GOSO.io Review – Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

GOSO.io Review 2024 – Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

GOSO.io Review 2024 – Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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GOSO Review 2024

People are always looking for a good social media growth company, especially for Instagram follower growth. Since Instagram has many different limitations in terms of buying followers and using automation programs, there are few companies that actually deliver real Instagram growth. 

That doesn’t stop companies from advertising fake services, however. They claim that their service works, and then it doesn’t produce any results; it’s not uncommon for these companies to just disappear altogether and this can be extremely frustrating and unsatisfying. 

It’s really unfortunate because many Instagram users are just looking for honest Instagram growth to help them grow their business, brand, or influencer potential, and ultimately they end up getting taken for a ride by these greedy and dishonest Instagram growth companies. 

While there are a few options out there that can work, it’s important to also know about which ones don’t. We’ve decided to make your life a little easier by writing a GOSO.io review so that you can add that service to the list of ones not to use. 

After reading this review, you’ll have a good understanding of why it’s best to avoid GOSO.io. 

What is GOSO.io? 

GOSO.io is an Instagram growth service that claims to offer a variety of features and functions to help your Instagram performance, and a big focus of theirs on the website is that their services can help you get to the explore page. 

What’s really pretty humorous is that they have 21 years of marketing experience, and yet Instagram hasn’t even been around that long. Not only that, simply because one has been a marketer for a while, doesn’t mean that they understand every platform or media.

They claim to have 37 employees, and yet they have 15k customers? That doesn’t make any sense either, as it’s impossible to service that many clients with real service through only 37 employees. Although it’s unclear what exactly these 37 employees should do, there’s not much sense or meaning behind it in terms of providing a valuable Instagram service. 

In any case, GOSO claims to use automatic likes, and hypercomments, both of which are supposedly to boost you to the explore page, but these services use automation, so it’s unlikely to bring any real results. 

What’s more, they also mention something called “hypergrowth,” which is described as the world’s best and most powerful manual growth system? But their services are automated? 

Another mentioned is “hypervisibility,” saying that it bundles services for a little bit of everything. We are still scratching our heads about that one. 

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Terrible Customer Feedback 


In addition to these vague services that don’t really explain the true nature of what they do, there is another red flag with GOSO.io. GOSO.io has awful TrustPilot reviews, and not only that, the ones that are positive are completely fake. 

If a company has to fortify their online reviews with fake ones, it means they must not be doing too well. Not only that, on their website they claim to have 15k clients, and yet they only have 288 TrustPilot reviews? Nah. 

And when you click on their TrustPilot link from their website, these negative reviews don’t pop right up. That’s convenient for them, isn’t it? They try to push down these negative reviews with a bunch of fake ones so that no one sees that people are really saying. 

If you’re looking to check out a first-hand experience from a GOSO.io user, you can find a very candid one that describes just how fake their powerlikes and powerviews are.

It’s really important to check these things out because GOSO.io has some really hefty claims on their website about how awesome their services are, and yet these are the kind of reviews they are getting. 

GOSO.io blackhatworld

It’s a huge problem, and it really goes to show that GOSO.io is an ineffective service that has no chances of providing you with the growth you need.

The review even mentions that their services actually harmed their engagement and messed with their explore page potential. This is the exact opposite of what the service is supposed to do.  


GOSO.io Pricing

If you weren’t astounded by just how bad GOSO.io is yet, just wait until you hear about the pricing. It’s the most expensive growth service we’ve ever seen, and they are completely swindling people through these packages. 

For hypergrowth alone, the cheapest package you’ll find is €300! Are they kidding? That is an obscene amount of money for an Instagram growth service, especially since they can’t guarantee any results and they’ve already got so many negative reviews. You can find packages that go all the way up to €1100 per month. 

The most absurd thing about that is they claim to provide over 50k followers. That is just absolutely unheard of; they don’t say how they’re going to do it, they can’t possibly provide that quantity naturally, and any organic Instagram growth service doesn’t work off of ranges because it’s impossible to deliver a set number because it depends on the niche and on the individual profile.

This means that GOSO.io can’t provide what they promise, and if they do, they’re pumping a bunch of fake followers onto your account, and if that’s the case, you might as well buy a package of followers for 3x less than what you’ll see from GOSO.io 

Fake followers are a waste of time and money, and automation doesn’t work on Instagram due to the regulations that Instagram has. GOSO.io is a total bust. 

Review Conclusion

GOSO.io also offers services for other social media platforms, but based on the way their Instagram service runs, we wouldn’t take the chance of testing out the other ones, either. 

As you can see, there is nothing worthwhile about using GOSO.io, and if the high price tag wasn’t enough to convince you, hopefully, the rest of the information you see here has helped you understand why they are not a viable option for real Instagram growth. 

Check out some other Instagram growth services and don’t throw all your money down the toilet for something you’ll never see results from. 

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