HaasOnline Review – Is It Worth The H(a)assle?

Last Updated: October 24, 2021



HaasOnline, while still being a decent piece of software, has its flaws. It can be too complex to be of any use to many users, the profitability of its bots is questionable at times, and the price tag is too spicy for us to be able to justify it.
HaasOnline Review – Is It Worth The H(a)assle?
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HaasOnline Review

How can automation improve crypto trading and can bots really do wonders to your profitability margin? A good bot is worth its code in gold, but a bad bot can lead your business to disastrous financial losses. How does HaasOnline fare on that scale? We’re going to find out today.

Trading bots are often seen as miracle doers by most novice traders. Punch in several lines of code, tweak some settings, draw some lines across some diagrams, and voila, your endless, guaranteed source of income is set up. Needless to say, this is wrong.

In reality, trading bots are a tool the main purpose of which is to streamline and automate your trading logic. Humans are imperfect traders, limited by their needs to rest, to sleep, to go out, to have emotions, to lead their lives away from the exchanges.

Bots, on the other hand, have no such limitations, with the additional benefits of being connected and committing actions near-instantly.. Successfully “teaching” a good trading bot your trading process results in your 24/7 presence with lightning-fast decision making, which is an occurrence that has transformed cryptocurrency trading as we know it today.

Of course, you can also rent, borrow, or buy the logic of other traders that comes pre-built with a trading bot. Also, with sufficient expertise, you can craft your own scripts within the parameters given by the trading automation platform.

HaasOnline supports every one of these approaches and claims to be successful at providing the necessary logistics for crypto trading on all levels of coding skills and trading experience. 

Let’s find out whether these claims have stable foundations in reality.

What’s HaasOnline?

HaasOnline Trading Server (HTS), colloquially known as HaasOnline, is a trade automation server for crypto trade bots.

A server for multiple numbers of crypto trading bots and cryptocurrency exchange tools, HaasOnline was founded in 2014 to mixed reviews but has undergone several changes and transformations since becoming one of the more popular crypto trading solutions today.

Its main purpose is to provide the means for making fast, reliable, and profitable deals across several exchanges: more than 20!

The software allows instant executions of sales and purchases without direct inputs from traders. The users don’t have to be physically present and command the software themselves. After all, even if they were present, they could never react with sufficient speed to beat the software.

Ultimately, it takes a person at least a second to grasp the change in the unstable situation on the market, while it takes only a fraction of that for the bot to already complete the transaction.

This formula is enriched with backtesting strategies, paper trading, leveraged automation, and other quality-of-life improvements. However, profitability cannot be guaranteed, systems are still prone to mistakes, and the accessibility of trading bot can be put into question. 

The pitch for HaasOnline is great, but what is the end product for users?

Easy or Difficult to Use?

Is HaasOnline easy or difficult to use?

The developers state that the bots on their platform can serve both rookie traders and seasoned veterans of crypto exchanges. On the other hand, there are rumors online that HaasOnline has a pretty steep learning curve that users have to overcome in order for the bot to become profitable. With great technical and programming requirements, rookies surely shouldn’t be welcome, right?

The answer is more complex than that. HaasOnline has options for experts and for beginners alike. However, the treatment is not the same for everyone.

HaasOnline hosts bots that come pre-set for beginners to use. They also offer the option for users to rent bots across the community. These bots do work, but their efficiency can vary drastically due to the instability of the industry.

What is today a guaranteed success will represent an opportunity for trading mavericks to trick you, beat you, and take over your profits tomorrow.

Experts with lots of experience, however, have the option to modify the existing and create new bots from scratch with HaasOnline’s dedicated tools and systems. Doing this requires a lot of programming skills as well as an exhaustive knowledge of the nature of the market, though.

Custom-built bots beat presets, and hard. If it happens that a well-made custom-tailored trading bot competes against any type of slightly outdated preset bot, the experts win and the spoils of trade go to them.

Can you really tell that HaasOnline is accessible to rookies, then?

How Automatic is HaasOnline Automation?

HaasOnline Automation

HaasOnline boasts of its automation mechanics and they really do come with major advantages. We’ve mentioned before how properly-made bots commit trades within fractions of a second, remain alert and active 24/7, and require little to no human input in order to reap profits.

The truth is that, with HaasOnline, you can’t really automate bots forever. Once you wind up a bot to do a certain thing and exploit a certain market trend, you have to follow the development of the situation and look for changes on the field.

If you don’t do that regularly, you risk falling prey to intentional fluctuations that abuse the speed of bots to inflate or deflate prices for the profits of the big players.

These bubbles function as pretty much any other bubble in the market, except the bot follows its code more than the logic of an intuitive trader.

In short, leave your trading bot alone long enough and you’re guaranteed to lose profitability over time. 

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First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the bots.

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Pricing Plans

HaasOnline Pricing

Another thing that makes HaasOnline special is the fact that you pay for its services in Bitcoin rather than non-cryptocurrency. Charging in Bitcoin helps individual users preserve their privacy as they don’t have to use their credit cards or any other risky private info. While not too flattering to their reputation, this still provides greater maneuverability to the end-users themselves.

HaasOnline has three detailed, if not complex pricing plans. Most of its more intricate features remain locked behind the Advanced plan, which comes for 0.033 Bitcoins annually, or 0.012 Bitcoins per 3 months.

The Beginner package, however, remains pretty bare with no developer licence, restricted core features, and only 10 active trading bots, all for a bit costly price of 0.011 Bitcoins annually or 0.005 per 3 months. 

It can be pretty difficult to see what each plan offers, to be frank. For beginners, it must look downright perplexing. There’s a chart from which you can compare these prices with the features that you get, but that’s just more hassle. Being a bit clearer on the topic would do wonders for HaasOnline.

No Free Trial, Zero Guarantees

HaasOnline’s most repulsive feature in our opinion is the fact that they do not offer free trials. In fact, they offer a *paid* trial– for 0.001 Bitcoins you get a “14-days trial license” for their Advanced package. 

This coupled with the fact that profits won’t necessarily come renders HaasOnline’s price perhaps too high for what they are able to offer.


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Review Conclusion

HaasOnline, while still being a decent piece of software, has its flaws. It can be too complex to be of any use to many users, the profitability of its bots is questionable at times, and the price tag is too spicy for us to be able to justify it.

Final verdict? You can try HaasOnline, but there are better alternatives out there. 

Bitsgap is a decent piece of automation software that doesn’t have HaasOnline’s faults.

Quadency is another example of how the faults presented here can be overcome.

Cryptocurrency trading does not have to be a chore or require too much investment to be profitable. And, to answer the question from the title, you don’t have to necessarily go through any ha(a)ssle to earn money with automated crypto trading.

Good fortune and lots of profit, crypto traders!

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