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At the end of the day, LinkedIn is just like any other social platform, which means that it is a social networking channel. This means that people are networking with one another to reveal who they are and what they do.

LinkedIn reminds each of its users that this is their purpose when they use their platform by making sure that they complete their profile when they first sign up. Of course, one part of signing up for a brand-new LinkedIn profile is uploading a profile picture.

Because this is one of the first things that people see when they visit your LinkedIn page, it’s pretty important that you get it right. It could make or break that connection and make all the difference between having valuable first-degree LinkedIn connections.

There’s also a very small chance that your profile photo could be removed. Let’s talk about it.

Why Upload a Photo?

Upload Photo

Believe it or not, there was a point in time where people actually debated whether they should have a profile picture or not.

This is because there was conjecture that having a profile photo meant that a company might not want to hire you because they saw what you looked like before they met you in person, which could potentially be used in a discriminatory lawsuit.

However, people have since debunked this myth, which means that it’s still pretty valuable to include a profile picture.

Let’s talk a little bit about why:

  • There are always going to be fake profiles on LinkedIn. This means that a photo is a pretty good indication that you are genuine, and it helps to establish your social credibility.
  • There aren’t too many people out there with great intentions when it comes to social networking who don’t display who they are through their profile picture. Not having a profile picture means that people are going to get a little suspicious about your profile. If they do, they might end up avoiding your profile completely.
  • Having a profile is going to complete your LinkedIn setup, which will optimize your profile to be seen in search engines.
  • When it comes to your personal branding, having a profile photo is essential. Remember, first impressions mean everything, and when it comes to social networking, a lot of the time, the first impression is a visual one.

What are LinkedIn’s Photo Requirements?

Photo Requirements

So, what does LinkedIn require its users to do when uploading a photo? The first is that the file type needs to be either a GIF, a PNG, or a JPG. Second, the file size can be no bigger than 4MB. And lastly, the pixel size needs to be at least 80×80 and no bigger than 4000 by 4000.

If you are still having trouble uploading your profile picture, then you might want to try using a different browser.

Why Was My Photo Removed?

You just had your LinkedIn photo removed – now what? One potential reason why LinkedIn removed your photo is that it might not have been relevant to your brand, or you might have been using a company logo.

People like seeing faces in profile pictures, as do social media networks. LinkedIn might end up flagging your profile photo if you have kept it generic and not relevant to your profile. Another thing that you might want to think about if you’ve had your photo removed is that anyone out there can actually report your profile to LinkedIn, for different reasons.

These include copyrighted material, misrepresentation, inappropriate content, or an advertisement. Any of these options will alert LinkedIn to a profile photo, which might result in it being removed.

LinkedIn has a clear-cut photo policy in its user agreement:

Photo Removed

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Final Thoughts

If you are someone who is doing everything right when it comes to your LinkedIn profile photo, then there’s no need to worry. As long as you are avoiding using a company logo and making sure that your profile photo is relevant to your profile, then you don’t really have to worry about it getting removed by LinkedIn.

However, if, for some reason, it has been removed, then you might want to think about the reasons that we have listed above and get in touch with LinkedIn to discuss it. Just like other social networks out there, LinkedIn is pretty strict when it comes to their photo policy, so remember to make sure that it fits within the required dimensions, as well as this.

Good luck!

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