How Long Does it Take YouTube to Process a Video

How Long Does it Take YouTube to Process a Video in 2024?

Published on: November 22, 2022
Last Updated: November 22, 2022

How Long Does it Take YouTube to Process a Video in 2024?

Published on: November 22, 2022
Last Updated: November 22, 2022

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YouTube processes videos differently—some content only takes a minute to upload but takes forever to process.

The timeframe depends on many factors such as the strength of connectivity, the length of the video, and the file size. 

To know more about this, we will take you to a detailed analysis of how long does it take YouTube to process a video.

Through this, you will have better expectations of the length of time you will have to set aside for your next upload.

Tune in until the end of the article to find helpful information that you can use when uploading content on YouTube.

How Long Does it Take YouTube to Process a Video

As tackled in the introduction, processing a video depends on many factors.

Content creators need to be guided on how long does it take YouTube to process a video to avoid last-minute cramming which could affect their uploading consistency.

Similarly, knowing the uploading time for each video quality is important when selecting the best resolution for videos. 

Remember, viewers are keen on a video’s quality, and taking the time to upload your content in the best quality could score more viewership.

But for those looking for an easy way around, you may buy YouTube views on these sites and enjoy instant stardom after just a few clicks.

Take note that ‘processing’ is different from uploading. Processing is the time it takes for YouTube to publish content after uploading.

It is usually faster than uploading and could only take a few minutes to accomplish, but there are also times that it will take more than usual due to technical problems.

Processing a 1-Minute Video

Processing a minute’s worth of video with the lowest resolution of 360p should be instant, while uploading can take between three to five seconds to complete. 

The timeframe adjusts as the resolution improves.

For example, the same video uploaded in 720p at 60fps (frames per second) takes up to 20 seconds to upload and 30 seconds to update.

The highest resolution in 2160p in 60fps and 4K video resolution requires up to four minutes to complete processing and two minutes to upload.

This comes as the file size increases along with the improvement of quality.

Processing a 5-Minute Video

Most short YouTube content can sit on a five-minute content and uploading them on 360p takes about 20 seconds and less than a minute to process.

This changes when the owners opt to take the resolution higher to 720p (60fps) HD which has a processing time of two to four minutes. 

Dedicate more time if you plan to upload with the best resolution offered on YouTube today, 2160p/4k (60fps).

This format processes a five-minute video for up to 20 minutes, and an uploading time of 10 minutes.

Processing a 20-Minute Video

Another popular length among YouTube videos is 20 minutes.

Luckily, processing a 20-minute video in 360p can be completed in under a minute, the same with 480p format. 

On the other hand, going for the highest quality resolution would take more than an hour’s worth of your time.

The highest quality format’s processing time lasts 80 minutes! This could be shortened to 40 minutes depending on your internet speed.

Processing a 1-Hour Video

We have come to answer the question everyone is curious to know about: how long does it take YouTube to process an hour’s worth of video? 

Surprisingly, the platform takes just a few seconds to process this video length when uploaded on the lowest resolution of 360p.

But as the format progresses to better resolution like 1080p (60fps) FHD, waiting time could hit an hour or less. 

You will be surprised to know that the processing time for one-hour videos uploaded in 2160/4k (60fps) consumes up to four hours to process.

This is on top of a two-hour uploading time. 

It is not the easiest one to make, but it could be worth the wait in the end as viewers enjoy watching good quality videos.

How to Upload Videos Using the YouTube App

image 6


Now that you have learned the time allotment required to process a video, it is time we go right in on how to upload videos using YouTube’s dedicated mobile app.

1. Download the YouTube app using Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Android users can skip this step as YouTube is already pre-installed on devices using the Android operating system

2. Sign in using your YouTube channel account

3. Once on the homepage, click on the create button or the ‘+’ sign found in the middle of your app’s interface

4. Browse through your gallery and select the file you want to upload to your channel. Once you have selected the file for uploading, click ‘Next’

5. At this point, you may edit your content using YouTube’s in-house editing tools.

You may add sounds, texts, and filters to your video to make it more entertaining for viewers.

Once done, click ‘Next’ found in the upper-right view of your screen

6. Add a caption to your video and do not forget to insert some hashtags on the caption.

This will increase your video’s discoverability which could lead to higher viewership. Ensure that the video’s visibility is turned to ‘Public.’

On the ‘Select audience’ tab, click ‘Yes, it is made for kids’ if the content is suitable for kids and ‘No, it’s not made for kids’ if not.

You may also put age restrictions on the advanced settings if you like. 

7. Press ‘Upload’ and your video will be uploaded and then processed by YouTube.

It will be automatically posted on your channel after a few minutes to more than an hour, depending on the format, internet speed, and length.

For videos lasting 60 seconds or less, YouTube will automatically upload them as Shorts. 


A few seconds to more than an hour—that is how long it takes YouTube to process a video.

It is important to remember that having stable and fast internet connectivity plays an important role in this part.

This shortens processing time and ensures that the video is uploaded in its best quality.

For content creators, make sure to dedicate time for video uploads.

Creating content and editing videos is just one of the many things that successful YouTubers master.

Others also observe the time required to upload and process their content to allocate their time wisely.

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