How Many People Use Chrome

How Many People Use Chrome in 2024?

Published on: January 7, 2024
Last Updated: January 7, 2024

How Many People Use Chrome in 2024?

Published on: January 7, 2024
Last Updated: January 7, 2024

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How many people use Chrome in 2024?

There are 3.229 billion people all over the world using the Google Chrome web browser.

The latest data tells us that there are more than 3 billion people using the Chrome web browser.

Google Chrome is the world’s most used and popular web browser. 

Since 2012, only 4 years after its launch in 2008, Google Chrome hit number one and has stayed there for more than a decade.

Let’s explore the world of Chrome.

Key Statistics

  • As of 2023, there are over 3.229 billion Chrome users in the world.
  • In 2020, Chrome had 3.064 billion users.
  • In 2014, Chrome had 1.252 billion users
  • In the United States, Wyoming has the most Google Chrome users. 
  • North America’s share of Google Chrome usage is 53.1%.
  • The region with the highest Chrome usage is South America with 78.9% of the share.
  • Chrome is enormously popular in India where the people using Chrome account for 87.63%. 
  • Chrome enjoys over 61% of the mobile web browser market. 
  • Africa has 84% of the overall global Chrome browser usage market.
  • Google Chrome features more than 137,000 browser extensions.

1. How Many People Use Chrome?

Google Chrome 1055

The most recent data shows that there are 3.229 billion people all over the world using the Google Chrome web browser.

This is across desktop, mobile, and tablet users. 

For reference, Chrome had 1.252 billion users in 2014 and by 2020, it had 3.064 billion users.

This is a good indication that its growth keeps on going.

In the United States, Wyoming has the most Google Chrome users that account for 65.94% of the nation’s share of users.

Florida, USA is second with 37.15%, which is significantly less than Wyoming.


2. By Region, How Many People Use Google Chrome?

We know that the United States isn’t the only country that uses Chrome, so let’s look at some regional data related to Chrome usage statistics.

Here’s the regional breakdown of Chrome usage across the globe:

  • Oceania: 52.2%
  • North America: 53.1%
  • Europe: 58.6%
  • Africa: 71.5%
  • Asia: 72.2%
  • South America: 78.9%

Notice that all of these are well over 50% of the internet users in these regions.


3. By Country How Many People Use Google Chrome?

Google Chrome 1057

Chrome is enormously popular in India where the people using Chrome account for 87.63%. 

The next closest web browser is Safari, but it has a small 5.90% of the web browser share in India. 

Moreover, only 2.18% of internet users in India use Edge and 1.44% use Samsung Internet. 

Here’s a breakdown of countries that use Google Chrome by percentage:

  • India: 87.63%
  • Philippines: 79.77%
  • South Africa: 76.21%
  • Taiwan: 64.82%
  • Singapore: 63.69%
  • Hong Kong: 62.29%
  • Canada: 50.31%
  • Australia: 47.96%
  • United States: 46.64%
  • Germany: 46.01%
  • United Kingdom: 45.58%

Other than tablet web browser usage, Google Chrome reigns as the dominant web browser for desktop and mobile.


4. How Many People Use the Mobile Google Chrome App?

When you look at the devices that are compatible with the Google Chrome app, you will find that this web browser is available for virtually every mobile device.

At the global level, Chrome enjoys over 61% of the mobile web browser market. 

Safari is next, lagging behind with 27% of the mobile browser market.

Let’s take a look at the mobile web browser usage breakdown according to region:

  • Africa: 84%
  • Asia: 76.4%
  • North America: 74.5%
  • South America: 73%
  • Europe: 65.3%

After Safari’s 27% global web browser share, Samsung Internet has a 4.83% share, making it the third most used mobile browser in the world.

Moreover, 74.3% of the time, people all over the globe access the internet from a mobile device.

It’s worthy of note that the Google Chrome app for Android is the most used version of this web browser. 

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5. How Many People Use the Desktop Version of Google Chrome?

Google Chrome 1056

Google not only dominates the mobile browser market, but it also dominates the global desktop market.

In fact, data shows that it has over 52% of the global share of the desktop web browser market.

We can also say that Safari isn’t on Chrome’s heels since its web browser market share is 19.15%.

For reference, in 2020, desktop users accounted for 63.38% of the global use of Chrome.

Moreover, we should consider the fact that desktop users were and are among the minority of internet users in the world.

Mobile usage is overtaking desktop usage quickly.

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In this FAQ section, we will provide three Google Chrome vs Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

Is Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Safer?

Google Chrome is the more popular of these two web browsers and has the most users all over the world.  

Between these two web browsers, Chrome offers better security options than Edge does.

However, in terms of the best private browsing options between these two browsers, Edge is better than Chrome.

In terms of anti-malware technology, Edge and Chrome are equal, so it’s a tie.

Tracking protection is better with Edge than with Chrome.

Edge and Chrome are tied in terms of password protection. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you which browser is best in these categories according to your own experiences. Much of this involves how and why you use your browser. 

Is Google Chrome or Safari Better?

In terms of web browsers in general, Safari and Chrome are first and second in popularity and usage across the globe. 

While Google Chrome is well ahead of Safari in popularity, it’s also in the lead for browser speed. So, Chrome wins the speed prize. 

In terms of performance, we have to give it to Safari for its ease of use and integration with Apple systems.

Chrome may work better on Android devices and Windows devices; it’s lacking for MAC and iOS users compared to Apple.

This is probably one of the things that Keeps Safari ranking second.

Safari is generally known to have fewer vulnerabilities compared to Chrome, but they do take similar and effective approaches to security.

Safari and Chrome also have similar effective options for privacy, though Google is more data-centric than Safari which means they do use your personal data to “improve” your browsing experience.

But are they really putting your privacy at risk? Apple (Safari) is much more serious about privacy.

Just like with any browser comparison, it’s really up to the individual to choose the one that works for them the best.

For instance, it’s likely that Safari is best for Apple, Mac, iOS devices while Chrome may be best for Android and Windows.

Is Firefox or Chrome the Better Web Browser?

Finally, we’ll examine Firefox vs Chrome.

Firefox has been around since 2002 and Chrome since 2008.

Since 2012, Chrome has been the more popular of the two. 

In terms of performance, we found out that Firefox uses more RAM and resources when it runs, so it’s not as good as Chrome in this category.

However, Firefox is much better if you’re looking for more privacy in your browsing experience.

Chrome isn’t known for its privacy-friendly nature.

When it comes to private browsing mode, these browsers are pretty much equal and similar.

Both Chrome and Firefox are equally easy to use, but Chrome offers the extra added benefit of being able to easily integrate their services like Workspace, Drive, etc.

Is Chrome Better than Samsung Internet?

Oddly enough, Samsung Internet is built on the Chromium model, so it’s got the base model of Chrome due to its open-source model. 

We will discuss some of the ways they are different from each other and if one is better than the other even though they are based on the same model.

Samsung Internet has a better homepage that is easier to customize compared to Chrome.

Remember, we are comparing two mobile browsers in this instance since Samsung Internet is solely a mobile browser.

We can’t compare it to Chrome’s desktop version.

If you prefer using dark mode on your mobile browser, users say Samsung Internet has a better dark mode. 

It stands to reason that Google Chrome has an advantage over Samsung Internet in terms of translating content, Lite mode, the Discover feature, and such.

However, in terms of a good browsing experience, we think Samsung Internet provides a better overall mobile browsing experience.


The Google Chrome browser was initially launched in 2008 and has since quickly grown worldwide.

It only took four years for Google Chrome to overtake the world’s web browsers to become the most popular. 

As of now, new users of Google Chrome are joining the billions of users from all over the globe.

We see that Chrome dominates the world in terms of usage. 

Despite its vulnerabilities, this web browser has created a reputation of excellence according to its users.

It’s a feature-rich browser with over 137,000 extensions to help you do the things you like to do online.

Don’t be surprised as Chrome remains at the top of the web browser market for the next several years, if not decades.



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