Haasbot Review 2022 – Is It a SCAM? Is It Legit?

Haasbot Review 2024 – Is It a Scam? Is It Legit?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Haasbot Review 2024 – Is It a Scam? Is It Legit?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Haasbot Review 2024

Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time now and for all good reasons. They have been on a crest of a wave ever since their advent in 2009 and there’s no denying the fact that they have been making big waves lately.

While the majority of the people are those who have been just reading the headlines and merely discussing it, others are looking for new ways to capitalize on this incredible opportunity and explore it to make a mega fortune. 

All the reasons why cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity would make a long list. Experts suggest that it is likely to be the main currency in the future.

The recent economic crisis showed us the flaws associated with the traditional banking systems.

More and more investors have been looking for a viable alternative, and that’s exactly what cryptocurrencies offer. 

With that out of the way, to get the most of your investments in cryptocurrencies, you need to know the ins and outs of the field.

Any expert investor would tell you that you should not put all your money at stake if you don’t have enough knowledge of this emerging sector. 

Since crypto has attracted many investors lately, the industry sees new trading bots day in, day out.

However, only those that offered a seamless trading experience stayed relevant. One of those trading bots is Haasbot. 

Let’s check them out in this Haasbot review.

What Is Haasbot?

In this Haasbot review, we are going to talk about how Haasbot is a well-known leading cryptocurrencies trading bot. It was founded in 2014 by its parent company Haasonline.

Although the company was a bit late to join the business, it has staked its claim on the hearts of millions and millions of crypto investors over the past few years.

With its innovative features and reasonable rates, Haasbot is one of the fastest-growing crypto trading bots. 

Talking about its features, well, Haasbot boasts dozens of groundbreaking features to float your boat.

However, one feature that stands out the most is that it allows you to develop your customized trade signals from scratch.

This advanced bot platform has empowered many investors by providing them with just the right set of tools that they need to ace crypto trading. 

As far as cryptocurrencies are concerned, Haasbot allows you to buy, sell, or trade dozens of cryptocurrencies. There are over 8000 cryptocurrencies in existence, with more being added to that tally daily.

Therefore, a crypto trading bot really can’t support all cryptocurrencies, and the same is the case with Haasbot. Like all other trading bots in the market, it doesn’t support all cryptocurrencies.

However, you can’t call it a bummer since it provides you with more than enough options, including all popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Ethereum, and many others.

Advanced Trading Bot Platform


What makes Haasbot stand apart from the rest is its highly advanced bot system. It brings the latest technology to the table to streamline your crypto trading.

Yes, there are a lot of competitors that also use the same system and claim to be the best in the business.

However, it is to be noted that Haasbot provides more features and the trading experience is also smooth and bug-free.

So, if you are sick and tired of those self-proclaimed best trading platforms that put your trading into flames with their bugs, consider opting for Haasbot.

Haasbot is a highly advanced bot trading platform that maximizes your chances of making huge profits with its industry-leading algorithms.

Using a bot platform is a great way to hedge the risks and brighten the chances of making huge profits.

Humans are intelligent, creative, and all, but they sleep, they have emotions, they are biased.

Using a bot crypto platform enables you to trade the way you want in a highly volatile market.

Haasbot features many bots for the best trading experience. Haasbot has been designed in such a way that it finds the best price points in the entire market to maximize the profits for the user.

Some of the bots at Haasbot include accumulation bot, crypto index bot, market-making bot, scripted bot, and plenty of others.

Every bot is assigned a specific task and plays its part to streamline your trades. 

More Customization With HaasScript


What’s better than having advanced bots with great algorithms to automate your trade? Having the luxury to create those bots yourself.

Well, with Haasbot, you get exactly that. It takes the customization a step further by allowing you to create your bots.

Haasbot features a tool called HaasScript, which uses the state-of-the-art scripting language to enable you to create your tools.

In other words, this advanced scripting tool enables you to intuitively design your crypto trading algorithms via a drag and drop interface. Cool, isn’t it?

Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier in this Haasbot review, Haasbot has never hesitated to use the latest technology. So, it has taken every possible step to offer an intuitive bot platform.

Haasbot’s built-in tools handle most of the complicated programming on your behalf, so you can focus on formulating your trading strategy.

This is one of the major reasons why Haasbot is so popular among investors all over the world.

However, one thing to bear in mind is that you must have enough knowledge to handle the complexities of the process, or you might end up scratching your head.

Although Haasbot has tried to maximize the ease of use, it might still be a snag for some users.

If that’s your case and you feel that programming is not your cup of tea, the good news for you is that you can even do all the programming manually. 

Haasbot Review Pricing

Haasbot Pricing

The innovative features of Haasbot don’t come free of cost. As things stand, Haasbot offers multiple plans so users can choose whatever suits them the most.

It even offers a try-before-you-buy 2 weeks free trial so you get the hands-on experience before deciding to purchase any plan.

If bots work fine for you and you find it easy to use, you are good to go!

To make sure every trader benefits from Haasbot regardless of their investment experience levels, Haasbot offers three different subscription plans.

From three months to an annual subscription, you get to choose from plenty of options. 

Top-Rated Crypto Trading Bots

These crypto trading bots have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.



As the name suggests, this is the basic level account designed for beginner traders. Expectedly then, it gives you limited access to the features.

With the beginner account, you have access to more than 20 trading indicators, 11 insurances, and 10 safeties.

It has been priced low as compared to other plans and starts from 0.018 BTC for three months.


The simple plan is suitable for those investors who have learned the basics of crypto trading and want to level up their investment game.

It gives you access to over 40 trading indicators, 13 insurances, and 20 safeties. It costs you 0.032 BTC for three months. 


Advanced plan is the premium plan intended for professional crypto traders. It gives you access to a plethora of trading indicators, insurances, and safeties.

Apart from that, you also get access to unlimited crypto trading bots and unrestricted trades with no hidden charges.

All these robust features will drastically enhance your chances of finding success. To get an advanced account for three months, you’d have to pay 0.052 BTC.

Although Haasbot doesn’t take any commission, it is seen that the plans are slightly pricier than the competitors. Opening and closing the trades at Haasbot are also free. 

Payment Methods

One thing that may offend you is that Haasbot only accepts payment in bitcoin.

It doesn’t provide its users with multiple payment options and you’d first have to buy bitcoin to avail Haasbot. 

Haasbot Review Verdict

The million-dollar question in this Haasbot review is: Is Haasbot legit?

All in all, our Haasbot review shows that it offers a huge range of indicators, all fully customizable to your liking and increase your profit to loss ratio to a great extent.

You can rest assured knowing that you have an artificial assistant watching over your trades while you are sleeping or busy somewhere else. 

However, Haasbot is not free and the price points of its plans may not suit novice traders.

Haasbot Alternatives

Because of this, you may want to consider another platform that won’t cost you a penny. One such platform is Pionex. 



Pionex is another highly popular crypto trading platform that offers a seamless trading experience, thanks to its inbuilt bots.

It features 16 advanced bots that serve a specific purpose to automate your trade.

With its top-of-the-line algorithms, it’s no wonder Pionex is the go-to choice for millions of crypto traders worldwide.

👉 Get Pionex Now for FREE

If you are a beginner trader and want to know more about trading tips and techniques before investing any money, Pionex can be a great choice since it has tons of educational content for beginners.

You can read the blogs and watch tutorials to know about the bots in detail. It will certainly increase your knowledge and enhance your chances of making profits. 

When it comes to cryptocurrencies options, Pionex allows you to trade in over 120 cryptocurrencies. From bitcoin to tether, it supports all popular cryptocurrencies.

It also enables you to buy them via bots, ensuring a fully automated trading experience. All these features, that come free, surely give Pionex an edge over Haasbot and other competitors. 

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