The Best Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

The Best Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing in 2024

Published on: May 23, 2023
Last Updated: May 23, 2023

The Best Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing in 2024

Published on: May 23, 2023
Last Updated: May 23, 2023

Influencer marketing is pretty popular at this point. It has exploded in recent years, but is the power of influencers the real deal?

We think it is.

It’s more than accurate, the sales that can be made and the audience reaches that companies can gain during their influencer marketing campaigns.

Unsurprisingly, companies spend large sums of money on marketing, including social media and influencer marketing which has become a beckon for sustainable and impactful marketing.

At this point, you’re probably curious to learn more about influencer marketing and which social media platforms are the most effective when it comes to the cause.

Let’s dive further into this topic to uncover the best social media platforms for influencer marketing 2024.

Key Influencer Marketing Statistics

  • Companies using influencer marketing in the US increased by 17% in 2022
  • 50% of consumers say social media and word of mouth are the most effective ways to discover brands
  • 52% of buying decisions influenced by Facebook posts
  • Fashion top industry for social commerce
  • 57% of fashion and beauty companies use influencers with their marketing strategy
  • 90% of consumers engage with influencers on a weekly basis
  • 75% of creators will only work with companies in line with their values
  • 80% of influencer marketers consider content quality before anything else

How to Find the Best Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

Before beginning and unpacking the best social media platforms for influencer marketing, it is essential to note that there is no one-size-fits-all for influencer marketing.

You need to determine if your target audience is most active on a specific platform.

This is accomplished through market research, and the more you do of this initiative, the more successful you will be with your influencer marketing campaign.

This means that the social media platform that you end up choosing depends on customer needs, your specific niche, and the consumption habits of your clients.

All of these aspects need to be thoroughly researched. With this in mind, we recommend that you run a content persona and an influencer or persona research campaign so that you can get an in-depth understanding of which social media platform will link up to your business goals the best.

Content persona research is similar to what is traditionally known as customer persona analysis.

The most significant difference is that the investigation is focused on the kind of content your customers are consuming and what platforms they are consuming it on, and when they are doing so.

When you perform this type of analysis, you need to pay attention to who your clients are following already on social media. This will help you understand what kind of content resonates with them the best and how to find the right influencers to connect with.

Influencer persona research means the creation of the ideal influencer that you would like to link up with. You need to figure out your niche to determine who your perfect influencer is.

The first thing that you need to think about is what your average follower base looks like. Think about the format, mode, and tone of content you’re looking for.

It would help if you also thought about the influencer’s values because they need to link up to your brand closely.

Lastly, you’ll need to research things like your audience’s interests, demographics, and professions.

When influencer persona and client persona research are completed, you will be able to get a perfect picture of which social media platform will perform best when it comes to influencer marketing for your brand.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing in 2024



Knowingly, YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google, and this would be nature make it one of the best social media platforms for influencer marketing.

With 1.8 billion active monthly users, it is a place you want to be when it comes to your brand and influencer marketing campaigns. The possibility of reaching people is broader and more effective.

It is an ideal marketplace for brands and influencers across several different industries.

Many believe that YouTube is considered the best place for influencer marketing, which is a good reason.

Simply because it offers audiences any duration of video format, which allows you to present your product or brand in a palatable way.

It also lets you deliver more information and engagement than any other social media post. The other good news is that, unlike other social platforms that offer video as a medium, YouTubers often leave promotional videos on their channels, which means that your brand can continue to receive engagement over time.



The next large platform that can help you with your influencer marketing is Twitter. With more than 180 million active daily users, you’ve got a perfect chance of resonating with your target audience.

When considering the best social media platforms for influencer marketing best suited for your industry, you need to regard the target audience, which Twitter allows for.

If your audience is based in Europe, the United States, or Southeast Asia, then Twitter will be a great option to consider when it comes to your next influencer marketing campaign.

Twitter is a truthfully good place to market a financial brand, an airline, food chain, and technology company.

This platform performs excellently for B2B companies that collaborate with tech influencers.

B2B influencers are usually seen as industry experts or own their own company. They share their opinion regularly on Twitter about their chosen subject matter, which is why it is such a great place to collaborate with them.


instagram 1

This wouldn’t be an article on influencer marketing if we didn’t mention Instagram. Everybody is on Instagram these days, and we aren’t just talking about people that want to stay connected with their friends and family.

Virtually every brand out there has a presence on Instagram, which means you aren’t limited by niche or territory. From cryptocurrency to fashion, food, and travel, there is a place for everybody on Instagram.

When it comes to the best social media platforms for influencer marketing, particularly for small businesses, this is most effective as they can collaborate with micro-influencers that have local communities as their followers.

B2C brands are set to benefit the most from Instagram. 69% of marketers plan to spend most of their money on Instagram for influencer marketing this year. This is six times more than YouTube at 11%.


Tok Tok

One of the significant advantages of TikTok as a place where you can showcase your influencer marketing campaign and collaborate with an influencer is that it is new.

This is what makes TikTok one of the best social media platforms for influencer marketing: the ability to reach broader audiences that you might not have reached, drawing in new clientele.

This makes it one of the most successful platforms for employment and marketing. This is because most brands haven’t launched a presence on TikTok yet, so influencer marketing looks less promotional and more organic.

Influencers on TikTok can set their own rules when it comes to paid partnerships so that they can maintain a reputation when it comes to their followers and implement any promotion as organically as they can.

The other thing to think about is that TikTok influencers tend to get rid of promotional videos after a certain amount of time, which can sit anywhere between a couple of weeks to a month.

While you might wish that TikTok influencers kept their promotional videos up for longer, it means that they can drive a high level of engagement for your brand in a small amount of time.

From fashion brands to news companies, almost everyone can find more of their target audience through a TikTok influencer.



If you are trying to connect with B2B customers or looking to collaborate with a B2B influencer, you will need to market your brand on LinkedIn.

Influencers on LinkedIn are known for being specific to their industry. They are known for being experts in their niche, providing the audience with a level of professionalism that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

LinkedIn has more than 600 million registered users around the world.

Users of LinkedIn can build connections with each other based on similar business interests. This means that if you collaborate with a LinkedIn influencer, you can obtain direct leads and future partnerships on a different scale.

If you want to implement an influencer marketing campaign on LinkedIn, that will be particularly beneficial if you fall into the finance industry, technology, or product design.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, and those are a few of the best social media platforms you can utilize for influencer marketing.

The thing about the world of influencer marketing is that it is constantly changing, which means that a few years ago, it looked pretty different when it came to the best social media platforms to help you with your next influencer marketing campaign.

These days, you’ve got YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok taking up the top spots for influencer marketing.

We have a suspicion that these platforms are going to become more integral as a place where you can find more of your target audience in the future when it comes to your influencer marketing campaigns.

So, once you’ve established the necessary industry research to know your target audience, selecting one of the above forms of social media to market will work best.



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