBay’s annual revenue comes from international markets.

It is building a presence in important locations beyond the US and Europe and now targets Australia and Asia.

Here are the world’s biggest B2C e-commerce markets based on sales.

  • China – $2.7 trillion
  • The United States – $790 billion
  • United Kingdom – $180 billion
  • Japan – $141 billion
  • South Korea – $110 billion

eBay maintains a strong presence across these five important locations.

Last year, it decided to sell 80% of its South Korean operations to E-Mart for $3 billion.

Most Strange Listings on eBay

Never thought you would find an “annoying but cuddly grandma” for sale on eBay.

But if you are already an eBay user in 2009, you might have had the chance to bid on one.

A 10-year old girl from the United Kingdom put her grandma for sale on the site during that year. The post became famous among users, causing the bid price to reach £20,000.

Despite that the listing is intended to serve as a joke, eBay regulators were quick to spot the post and took it down due to human trafficking concerns. 


The e-commerce industry is forecasted to record steady growth in the coming years as the population continues to digitize.

This will benefit leading online selling firms like eBay.

Despite relinquishing much of its market share to other e-commerce platforms, eBay remains a trusted go-to brand across many locations.

We hope you enjoyed reading about this interesting company, including the information about the eBay customer base and how many active buyers on eBay there are in 2024.


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